Posted on July 25th, 2014

Nalin de Silva    

 I refer to the Commonwealth Games that have commenced in Glasgow, Scotland without the participation of the Chairman of the Organisation of the heads of the Commonwealth governments, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. The pundits would remind me that there is no country called England and Glasgow is in Scotland and not in England. Though officially UK is the country with a Parliament in Westminster, it is England that still rules over Scotland in spite of the origins of David Cameron. England first colonized Scotland, Wales and Ireland and the Parliament and No. 10, Downing Street are in London and not in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

 There may be some people especially in the UNP, JVP and some NGOs not to mention the TNA and the SLMC of Hakeem who are happy that the President has not been able to go to Glasgow to participate in the inaugural ceremony of the Commonwealth games.

 Massacres in Gaza

 There may be a few in the government itself who would claim that it is the wrong foreign policy of the President that has prevented him from going to Glasgow. They would claim that the Sri Lankan government has failed to inquire into the “war crimes” during the humanitarian operations, and the very humane government in Westminster wants the “international” inquiry to commence without any delay. Then there are others who would claim that the Sri Lankan government has failed to give a solution to the so called ethnic problem, and the “international” wants the thirteenth amendment implemented so that the “international community” would change its attitude towards Sri Lanka.

 In this regard it is necessary to find out the attitude of the Muslim Parties/Organizations in Sri Lanka towards the massacres in Gaza. What is the SLMC doing to create a public opinion against these massacres? It is necessary to ask this question as

                                                ukparliament UK Parliament

the Muslims unlike the Sinhala Buddhists consider their religion as a binding force. The Sinhala Buddhists are not concerned with the plight of the Theravada Buddhists in Thailand or Myanmar and neither the governments seem to be supporting each other, even to the extent that the SAARC countries are bonded to each other. The Navi Pillai committee it appears would meet in Thailand, though the SAARC countries have already taken steps not to issue visas to members of the committee.

 What is emphasized here is that though the Buddhists are not attached to each other the Muslims are concerned about the plight of the other Muslims all over the world in spite of differences along Shia Sunni lines. The Dalai Lama who is an agent of US for all purposes would issue statements criticizing Theravada Buddhists in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand, as if he is the leader of the Buddhists in the world. The Sinhala Bhikkus should have condemned the statement by Dalai Lama, but unfortunately only the Bodu Bala Sena, in spite of the not so friendly attitude of the educated towards it, came out openly against the Dalai Lama. The Muslims on the other hand were unanimous against the so called Buddhist extremists in respect of Aluthgama, Beruwala incidents but I do not find that solidarity against the massacres in Palestine, in spite of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was after all the President Rajapaksa who made a statement on the Palestine issue and not Hakeem to my knowledge.

 Those liberals who cannot win a single seat in the Parliament and have to depend on the President to be appointed as Members of the Parliament and who would like to preach the others without understanding the background of a problem were taught a good lesson by Dr. Swamy of the BJP who said that there is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately the Sri Lankan media did not give sufficient publicity to the statement by Dr. Swamy who did not shun the responsibility of India on the past incidents. The Liberals and the Marxists are “comrades in arms” against Sinhala Buddhism, who are joined by some non Buddhists as well as educated Buddhists, though they do not have any influence in the society. What Dr. Swamy said in essence was that the so called ethnic problem in Sri Lanka is a creation of Britain (meaning of course England, as Scotland or Wales is not involved in the problem).

 Those who were against the humanitarian operations have no moral or other rights to claim that it is the way that the government conducts its foreign policy that prevented the President going to Glasgow. If the UNP was in power Ranil would be either still talking to Prabhakaran or given an Eelam on platter to the latter at the insistence of his English and American mentors.

 The UNP tried to belittle humanitarian operations by mentioning that Thoppigala is only a jungle and any “gona” (fool) can be engaged in war. They also considered the humanitarian operations as a joke by mentioning Pamankade and Medawachchiya when they referred to Alimankada and Kilinochchiya. It was due to the blunders in foreign policy of the UNP that satisfied their English and American masters and mistresses that Sri Lanka had to suffer after 1948.

