Maithripala Sirisena heading for victory in the presidential election
Posted on January 8th, 2015

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Based on the postal votes counted in most of the districts and on analysis of some of the  district results declared so far, the votes in the majority Sinhala areas are equally divided between two candidates  which makes easy for  the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena to get the majority required through the minority votes in the predominantly Mulism and Tamil areas of the country.

Among the southern districts, In Galle Mahinda Rajapakse received  241,107 votes while Maitripala Sirisena received  315,981Votes   and Mahinda Rajapakse lost Badulla electorate also by 2600 votes.

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  1. sena Says:

    sad. with friends like the ones he has who needs —

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    JAFFNA BATICALOA MULLATIVU DIGAMADULLA, are Sampandungs and Hackhims fortresses. Sampandung is getting his EELAAM. Hackhim should get his few perches too in the Eastern area. The match is not yet over.

  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    It is said that people get the government they deserve and I sincerely hope that people in Sri Lanka will get what they deserve and that whoever comes will do everything possible to wipe out the corruption that is so rampant and also will
    eradicate the threats from the former terrorist groups and other groups.

  4. aravinda Says:

    Sri Lanka time is 4.10am. Maithripala 315,981. Mahinda 241,107. Maithripala 56%, Mahinda 42%.
    But we stand by our 3rd January 2015 poll, Mahinda 55%, Maithripala 44%, sampling error 2.2%.

  5. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dingiri Bandara

    Looks like people in the south abandoned Mahinda completely. We should really try to understand why did they do that for? It is nothing but the Corruption, Nepotism and cronyism. Corruption -remains a great challenge for the promotion of good governance If Mahinda had some policy declaration towards fighting this major endemic problem through legislation, he would have saved his position.

    On 14th Decenber I wrote a comment to Corruption as political weapon and said;

    Both Presidential candidates should appreciate the fact that corruption is the real problems that has run rampant both in politics and in the state structures that provide basic services to ordinary people and should introduce some solid proposals to combat corruption.
    Fight against Corruption is not only limited to Sri Lanka, even in the United States President Obama has recently called the fight against corruption “one of the great struggles of our time.” The costs of corruption in the US are immeasurable – injustice, misallocation of resources, economic decay. Corruption affects a staggering number of livelihoods and lives and erodes the faith of citizens in their governments and in the rule of law. The United States views corruption as a growing threat to the national security of their country and allies around the world.
    For years, the United States has led the fight against international bribery. In 1977, it passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, domestic legislation which prohibits Americans and other persons and businesses that fall under the jurisdiction of the law from bribing foreign officials in order to obtain or retain business. To level the playing field, the United States sought to create a “race to the top” by encouraging other OECD countries to criminalize such bribery. The Anti-Bribery Convention was signed in 1997 and took effect in 1999, becoming what Transparency International calls “the gold standard” in the fight against corruption.
    Sri Lanka can easily follow a similar action taking into consideration the following features
    1. Corruption – Sri Lanka needs a solid legal framework to fight the corruption that has run rampant both in politics and in the state structures. Some legislation similar to US criminal conflict of interest statute, 18 U.S.C. § 208 is needed as fewer safeguards means an increased corruption risk in the government. Once the legislation in place the legal system should be capable of handling and prosecuting those who are involved in corruption.
    2. Nepotism and cronyism – Nepotism and cronyism can bring about conflict of interests. Conflict of interest is a situation in which a public official or a politician has a private or other interest which is such as to influence, or appear to influence, the impartial and objective performance of his or her official duties.
    Therefore, only way of tackling the issue of conflict of interest is to actually prohibit (prevent) certain conflicts of interest.
    Regulation should be designed not only to impose obligations on public officials and politicians, but also to help them to resist improper approaches, and more generally to contribute to the development of a fair public service culture. For that criminal conflict of interest shall be explicitly defined in the statutory book and penal code.
    3. Without that we will be using the word corruption as a political weapon for ever.

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    It is not over until the fat lady sings they say!
    But if the fat lady does not sing it will be over regardless as she is somewhere sitting on her fat ass watching the results probably swigging booze counting chickend before thy are hatched..
    The overall tally may surprise Sirisena!If not that, the President just might have other surprises for him!
    If the Sinhala Nation can be hoodwinked by the pathetic coalition of Sirisena, Ranil, CBK, the deserters and crony allies like the TNA, Rauf Hakeems Muslims et al they will have a price to pay!
    It is sincerely hoped not!!

