GOSL Names & Bans LTTE Fronts : Australian Tamil Congress
Posted on October 6th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

Is it not odd that scores of Tamils living across the world did not form into associations for the plight of the Tamils and against terror but did so no sooner the LTTE was defeated? Is it not odd too that these very organizations are echoing exactly what the LTTE aspired through their mission, aims and objectives and are all connected in some way or the other. Is it not also odd that we now discover with the ban of 16 LTTE fronts and the naming of over 400 individuals for direct connections with the LTTE further highlighting that these Diaspora elements were part of the LTTE terror outfit. Australian Tamil Congress is the Australian counterpart of the British Tamil Forum and under the umbrella of the Global Tamil Forum. The members who became part of the Australian Tamil Congress had been raising half a million Australian dollars annually for the LTTE.

Formed in August 2009, months after the defeat of the LTTE, the Australian Tamil Congress is declared proscribed by the GOSL under the UN Security Council Resolution 1373. ATC is also listed as a terrorist organization by the Terrorist Research and Analysis Consortium.

SL Government has named the following living in Australia for their connections to LTTE terror

Residence: Australia

  1. Arunachalam Jegadeeswaran
  2. Aruran Vinayagamoorthy
  3. Sivarajah Yathevan
  4. Arumugam Rajeevan
  5. Eliathamby Selvanathan
  6. Kanaganthram Manickckavasagar
  7. Meena Navarangini Krishnamoorthy a.k.a Eelanadi a.k.a Meena Krishnamoorthy
  8. Ananda Kumar Pararajasingham a.k.a Anada Kumar Kirupaharan a.k.a Ana Pararajasingham Rajan Rasiah

 ATC has offices in South Australia, West Australian, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Like all LTTE-fronts, they are tasked to lobby Australian parliamentarians, the Tamil Diaspora, Australian public against Sri Lanka.

In Australia, the main LTTE front are

  1. Australian Tamil Congress – engaged in lobbying governments, academics, NGOs
  2. Tamil Youth Organization – engaged in demonstrations, public meetings including celebrating suicide and non-suicide terrorists
  3. Tamil Coordinating Committee – engaged in terrorist fund raising, procurement, supporting revival of terrorism including attacks.

All 3 are declared banned under UN Security Council Resolution 1373.


  • Did not criticize Prabakaran or the LTTE
  • Did not condemn LTTE violence
  • Did not issue a single statement against killing of civilians by LTTE
  • Does ask its supporters on its website to ‘remember our heroes’ who ‘fought bravely to the end’. ATC is not speaking about the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. ATC’s heroes are the LTTE terrorists.

 How ATC collects money

  • Donations from supporters in Australia
  • Donations from its website
  • Fundraising events ‘ATC Growth Fund’
  • Membership fee:

 – Ordinary Member: AUD $100

– Life Member: AUD $2000

– Sponsor Member: AUD $5000

– Associate Member: AUD$50

Australian Tamil Congress Member Role
Dr Raj. T. Rajeswaran Founding Member/Chairman, Australian Tamil Congress. He issued a statement when President Rajapakse arrived for the Commonwealth Heads Meeting we don’t want him here. We are really upset that the commonwealth countries are not making enough effort to stop Sri Lanka from coming, given the seriousness of these accusations”.
Dr. Kamal Nathan Director / Secretary Executive Committee 2009-2010
Dr. Mainthan Palendira Vice Chairman
Ranju Seevanayagam Chief Financial Controller ATC Executive Committee 2009-2010
Dr Bala Vigneswaran Spokesman for the Australian Tamil Congress

Promoted LTTE’s Tamil Eelam separatist ideology.

He released a statement on behalf of the ATC when they attempted to boycott Sri Lanka Cricket and stop the Boxing Day match between Sri Lanka and Australia from proceeding

Sampavi Parimalanathan (Sam Pari) Director Public Relations in ATC Executive Committee 2009-2010


Executive Officer for Public Relations and National Spokesperson, Australian Tamil Congress. Sri Lankan authorities expose Sam Pari as a member of the LTTE. LTTE application form of Dr Pari, which she filled in her own handwriting and provided a photograph, was recovered from a LTTE repository by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence.