 Cameron government

 The President has been prevented from going to Glasgow by the English government of Cameron who cannot provide adequate security for the chairman of the association of heads of commonwealth governments. In this regard the letter sent by the Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L. Peiris to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport as well as the Minister of Equalities in England is revealing. In his letter the Minister has stressed that the decision to skip the Commonwealth event had been taken due to the British government’s (meaning the government of England) failure on previous occasions to rein in LTTE groups, though the LTTE remains proscribed in the UK. Alleging that the British law enforcement authorities turned a blind eye to violent protests against the Sri Lankan delegation including President Rajapaksa himself, Prof. Peiris has recalled how bottles and cans were thrown at the car carrying President Rajapaksa.

 Prof. Peiris has further stated that the itinerary of President Rajapaksa’s visit to London in June 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of their Queen Elizabeth II, was disrupted by the dispersed Tamils most probably in England and its colonies though the main event wasn’t targeted. The minister has said “The Cameron government has been informed that the Sri Lankan government felt that it is unsafe for President Rajapaksa to participate at the early August event due to LTTE groups taking advantage of the situation to launch protests”.

 If the UNP and the others are happy that the President is prevented from going to Glasgow then in effect they are approving the protests by the dispersed Tamils living in England and probably the colonies and also some countries in Europe. They also work hand in hand with the English government that does not give adequate security to the Chairman of the association of the heads of governments of the commonwealth countries.

 It should be emphasized that it is not in his capacity as the President of Sri Lanka that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa would have visited Glasgow but as the chairman of the association of the heads of governments of the commonwealth countries. In a sense the English government has disrespected their Queen as the latter is supposed to be the head of the Commonwealth.

The English government on paper has banned the LTTE, but English hypocrisy is such that they allow the front organizations of the LTTE to operate and also demonstrate against head of state of Sri Lanka and also the chairman of the association of the heads of governments of the commonwealth countries. It is the English that make use of the dispersed Tamils to maintain Tamil racism, and the Cameron government should be exposed essentially for all its anti Sinhala Buddhist activities.


  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The world is changing and changing very fast. Russia was kicked out of the G-8 summit and Moscow did not care. In fact Putin stated at that time it would hurt the “G-7 summit” more than it would hurt Russia. Now the BRICS group has set up her first bank and by her nature left out the United States and the United Kingdom. “thank you but you are not welcome”.

    If the head of the Commonwealth is deliberately made into a pariah by the very nation who created the commonwealth then damn the commonwealth. Does Sri Lanka really need this insult and what loss would Sri Lanka suffer if she is not part of this throw back from the British Empire. Most of the great economies of the world DO NOT belong to the commonwealth so maybe it is time to tell Cameron and his merry gay men in London to take a “long walk on a short pier” and exit the commonwealth. With that London loses that much of her hold on Colombo. good Riddance to the British Empire and their stupid commonwealth, for there is nothing “common” about the “wealth” of the common wealth of nations.

  2. Samanthi Says:

    Well said, Professor; England must be really ashamed!!!

    If it cannot provide safety and security to a visiting Head of a State what is the point of it’s 5 star democracy.
    When the last Commonwealth meeting was held in Sri Lanka, SL police obtained a court order not to allow any protests in Colombo during the entire period of the summit and made it feel like at home for the members of the commonwealth invitees. Cameron was not only allowed to visit any part of the island including Jaffna and meet with the TNA MPs there but also allowed to hold media meetings of his own. Ca Moron even used that opportunity to threaten Sri Lanka during his media meeting.

    Last time when President Mahindha Rajapakse visited England to deliver a lecture at Oxford on the invitation of that University, the organizers cancell the meeting at the last moment saying they cannot provide security and safety to the President. What a joke!

    England’s hypocrisy exposed!