  7. Independent Says:

    Agreed it is not over. It will be close.

    But the Sinhalaya will be THE LOOSER whoever wins.

    This unnecessary election unified Mahinda and LTTE. It also unified UNP, Muslims and TNA. Who are the winners ?

  8. Independent Says:

    Mine is just the opposite of yours. Let us see. But I have no heart to see this carnage unfold.
    How intelligent people became actors acting like brainless fools in past two months is simply unbearable.
    One fool can do so much harm to good people.

  9. Marco Says:

    Sunil M
    What exactly do you mean by “the President just might have other surprises for him!”
    I sincerely hope its not of an “unlawful” kind.
    We Sri Lankans have had enough unwarranted attention from the outside world.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Please allow my comments. Thank you.

    My3 should be humbled by this LANDSLIDE VICTORY.

    The SL proverb HOLDS TRUE.

    MADA soda gath goviya raja wenawa.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you editor. Love you!

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Whatever political differences, MR, GR, etc. cannot be thrown to the WOLVES. They must be respected and protected until they die.

    Like PUTIN-MEDVEDEV, MR and My3 should work together.

    My3 has WON. There is NO NEED to keep promises to CBK and Run-nil. My3 should READJUST his MORAL COMPASS and go straight. My3 does NOT have a party. He CANNOT destroy the SLFP. MR should get down and dirty and join My3. MR should not hesitate to call My3, boss.

  13. Independent Says:

    Welcome back. I also got back the right to talk.

    I don’t believe it is all over yet.

    This completely unnecessary election saw a great looking leaders had to finally open the mouth and show how smart he is. Sinhalaya lost few points.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    6 weeks ago it was only you and me. Stop doubting. It is all over.

    Go to Facebook UPFA – a brighter future for UNOFFICIAL results for a few more. This is the fastest.’s results outlet is ahead of

    MR’s votes in Mutur is only 10%!! Free Haj, the country’s LONGEST bridge. NOTHING in return! Bloody UNGRATEFUL dirt. If only MR spent that in GAMPAHA he would be laughing now.

  15. Wickrama Says:

    “MADA soda gath goviya raja wenawa”
    That is actual MADA from the paddy field. NOT the type of “MADA” that Con-Man candidate has got !!

  16. Marco Says:

    MR is to dissolve parliament tomorrow.-
    Can the tax payers stomach another election?
    For what purpose?

  17. Marco Says:

    I meant today after the Cabinet Meeting this morning

  18. SenaD Says:

    It is too early to celebrate!

    At 5.15 on 9.1.2015 only about 1.6m out of a 10.5m votes cast have been announced (ignoring the rejected votes and the votes obtained by the joker candidates); so there is a long way to go.

  19. Marco Says:

    Tweet from Mandana Abeywickrema:
    Some governing party members and opposition members commence discussions for a smooth transition of power.

  20. Independent Says:

    You may have seen my prediction (56.9%) My3) but it is still a prediction. MR will get a lot form the South. Colombo is the key.

  21. Marco Says:

    WP results would be the deciding factor for MR now.
    Will all the beautification, infrastructure, luxury outlets and hotels count for votes?

  22. Independent Says:

    only 25% released at the moment and mostly North and East.

    All the MUD thrown at good people exaggerating their bad and belittling their good just for the stupid desires of a few will be big Paapakamma to pay MR.

  23. Marco Says:

    Colombo results coming in…

  24. Marco Says:

    Amazing Tissa Attanayake did a lousy job at Kundasale for MR

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    Does it matter now? NO!

    But I like the TOOTH FOR TOOTH strategy of My3. NO ONE escaped without mud this election.

    But it doesn’t matter now.

    His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    SenaD and Independent,

    NO. Colombo cannot change the trend. NO IMPACT from Colombo – 50%-50%.

    His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena.

    Colombo East MR LOST big time. Nelum Boguna? Anyone?

  27. Marco Says:

    Tweet from Mandana Abeywickrema:
    MR has left Temple Trees assuring smooth transition of power. MR has discussed with opposition leader

  28. Christie Says:

    Indian imperialists are winning. Repeat of 1956. End of Sinhalese and another Guyana or Fiji.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    6 more to come from Southern Province and 6 more from north east.

    They set off against each other.

    The battle is elsewhere.

