President Rajapaksa leaves Temple Trees
Posted on January 9th, 2015

President Mahinda Rajapaksa phoned Maithripala Sirisena early this morning and congratulated him on his impending victory and inquired from the Common Candidate when he would assume duties, Presidential Spokesman Mohan Samaranayake said.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa left Temple Trees, after a discussing with Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Cabinet assuring a smooth transfer of power, Presidential Media Division said. –

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  1. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    War is the worst enemy of human rights. Peace is the best guarantor of human rights Peace is the vehicle for human growth and prosperity..
    Mahinda ! We admire your dynamic leadership during the critical juncture in 2009. and your efforts to establish a durable peace in Sri Lanka. These are remarkable achievements. We commend you for this.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Well done My3 and thank you MR.

    My3 wins 51.4%.

    All My3’s sentences end with “kiyala hitan”.

    My3 will say “api dinna kiyala hitan”.


  3. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Mahinda will forever remain in the history of Sri Lanka and forever in our hearts!!

  4. Independent Says:

    “Mahinda will forever remain in the history of Sri Lanka and forever in our hearts!!”

    Sorry. Not in my heart, until he realises his bad action and apologises to the nation.

    There will be no “Jaya” until the country is pulled out of the mud caused by an unnecessary election.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “Mahinda will forever remain in the history of Sri Lanka and forever in our hearts!!”


    GR, SF and My3 too.

    Thank you everyone for the great effort to win a humble farmer from RAJARATA.

    As I predicted, SL regained a king from RAJARATA after exactly 800 years.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    The great SL proverb has proven right after 500+ years.

  7. Hiranthe Says:

    Lorenzo, you read the situation rightly and I appreciate that.

    I still have a fear on UN actions against MR and GR and others.

    In a way it is better for MR.. now the new Government and leadership will deal with UNHCR and other issues. They promised to the nation that nothing will happen to MR, GR and other military leaders and soldiers and that they will protect them.. Now the head ache is on the new team.

    Let’s hope their buddy’s and pay masters drop the idea of prosecuting MR, GR et al for bogus war crimes created by Die Ass Pora.

    What else can we do… let’s wish good luck to MY3 and the clan. PLEASE PROTECT OUR MOTHER LANKA AND RANA VIWUWO’S.

    Now we can not dream of repealing 13A. It looks like PC’s will stay.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripalaa Yaya Sirisena has WON the Presidential Election by approximately 450,000 votes in a shocking demonstration of COMMUNAL POLITICS at work. He wwill be sworn in as President TODAY.

    He won because the Sinhala Buddhist vote was SPLIT RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE, while minority communities (Tamils, Muslims and Christians) voted in monolithic BLOCKS!

    SPLITTING the Sinhala Buddhist Vote was the STRATEGY of the FOREIGN REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES all along, and they succeeded with the aid of a few Sinhala Buddhist DROHIYAS.

    All the CRAP about “DHUSHANA” and YAHA-PALANAYA” was just a PRETEXT & SMOKE SCREEN to do their DIRTY WORK, to undermine the Sinhala Buddhist community by splitting their vote and GRAB the REINS OF POWER.

    Sadly, MANY SINHALA BUDDHISTS fell for it, while many hidden agitators, including those who abandoned LankaWeb for more fertile pastures on Facebook, worked assiduously for it on the Internet.

    The SAME TREACHERY that enslaved our Motherland in 1815 has WORKED AGAIN: Sri Lanka will now be ruled by those BEHOLDEN to Separatists, Foreign Puppets, and Religious minorities. A new dark age will descend on our dear Motherland for the NEXT SIX YEARS of the new President as he dismatles our nation to satisfy the destructive demands of thos centrifugal forces who brought him to power.

    I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that my PREDICTION of a 62.5% victory was WRONG, and my CONFIDENCE in the GOOD SENSE of the voters of my country, especially the Sinhala Buddhists, was GREATLY MISPLACED.

    They were COMPLETELY OUTWITTED in this Election, and allowed their vote to be SPLIT IN MIDDLE by a devious Machiavellian plot headed by a NEW Pilimathalawa in 2015, that manipulated them to DIVIDE & RULE them!

    In particular, now expect to see the following as CONSEQUENCES of this DEFEAT of the PATRIOTIC FORCES of Sri Lanka:

    1. Police and Land Powers will be given to Communal Provincial Governments in the North (Tamil) and the East (Muslim), and perhaps MORE.

    2. The ARMED FORCES and MILITARY CAMPS stained in those areas will be withdrawn from the North and East giving FULL OPPORTUNITY for exclusive ETHNO-RELIGIOUS states to be AGAIN setup in those areas, and Provincial armed forces to be surreptiously created.