  3. RohanJay Says:

    @ Bernard and Samanthi, So should the state of Isreal for the Brutal slaughter of innocent palestinians is the silence by sri lankan comments here, tacit approval of the slaughter? I don’t know why people are focussing on England isn’t what Isrealis doing more important right now? Its a disgrace no one is in more uproar over it. Shame on Bernard and Lorenzo and others who support the murderous Isreali state. Hang your heads in shame. Disgraceful. I am absolutely disgusted by Sri Lankan people someimes. One such occasion is now when you don’t criticise Isreal in the strongest possible terms. Terrible.

  4. Senevirath Says:




  5. Marco Says:

    The whole episode of taking on the head of CHOGM has been an embarrassing and costly affair.
    It was a PR disaster and will continue to be so for the next 18 months.
    We have yet to ascertain the true cost to the tax payer. However, there are 52 owners of super luxury cars driving around Colombo with smirks on their faces. You cant blame them.

    I believe the British Govt would have provided the President with adequate security detail as he was on an official visit similar to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. With regards to tamil diaspora demonstrations, the law enforcement in UK cannot stop such demonstrations. However, the police should arrest anyone carrying flags of a banned terrorist organisation (LTTE).

    Thankfully, the President has stayed away from the Games. We had enough embarrassment of the Lankan cyclist been arrested on the Scottish motorway on the opening day and think further embarrassing coverage of the President been booed by the Scottish crowds or athletes stepping down from the winners podium in protest (as reported in the Scottish press) would be too much.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    RohanJay is a Muslim as I have pointed out before.

    Look at the Aluthgama incident.

    It ENDED when 3 Muslim youth were SHOT DEAD (thank god for the STF!). SL people should worship the STF if they are peace loving.

    Why can’t the Muslims manage things peacefully? This is the problem around the world. The green book spreads HATRED and VIOLENCE.

    Israel is also at fault for large scale destruction which is not right. Israel should hunt down only JIHAD FOLLOWERS and kill them all. Those who don’t follow JIHAD should be spared.

    Soon SL will have to bring down Israelis AGAIN to save SL from JIHADISTS.

  7. cassandra Says:

    As Marco says, “Thankfully, the President has stayed away from the Games”. Yes, it is good to see, even belatedly, some practical, good sense being shown.

    The decision to not go was probably influenced in part at least by the planned protests by the Tamil Diaspora, and potential security threats. With his decision to not attend, MR has taken the wind out of their sails. But they will now no doubt console themselves with the thought that they succeeded in preventing him from coming. MR should not begrudge them that doubtful pleasure.

    I hope that the decision to not go was also based on a mature appreciation of the real value of these events to SL. These events are really no big deal. Unfortunately, some people attach to them a greater importance than they deserve.

    The CHOGM was indeed a disaster. Unfortunately, the outcome was all too predictable. There was really no rhyme nor reason for striving so hard for the ‘privilege’ of being host. There was no real benefit that could have been expected to flow to the country. The experience of other countries who had previously hosted the meeting was all too clear and there to learn from. In no case had the host country really benefited from the exercise. Then, there was the first hand experience of hosting a Non Aligned Nations’ conference some years ago. And what benefits did that bring, despite all the cost involved?

    What was also clear was that in hosting the CHOGM the SL government was gratuitously offering Britain and SL’s other detractors, another opportunity – and in the full glare of international publicity – to hammer it for its alleged human rights transgressions. What the SL government should have been doing was to stay out of the international spotlight as much as possible.

    In the event, CHOGM was an embarrassing and wasteful affair as Marco has said. It was more than that. President Rajapakse had also to endure the indignity of having the boorish British PM lecture to him, like some playground bully. David Cameron displayed an appalling lack of manners while he was in SL.

    With the CHOGM also, there seems to be an exaggerated importance given to it, in some quarters in SL. Not every country rates the CHOGM so highly. I know, for instance, that when Australia was host some years ago, the average Australian did not care too hoots about it. It was only the presence of the Queen that made the event even news worthy.