    KURUNEGALA and GAMPAHA hold the key.

  30. Lorenzo Says:


    1956 was the BEST thing that happened to SL.

  31. sena Says:

    like Lorenzo said, Mithree should make Chandrika and Ranil a non-factor

  32. Marco Says:

    Txt from Dinouk Colombage

    MR concedes to MS

    I still think it is early to concede

  33. Marco Says:

    AFP now reporting MR has conceded.

    Perhaps MR has got to know of the WP drubbing already

  34. Marco Says:

    I can hear fire crackers in the distance….

  35. Independent Says:

    Even 90 year old man made use of by MR supporters for MUD. All the lection laws broken. Even if MR wins there will be law cases, even though law is owned by him.
    Sri Lanka great development scheme to bring it up to Bangladesh level on morality , legacy of Percy Mahendra.

  36. Wickrama Says:

    “I still think it is early to concede”

    Will this turn out to be another “GW BUSH – AL GORE” drama?

  37. Wickrama Says:

    “I can hear fire crackers in the distance….”

    Surely? can you hear the fire crackers from TAMIL NADU ??

  38. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  39. lokubanda Says:

    There’s a well-known saying: ‘People get the governments they deserve’. Now, will the new government deliver on their promises? Remember the promise to increase salaries of government servants by Rs. 10,000/= from 9th January? Ask Ravi k. about it if you did not hear him properly. Also, my BIL who always votes for the greens was expecting a total elimination of taxes on petrol and diesel. How soon will that come? Good luck to everyone.

  40. Lorenzo Says:

    Cheers SW.

    MR has already conceded. He won’t be resisting.

  41. Lorenzo Says:

    We have to be very careful NOT to allow TEs, junk Kumar David and other disgusting pieces of excreta take over My3. MANY traitors in the My3 camp. He has to survive all of them.

    My3 needs a defence secretary like me.

    You need a condom for the act but you can’t be attached to it. People shed the MR one now My3 has to shed the mud around him.

  42. Independent Says:


    One of your old friends here.
    What is important to me is not MR’s win or Ms’s win, but your good health. Both are politicians. Only positive thing is My3 has few good people whereas MR has crooks , LTTE and thieves.

    If My3 wins , it is a big loss for LTTE. My3 will restore law and order given go to the drain with supervison of Mevy Silva, Duminka Kudda and Kudu Jayaratne.

  43. Wickrama Says:

    “We have to be very careful NOT to allow TEs, junk Kumar David and other disgusting pieces of excreta take over My3.”

    No point trying to close the cage gate now. Tigers are free and out in the open !

  44. Independent Says:

    I am afraid Gota will have to vanish to USA if My3 wins. They ( Ponseka) will catch him for corruption otherwise.

  45. Wickrama Says:


    “Only positive thing is My3 has few good people”
    Can you name the “few” ??
    What will he do with the “bad” people around him?

  46. Nimal Says:

    Due to my busy life in UK I will represent this again(where I have written in this web).No time to write again.
    You met the wrong guy in Kandy, while having lunch,perhps with you was planning to cross over to his aunty the bandit queen.We got egg on our face for supporting MR.Didn’t you not notice in Kandy on the 1st of Jan when Presz was there all the buses were commandeered by him and my staff was furious that they couldn’t get to work. Didn’t you not notice the cops forcibly shut all the shops for that event, resulting in one time friends and followers have been abusive to our families and none in droves voted for the other side.
    We expressed our displeasure when the president visited a funeral house, days after the event and he got the authorities to close the whole main road for hours where the business life was severely impeded. He repeated again. My four business were severely impeded on the 1st of Jan where we expect the employee to do the best on that day while the government in power put a damper.
    You people living in Suda countries like Aus have no clue about the country and it’s suffering people.
    I was nearly killed two years ago by the goons of the same party and last year a trooper guarding the President pointed a powerful machine gun on my head while I was working on my roof and do you think it is a joke, fortunately I had quick access to my friend the CM and got those fellows from the top of that building to move away.I doubt any leader in future or any party in future will ever put our country right.
    MR and his associates have done well for themselves and thrown out their supporters to the wolves will live a good life like you in the west and give the humble people endless hog wash from the comforts of the Western countries.
    I have never seen a country where the expatriates living in the comforts of the Western countries berating the colonials, who have given us a civilized infrastructure that is still there in pieces that have led to regime change today and I doubt that the new regime will ever bring comfort and true security her people unless we bring back the colonials or some like them.I doubt the colonials will ever step in.
    I am proud to be a Colombian, paying taxes and giving much employment to my people back home and my white friends in UK appreciates my dedication to a poor country, as it is imbedded in their culture to be generous, considerate and charitable and we need them back to sort our people and our country. The people of this regime is laughing all the way to the Western countries and making us all suckers.
    Now it is the turn of the others to rob and cheat.