Brahmi Jegan Deputy Director Public Relations ATC Executive Committee 2009-2010
Sivarajah Yathavan LTTE procurement officer, Melbourne Australia
Prof. Thas A Nirmalathas Director / Treasurer
Dr Sri Srithar Victorian chapter of the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC)
Varuni Balachandar President ATC NSW
Yogi Srikhanta President ATC QLD
Dr Para Parasuraman President ATC SA
Selvadurai Pathmalinkam Director / President ATC Victoria
Saradha (Sarah) Nathan Queensland chapter of Australian Tamil Congress

Media attribute her to be a refugee advocate.

Brian Senewiratne Queensland chapter of Australian Tamil Congress


Dr Sittampalam (Raga) Ragavan Has given interviews on behalf of ATC.
Thushanthan Mohandas Director
Krish Illungo Director
Mrs Gowri Nirmalendran ATC New South Wales / treasurer
Dr Mainthan Palendira ATC Political Coordinator


 Proof of the connections between LTTE fronts

 Australian Tamil Congress Annual Report 2009-2010

  • ATC Chairman’s (Dr. R. T. Rajeswaran) message declares we need a structured approach through organisations such as ATC in Australia, the British Tamil Forum (BTF) and the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), just to name a few.” / simultaneously working with organisations such as the Global Tamil Forum (GTF).”
  • Message by Global Tamil Forum leader Father Emmanuel I have pleasure in greeting you all when you are about to complete only the first year of your existence but filled with lots of activities, both within and without Australia, both at your country level and in conjunction with the Global Tamil Forum”
  • ATC Annual Report 2009-2010 Currently Australian Tamil Congress is the country Organisation of Global Tamil Forum”
  • ATC Annual Report 2009-2010 ATC has now grown to nearly 1,500 members and has been able to achieve a great deal on the political and public relations fronts and has the honour of being selected as the preferred organisation to represent Australia in the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) inaugurated in March 2009 at the Houses of Parliament in London in the presence of parliamentarians from all three major political parties in 14 ATC – Annual Report 2009 – 2010 the UK”
  • ATC Annual Report 2009-2010 We have been requested by GTF to contribute towards the running of a manned office situated near the Houses of Parliament in London”.
  • ATC organized event on 20 March 2011 for TNA Sumanthiran MP to address its Members
  • US FBI arrests LTTE procurement cell in August 2006. This cell consisted of LTTE activists from the Canadian Tamil Congress and the Tamil Youth Organization. The former Canadian Tamil Congress Director of Communications Sahilal Sbaratnam was arrested on Long Island in New York attempting to purchase and export 10 SA-18 heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles and launchers, 500 AK-47s and military equipment.
  • Sahilal’s brother-in-law Thani Thanigasalam headed the cell with Satha Sarachandran President of the Tamil Youth Organization Canada.
  • The Canadian Tamil Congress and the Australian Tamil Congress are constitute members of the GTF led by Father Emmanual
  • Canadian Tamil Congress is designated a terrorist entity

Joint events organized by LTTE front

Event Organized by
October 20, 2011 – Justice John Dowd, a former Chairman of the International Commission of Jurists and a former NSW Attorney General and Meena Krishnamoorthy were speakers.  Australian Tamil Congress and Global Tamil Forum
June 2, 2011 – Sound of Silence, a Tamil photo exhibition Australian Tamil Congress and Greenleft
Accountability in Sri Lanka: Seeking Common Justice in the Commonwealth”, Australian Tamil Congress and Global Tamil Forum

tickets were sold at AUD$30 for adults and AUD$15 for students

On October 20, 2011

International Conference on Human Rights”

Australian Tamil Congress and Global Tamil Forum

Australia has not banned LTTE, but given that LTTE and now LTTE fronts and a host of Tamils now holding foreign passports are declared banned, it is time for the Australians to consider applying Australian Citizens under Foreign Incursions and Recruitment Act 13 of 1978 against them.

