In Sri Lanka, you are self-alienating yourself if….
Posted on July 29th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

a)       A community decides to sell property only to your own people

b)      A community that sells only to its own and creates ghetto areas for their own next complains they are being alienated

c)       A community adorns a dress that self-segregates because people cannot see who they are talking to (this type of dress never existed in Sri Lanka earlier)

d)      A community decides to give jobs only to their own people and creates places of employment that clearly demarcates the ambience that only their own are allowed and welcome (none of the minorities can economically survive without doing business with the majority, that the minorities are thriving is a perfect example that majority engages in business with them)

e)       A community votes for a political party that stands for only that community

f)        A community that has no regard for the practices and way of life that existed before later communities were welcomed into the country

g)      A community that continues to demand only for what they believe in – eating habits, dressing trends etc

h)      A community that purposely attempts to manipulate technology to their advantage to drive out non-worshippers from areas by using noise ex: loudspeakers

i)        A community that constantly and continuously sees only their side and promotes only their version and co-opts their people who own media to publicly denigrate and humiliate others

j)        A community that has no appreciation of the historical past or acknowledges historical truths

k)       A community that manipulates election systems to become kingmakers and thereafter use their position to give jobs and positions only to their community and build up a base with ulterior motives

l)        A community that plays a ‘victim’ card and generates funds to disturb the traditional ethos of the country

m)    A community that belongs to religions that have as their core objective to expand by conversion and gathers converts by various covert/overt means – an easy effort in poverty stricken nations

n)      A community that does not wish to be a part of the indigenous culture but wish to import alien cultures and demand its official recognition

o)       A community that complains about being discriminated because they are a minority but in areas where they are the majority they treat the majority who are in the minority in worse ways.

p)      A community that does not wish to speak the language of the majority but demands that the language of the minority be spoken by all

q)      A community that demands laws are changed to accommodate their faiths and beliefs but provide no reciprocity

r)        A community that wishes to completely alienate the culture and ethos that built the nation to what it is today.

s)       A community that is doing everything possible to change the identity of the country

t)        A community that aligns itself to foreign campaigns to destabilize the country (ignoring the realities of how these same destabilizing forces have totally ruined nations as a result of natives foolishly falling for their lies)

u)      A community that is ever complaining of what is not given instead of asking what they have given in return

v)       A community that is never appreciative of what they enjoy as against what other minorities enjoy in other parts of the world

w)     A community that places one foot in Sri Lanka and another foot elsewhere can never espouse to be a Sri Lankan

x)       A community that is ever ready to betray the nation

y)       A community that does not identity themselves with desiring to wish to be an integral part of Sri Lanka

z)       A community that should realize that there is no perfect nation or perfect people. There is both giving and taking. There are compromises and sharing and every community needs to realize that individually and collectively they have a role to play.



4 Responses to “In Sri Lanka, you are self-alienating yourself if….”

  1. Senevirath Says:


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Perfectly fits with Tamils and Muslims.

    But GOSL is MOST at fault.

    Why the hell GOSL have DIFFERENT LAWS for different people?

    Why do we STILL have Vesawalami Law?
    Why Muslim Law?

    Why can’t everyone be EQUAL in law?

    So GOSL is MOST at fault for encouraging these parasites.

    Mark my word. TNA and SLMC will INCREASE their seats at the next election.

  3. AnuD Says:

    In Sri Lanka, Tamils, muslims and Christians decide for Sinhala-buddhists.

    Becqause, Sinhala buddhists are dodo birds.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    As Lorenzo states: Perfectly fits with Tamils and Muslims” but I would add it also fits with the “Christians” too.

    The article is a classic case of “minority rights AT THE EXPENSE of the majority”

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