How morally clean are UK, US politicians demanding investigation into Sri Lanka’s rightful war against terrorism ?
Posted on July 28th, 2014

By Charles. S.Perera

Andy Coulson,  David Cameron’s former Director of Communication  has been jailed for 18 months for phone hacking an illegal practice under the British Law. Later Cameron apologised for the appointment.

Though phone hacking is ruled  an illegal practice in UK, in USA the President Barrack Obama has been caught practicing this illegal practice.  It was reported that, President Barack Obama was dragged into the trans-Atlantic spying row after it was claimed he personally authorised the monitoring of Angela Merkel’s phone three years ago.

The president allegedly allowed US intelligence to listen to calls from the German Chancellor’s mobile phone after he was briefed on the operation by Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency .”

The USA National Security Agency has admitted to monitoring telephone conversations of 35 world leaders.  After the revelation of this American practice  e Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany burst out in anger ,  and is  said to have called  USA President Obama directly to say, that she unmistakably disapproves of and views as completely unacceptable such practices, if the indications are authenticated, this would be a serious breach of confidence. Such practices have to be halted immediately.”

Obama has admitted the illegal method utilised by his Agency, and said ….that her phone is not being monitored now – and will not be in future.”  But the US has pointedly declined to discuss the NSA’s actions in the past.

Even France had resorted to this illegal phone tapping though not to the extent of USA.  John Kerry, the US secretary of state, received a dose of European fury this weekend when he visited Paris and Rome. The trip was arranged to discuss the Middle East peace process, the Syrian civil war and Iran’s nuclear programme. Instead, he was confronted by outrage over the scale of US surveillance operations.

The magnitude of the eavesdropping is what shocked us,” said Bernard Kouchner, a former French foreign minister, in a radio interview. Let’s be honest, we eavesdrop too. Everyone is listening to everyone else. But we don’t have the same means as the United States, which makes us jealous.” (

That is not all.  The USA and UK law makers cannot claim to be morally clean, when they accuse Sri Lanka armed forces for violation of human rights and using rape as an arm, while they  hide behind them the  accusations leveled against  them not for small crimes but for the most degrading  crime of  child sex.

On 5 July, 2014 The Times  Home Correspondent  Richard Ford reported on Investigation launched  into Whitehall child sex dossier.  The Prime Minister David Cameron had asked the  Home Office to  carry out a review into what happened to the dossier detailing  an alleged paedophile  network at Westminster.

Apparently  the file  named  Dickens Dossier” had volatilised. Mark Sedwill the Permanent Secretary at  the Home Office  had  commissioned a review to find out what happened to the file Dickens Dossier” which had been handed over to Lord Brittan  by Geoffrey Dickens.  The review was carried out and released without publicity by the Home Office.  The review had in conclusion said that the so called Dickens Dossier” had not, however been retained  in line with departmental policy” and that it had been destroyed,  though the material  from the dossier  was referred to  the Metropolitan  Police and the then director of public prosecution. That is how the mother of the Parliaments of the Commonwealth deals with matters  with regard to serious allegations against the Members of  Her Majesty’s Parliament.

In another report it is said,  that numerous high ranking  British Politicians are being investigated for their involvement in an extensive  paedophile ring.  And adds that  the full scope of the scandal in the UK can’t be fully appreciated without looking at the other side of the Atlantic.  The report adds, it wasn’t that long ago that those who claimed that there was a massive pedophile ring involving officials in the highest levels of government were written off as conspiracy theorists and kooks. That is no longer the case, at least in the U.K. It turns out that this so called conspiracy theory was not true, and is finally being officially investigated.”

At least forty British MPs are said to be implicated in this damning affair.  Investigations had  started after a scandal which centered around rape and child abuse accusations against  BBC presenter Sir Jimmy Savile who died in 2011. The victims of Savile had testified that the abuse involved  an organised paedophile ring which was operated out of the BBC.

In another turn of events the British Police claims that they have overwhelming evidence that Jimmy Savile’s friend former British MP Sir Cyril Smith had physically abused young boys in the 1960s.  The report states that as it is too late to  bring Jimmy Savile and Cyril  Smith, as they are both dead the question is whether the rest of the ring will be prosecuted.

The article poses the important question :  You think this high powered pedophilia network only operated in the U.K.? I’ve got news for you, the United States government has been covering up their own pedophile network for decades. As in the U.K. case, the evidence surfaced years ago but nothing was ever done.”

The article presents three videos. The first video prepared for the Discovery Channel was so damaging  that it was not allowed to air it in the US.  The second  which showed The thousands of Pentagon employees implicated in a child pornography sting operation. That case was mysteriously dropped and never mentioned again.”

The last video is: The NSA whistleblower Russel Tice exposed the fact that news organizations, the State Department, high ranking military officials and members of Congress and the Senate were being spied on extensively for years. (This may seem unrelated at first, but listen carefully to what Tice says, and consider the implications.)

Put it all together and a very ominous picture emerges.”

The reporter ends the article saying, Each and every one of these predators are compromised in such a way, that whoever holds evidence that could expose them, would have total control over their actions. You would own them.

We generally think of blackmail as a means of extracting money, but to have the goods on a senator, an MP or a president is far more valuable. If you have the political elite, media, and the intelligence agencies under your thumb, anything is possible.

This is how you create puppets that are willing to start wars for you.”

Perhaps UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  Navi Pillai should have appointed an International  Investigation team with names undisclosed” to probe into the scandal

4 Responses to “How morally clean are UK, US politicians demanding investigation into Sri Lanka’s rightful war against terrorism ?”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    In my personal opinion the issue of “morality” does not enter into the world of geopolitics. During time of peace the use of power is most treacherous. The ONLY reason the world became aware of the meddling acts of the National Security Agency of the US was due to Snowden. If he did not reveal the breath and scope of the wanton use of power by the US it would have gone on with no one the wiser.

    What has been revealed by Snowden of the abuse of power by the US is now a daily topic. But one ponders what other agencies across the globe also have a similar reach into other nations. If one was to look at India’s RAW and her role in supporting the Tamil Tigers which created Asia’s longest war then nations by the very nature of their strengths would do whatever it takes be it right or wrong, moral or not to get the advantage they want.

    I hope that Sri Lanka’s own secret service agency is not hamstrung by issue of morality and “being the good boy on the block” for no other nation’s secret service agency will play that role.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    These REGIME CHANGE clowns will run havoc in SL next year because of the election.

    USA-EU-Japan-Endia will pump millions of dollars to UNP-JVP-TNA-SLMC-SLFP (Chandirikka fraction) to beat MR.

    Banning NGOs and LTTE RUMP are very good moves. IMPLEMENT these laws.

  3. Sampath Says:



  4. RohanJay Says:

    What happens in the countries mentioned here, also happens in Canada and Australia too. Maybe a Sri Lankan Aussie or canadian expat writer in either Canada or Australia can send an article regarding abuse in Canada and Australia too as I know it goes on in those countries too. But is well covered up in Canada and Australia.

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