    3. Border protection against ILLEGAL SMUGGLING of commercial goods, arms, and Indians from Tamil Nadu wll begin anew.

    4. NGOs will run amok in the country with restrictions against their anti-national activities removed or not enforced.

    5. Foreign powers inimical to Sri Lanka, even military and intelligence units, will move into Sri Lanka from the West and from India with their kit and baggage to setup a PERMANENT and CONTROLLING intelligence, military and economic presence that will TRANSFORM Sri Lanka into a Foreign Colony.

    6. The security restrictions against the award of Dual Citizenship to enemies of Sri Lanka residing abroad will be relaxed and citizenship will be awarded and/or sold to all for the price of asking, compromising the inalienable rights of the citizens of Sri Lanka.

    Lastly, I want to say to my STUPID countrymen that YOU WILL RUE THIS DAY that you handed your Resplendent Motherland, bound hand and foot, to its ENEMIES!

    In particular, I want to say:

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa … Whaat have you done to yourself and your Motherland!

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is quite REVEALING that Lorenzo and Independent have returned to LankaWeb to crow over their victory over the patriots of Sri Lanka.

    They have done their DIRTY WORK well!

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    NEVER FEAR PATRIOTS, President Mahinda Rajapaksa will rise AGAIN like the Phoenix to protect and defend our Motherland!

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    To the ALWAYS FAITHFUL Patriots,

    A Heartfelt Tribute in Gratitude!

    Semper Fidelis, Patriots of Lanka

    By Ananda-USA

    Our Motherland, resplendent Sri Lanka,
    Hallowed be thy name!
    Thy children flock today to vote,
    To preserve thy immortal flame!

    The Lion Flag flutters proudly aloft,
    To remind us this freedom’s day!
    Our duty to keep thee, safe and strong,
    As our forefathers did yesterday!

    A Mahinda Rajapaksa by deed and word,
    Strode forth boldly to eternal fame!
    To lead his people to a safer world,
    When all others retreated in shame!

  12. aloy Says:

    Thank you MR for protecting the country and well done My3.
    BBC is at it again. At the end of their news at 10.30 am Sri Lanka time today Yogita Lamayo (an Indian correspondent) pointing to a picture of our new president to be as ‘this man’. She was clearly belittling him and I believe she should be kicked out of SL if she does not apologize for that.

  13. aloy Says:

    Ananda, You are not wrong. I never knew that MR has that much of support from Sinhalese. I think he won more that 90% of Sinhala majority electorates and lost the election due to minority votes. I wonder how My3 is going to satisfy minority demands and also maintain the unitary state of the country.

  14. ranjit Says:

    Gentleman left with honor and a traitor was born.Let’s wait and see the 100 days. Majority was divided and the minority won and we can see already how the LTTE Diaspora dance on the road. Sira you better keep your promises.
    We are watching.

  15. mjaya Says:

    1815, the shortsighted betrayed the king to the British…the rest is history

    The irony:
    In 2009 an elected king rid our land of terrorism.

    In 2015, the shortsighted betrayed this king (to the Hague?). True the king had his flaws, so did the people around him. The question is were all his flaws worth the betrayal? Already the US is rejoicing, TN is rejoicing.

    We are now back to the dark ages of 2001-2004, full circle. Lankaweb you are now the patriots only remaining hope!

  16. mjaya Says:

    During the CFA era, the Bandit Queen era the catchphrase was “it is an unwinnable war, so lets just give it….”

    Soon we may see a new catchphrase “the NE election results reflect the aspirations of the minorities, so lets just give it….”

    In the name of all soldiers who sacrificed life and limb for our motherland…may this never ever happen!!!!!

  17. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    I have experienced similar situations many a time in my life.. Well Good Luck to the new incumbent of our motherland.

  18. ranjit Says:

    Suasantha don’t say good luck to these sinister’s. They came to power to destroy our Sinhala nation with the help of white pigs. You will see in the future what will happen to the Motherland we saved from the Murderer Prabakaran. Nobdy can stop it unless we Sinhalese get united and fight together.

    This is not a good sign for the future of our nation. Tamils and Muslims will play havoc now as they have won the elections for this Maru Sira. See the results carefully. Everyone cheated Mahinda our great hero. Our Sinhalese will give their mother even for money but not Muslims or the Tamils. Shame,Shame,Shame. I do not have words to tell how much I am devastated because of this result. God helps us and save my Motherland from these pigs.

  19. Independent Says:

    Bandit Queen is not the president and will never get ANY power. We are into a new golden era, we should hope.

