Muslim World cherish our President – Ambassador Mohamed Hussain Mohamed
Posted on January 1st, 2015

Interviewed by : A.A.M.Nizam

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is the only Sri Lankan leader admired and esteemed by the whole Muslim world. The service rendered to the Muslim community in Sri Lanka and for the cause of Muslims throughout the world, particularly for the Palestinians by President Mahinda Rajapaksa since 1970 is unprecedented.

Since independence until Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa became the President of this country, there were only one or two Cabinet Ministers in all governments.  It is President Mahinda Rajapaksa who appointed a large number of Muslims as Cabinet Ministers for the first time in Sri Lanka and many of them were Parliamentarians representing far and remote areas. This enabled them to carry out massive development activities in their areas and serve the people of their localities.

It is painful to note that some of these Ministers and Deputy Ministers, for personal financial benefits, and making demands unsuitable and threatening to the peaceful existence of this country, deserting the President and joining the opposition ranks which consist many despicable individuals who have been the sworn enemies of the Sri Lankan Muslims.

Their short sighted, avaricious and vicious actions have shattered the peace and harmony that existed between Muslims and the Sinhalese community for several centuries as members of one Sri Lankan family and placed all Muslims in Sri Lanka on suspicion and under vilification.

This was stated by the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mr. Mohamed Hussain Mohamed in Colombo yesterday.

He said that since assuming office in 2005, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has rendered immense and unprecedented service to the Muslim community of Sri Lanka. Elaborating on this fact, the Ambassador said that when the former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, delivering a Supreme Court verdict on a case related to a dispute between two mosques in Weligama banned the call of Azan” in mosques, the President became very painful about the ruling and immediately instructed the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Hudson Samarasinghe to broadcast the Azan” call five times a day through the National Radio and it is being carried out by the SLBC since then.  He said that Sri Lanka is the only non-Muslim country in the world that broadcast the Azan” call five times a day through the National Radio.

He said that when the Tiger Terrorists attacked the Muslims in Muttur and chased them out and made them displaced, the President took all necessary steps to resettle them in their original habitats within a very short period of 90 days.  He reminded that when the terrorists expelled Muslims of the Northern Province they were forced to languish in Puttalam and Anuradhapura areas under inhuman conditions for several years and the then United National Party government did not take any action to address their plight.

The Ambassador said that the performance of Haj is the fifth pillar of Islam and the President has appointed Senior Minister Fawzie as the Minister in Charge of Haj activities providing sufficient fund allocations.  Since the increase of cost for the performance of Haj pilgrimage has become unaffordable for many Muslims and only wealthy Muslims undertake this pilgrimage at present. He said that it is very much admirable to note that the President has given an assurance to the Muslim community of Sri Lanka that steps will be taken from next year onwards to send a certain number of poor Muslims of this country on Haj pilgrimage each year at government expense.

He said that when the recent unfortunate incidents took place in the Aluthgama/Beruwela area for which certain individuals in the opposition ranks are also responsible for instigating the incidents, the President immediately upon his return from overseas took immediate action to redress the affected people and made necessary fund allocations and now most of the damaged and lost properties have been rectified.  He said that the President has also assured to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

The Ambassador said that since entering politics in the 1960s Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa had been very friendly towards the Muslim community and was the leading personality of the non-Muslim world who stood firmly for the just cause of the Palestinians since 1970.  He said that in the capacity of the President of Sri Lanka, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has at the UN General Assembly sessions advocated continuously for justice to the Palestinian people and for the establishment of the State of Palestine.  Ambassador Hussain Mohamed said that the President has proved by deeds that his commitment and dedication for the welfare of the Palestinian people by providing financial assistance for the educational development activities in Palestine and he was the only leader of the non-Muslim world who provided financial assistance for rebuilding Gaza which was destroyed by the recent air strikes.  He said that it was in admiration of the President’s generosity to the Palestinian people that they have named one of their main highways as President Mahinda Rajapaksa Highway” and they awarded him this year their highest decoration the Palestinian Star”.

Speaking about Sri Lanka’s relationship with the Muslim world under the leadership of President Ambassador Hussain Mohamed said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa is highly recognized and cherished by the leaders of the Muslim World.

He said that during the last UN General Assembly sessions the President met and held discussions with several Muslim World leaders which included the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Madani and they discussed about the Aluthgama/Beruwela incidents and other matters related to the Muslims of Sri Lanka and in this discussion the President has told Sheikh Al Madani that he looks after the Muslims of Sri Lanka as his own brethren and has assured that he will ensure the safety and security of Muslims in Sri Lanka.  The Ambassador said that Sheikh Al Madani is to visit Sri Lanka within the next few months.

He said that in addition to Sheikh Al Madani, the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Al Faisal is also to visit Sri Lanka shortly and President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been invited to visit Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Arabian Government.  He said that the President will be undertaking this visit 40 years after the late Mr. J.R.Jayawardene visited Saudi Arabia as the Head of State of Sri Lanka.

Explaining about economic cooperation between Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Hussain Mohamed said that the Saudi Development Fund is provided financial assistance for several development projects in Sri Lanka including 5 major projects and it was with the assistance of the Saudi Development Fund that the longest bridge of Sri Lanka, the Kinniya bridge was constructed and commissioned.  (End).

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    MR, win or lose has two more years of Presidential Rule, Legally Confirmed.

    The five Non Starters, Siraa Maaru, king boy king, naaki pussy, pan dung, and hackish him will be puppetering each other. What a sight it will be eh ??

  2. Christie Says:

    Midi’s RSS is forcibly converting non Hindus to Hinduism.

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