A request made by Mr. Vajeera Warnakulasooriya to the Australian authorities specifically names them:

  1. Arunachalam Jagateeswaran Victoria
    a. Construction of underground armories and bunkers of the LTTE.
    b. Construction of the underground mansion of the LTTE Chief Prabakaran.
    c. Taking a swimming coach from Australia to train Sea Tigers, naval fiters of the LTTE.
    d. He was the trusted guardian to escort the parents of the leader of the LTTE and hand
    over to the Sri Lankan forces in the last days of the conflict with the terrorists.
  2. Dr. Sam Pari NSW
    a. Joined the LTTE on 29th Dec 2004 and agreed to raise funds for the LTTE through TYO.
    She was one of the Chief fund raisers for the LTTE and had direct connections to LTTE’s
    international chief, Castro.
    b. Received weapons training from LTTE.
  3. Meena Krishnamurthie
    a. Received six months military training from the LTTE. (Was photographed with cyanide
    capsule normally carried by the LTTE fighting cadres).
    b. Name given to her by the LTTE –Elanadi has been established.
    c. She was a member of the fighting Cadre of Malathi unit of the LTTE.
    d. She was a member of the TYO and LTTE of Australia.
    e. Was the International coordinator of TYO directly supervised by the LTTE.
    f. Handled the LTTE foreign networks including propaganda, fund raising and procurement of arms until the end of the conflict.
    g. Appointed as the Women’s Affairs coordinator of the LTTE.
    h. LTTE had her sent to South Africa, Malaysia and Europe on LTTE projects.

Australians connected with Australian Tamil Congress

Australians Remark
Bruce Haige Patron of Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies where he works alongside Dr. Sam Pari and Brahmi Jegan!

He insists LTTE is not a terrorist movement

Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon associated with several LTTE supporters in Australia

had a very close association with Dr Sam Peri

Justice Dowd addressed Tamil propaganda meetings and in 2005 had done that with a large than life cut out of Prabakaran in the background depicting his support for Prabakaran and the LTTE.
Brett Mason, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Wrote to ATC saying Australia will continue to urge SL to ensure allegations of serious international crimes will be investigated.
Trent Hawkins on behalf of the Socialist Alliance Offered greetings when ATC opened its Victoria Chapter in August 2009
ALP state MP Luke Donnellan His speech was read out at the ATC opening of Victoria Chapter
Sarah Hanson-Young Australian Green Senator for South Australia – sent a congratulatory message to the ATC which is featured in its Annual Report 2009-2010


Senator Claire Moore Labor Senator for Queensland – sent a congratulatory message to the ATC which is featured in its Annual Report 2009-2010
Mark Furner Senator for Queensland – His message also appears on the ATC Annual Report
Dr. Dennis Jensen Federal Member of Tangney – His message is also on the ATC Annual Report
State Assembly

Speaker Jack Snelling MP SA

Attended ATC Multicultural Extravaganza was organised on 10th of October 2009 as Chief Guest
Deputy Opposition Leader Ms Vickie Chapman MP SA Attended ATC Multicultural Extravaganza was organised on 10th of October 2009 as Chief Guest
Mr Nick Champion, MP for

Wakefield /Chairperson of Labour party Caucus committee

on National and Border Security.

Invited ATC in Sept 2009 to make a presentation to the Caucus Committee
Dateline report by Graham Davis Revealed that an SBS Radio employee is linked to an organisation alleged to be financing the LTTE. Graham Davis was fired afterwards. Tamil Eelam lobbyist Brami Jegatheeswaran (Brami Jegan) has worked at SBS 
Human Rights Law Centre Organized panel discussion with pro-LTTE panellists only.

moderator Mark Davies chose to conveniently ignore her LTTE connections when introducing Dr. Pari. 

 Note: Very few media will tell the truth about the manner the LTTE fronts are connected, or care to investigate and disclose how far these entities are even connected to NGOs and how they lobby to promote a separatist ideology since it affords benefit to their purses.

Only a handful have differed – The Australian’s Amanda Hodge and Channel 7′s Tim Noonan have questioned the credibility of Tamil Eelam lobbyists in Australia

 Examples of how LTTE fronts are connected – how people are connected to these LTTE fronts.

  • Aran Mylavaganam joined the following

o   Australian Tamil Congress for lobbying

o   Tamil Youth Organization for demonstrations and celebrating dead terrorists

o   Tamil Coordinating Committee for terrorist fund raising, procurement

 Cash withdrawals from ATC accounts according to Australian Government

  • $1.05m cash withdrawals between 2001-2005 (during ceasefire agreement). Senior LTTE Activist in Australia Vinayagamoorthy, operating under name Thillainadarajah Jeyakumar alias Tillai Jeyakumar deposited $526,000 to his bank account between August 2001-November 2005 though jobless, the money was withdrawn and 24 international fund transfers totalling $240,000 were deposited to Malaysian accounts of LTTE to buy arms. The Malaysia LTTE front is the World Tamil Relief Fund. Jeyakumar died in 2007 of a heart attack. Upon his death Prabakaran conferred the title ‘Maamaniathar’ (Great Human) for his service to the LTTE. A LTTE newspaper reported his as being a leading force behind the Australian Tamil Coordinating Committee.