  47. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Peculiar politicians with their envy, readiness to back stab, greed still continue to entertain and affect Sri Lankans. Political crossovers not something new in Sri Lanka..

    It was on December 3, 1964 that Charles Percival de Silva the then Minister of Land, Irrigation and Power in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) Government of Sirimavo Bandaranaike crossed over to the opposition with a group of MPs. CP de Silva first informed Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike in writing about his intention to crossover on the morning of December 3, 1964. When he entered Parliament later that evening, CP de Silva demonstrated his intention clearly by sitting on an opposition bench instead of his usual seat on the Government side. He also made a brief speech in Parliament explaining his reasons for crossing over. Finally he along with 13 other Govertment MPs voted with the opposition against the Government. The two chief strategists behind the CP de Silva defection were opposition and UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe’s father Esmond Wickremesinghe and uncle Junius Richard Jayawardene

    S. B. Disanayaka joined the SLFP in 1979 and became the Minister of Youth Affairs, Sports and Rural Development in the Chandrika Kumaratunga government of 1994. In 2000, he was elected as the secretary general of the SLFP with the blessing of the President. S. B. was the Minister of Samurdhi and Parliamentary Affairs in the probationary government, the SLFP formed after forming an alliance with the JVP. In 2000, nine SLFP leaders, including S.B.Dissanayaka, Mahinda Wijesekara, G. L. Peiris and Bandula Gunawardhana crossedover to the UNP to topple the probationary government in 2001. Next year S.B.Dissanayaka was assigned as the Cabinet Minister of Samurdhi and Agriculture in the UNP government under the then Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, but he was convicted for contempt of Court and jailed in 2004. S.B.Dissanayaka was pardoned by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2008 and was elected as the national organizer of the UNP in the same year. In 2009, S.B.Dissanayaka crossed over again to the SLFP and helped Mahinda Rajapaksa in his re-election. After that he was appointed Minister of Higher Education.

    In the past, S.B.Dissanayaka, Mangala and others had been instrumental in taking Bandit Queen back to the SLFP. Bandit Queen left Sri Lanka after the assassination of her husband, Vijaya Kumaratunga, in 1988. She returned on April 3, 1990. By then she had been sacked from the Sri Lanka People’s Party. That party also had been split between Ossie Abeygunasekara and Y. P. Silva and Ossie was accused of having links with the UNP government.

    There are politicians involved in misappropriation of funds, who engaged in corruption and bribery and also there are thugs like politicians too. There had been corruption allegations have been levelled against all sorts of politicians no matter whether those allegations were factual or not since the independence of the country. Most of these cases are baseless. We remember what sort of allegations levelled against former Parliamentarian T.B. Ilangaratne. But all know how he lived and how he died. Anagarika Dharmapala was also accused of being corrupt to the point that in the end he was disgusted of Sri Lankans. Even there were corruption allegations against the JVP MPs when they were in power holding ministerial portfolios. malicious and spiteful propaganda campaign.

    We lost the greatest patriotic leader our country ever had. True he had the wrong people around him and Sri Lankans were fed up with their corruption, but that is nothing compared to the coming years Sri Lankans will have to face with the new regime who will be lead by Bandit Queen, Ranil & Sirisena.

    Good luck to Sri Lankans..!!!!

  48. Lorenzo Says:

    Thondaman takes the cake!! MR was damn FOOLISH to trust Thonda. Rushed to help TAMIL victims of the lasndslide by had fun with SALMAN KHAN when Sinhala people were affected by the flood. Now what? Landslide victory to My3 in Nuwara Eliya – HIGHEST LEAD!

    How many times we warned these fools. Never listened.

    “umpa naadan unpa naadan umpata owa ontha paadam”.

  49. Lorenzo Says:


    You should have listened to Lorenzo anna. Next time don’t just run with the herd. Stop and THINK.