  8. aloy Says:

    Any other head of state will not behave the way Cameron did during CHOGM. Our country provided the hospitality to the visitors in the best way we could, just like during NAM in 70s. But this guy clearly misbehaved for what ever reason. It was an insult to our country. No other country however weak may be would have not have tolerated.
    Judging by what he did in our country, I think if he stays any longer in power in the UK, he will drag that country to join US to fight Russia. Putin will have no option other than to use the nukes and that will be the end of humanity in this world. He appears to be already on the back foot.

  9. aloy Says:

    Correction: “Putin appears to be already on the back foot in Ukraine”

  10. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    They could’ve provided security to the President without any trouble. But the election looming,
    these vote greedy politicians don’t want to upset the diaspora voters. Cameron will go to any length
    to win another term. He is even prepared to break the union so that Tories will win every election.
    So what do you expect from these politicians? Lose some votes or entertain the Sri Lankan President?

    The traitors are hell bent on revenge because MR didn’t let them break our country to two.
    They had FREE education to become doctors, engineers, lawyers. etc. etc. We even allow them to
    sit A/Ls in Tamil medium and let them fill the universities (good faculties only please). Pay back?
    Send money to kill the Sinhalese, break up the country. Where else in the world you get these privileges?

    They say they had ancient kingdoms. So they have a claim to a separate country, they believe.
    Problem is nobody else believe them. Those are mythical kingdoms. No ancient buildings like
    Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya etc. etc exist. SO IT IS ALL A BIG BIG LIE.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Now SL ISLAM TERRORISM is exported from Beruwela/Aluthgama through Colombo! They work with other Islamic terrorists from other countries which is very dangerous.

    These JIHAD followers should be ELIMINATED the way we did with Tamil terrorists. JIHADISTS’ hate against Israel was seen even in comments here by some. They should be traced down and hunted by the Israeli secret service if they are the best in the world. That will do SL a GREAT favor. Nip this in the bud or suffer with it for 3 decades.

    “India will be informing Sri Lanka about an official working with the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo who was allegedly playing a key role in planning terror strikes at the behest of ISI on the US and Israeli consulates in the southern part of the country.

    The information will be shared with Sri Lankan authorities by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) signed between the two countries in 2010, official sources said.

    NIA had last month taken over the case which was earlier registered by Tamil Nadu Police in which a Sri Lanka national, Sakir Hussain, was arrested following a tip-off from the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

    Hussain was accused of having entered India with a mission to carry out reconnaissance of the US Consulate in Chennai and the Israeli Consulate in Bangalore.

    The information under MLAT, which has been cleared for sending to Colombo through diplomatic channels, names Amir Zubair Siddiqui, Consular (Visa) in the Pakistani Mission in Sri Lanka as the main conspirator who was involved in a conspiracy with some Lankan nationals for carrying out terror attacks on the two consulates, the sources said.”

    – PTI

  12. Nanda Says:


    -very true. Israelis will never beat up a neighbourhood monk like what Muslims did in Dog Town.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    GOSL must invite Israeli secret service experts back to SL to ADVISE how to destroy the latest Islamic terror threat. NO COUNTRY defeats JIHADISTS better than Israel.

    GR visited Israel and MR followed within the last 12 months. We have EXCELLENT relations.

    SL workers in Israel (over 25,000 now) NEVER get NAILED, ABUSED, CHOPPED, STONED, KILLED for saying Buddhist teachings, etc. in Israel unlike in Islamic countries.

    Buddhism is the fastest growing philosophy among Jews in USA. Tremendous potential for SL.

    The other Buddhist countries – BURMA and THAILAND have EXCELLENT RELATIONS with Israel. Check it out in the internet.

    Look what our GOOD FRIEND Pakistan is doing to us. Pakis are using SL Muslims to attack Endia. The only bad thing in it is SL becoming a JIHAD export destination. And sending illegal immigrants.

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