Sri Lanka Must Not Be Swayed By The False Presentations Of Power Hungry Politicians Who Need To Be Crushed At The Polls.    
Posted on January 1st, 2015

Insight By Sunil Kumar

January 1st 2015.

 As the New year 2015 dawns in Sri Lanka the rumour mongering about President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s imminent defeat is fast becoming somewhat of a spurious joke as the media divided into two factions, one for the President and the other for the unholy alliance of Maithripala Sirisena,  Ranil Wickremasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunga and their opportunistic supporters such as Rauf Hakeem,. Rajitha Senaratna et al, the dregs of the pro LTTE TN,  some of the JHU and certain undesirables from the JVP who have no real agenda for a better Sri Lanka beyond envisioning their chances albeit in worthless guise towards being the ruling legislators with nothing viable to offer Sri Lanka beyond what has already been done by the Rajapaksa Administration.

 The media carrying out the anti- Rajapaksa campaign seems to have gone berserk with lies and innuendo that portray the President as a villain whereas a closer look at those mentioned above would reveal to the discerning observer that the opposition aspirants for power they have banded themselves into being are also a bunch of not too virtuous and very dubious politicians who have track records from their past that would make President Rajapaksa seem like a rock as opposed to quicksand  relative to what he and his administrators have transformed the Nation today.Something aclnowledged by many in a capacity to do so both within Sri Lanka as well as overseas.
The opposition consortium which continues to throw offensive flack at the President has also garnenered the support of many who appear blinkered towards the greater picture of what Sri Lanka is today amongst whom there are disgruntled campaigners from the media who have been censured for wrongs against the Administration by overshooting their mouths and making a mockery of the freedom of expression as well as some  who once held   high office who were found faulting under the Laws of the Land as their liabilities were pretty transparent pointing towards to misuse of power and authority and these are the types of Sri Lankans attempting to unseat a President who is more meritorious than the ship jumping deserter and betrayer of presidential trust  Maithripala Sirisena as well as his motley crew of power hungry idealogues who don’t deserve a chance to be elected into power and to the contrary need to be crushed unceremoniously at the forthcoming polls in the best interests of Sri Lanka!
They are after all, a group that once consorted with the Tamil Tigerses covertly as well as boldy and openly at times and were subjugated by foreign powers sending in NGOs towards their own agendas and who should know this better than the singlemost proud son of Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa himself who has acquitted himself very well in the years that he has led the Nation towards, freedom, prosperity and world recognition. The Opposition alliance therefore could endanger the very future of Sri Lanka having shown more than a simple willingness to betray the Nation to her enemies as well as undoing much of the good that has resulted through the policies and actions of the Present Administration being a confused group of flybynights who have banded themselves for the sole purpose of misleading the nation towards their own ends, where the opposition ambits  are predominantly for their own personal gain and need to be stopped in their tracks!
All the yelping and sensationalistic slogans about the corruption and lack of concern for the needs of the consumer as posted in the election manifestos of the opposition amounts to little or nothing  given the one deciding factor that they would never be able to do better than the present Administration in these areas as the real aspirants for power baiting Sirisena apart from the stragglers who have jumped on the Opposition Bandwagon  had their chances in the past and failed miserably to bring restitution to Sri Lanka and factually resorted to far worse patronage and corruption that the present Administration could ever be accused of. And to counter the Presidents choice of granting powerful capacities to those close to him is nothing new in the arena of politics with hardly a blemish as it constitutes the safety and security most politicians tend to lean towards with ample justification in a region as turbulent as South Asia with all the cuthhroats and panderers lurking in an environment rife with subterfuge and deqadly undercurrents.
It seems somewhat of a joke that what the opposition is  promising the Nation in the event of a victory seems a far cry from what they could deliver as they simply do not have the wherewithal to deliver it.To the contary they are very capable of plunging the Nation into deep recession and instability theough false promises where the voters should never be misled by the lies and innuendo they continually post on their election slogans broadcast by supportive media.Even the projectiond of the outcome appear divided where two local Universities in an opinion
polls have said the exact opposite of what the other is saying and the more plausibe being a Rajapaksa lead by 53%.
The President’s New Year message  which has requested the public to welcome the New Year with overwhelming hopes and determination to uplift the Nation has been delivered with aplomb by a leader who has won the admiration of the world  far beyond the likes of the USA, UK, the UN and the EU who have been completely hoodwinked by the sob stories of the Tamil Tiger sympathetic Diaspora as well those who would like to bring Sri Lanka to disrepute, towards serving their own agendas inasmuch as the CIA meddled into the internal affairs of countries which were eventually destabilised! which could paradoxically have dire consequences for the progress and development of a Nation that was almost  thrown into complete turmoil by the mendacities of terrorism once by the JVP and later by the LTTE and should never be victimised through foreign meddling instigated by internal self centered self styled politicians who are a disgrace to the entire concept of integral party politics.
” Safeguarding  the Motherland and winning the world with thorough determination and patience” which has already been more than partially accomplished as quoted from the President’s New Year’s message aptly endorses what he believes that “During the past decade we could fulfill all the New Year resolutions we had at the beginning of each year.” and hardly something the opposition could ever substantiate as part of its repertoire as those who comprise its core are a disoriented lot broadcasting cliches that have no co-relation to the needs of the Nation that have not already been overviewed by the Administration which needs time to deliver in its entirety what the Nation requires for complete stability as an overall consolidation of a homogenous existence  for a country with socio economic problems which were realistically created by some now in the quest towards ursurping power and more than enough reason to reject their aspirations for a renewed impasse of administrative failure which they are more than likely to project if given the opportunity which needs to be quelled!
It seems fair to hinge confidence on the Presidents assurances  that “We could perform the work of 100 years  in a few decades and uplift the Nation. Our duty is to build a safe country while safeguarding all our achievements where the challenges we have in this regard are immense. The separatism, which we defeated with thorough commitment, is raising its ugly head once again. Detaching from politics based on hatred that strengthens separatism should be one of our New Year resolutions,” where the President’s message also had a sense of caution attached to it . “All those who value national unity and the Nation’s Sovereignty should be far sighted to safeguard the security of the country. I will not let anybody drag the country backwards; and that is also the expectation of the public.
Our New Year resolution is to safeguard the Motherland and win the world with thorough determination and patience. I wish you courage to make this year a victorious year for the nation. I wish all of you a happy New Year,”  which more than endorsed the need to be prudent and wise in casting one’s vote which also seemed to suggest that  on the 8th of January Sri Lanka Must Not Be Swayed By The False Presentations Of Power Hungry Politicians Who Need To Be Crushed At The Polls.

