David Cameron’s visit to Sri Lanka
Posted on November 17th, 2013

Bandula Chandraratna

It is with disgust I watched the Prime Minister David Cameron giving a press conference, in Sri Lanka. He went to Sri Lanka Charged-up, after meeting the representatives from Global Tamil Forum and speaking with the United Nation-â„¢s Human Rights High Commissioner Naveen Pilay, got off the plane in Sri Lanka after midnight and charged on the red carpet towards the airport terminal, like a bull in a bull-ring, ignoring the children and others who waited till after midnight to welcome him to Sri Lanka.

At the press conference he gave an ultimatum of four months to the Sri Lankan President to finish an inquiry into possible war crimes committed during the final phase of the thirty year old civil war which ended in 2009; if not, he would press for an International inquiry. President Rajapaksa-â„¢s, restrained and diplomatic, reply to that ultimatum showed the statesmanship of a mature politician of the highest calibre. ‚ His reply was: -ËœPeople who are in glass houses must not throw stones-â„¢. This was a reference to British Solders-â„¢ Bloody Sunday massacre of fourteen innocent civilians in 1972. Britain published the report to the inquiry forty years later in 2010. David Cameron-â„¢s government is also refusing to publish the Chilcot Inquiry report on how Britain illegally went to war with Iraq, which resulted in the death of several hundred thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.

David Cameron flew to Jaffna in the North of Sri Lanka and met an organized wailing crowd of women showing photographs of missing people, who may have been taken by the terrorists of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the LTTE, and perished during the war. (An inquiry is already set up in Sri Lanka to investigate these disappearances during the thirty year old war.)

There he also visited a Tamil newspaper printing press, which is still operating, which was subjected to an arson attack, a few months ago. There he talked about the freedom of the press and free speech. The same man and his Conservative party stopped a group of Tory Members of Parliament travelling to Sri Lanka during this Commonwealth Conference and addressing the true grievances of all the Sri Lankan people during the thirty year old war in Sri Lanka as a whole. The disgraceful hypocrisy is, these British Tory MP-â„¢s free speech was curtailed and they were banned from travelling to Sri Lanka.

The remnants of the defeated separatist LTTE have not given up their Eelam dream. They have many fronts disguised as human rights organisations. They still have a vast wealth which they have earned, and still earning, by extortion, ‚ human and drug smuggling, money laundering, etc., which they utilise to hoodwink many politicians and journalists in many countries. Their latest film about the death of a Tamil newsreader, who was a LTTE fighter, has all the hallmarks of a South Indian movie. Plot: This scantily-dressed newsreader/terrorist fighter was found lying on a muddy beach completely on her own. Then these, supposed, Sri Lankan soldiers find her. Then these soldiers produce a crisp white bed sheet, on this muddy beach, as if these soldiers carry these bed sheets to war with them. She gets up and the soldiers wrap her with this sheet and she walks away like model on a cat-walk, smiling. How she managed to get away by herself from the rest of the three hundred thousand hostages Prabakaran held is a great feat, because even he could not do it. It is obvious another look-alike was acting the dead newsreader-â„¢s/terrorist-â„¢s part. One Western journalist remarked that he is convinced that this is a genuine film. This shows how the remaining LTTE continually hoodwink and charge-up many journalists and politicians.

The complete contrast to David Cameron-â„¢s arrogant performance was the gracefulness of the His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales-â„¢s warm approach towards the people of Sri Lanka. His graceful nature radiated the caring nature of the British people and it wiped out the dark tempest Cameron created and showed the Commonwealth why its values must be strengthened.

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