Insulting Karl Marx and getting caught red-handed
Posted on February 6th, 2014

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

               I was perusing the Daily Mirror a few days ago, when I came across an essay by Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne titled, ‘Wigneswaran was loud and clear in the first place.’   While reading it I found that it has certain words and phrases used by me in an earlier essay titled, “Dayan Jayatilleke’s tears for mother Lanka, printed by Lankaweb a few days ago. As I went on reading I found it was a copy of what I wrote and the copying was so wholesale (extensive) that I have decided to underline what was in his essay which was not written by me.

                When I confronted Bahu  and the Daily Mirror by e-mail, (Editor, Daily Mirror, Please find below an essay that you have printed in your newspaper on February 5, 2014, under the name of Wickramabahu K. I find this essay is almost a verbatim copy of an essay I wrote previously under the heading, Dayan Jayatilleke’s tears for mother Lanka, and printed on Lankaweb on January 31, 2014. I have underlined words not copied from my essay. I would like to know how this had happened and as Marxists like Wickramabahu do not believe in divine interventions in human brains.  C. Wijeyawickrema),  Bahu sent two emails.

                One was to a small number of his friends including two Tamil groups listed below stating that I claim that I wrote his essay. (Boondi Dot Lk, [email protected] [email protected], [email protected] ,Kushan Kanishka,  Pierre Rousset,  roshan chathuranga, samadarma, samasamaja, sinhalavama, tamil_araichchi (, [email protected]).

                The second e-mail was sent by him to the e-mail list I used to confront him. In this email he says,

“In my article I have countered the ideas of a group of writers whose writings are forwarded to me almost every day by one Dr Mervin de Silva. Any body reading my article could see that I am countering the ideas spread by Chan Wije and others. I have mentioned in my article that what I have produced are ideas of pro government chauvinists. 

I am amazed to hear that Chand Wije accepts my article gives his ideas because he has written from a completely opposite ideological position.  Bahu.”

                See below Bahu’s essay. What he wrote is not underlined. If this is Bahu’s idea of benefitting from other’s ideas then let god help him, because Karl Marx was not a crook like Bahu. Marx was a poor man who was starving without money to eat and feed his family. His wife had to beg help from others. People like Bahu are a disgrace to “socialism.” He cunningly copied by essay and used it against MahindaR whereas my purpose was to get MahindaR to support the Sinhala Buddhist cause. Bahu can sit on stage with RanilW and support Prabakaran. That kind of man can do anything, including copying others essays and printing them as his own. I wonder how many times Bahu had done this using his Daily Mirror friends who support dead Prabakaran.

I am glad that I could catch him by accident. I am glad that Bahu revealed the name of another Christian agent working against Sinhala Buddhists, Dr. Mervyn de Silva.  Bahu who cannot get 100 votes in an election acts big thinking he is big. Too bad he lost his Visa application to migrate to Canada so that he could have become a fraud king among the Tamil separatists in Toronto.

See how by implanting a few sentences (underlined)  Bahu changed the purpose of my essay!

‘Wigneswaran was loud and clear in the first place’

 Vickramabahu Karunaratne

Daily Mirror, February, 5, 2014

Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Cabinet members blame Chief Minister Wigneswaran for demanding self-rule and power sharing.  How can anybody complain about what he is doing? He is doing, exactly what he said he would do. What did he say? Firstly, that he did not accept the Constitution unless there was a substantial change to the 13th Amendment. He did not accept 13-A or 13A plus but something that was included in the LLRC report or in the Tissa Vitharana Committee Report. Secondly he wanted the right to self-determination within a united country; if that was not given, he would struggle here and in the international arenas to win the full rights of self-determination, without or with foreign help; thirdly he announced that the Tamil people consider Prabhakaran as a Tamil hero; finally he said that the war conducted by Mahinda was nearly genocidal. Everybody knew all this before the NPC elections. Mahinda and the Cabinet also knew these. Still they went ahead and held the elections. Chauvinist screamed that no land re-captured from a terrorist organisation should be given away at an elections, because the ballot box could become their new bomb!