  20. Sooriarachi Says:

    In the tradition of Sri Lanka’s democratic values since 1931, former President Mahinda Rajapakse accepted defeat today and handed over power to the winner, congratulating him, proving to the world, that, Sri Lanka does not need gratuitous advice from prejudiced and hippocratic UN officials, AI, HRW or nations that were hostile to the former President and the nation. Mahinda Rajapakse’s name should appear in gold in the history books of the nation for achieving the unthinkable, in defeating the internationally mollycoddled, Tamil Tiger terrorists, in 2009 and thereafter, ably maintaining peace in the country by keeping the Tigers away from Sri Lankan soil, simultaneously embarking on a rapid economic development time table to cover 30 years lost due to brutal terrorism unleashed by Tigers, many now supposed to be taking refuge in foreign lands. Today Sri Lanka’s economic development is marching forward, a close second only to China and is well on the way to achieve the dream of Mahinda Rajapakse, to make it the wonder of Asia. Though I doubt we will get another leader in the near future, with his vision, ambition, drive, pride and determination to develop Sri Lanka as a unitary state, I hope the new leader would have at least a some of it and would keep all the good promises given during his campaign to oust Mr Rajapakse. My best wishes to Mr Sirisena and Sri Lanka.

  21. Dilrook Says:

    My prediction came closest. Mahinda is off by 0.2% and Maithripala is off by 0.5%.

    But at its base is heavy ethnic polarization which doesn’t go well for the nation. Sirisena camp was not a uniform platform of Sinhalas, Tamils and Muslims coming together. Each of these people voted for Sirisena to get even against the other ethnic group.

    They have no common understanding apart from seeing the back of Mahinda. Tamil and Muslim voting pattern didn’t change since 2010. It is the same this time. Sinhala people left Mahinda in drones which resulted in his defeat. Even in the last stages had he attempted to abrogate 13A, he would have gained so many votes and not lost any (minorities anyway deserted him). Had Mahinda taken back the JHU offering whatever they asked, he would have easily won. JHU was the single thread that saved the common candidate from being branded as traitors.

  22. mjaya Says:


    You are right. He could have easily abrogated the 13A. Then, the situation would have been different. Giya nuwana ethun lawa wath edaganna behe. The past is now the past. The people gave their king to the enemy in a silver platter.

    Its our turn to regroup and get things going….with MR we couldn’t rest but with MY3 and his unholy alliance we cannot rest.

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    1) 13A Will be fully implement now
    2) Saiva TE (NP) & Muslim TE(EP) will work with Colombo Central Govt happy for ever
    Happy day for all of United mother Lankan .

    Let me go back to my day dream Naalai pirakkum TE

  24. aloy Says:

    Mithree has said categorically that there is no unholy alliance. Muslims voted for Maithree in drones because BBS battered them. The Tamils voted because they wanted to avenge their defeat. But they all are equal citizens of this country. It was clear to me that all the new voters (the face book or social media crowed) were with Maithree. When Lankaweb published a letter by someone (government?) giving lot of links to attack Maithree’s brothers showing his businesses I saw the comments in facebook. Not a single comment was against Maithree’s family. In fact they were praising the entrepreneurs of the family saying that these are the Sinhala people require to stop sending our women to mid east by by providing employment to our people. In a way we can say that this is a social media revolution just like the Arab spring; but extremely peaceful. The new rulers should keep in mind that there will another young crowed that will vote for the next presidential election. Therefore the aspirations of the young crowed should not be forgotten.

    There are people like Patali and Harsha to give directions to the new president. They should set about in a systematic way. Study how Singapore achieved it. No need to get foreigners from west involved in our development. We have enough experts; they will complicate matters and set their agendas. No need to split hairs investigating all Chinese contract wasting time. Only those which are very much excessive need be stopped. After all it was China that came to help us at our hour of need; not India.

    I remember it was yours truly who suggested for the first time in this site that the position of common candidate should be offered Maithree. Few days later it happened and I was happy.

  25. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, had MR repealed the 13A, none of the Sinhala people would have budged away from him. Even so, it shows the STUPIDITY of our people that they abandoned this “Greatest Overachiever of Our Time, per Mahindapala, in his hour of need. I am TRULY ASHAMED of those who defected, politicians and voters alike!

    Regarding the JHU, they wanted to eliminate the 18th amendment its removal of the term limit on the executive presidency, forcing MR into retirement, so there was no way MR could work with them. That demand was designed to be impossible for MR to accept and to create a rift. Given that the post of executive President was ALWAYS SUBJECT to the will of the voters in a Presidential election, term limits were really not necessary … as is evident now that the people have chosen not to re-elect MR. It was all a MONUMENTAL BOONDOGGLE to get rid of the ablest leader and protector of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and territorial integrity we had since independence.

    You have to understand, that a lot of this was driven by personal animosities and unfulfilled greed for money, power and prestige, that could not be sated by anything short of a pound of MR’s flesh and public humiliation.

    Champika was offended by being demoted from the Energy Ministry by MR, as was MS by being denied the PM post.