 Arrests of pro-LTTE members by Australian Government

  • 2012 – Oct 28: Australian report reveals former LTTE combatants are being funded to migrate to Australia as asylum seekers by former LTTE groups already migrated to Australia.Report reveals 6 former LTTE combatants posed as asylum seekers while 6 others were apprehended as smugglers.
  • 2012 – Mar 09: Sri Lankan Australians in Melbourne warn of LTTE supporters lobbying Federal Parliamentarians in Australiato make a statement against Sri Lanka
  • 2010 – Jul14: Half of Sri Lankan asylum seekers to Australia suspected of being LTTE fighters or supporters of LTTE.LTTE supporters and members attempt to flee to Australia because Australia has not banned LTTE.
  • 2010 – Mar: 3 Tamil Australians in Melbourne pleaded guilty to sending more than AUD1million and AUD97,000 electronic components for bomb detonators to LTTE.
  • 2010 – Feb 2: Australian court case against Aruran vinayagamoorthy, Sivrajah Yathavan, Arumugam Rajeevan collected more than AUD1million for LTTE. They pleaded guilty to giving money to LTTE between 2004 – 2007. Vinayagamoorthy pleaded guilty to providing radio transmitters. Aruran Vinayagamoorthy, 33 – commonwealth prosecutor Mark Dean SC said he had spent $97,000 on 3500 electronic transmitters between September 2003 and October 2005. Between 2005-2006 he had bought 70 remote control devices.
  • Sivarajah Yathavan, 36 (working for Tamil Coordination Committee) LTTE front that raises funds to procure supplies (together both Aruran and Yathavan had bought hydraulic steering units for $126,000)
  • 2009 – Dec 21: 3 Australian Tamils pleads guilty to providing money to LTTE – Aruran Vinayagamoorthy, Sivarajah Yathavan, Arumugam Rajeevan. Vinayagamoorthy pleads guilty to providing radio transmitters to LTTE too. The 3 were arrested in a raid in May 2007.
  • 2008 – Jul 15: Australian Federal Police arrest at request of US FBI Thulasiharan Santhirarajaha, a director of Melbourne International College to be extradited to US to face terrorism offences in US.
  • 2007 – Oct 9: Victorian Government in Australia has given $2000 in 2 separate grants to a LTTE front – Eelam Tamil Association of Victoria.
  • 2007 – Sept 13: Aruran Vinayagamoorthy, Sivarajah Yathavan, and Arumugam Rajeevan charged for using Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC) in Australia to raise funds for LTTE. $1.9million had been deposited to a TCC account in 2001 and 2005 and $1.2m withdrawn in cash and used to purchase electronic equipment for the LTTE. Money had been collected under guise of donations for charitable projects including money raised for 2004 tsunami.
  • 2007 – Aug 22: Tamil broadcasters in Australia glorify LTTE leader and raise funds and cannot be monitored because it is in Tamil. Broadcasters also hint threats to those who do not toe LTTE line. Leading Tamil radio stations are 3ZZZ in Melbourne. Inpath Tamil Vanoli, 24-Hours radio in Sydney, Australian Tamil Broadcasting in Sydney and 3CR in Melbourne.
  • 2007 – Jul 10: LTTE member Arumugam Rajeevan, aged 41arrested in Sydney for supporting a terrorist outfit.
  • 2007 – May 31: LTTE to be listed as a terrorist organization in Australia.
  • 2007 – May 1: Australian police arrest Aruran Vinayagamoorthy (who had access to $5, 26,000 in two bank accounts between August 2001 and December 2005) and Sivarajah Yathavan, after raids in Sydney and Melbourne on the charges of providing material support and funneling money collected from donors in the garb of a Tsunami charity to the outfit.
  • 2006 – Aug 30: Indonesian police arrest 13 LTTE suspects before they fled to Australia
  • 2006 – Nov 1: Yathavan family involved in LTTE operations in Victoria, Australia – Sivarajah, wife Abirami and P. Senthuran, father-in-law.
  • The Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA), the LTTE umbrella organisation that engaged in lobbying the Australian, New Zealand and other regional governments said, Salutes Maamanithar Jeyakumar’s selfless contribution to the Eelam Tamil cause and takes a pledge to continue to work for justice to achieve lasting peace in Sri Lanka. Mr. Jeyakumar selflessly worked to mobilise the Tamils in the Australasian region since 1983 to increase the awareness of the wider Australian and New Zealand Communities, particularly the parliamentarians and the NGO community of the conflict in Sri Lanka and has worked tirelessly to alleviate the terrible sufferings of the Tamils in Sri Lanka caused by the brutal oppression of the successive Sri Lankan Governments.”
  • Had Tillai Jayakumar not died of a heart attack, he would have been prosecuted. However, the Australian legal framework was weak and he may have been released on a light sentence. After the TCC was labelled as a terrorist front, the LTTE created several fronts including the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC). In addition to new faces, ATC was staffed by members and supporters of previous LTTE fronts. They included office bearers and supporters of the Tamil Youth Organization led by Dr Sam Pari, Australasian Federation of Tamil Association led by Ana Pararajasingham, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization led by Jay Maheswaran.