So now some of the allies in the government are weeping that both Mahinda and his Cabinet are getting back what they asked for. Mahinda must be biting the bullet, but Wimal is trying to be too smart with rapid fire of statements to the press. Who is he trying to cheat? We know that the Chief Minister Wigneswaran is doing what his people wanted him to do.

Accordingly, he says that the government should withdraw the army from the streets and law and order should be entrusted to the police. He is pressing the government to remove the military governor and appoint a civil governor with roots in the area. He wants further, to remove the  chief secretary and to appoint a nominee of their choice, as it happens in all other provincial councils. Lastly, he also voiced the general demand, that if a war crime investigation was not done according to the recommendations of the LLRC report then he would support the campaign for a UN-based war crimes investigation.

In this situation, there is very little Mahinda could do except blaming the Opposition for not helping him to get out of the mess. He is trapped in a hell that he created for others. Ranil has said that he could come in defence of Mahinda provided that the latter implements the LLRC recommendations as promised to the parliament and to the UN.  

Mahinda will have to eat his Constitution because he said he has to follow the Constitution and grant NPC elections! They say “Gotabaya and the Hasalaka Hero rescued the country and Mahinda ruined it.  MR got trapped by the American plan. MR became an interfaith, multi-cultural fan. There is still time to reverse the slippery path taken. He must realise that the ‘yes men’ around him has made him an emperor without clothes.”

 I agree that after March, whether Mahinda wins or loses, a new stage will begin. There will be agitations all over the North asking for all these rights, including a cemetery there or a statute here. It could be like the Satyagraha days of Naganathan in the 1950s and 1960s. Opposition in the south, at least those who are prepared to fight, will begin their own agitations. If Mahinda Rajapaksa resorts to shooting, it will be international news with severe backlash. Unlike Vartharajah Perumal, Wigneswaran may not run to Chennai, because he went to elections against the very Constitution that allowed him to contest the election!

Some say nowhere in the world such a strange happening took place. Still Mahinda Rajapaksa has failed to fathom this! There will not be a legality issue; but certainly there will be a people’s power issue raising the slogan of power sharing within the country.

That is, if Tamils want a certain right in their area (homeland), can anybody in Colombo stop it? Instead, with the Cabinet-level corruption, indiscipline, no punishment for violation of law, people will not support and Mahinda will not be able to mobilise support for a second edition of a military intervention. Only a system that accepts unity with power sharing could lead the country to justice and peace.

5 Responses to “Insulting Karl Marx and getting caught red-handed”

  1. Wickrama Says:

    In 1960s we had a “Pacha Bahu”
    So this must be PACHA BAHU the second !!

  2. Nanda Says:

    “Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Cabinet members blame Chief Minister Wigneswaran for demanding self-rule and power sharing. How can anybody complain about what he is doing? He is doing, exactly what he said he would do. ……terrorist organisation should be given away at an elections, because the ballot box could become their new bomb!”

    Even Sunil mahattaya should agree that MR did not wisely used his 2/3 majority to clear up this mess, instead he created the mess by calling election without proper safeguards.
    This appears to me that “STUPIDITY AT IT’S BEST”

    “Cobras in the jungle are picked up and hidden inside the Sarong”

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    There is no ONE SUIT FITS ALL solution.

    In Tamil majority areas it should be BULLET OVER BALLOT.
    In other areas it should be BALLOT OVER BULLET.

    Ballot everywhere or bullet everywhere are NOT good ways.

    Now MR’s NPC friends are going to Geneva too. Ananthi plans to HOWL in Geneva crying genocide. Our Geneva going crowd (including NAMAL) will crap in their pants when she HOWLS.

    IF ANYONE wants to be ABOVE the law in SL they should go to Geneva with Paki, Ananthi and the other LTTE crowd. After that govt. will be TOO SCARED to punish them even for murder.

    Sambandan turned 81 on the 5th. He has lived way past SL’s average life expectancy. Time to go Sam.

  4. Christie Says:

    The elephant in the room is Ganesh in Malay Nadu.

  5. Senevirath Says:



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