    Well, they got their pound of flesh now, but are very likely to CHOKE ON IT in the near future as they try to satisfy the diametrically opposed demands of their co-conspirators of all ilk, and sink into the stinking mud of unholy deals of their own creation.

  26. S.A Says:

    ගරු මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මැතිඳුනි.
    පරාජය වූයේ ඔබ නොව සිoහල බෞඨයින් වන අපය.
    ඒ අපේ එවුන්ගේ කුහකකම නිසාය.
    ඔබ කල සේවයට අප ඹබට සදා ණය ගැතිය.

  27. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well Said S.A; you have put my heartfelt feelings into words!

    “ගරු මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මැතිඳුනි.
    පරාජය වූයේ ඔබ නොව සිoහල බෞඨයින් වන අපය.
    ඒ අපේ එවුන්ගේ කුහකකම නිසාය.
    ඔබ කල සේවයට අප ඹබට සදා ණය ගැතිය.”

  28. douglas Says:

    New “Brushes” paint well. Let us wait and “watch” what is going to happen.

    I have always tried to tell MR (via this page) that he should continue the remaining two years in office and undertake that “CLEANING” process. His biggest mistake was not adhering to a basic teaching of Buddha “ASEWANACHA BALANAG, PANDITHA NANCHA SEVENA” (Do not associate low quality (character, intelligence etc) people; but associate the quality (strong in character, intelligence etc.) He was “preyed” upon by those “vultures” who very surreptitiously got into his inner circle. In the end he paid the price. His “Magic Saloon Door” did not work.

    Same call goes on to the newly elected President. That is why I say “watch”. As of me, I will not “RUSH”. Yet, my “Advice” to him is : Adopt a police of “NO NONSENSE” in all matters of Governing.

  29. sena Says:

    block votes did MR in – not good for the democracy

  30. Vimutti Says:

    Now the tough part…..governing!

    Maithripala promised to TRIPLE the economic growth of 7%, but has no realistic plan on how the achieve such an outrageous goal that NO country has ever achieved.

    Maithripala promised to REDUCE the cost of living, but again, no plan to actually do this.

    Maithripala promised to roll back Chinese investment, but no other country or group of countries in the world is willing to replace the multi-BILLION dollars in Chinese investments in Sri Lanka.

    Once it is clear to most Buddhist voters that Maithripala is ALL TALK and no substance, he gets restrained by Parliament until he is thrown out on his ear!

    It is also not clear how the non-UNP Parliament is going to approve Ranil as Prime Minister or how Maithripala is going to ‘appoint’ Ranil without Parliamentary approval. Even the FORMER Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would frown on such an unconstitutional appointment, so we all know what the current Supreme Court is going to do to Ranil.

  31. Dilrook Says:

    Dear Ananda,

    I understand your anger and share some of your frustrations. However, I can assure you the JHU decision was not driven by personal ambitions. It was a genuine concern for the nation. Mahinda knew very well he is the uncontested guardian of Sri Lanka but he misused his bargaining position even to help the enemy (Tamil nationalists).

    Now Sirisena is facing a dilemma. His loose alliance had no unifying factor. Muslims voted for him to get their Safistan in the east. No agreement but it is the hope of Muslims. Same with Tamils who voted for him dreaming of Tamil Elam. Once again no agreement but this is the hope of Tamils. If anyone thinks Sinhalas, Tamils and Muslims came together, he is utterly foolish. There is absolutely no consensus within the group which worked well because no consensus is possible. Attempting to form a consensus would have split their alliance.

    The bigger threat now is UNP attempts on the life of Sirisena once they get the PM post. As happened with DB Wijetunga, UNP is plotting to eliminate Sirisena and make Ranil the president. He must show skill and political shrewdness to frustrate these plans.

    The next hurdle is to have a party in parliament that carries out “Maithri Palanaya”. With no parliamentary majority, he cannot do it. He cannot get majority by teaming up with his crowd. They add up to only 90 seats.

    Having said that I must admit that Sirisena is a better leader than Mahinda by 2015. Hope he will stay that way.

  32. Ananda-USA Says:

    douglas said

    “New “Brushes” paint well. Let us wait and “watch” what is going to happen.”


    Brushes do not paint well just because they are new; they also have to have fine bristles, the bristles need to be tapered towards the end, the fibers must be properly coated to be hydro-philic or oleo-philic to fit the type of paint, and the width of the brush must fit the job at hand. That is, the quality of the brush is as important, if not more, than whether it is new.

    Furthermore, the skill of the painter is as important as the quality of the brush!

  33. Ananda-USA Says:


    How can you “admit” that “Sirisena is a better leader than Mahinda”?