 Shenali D Waduge

6 Responses to “GOSL Names & Bans LTTE Fronts : Australian Tamil Congress”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Shenali! A herculean effort, and an amazing collection of data on those who have actively participated in, and aided and abetted, the MURDER & MAYHEM inflicted by the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

    Each and every one of these people must be pursued from pillar to post where-ever they may be, and arrested if they visit Sri Lanka in any guise, and held LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for their crimes against the people of Sri Lanka.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Great article, but going by history just banning them or naming LTTE as a terrorist organization has done little to stop them. When the world named LTTE a terrorist organization they (metaphorically speaking) “then got up and went for a cup of coffee as they praised each other on a job well done”. No it is not a job well done.

    Sri Lanka still had to face the full brunt of a well armed Tamil Tigers to the bitter end. Did Sri Lanka get the accolades a nation deserves for destroying such a lethal terrorist organization who got government support from India? NO NO NO! Sri Lanka was crucified for it by the international community.

    Now in Tamil Nadu from TESO, TELO to PLOT are fully functioning and New Delhi gives her blessings. If this was Al-Qaeda in India after 9/11 incident took place in New York the US will see India with a very jaundiced eye.

    Sri Lanka to date has proved to be powerless against the UNHRC, New Delhi and the global support of joint effort to demonize Sri Lanka, Colombo and the Sinhalese as nothing more than genocidal murderers hell bent on wiping out any remaining vestiges of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Never mind the facts, they are irrelevant to the issue as they always have been.

    So what is Sri Lanka to do? do what is in her power. Support secessionist movements in India using the same propaganda the Tamil expats are using on Sri Lanka. If Sri Lanka is going to be divided by lies then she will be divided on the bifurcation of India. That is the price for dividing Sri Lanka.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Good expose.

    These terrorists own LAND, BUSINESS AND CHARITIES in SL. Ban them too.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Brian Seneviratne has started killing his son Romesh gradually by injecting poison. We Sri lankans must help his helpless man who was fighting for truth. He is not talking any more as his mother threatened him not to talk any more.


  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Sri Lanka should start having unseen surveillance rooms in all the Airports, and watch for these guys named. This should be the start. Photos should be verified with the names. They may be coming as Sinhalese, with Sinhalese names. All employees should talk to everybody Srilankan, in Sinhalese. The accent will expose them. Then they will have to be taken to a specially designated room for questioning. Atleast, this should be a start.

    Next is to offer an enticing financial give-away for ‘ratting’ on any tamils that have changed their name to Sinhalese. Tamils will surely go for the money.

    More suggestions please.

  6. Christie Says:

    Hi Shenali, Thanks a lot for your hard work.
    It is jut not the “LTTE” Tamils in the West who are against the Sinhalese, Fijians etc. It is India and Indians according to my friend Indian Myna in Australia. He tell me to trawl for Bo-Page the second accused terrorist and you will see those who are behind the scene and much more powerful than anyone you have mentioned.
    The situation is the same in the West and India and Indians are prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect their Empire. Do not forget it is India who trained, armed, financed, managed and branded the Tamil Tigers. Nothing has changed. Thank you again.

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