National Shoora Council urges those accusing Al-Qaida presence in Sri Lanka to complain to IGP without demonizing Muslims:
Posted on July 6th, 2014

Tariq Mahmud President National Shoora Council

Muslims have suffered enough, earlier at the hands of the LTTE for not supporting ‘Eelam’ and now at the hands of Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) inspired hate groups, displaying inexplicable intolerance towards a minority, which stood in its entirety with the Sinhala majority in the country’s struggle to defeat the LTTE. The BBS led violence in Aluthgama, Beruwala, Welipenna and surrounding areas had cost the Muslims over Rs. 5 billion in economic loss while the loss to the country would obviously be very much more.

However allegations of jihadist groups operating in Sri Lanka and being involved in the Aluthgama violence, which are absolutely false, are hurting the community, even more than the attacks on the Muslims in Aluthgama. The allegations are being made by those who have no defense or apology for the serial crimes unleashed by hate charged mobs on innocent Muslims on 15 and 16 June.

The National Shoora (Consultative) Council, (NSC), an alliance of national level Muslim organisations in Sri Lanka urges those making allegations of the existence in Sri Lanka of Al Qaida, Lashker-e Taiba (LeT), Indian Mujahideen (IM) etc. to promptly make complaints with supporting evidence to the Inspector General of Police for a full investigation and action against them, without an hours delay. The rabble rousing speech at Aluthgama on 15 June identified the Sri Lanka Police and the Sri Lanka armed forces as a ‘Sinhala Police’ and ‘Sinhala armed forces’. What prevents those few from the majority Sinhalese, making these fabricated accusations against the Muslims, lodging their complaint with evidence with the ‘Sinhala Police’?

We dare them to forthwith complain to the IGP, without demonizing the peace loving patriotic Muslims by uttering falsehoods to the public at meetings and press conferences. The NSC assures fullest cooperation not only in the investigations but also in dealing according to law against such ‘devils behind every bush’ if any. Indeed complaints to IG Police and firm action thereon are the greatest favours the accusers can do to the besieged Muslims of Sri Lanka, without poisoning the vast majority of Sinhala professionals, intellectuals and the masses with falsehood.

The Ministry of Defense has from time to time refuted such allegations made mostly by foreign intelligence agencies many of whom make the accusations to legitimize the entry of foreign powers into Sri Lanka for the collateral purpose of destabilizing the country and establishing a puppet regime, as these powers have done in other countries. Allegations of the existence of Muslim terror groups are often made by those in the payroll of these foreign powers, which too need

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to be investigated.   


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    There are Muslim terrorist groups in SL.

    1. Endia has INDEPENDENT evidence of it. NOT said by BBS. Few SL Muslims were arrested.

    2. US govt. and WIKILEAKS have INDEPENDENT evidence of it. NOT said by BBS. Muslims have accepted this in 2002.

    3. Did not anything happen in Beruwala on 24 July 2009? MANY Muslims were killed by JIHAD terrorists. How the HELL can you DENY the presence of Islamic TERRORIST groups in SL?

    4. In August 1990 GOSL gave 220 AK-47s to Muslims for self defence. But only 22 were returned in 2011. The other 198 AK-47s are used by JIHAD terrorists.

    5. Malaysia arrested a SL Muslim terrorist a few months ago.

    6. Defence Secretary GR made a DETAILED account of Islamic terrorism threat on SL to 55 countries last year in a global defence forum held in Colombo.

    7. A JIHAD terrorist sexually attacked a Buddhist child in Aluthgama in May 2014.

    8. 3 JIHAD terrorists attacked a Buddhist monk and his driver on 18 June 2014 in Aluthgama.

    9. 3 JIHAD terrorists were arrested by the police on 21 June 2014 for setting a Muslim garment shop on fire in Panathurai.

    10. OIC – the biggest financier of AQ, Taliban, Jihad terrorists are interfering in SL INTERNAL AFFAIRS. This is terrorism.

    11. Face covered Isalmic female suicide bombers have appeared in SL streets for the first time in the past 5 years. IF they are NOT suicide bombers, why cover the entire face? What is there to hide? Maldivian, Pakistani and other JIHAD groups are coming to SL. In 2012 over 160 HATE PREACHERS from Saudi were DEPORTED from SL.

    12. In 2010 JIHAD terrorists killed 1 police officer in Puttlam.

    13. BALI Islamic terrorist bomber HAMBALI was arrested in a mosque in Puttlam, SL in 2003 after he flew from Thailand. US, Thai, Israeli and SL intel officers took part in this sting operation.

    14. Sunni terrorist Caliphate declared by ISIS on 2 July 2014 includes SL too. The region of SL is called KHURASAN.

    15. Muslim political parties have PROTECTED Islamic terrorists. They are racists and only serve their OWN race.

    In the name of Allah (PBUH) stop telling lies. The truth is there are Islamic terrorists in SL.

    Hope my FACTUAL comment will be published and not deleted. Please, lets face facts.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Police is NOT authorised to handle TERRORISTS. It is the job of the ARMY, etc. So no point complaining to the IGP!

    We have complained to the DEFENCE MINISTRY.

    Defence ministry is AWARE of Islamic terrorists in SL. None other than the DEFENCE SECRETARY made these factual revelations to 55 countries.

    “Sri Lanka sees new threats of terrorism, Muslim extremism”
    Reuters, COLOMBO Tue Sep 3, 2013 7:57am EDT

    LESSER OFFICERS of the MOD have denied it for PR purposes.

    Don’t link the defence secretary with BBS for telling the truth.

  3. Senevirath Says:

    u say that u all have suffered enough . the whole world has suffered enough from islam jihads etc

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