    He has no outstanding track record to speak of, so how do you judge a leader without a track record? He has always hidden behind the shadow cast by MR and others … which is why he was denied the PM post by MR.

    Perhaps your judging him on the basis of his long published list of 100 unworkable promises which do not reflect well on his leadership capabilities, on on his unworkable promise to eliminate the executive presidency, or perhaps on the basis of the content of his secret deals, which are somehow known to you, or because he will be coached by Chandrika and Ranil like a wild elephant being trained by two tame ones ?

    Given the contradictory nature of his coalition, don’t hold you breath on the MAITHRI-PALANAYA being anything more than a KOTI-PALANAYA!

    Don’t Sinhala people know from our own post-independence history that the SPLITTING OF THE SINHALA VOTE is how minorities always extracted concessions fundamentally inimical to their essential interests?

    The STUPIDITY of my beloved Sinhala people NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME! It seems they need to be hit on the nead periodically with a baseball bat to learn the CLEAR and OBVIOUS lessons of their own history.

  34. sena Says:

    Gotabaya with his experience in USA, should have known better about good governance and law enforcement. His handling of Duminda case marked the beginning of the end for MR regime. Also his favored spending for city development did not result in any city votes for MR while the neglected rural folks kept their faith in MR

  35. lokubanda Says:

    To all the gentlemen who have made comments above: Hats off to all of you and it is great to see you have been unshakable in your commitment towards our motherland. Your comments at this time are very encouraging indeed. Please remember, as you all know, nothing is permanent. You will have more to do to protect our motherland in time to come, and I know you will always be there to serve that purpose. Let’s work towards that, together, with much more determination from now.

  36. Samanthi Says:

    Aiyo, Lanka Matha! What an ungrateful bunch of sinners are we?

    In its history, Mother Lanka experienced numerous betrayals, back stabbing etc but every time it was defeated it came back more and more powerful. As long as the Holy Triple Gem is in Sri Lanka no one can completely destroy our beloved motherland. Sooner or later, we come back again with more vigour…. until then…….!!


  37. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  38. Ananda-USA Says:


    We have had our differences in the past at this blog, but I have greatly admired and been grateful for your consistent support of President Mahinda Rajapaksa once it became clear to you that the agenda of the Common Opposition and the OUSTING of MR from the executive Presidency would greatly diminish Sri Lanka’s security and future growth.

    Patriots have had a great setback here, but we will gird our loins and join again in battle against the enemies of our Motherland in the future as well.

    My motto is NEVER SAY DIE, for the Patriots will RISE AGAIN in defense of our Resplendent Isle!

    Dulce Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori!

  39. vyasan Says:

    I am a Sri LANKAN Tamil, living in Canada. According to my own analysis, The results still shows that MR proves to be the strongest, and most democratically minded leader in Sri Lanka. Yes, he lost the election, but to whom and how?. All the minority ethnic forces together with the assistance of the main opposition party, the UNP, JVP, SU, along with part of the SLFP’ers, who happened to be loyal to the (Chandirika)Bandaranayakes, and those dissatisfied with MR for personal reasons crossed over to form the so-called common opposition front put together were able to gather only around 51.5% while MR was able to get the support alone on his own strength. How gracefully he accepted his defeat shows what a democratically minded person MR is, contrary to the claims by the opposition that he had been a dictator and that he would create problems if he happened to lose the election. This was how the propagandists against him were working from the day he was elected President of Sri Lanka. I also appreciate Wimal Weerawansa and Douglas Devananda, Arumugam Thondaman and other SLFP’ers to be with MR till the last moment for the sake of the welfare of the people and country. Now, it’s over, and let’s wait and see as to what awaits the country.

  40. Ananda-USA Says:

    sena said,

    GR’s “favored spending for city development did not result in any city votes for MR while the neglected rural folks kept their faith in MR”.

    Let us not forget that spending on urban development goes further than the direct benefit to the residents of those areas; it generates increased economic activity of all types, that increases the revenue to the government, which can then be deployed in rural areas to bring the benefits enjoyed by city folk to the rural people. Many rural folk also work temporarily in the cities and return to their homes during holidays with the cash earned in the city.

    In my extensive travels in rural areas of Sri Lanka, I have seen how towns such as Monaraagala, now served by good roads, have grown by leaps and bounds with their citizens having the same basic amenities enjoyed by the residents in the larger cities.

    Those rural folk who have thus benefited are also voters too.

    Therefore, let us not measure the positive impact of Urban development only by the benefit to city folk in and around these larger cities that were developed under the urban development program.

  41. Ananda-USA Says:

    SOMEONE, ANYONE Pray tell me …. How can Ranil Wickramasinghe be APPOINTED PM without being voted into that position by a SIMPLE MAJORITY in Parliament?

    Is this ALLOWED under Sri Lanka’s Constitution? Not to my knowledge!!