    Where is my friend Ananda? Already in USA? Can I meet you if you are in SL. I promise NO election talk.


    IF you are NOT Nanda, we must not forget Nanda. He too saw the WRONG turn of MR and WARNED.

    BTW where is that astrologer? He must be awarded the SHRI ROHANA JANARANJANA award.

  50. Independent Says:


    Thanks for double complement. As I said earlier , I decided MR is not genuine when I visited Sri Lanka in November 2013. I moved with my people, took the bus instead of dreaded highways that please for Sinhala Buddhist foreigners.
    That made be think beyond the “war”.

    Tamil people have done a good favour to My3 by not listening to LTTE this time. Surely My3 has to look after them too.

  51. Lorenzo Says:

    “Tamil people have done a good favour to My3 by not listening to LTTE this time.”

    LTTE-KP-Ananthi-Rudra plan of ELECTION BOYCOT didn’t work.


    Not always. Tamil people are driven by HATE and REVENGE against MR. Should My3 reward these people and their BAD feelings is doubtful.

  52. Independent Says:

    Finally in the contrary to Ananda-USA’s judgement, it is Mahinda, not JHU who committed suicide.

    Instead of giving money to thugs to run North ( that is the same way he ran the south), My3 will have run North with proper carrot and stick method after establishing proper governance.

    Good thing is , My3 was able to split LTTE and TNA to a certain extent.
    Look out for KP.

  53. Lorenzo Says:

    My3: “api dinna kiyala hitan”.

    Thank you everyone who supported change and kept their faith.

    It was a very tiring campaign. Feeling deranged and crazy. Made new friends. But soon most will go their own way. SLFP, UNP, JVP, TNA, SLMC, etc. will contest seperately at the general election.

    My3 MUST take over the SLFP ASAP. No need to keep promises to UNP. Make RANAWAKA the PM. A good defence secretary is needed preferably from JHU.

  54. Ananda-USA Says:

    Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripalaa Yaya Sirisena has WON the Presidential Election by approximately 450,000 votes in a shocking demonstration of COMMUNAL POLITICS at work. He wwill be sworn in as President TODAY.

    He won because the Sinhala Buddhist vote was SPLIT RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE, while minority communities (Tamils, Muslims and Christians) voted in monolithic BLOCKS!

    SPLITTING the Sinhala Buddhist Vote was the STRATEGY of the FOREIGN REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES all along, and they succeeded with the aid of a few Sinhala Buddhist DROHIYAS.

    All the CRAP about “DHUSHANA” and YAHA-PALANAYA” was just a PRETEXT & SMOKE SCREEN to do their DIRTY WORK, to undermine the Sinhala Buddhist community by splitting their vote and GRAB the REINS OF POWER.

    Sadly, MANY SINHALA BUDDHISTS fell for it, while many hidden agitators, including those who abandoned LankaWeb for more fertile pastures on Facebook, worked assiduously for it on the Internet.

    The SAME TREACHERY that enslaved our Motherland in 1815 has WORKED AGAIN: Sri Lanka will now be ruled by those BEHOLDEN to Separatists, Foreign Puppets, and Religious minorities. A new dark age will descend on our dear Motherland for the NEXT SIX YEARS of the new President as he dismatles our nation to satisfy the destructive demands of thos centrifugal forces who brought him to power.

    I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that my PREDICTION of a 62.5% victory was COMPLETELY WRONG, and my CONFIDENCE in the GOOD SENSE of the voters of my country, especially the Sinhala Buddhists, was GREATLY MISPLACED.

    They were COMPLETELY OUTWITTED in this Election, and allowed their vote to be SPLIT IN MIDDLE by a devious Machiavellian plot headed by a NEW Pilimathalawa in 2015, that manipulated them to DIVIDE & RULE them!

    In particular, now expect to see the following as CONSEQUENCES of this DEFEAT of the PATRIOTIC FORCES of Sri Lanka:

    1. Police and Land Powers will be given to Communal Provincial Governments in the North (Tamil) and the East (Muslim), and perhaps MORE.

    2. The ARMED FORCES and MILITARY CAMPS stained in those areas will be withdrawn from the North and East giving FULL OPPORTUNITY for exclusive ETHNO-RELIGIOUS states to be AGAIN setup in those areas, and Provincial armed forces to be surreptiously created.