6 Responses to “Sri Lanka Must Not Be Swayed By The False Presentations Of Power Hungry Politicians Who Need To Be Crushed At The Polls.    ”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Christie Says:

    India will not win for the third time. It won with MR but lost because he did not become a puppet of India so India lost. Then India got Srath Fonseka and he lost. Now India got MS through Chandrika and will loose. As usual the some of the middle class Sinhalese may be supporting MS and Chandrika because of their hypes. MS done a Modi dress and another puppet of India through Chndrika. This tile India got Chandrika to make sure MS will not change like MR.

    There are some visible MS supporters and bigger part of media are behind MS that is money from Chandrika’s hand bag filled with Indian money.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    No Chance Christie,

    Our intelligence has gathered that RAW chief in SL is supporting MY3 gang and the GOSL complained to India. So they had to transfer the guy… It shows Indian hand behind My3

    Shameless Endians!!

  4. Dilrook Says:


    That is not the correct legal position. If the president wins the election, what you state is true. He may differ his third term by another year or two. But if he loses, the winner decides when his term begins and that ends the incumbent’s term.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DILROOK !! Iam quoting KTR. Nonetheless, the day of reckoning, is around the corner.

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    The UNP and the rest of the Government opponents tried every move to out the President in the past and failed. They seem to think mistakenly that this is their best chance now.
    Some western powers who were spurred on by the diaspora were also involved.
    they found the ideal pawn who bowed down to huge promises if he bailed out and ran for the presidency and were joined by the likes of Hakeem’s Muslims, sime disgruntled JVP and JHU aspirants et al but the danger lies mostly with the TNA whose dreams of a secession surge could well be achieved knowing the dark side of Sirisena and his cuthroats who in the past have almost betrayed the country to the Tamil Tigers.It seems umlikely that the majority of voters are not aware of this. it will the key factor towards the opposition being crushed. The bloody nerve of Ranil, Chandrika, hakeem, Semaratna and the rest of the scumbags who need to be dealt with after Jan.8th. for attempting to compromise the security and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka with a pack of lies and innnuendo as part of their manifesto!

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