    New President, new PM sworn in Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 09, Colombo: The winner of the 2015 Presidential Election Maithripala Sirisena was sworn in today as the 6th Executive President of Sri Lanka.

    At the auspicious time of 6:21 p.m. Sirisena took oaths as the new President before Supreme Court Justice K. Sripavan at the Independence Square in Colombo.

    In his address to the nation following the swearing-in, the new President said he has no intention to seek a second term and said Sri Lanka will have friendly relations with every country.

    Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe took oaths as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka before Executive President Maithripala Sirisena at the same venue.

    Wickremasinghe earlier in the day addressing a media briefing called upon all Sri Lankans to join hands to welcome their new leader, Sirisena. He said Sri Lankan public has given a clear mandate to maintain a new political culture and good governance in the country.

    He urged the people to celebrate the victory without resorting to any violence or political revenge.

    “No group or person can be allowed to take the law into their hands and sabotage the existing system,” he said.

  42. Marco Says:

    Under the 18th Amendment the Executive President can appoint under his Executive powers anyone to any position he likes.

  43. Marco Says:

    Another analysis would be that 51% of the voting electorate disliked MR more than liked MS.

  44. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have just learned that, under Sri Lanka’s Constitution, the PM CAN BE appointed by the executive President without the sanction of the Parliament, as a member of the President’s Cabinet provided the appointee is also an elected MP.

    He does not have to be elected by the MPs in Parliament by a simple majority. As such, Ranil who commands support from only a minority of the MPs in Sri Lanka’s Parliament can be appointed to serve as the Prime Minister.

    Getting the Government’s and President’s Bills, administrative, legislative and budgetary, passed by a majority of the MPs in Parliament, however, will be entirely a different kettle of fish, and will not be possible without the support of the UPFA MPs now in the Opposition.

    Consequently, both the new President and his newly appointed PM are in for a rough ride in the the days ahead.

    Furthermore, if an MP of the Common Opposition can be prevailed upon to vacate his MP post, it is entirely possible for Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga to be appointed to that MP post, and subsequently be elevated to the post of PM if Ranil is kicked upstairs as the Chairman of the President’s Advisory Council, as recently proposed by Maithripala Sirisena.

    Accordingly, the entire TRIO of Collaborators (MS + CBK + RW) will become top officials of the new government of Sri Lanka.

  45. ranjit Says:

    OH my dear King
    Today you are out but not down
    You came to wipe the tears from our eyes in 2005
    But today after 10 years we had to wipe the tear from your eyes.
    Do not be sad rise up again my King
    We will follow you to the end.

    Do not believe in others but believe in yourself
    Have courage and have faith
    walk fearlessly until you free our nation again
    We like to see your smile and to hear your kind words
    as long as we live.
    Long live my King

  46. helaya Says:

    Ananda, I agree 100% with you. I will give My3 two years. After 2 years if he does not give what Tamils and MUslims want, they will turn on him. Bombs will go off everywhere. I hope he use his head and try not to appease traitors and West interest. Mahinda with good heart did all the development work in North and East. Tamils are very ungrateful people. Now they have train running to Jaffna. Terrorist can travel easily. What a bunch of traitors.

  47. helaya Says:

    Ananda, I agree 100% with you. I will give My3 two years. After 2 years if he does not give what Tamils and MUslims want, they will turn on him. Bombs will go off everywhere. I hope he use his head and try not to appease traitors and West interest. Mahinda with good heart did all the development work in North and East. Tamils are very ungrateful people. Now they have train running to Jaffna. Terrorist can travel easily.

  48. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA !! Our differences was a storm in a tea cup. Truly Iam very sad for MR. He is a GENTLEMAN who never used harsh words against his opponents. True Gentleman. I was for MR right along. Nevertheless, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You must have heard about the AAndi hath denaage Kanda haliya. Each one will try to assert themselves by showing a tight fist full of suggestions, but the fist being empty. There is going to be some infighting and gradually we will see as life goes on.


    It would be interesting to see names of new appointments, and who is thrown out. I hope REVENGE will not be their guiding light.

    RANJIT !!! Iam with you on the expression of your inner heart. I feel the same. Ananda too fought very hard as a GENERAL.

  49. mjaya Says:


    **Ananda, I agree 100% with you. I will give My3 two years. After 2 years if he does not give what Tamils and MUslims want, they will turn on him. Bombs will go off everywhere. I hope he use his head and try not to appease traitors and West interest. Mahinda with good heart did all the development work in North and East. Tamils are very ungrateful people. Now they have train running to Jaffna. Terrorist can travel easily. What a bunch of traitors.**

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    If you want to get votes from Tamils just tell them this: we will give you Peelam….. you get an overwhelming majority.