    3. Border protection against ILLEGAL SMUGGLING of commercial goods, arms, and Indians from Tamil Nadu wll begin anew.

    4. NGOs will run amok in the country with restrictions against their anti-national activities removed or not enforced.

    5. Foreign powers inimical to Sri Lanka, even military and intelligence units, will move into Sri Lanka from the West and from India with their kit and baggage to setup a PERMANENT and CONTROLLING intelligence, military and economic presence that will TRANSFORM Sri Lanka into a Foreign Colony.

    6. The security restrictions against the award of Dual Citizenship to enemies of Sri Lanka residing abroad will be relaxed and citizenship will be awarded and/or sold to all for the price of asking, compromising the inalienable rights of the citizens of Sri Lanka.

    Lastly, I want to say to my STUPID countrymen that YOU WILL RUE THIS DAY that you handed your Resplendent Motherland, bound hand and foot, to its ENEMIES!

    In particular, I want to say:

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa … Whaat have you done to yourself and your Motherland!

  55. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is quite REVEALING that Lorenzo and Independent have returned to LankaWeb to crow over their victory over the patriots of Sri Lanka.

    They have done their DIRTY WORK well!

  56. Marco Says:

    A great big vote of thanks to EC Mahinda Deshapriya for a great job done.
    He certainly stood up with a backbone – I liked the way he stormed Rupavahini to rectify false news.
    Some faith brought back to Civil servants

  57. Marco Says:

    A good move by MY3 to be sworn in by a Senior Judge of the SC (Judge J Sripavan?) and not the Chief Justice Mohan Pieris, in the event that the impeachment was found to be illegal and CJ appointment contested.
    Constitution allows oath before any SC judge

  58. Independent Says:

    We were not allowed free speech until election was over. That is all. We are thankful for allowing it now.
    We have not done any dirty work like you, because we always spoke truth. Truth cannot be dirty, but it can be bitter to evil people.
    We are not delighted of the results. But we are relived that the great danger facing our motherland is temporarily halted by its citizens, regardless of dirty work by non-citizens.

  59. Marco Says:

    I second the comment by Independent except to say I’m delighted by the result. MR took the voters for granted and he paid the price.
    I too was not allowed to comment freely.

  60. Marco Says:

    Racism (both subtle and blatant) displayed by some MR supporters is one of the many reasons for his demise.
    Some people are trying to categorize votes into races. Let’s not make that primitive mistake again. We’re better than this.
    Together let us welcome a new era in Sri Lanka. One of equality, peace, and true democracy!
    Proud to be a Sri Lankan!

  61. Ananda-USA Says:


    Most who blog here know what you and Lorenzo did. You earned that hat; so wear it now, without trying to hide in the grass!

    You magnified molehills into mountains pursuing your destructive agenda and dividing the Sinhala vote.

    Not “delighted with the results”?? Au contraire … you are ECSTATIC … having driven ONE MORE NAIL into the unity of Mother Lanka! The danger facing our motherland has been exacerbated a hundredfold by what has transpired; wait and see what happens when the Separatists, Western Sponsors, NGOs, and plain old trators begin to cash in the chips on the secret deals made with them.

    It is utter CRAP that “we were not allowed free speech” … more REGIME CHANGE BS by paid puppets!

    BTW, you are reverting back to Nanda’s tactic of assuming that I am a non-citizen … but you don’t really know do you? Guessing again!!?

  62. Marco Says:

    Further- Thank you Hon Mahinda Rajapakse for bringing the war to an end and getting rid of the LTTE menace. War was won at a price.
    Thanks for accepting defeat gracefully and magnanimously. A true Statesman at the end.

  63. Independent Says:

    Why do you jump and wear the hat of “non-citizen” ? There are much more important people in Sri Lanka than you , for me to mention.

  64. Marco Says:

    Nivard Cabraal to resign- Tweet from Dinouk

  65. Wickrama Says:

    January 8th, 2015 at 7:51 pm


    “Only positive thing is My3 has few good people”
    Can you name the “few” ??
    What will he do with the “bad” people around him?

  66. Ananda-USA Says:

    Independent said,

    ” There are much more important people in Sri Lanka than you , for me to mention.”

    Please DO MENTION, be SPECIFIC, be PRECISE! I freely admit that I am but a negligible speck among the luminaries of Sri Lanka.

    It is just that I m gun shy! As they say, once bitten … twice shy! My sense of self-worth has nothing to do with it.

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