Should we give into evil forces ?
Posted on January 2nd, 2015

S. Akurugoda 

Just over five years ago we were able to show the entire world, how powerful our unity and strength was.

Firstly, the decision to end terrorism was taken firmly by the peace loving, right minded patriotic people of this land at the presidential election held in 2005 by defeating the ‘puppet of the west’ and electing the right leadership to achieve the target. Secondly, the President elected made the right decision by appointing the right people to the right places prior to the operations against terrorism. Thirdly, the President and his team commenced the operations at the right time while achieving political stability and removing obstacles to such operations at national and international levels.

The entire operation against terrorism was a result of teamwork and it is obvious that the team leader has to be given much credit to the success. Apart from the President, Defence Secretary, Commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force, the great sons and daughters of the nation who sacrificed their lives, who lost limbs or have been totally disabled in military or naval services and the public who have been patient and sacrificed many things in their day to day lives, too, are to share the credit to some extent.

The exploitation of weaknesses of personalities, such as a burning desire for revenge or, is the strategy adopted by spy agencies throughout the world including those who are interested in destabilizing Sri Lanka. Although their tactics may be different, the ultimate goal of the spy network of the west and that of the region are the same – creating widespread unrest to ensure that we remain a poor nation forever, thus paving the way to interfere in the internal affairs of our country in the guise of helping and providing so-called ‘solutions’ for our problems.

The eradication of terrorism militarily under the current political leadership of this island, is of ‘grave concern’ to some countries (including those who trained and armed the racial groups at the very beginning), who are interested in maintaining their ‘superiority’ over the others.

These elements  tried their best during the last presidential election held in 2010, playing the dangerous game of setting one hero against the other,  with the intention of manipulating public opinion to create disharmony and distrust, ill-will among allies, loss of confidence in their leadership.

The  whole drama set this time too, when choosing the so-called common candidate and his local promoters,  is a clear example of the adoption of the same strategy by exploitation of weaknesses of personalities, such as burning desire for revenge or  voracious hunger for power to destabilise our country.

It is a tragicomedy to see that personalities like Ven Rathna Thera and Champika Ranawaka are on the same stage today with Sambandan, Rauff Hakeem, Rayappu Joseph, Chandrika, Ranil, Mangala, Rajitha, Mano Ganesan, Wickramabahu etc who were the main actors of the ‘ Api Kotiyata- Kotiya Apita’’ drama staged for decades.

Fortunately the ordinary citizens who don’t suffer from amnesia and who have a functional brain, unlike the above actors of the tragicomedy, remember the days of  ‘Api Kotiyata- Kotiya Apita’ staged by these actors, their producers and directors prior to 2009. They are fully aware that the terror allies are going ahead with a well designed plan to achieve their ultimate goal of Eelam by hook or by crook.

Thus the coming few days will be very crucial.  Unless we are fully aware of what is going on and act wisely to defeat the sinister motives of those enemies, the much awaited peace, stability and progress of our country will be at stake

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Rathanaya will never get Dane after this episode is over.He has to run leaving his robe on the road somewhere and hide. Rajithaya will have to start his old business as Dentist. Chandrika will go to her children because she once have told that she is ashamed to be called a Sri Lankan. Awamangalaya the Mud & Lies Chairman will find a job abroad because no money in Sri Lanka for him so America is the best place for him. America & England will take care of the rest one by one because they all will lose in the General election too.

    Any child should understand the motives behind this ugly group of traitors. They are not here for the love of the country or it’s people they are here to earn money paid by western masters of theirs. The green bucks are in galore for them to use for all the sinister acts they were doing here. Just take them one by one and see who are these Golubellas. They were all losers in the past. No shame,No charactor, No ideas, No vision, nothiong new.They destroyed the country before when they had the power for so many years.

  2. Christie Says:

    Indian money washed through Western washing machines.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:




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