    The question is what can we do about this? We have to sort this out long term. My suggestion is altering the provincial boundaries so that no place will minorities be a majority. Absorb the NE into other provinces. Settle as many Sinhalese in NE. Also make Sinhalese the only national language and Tamil should get the place it deserves as a “minority language”. The Swiss have three national languages but they behave as one entity. A majority of Tamils in SL simply do not behave as Sri Lankans.

    They should learn reciprocity or get their privileges revoked. In Sinhalese we call them “Bodin Karayo” just living, eating off the house but giving nothing in return.

  50. mjaya Says:

    Out of all this I see a silver lining.

    MY3 will indirectly strengthen the patriot camp. Some young people who voted for MY3 will learn the reality the hard way…

    MR should also learn a lesson,…. speaking in Tamil gets you nowhere….a majority of Tamils and Muslims only want to live the tribal way. They don’t care if Yal Devi goes all the way to Madras, they will just board it go where they want (probably not even pay for the ticket) and vote for someone who promises them their mythical Peelam.

    Also they want Peelam AND Wellawatta. Peelam for their tribal ways, Wellawatta to milk money from the 21st century. This is something every patriot should know.

  51. vyasan Says:


    Read my comment once again. Do you really believe that MS, or CK or RW, or SF ( the ambitious big names in the opposition side) could have defeated MR (the one man only), had any one of them contested the election without the backing of the other three? That also after bringing the Tamil and Muslim parties to their side, and that too, after a prolonged media war (nationally and internationally) against MR.

  52. Ananda-USA Says:

    Today I listened to Rev. Ratana and two other “yaha-palanaya pundits” being interviewed on Rupavahini TV.

    While I will not comment on the whole discussion emphasizing mathri-palanaya and retribution against “wrongdoers” in the previous regime by Ven. Ratana, I would like to focus on one issue: They denied that minority block votes were responsible for MS’s victory and decried such conclusions as unwarranted “communalism”!

    They are contesting INCONTROVERTIBLE FACTS that are on record at the dept of elections, through bare faced DENIALS, because they want to deflect criticism of having colluded with the TNA and the SLMC to DEFEAT the siitting President who rescued the Nation from the grip of terrorism!


    Ven Ratana also said that they will pursue NEGOTIATE with the TNA and the SLMC to arrive at a settlement of their demands within a unitary country.

    When 30 years of negotiations with the LTTE failed to arrive at a settlement, what makes these IDIOTS think that the TNA and the SLMC is going to give up their SEPARATIST DEMANDS, now that the Primary Barrier to getting their demands, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the UPFA with a 2/3 majority, has finally been OUSTED from office? They are DREAMING having learned nothing from the PAST 30 years!

    Believe me, when they begin to devolve Land and Police powers to the Northern & Eastern Provinces, and withdraw the Armed Forces from these areas … the TRUTH WILL HIT HOME to those Sinhalese Buddhists who voted for MS.

    The blood and sacrifice of untold dead soldiers, sailors, airmen and policemen who paid the last full measure of their devotion to their motherland, will have been in vain.

    Who will enlist in the armed forces in the future to protect and defend our Resplendent Motherland when they see our own leaders throwing away the gains they fought and died for political expedience, money, power and prestige?

    WHO, I ask, WHO?

    Aiyooo Sirisenaaaa … Whathave you done to our Motherland!

  53. SenaD Says:


    You said: “He does not have to be elected by the MPs in Parliament by a simple majority. As such, Ranil who commands support from only a minority of the MPs in Sri Lanka’s Parliament can be appointed to serve as the Prime Minister.”

    The EP may appoint one like that, but a no confidence motion against such a PM may be passed by the parliament to get rid of him.

    After all even the EP could be removed by the parliament through impeachment.

    So, he would be in his seat as long as the party that has a majority lets him do so.

  54. douglas Says:

    Ananda: I got that “Brush” with all the specifications you gave in you comment, in 2005 and as it continued giving me good service, in 2010 it was thought to use it at least for another six years and perhaps beyond. But unfortunately I was thoroughly disappointed when it started shedding the “technical ingredients” and started coming to the stage of “No Returns”, in spite of my attempts to “clean” it. So having failed in all my attempts to “Reuse”, “Refurbish” and “Reclaim” (RRR) for around four years, I decided to “Recycle” it on 08th of January 2015. Who knows, it come to us in another “form” and I will consider at that time whether it is worthwhile to have it. Till then, let me try the “New One”, that has given me a guarantee for “Four” years.

  55. Nanda Says:

    You too are a practical man. We must have hopes. That is what Buddhism teaches us.

    All the Kalanamittas left our previous boss. We should hope these friends will guide the new boss.

    What is the point barking from USA on the selection of majority Sri Lankans ? Barkers have no right to do so. All Sri Lankans have the right to chase out any bugger who rob the country.

  56. aloy Says:


    “Aiyooo Sirisenaaaa … Whathave you done to our Motherland!”

    Above are your words. He has just sent home the most corrupt leader of our country’s history. You and several others have been making a relentless campaign for MR in this site. Perhaps you did not know that using his executive powers he doubled the contract sum of a section of Southern Expressway from Rs.8 billion to Rs. 15 billion disregarding the recommendation of his officials just in one sitting. Whose money he was dealing with?.

  57. douglas Says:

    Ananda: Thank you. Can you imagine how this site got filled with so many ideas and friendly interaction immediately after the Presidential election. What a pleasant way to meet all these people. I hope this will continue without any interruptions. Good beginnings end with good results. Let flowers bloom in every tree.

  58. ranjit Says:

    Aloy you stooge do you think Maru Sira and his thieves are better than MR? If MR is guilty of corruption prove it? Sira is disgrace for Sri Lanka. A person without experience.How can he sit with world leaders without knowing how to use fork and spoon? Without knowing where the Buckingham palace is? Shame to appoint a man without a personality or a knowledge of world affairs.

    Go and kiss his………………….

  59. Nanda Says:

    Don’t behave like Mervyn Silva. Did you see what he replied yesterday when a reporter ask him where is he going?
    Aloy is a long time commentator and an engineer who serves sri lanka. What service you do to your our country other than attacking fellow commentators ? Everyone has a right to say their view. That was taken away during elections because the owners thought it may affect the election results. They have kindly allow us to talk again and we appreciate it very much.

    But now you can criticise the new president if you wish when he does something not right.

  60. aloy Says:


    Best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Let MR know that.

  61. ranjit Says:

    Nanda I am sorry I didnt mean to hurt anyone personally, except these traitors who took power yesterday. You know we are die hard patriots of our country and I was very much hurt after the results. How can the Sinhalese divide this nation rather than united? We must be together to avoid another destruction to this blessed nation.

    I hate Mervin and I always written articles condemning his habits and don’t compare a person like Mervin to me because my principals and his are far more different. He is a politician with no respect. So I repeat Sorry Aloy! Anger and sadness will be there for sometime to come.It’s unbearable.

  62. Ananda-USA Says:


    anjit may also be an engineer who haas served Sri Lanka for a long time. Why do you assume he has done no service in some capacity, engineer or otherwise?

  63. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ranjit said

    “If MR is guilty of corruption prove it?”

    PRECISELY, Ranjit! Most charges of corruption against MR are just politically motivated UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS. The PROOF does not lie in REPITATION of chanted mantras, but in FACTS and FIGURES established in COURT!

    Until the allegations are proven in court, they are just REGIME CHANGE activities that worked in SL to OUST MR, just as they did all over the world during the “Arab Spring” program orchestrated by Hillary Clinton.

    Today, MOST of those countries that got the “Arab Spring” “democracy” are in tatters with their citizens impoverished and in many cases refugees. In Egypt they OUSTED President Mubarak, then held elections which the Muslim Brotherhood won, then engineered a military coup-de-etat that is governing Egypt with an iron hand far more authoritarian and far less democratic than that of Mubarak. In the meantime, Egypt’s economy is in shambles. Westtern sponsors of REGIME CHANGE are IDIOTS, they just destroy countries making poor people of thise nations lose their little all gathered painstakingly over decades.

    It may come to that in Sri Lanka as well, now that the UPFA Govt with a 2/3 majority, and its patriotic war winning President Mahinda Rajapaksa are no more.

    Let us wait and see how this “maithri[alanaya” in cahoots with AVOWED SEPARATISTS, the UN Patritic party, and assorted foreign NGO stooges delivers on their CONTRADICTORY PROMISES to opposing camps!

  64. ranjit Says:

    We can write thousands of articles about these American and British Imperialists but what’s the point.We cannot correct them.There are stooges who admire them and get their country’s ruined still they continue harassing small countries like us. The only courageous man we had who stood tall with them was MR and he proved it and got us freedom but see what happened to him .Our un-greatful Sinhalese send him home. What a pity.

    Ananda do you believe this gang? I don’t because we know them in the past. Do you think they are different now? I am worried for our future. Americans are not friends of anybody.Did you saw what they did to Musharaf,Mubarak,Ben Ali,Hugo Chavez etc? If nobody destroyed them by war the good nature will destroy the enemies of Sinhala nation one day in the future with sand storms,floods,hurricanes, earth quakes etc. They are the enemies of mankind,helping to kill innocent civilians in thousands in cold blood and destroying their livelyhood.

  65. helaya Says:

    Give me one name of a politician who is not culpable in corruption. Look at Bandit queen CKB who orchestrated this sordid episode.

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