Tinge of hypocrisy in gesture of solidarity with France
Posted on January 13th, 2015

George Rupesinghe Sydney, Australia

While the leaders of Europe and other countries hold hands with France in their hour of sorrow and unite against acts of terrorism, it is timely to remember that no such gesture of solidarity and comfort was extended to the people of Sri Lanka when they were the target of worse atrocities over a period of thirty years.

 Suicide bombers roamed the country, a Prime Minister, a President, and dozens of politicians were assassinated. Entire villages were attacked and over tens of thousands of people ruthlessly slaughtered by the vicious terrorist Tamil Tigers (LTTE). People left for work and school uncertain if they would return home safely. Families were forced to travel separately for fear of their bus being blasted by bombs.

 And the world chose to ignore this rampage and turned a blind eye to the carnage.

 Worse. Britain, Canada and France actually sheltered and protected the criminals who masterminded, financed, procured arms and trained the terrorist combat units. Anton Balasingham, a former employee of the British High Commission in Colombo, was given free rein by Britain to act as the field marshal of the terror campaign from his London home. His Australian-born wife, Adele, was the prime trainer of the youth suicide squad, who personally hung the necklaces of cyanide round their necks to be used if they were captured. She is still protected in Britain.

 When this carnage was finally being brought to an end by a determined Sri Lanka Government in May 2009 it was none other than British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kourchner who went to Sri Lanka as emissaries of their Tamil terrorist constituents and demanded that President Rajapakse call an immediate ceasefire. Their demand was met with deserved contempt and a period of peace was ushered in to the benefit of all the people of Sri Lanka.

 British, Canadian, French, Norwegian and American politicians then switched to supporting these murderous terrorists when they cleverly shed their martial gear and donned mantles as human-rights campaigners. The British-based Global Tamil Forum, dedicated to destabilising Sri Lanka, holds its meetings in the House of Commons. It has given lavish donations to the Conservative Party. David Cameron’s behaviour at the Commonwealth Head of Government meeting in Sri Lanka in 2013 was a sterling demonstration of a puppet dancing to the tune of his terrorist pipers.

 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper bowed to his Tamil constituents and boycotted the event to gain votes in crucial Toronto electorates.

 So l, and thousands of others like me, are viewing these gestures of solidarity and comfort with France with a grain of salt, recognising the undercurrent of hypocrisy exhibited by such Western leaders.

 Meanwhile Boko Haram is running havoc in Nigeria. Britain and other Western countries sent “advisers” when 200 schoolgirls were abducted in April 2014. What became of their efforts? Since then killings have multiplied tenfold. Indications are it will get worse. Much worse.

 But there are no alarm bells, no gestures of solidarity. Only empty rhetoric for a sound bite on the Western media.

 George Rupesinghe

Sydney, Australia

3 Responses to “Tinge of hypocrisy in gesture of solidarity with France”

  1. Nimal Says:

    I whole heatedly agree with the article above. I try my best to meet these leaders in UK that practice double standards and some of these leaders live close by and the message to them is clear about their double standards.That goes for CH4 where I was much involved of it’s binging and Jon Snow was known to me and that interview is not his personal view but of the CH 4 policy.
    My friends of the old colonial type is furious with their politicians for this double standards when facts are brought to them. Unfortunately we are part of their axis of geopolitics that Tyambram have been writing about, from Canada.
    Only solution to this onslaught from the western countries is to have a truly a secular country, in short another UK in SL where the majority of the people of the all important countries will be on our sides.
    Our leaders had done just the opposite and our leaders are truly venerable to war crimes etc.
    I will not shed a single tear for our leaders if they will be hauled before the ICC.as their bad unruly government had lost all sympathy of the people of the all important western countries, which is so vital. Poor PR,I say like raping a tourist by a goon of the regime, like slapping a honourable HC in a drunken ball in NY, President and Gota patronizing a murderer(Duminda S) where he had murdered a MP of the same fold. With all these bad practices and bad governance MR had given a leg up to the conniving Tamil separatist and Muslims to cry foul and get the attention of the western world. They have made themselves very valuable just like Gadhafi and Sadaam.Sadly for our country these past leaders will be hounded where ever they have settled and their loot that is stashed, where another force like the IRS will hound them to the 4 corners of the earth. That is happening to the separatist investment and lately to the Russians who had stashed up their loot in places like Uk.
    There is another force in West that I am well familiar with, very much detached to their own conniving politicians that are very much in sympathy with the plight of other unfortunate countries like ours and they will work on their own to go after them in various ways.
    Likes of Karuna was very lucky to have left UK without spending time in Prison for killing their brother officers in another land.
    Another food example is how a very powerful diaspora business man is spending long time in prison in US.
    When a politician in the west is honourable enough to resign for the slightest mistake or wrong they have done, will never forgive the politicians in the third world to keep on doing the wrong things, some very criminal and getaway and come back for more to continue the old wrongful deeds and stash the money and wealth abroad.
    There will be procedures and rules that they will in acted in future to trace them and make them accountable for their newly acquired wealth. Knowing this, one or two Russians have put their houses and properties on the market, to escape the future net that people will be accountable for their new found wealth.
    People like RW and JVP might bring a better image for the country and hold the outsiders for a while, as they could qualify to hold the high ground over corruption and criminal behaviour of the regimes. World is changing and one can’t hide behind the immunity and protection of the sovereignty of a country. I hope common-sense will prevail in our leaders.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Sorry for the grammatical mistakes as I am in a hurry to get on with my work.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    In an article in Hindustan Times titled “Inclusive governance will be Sri Lanka’s new Mantra” a commenter named Ashok759 stated:

    The new administration should treat its Tamil minority with fairness, even magnanimity, removing the irritant that complicates the bilateral relationship. India is right across the Palk Strait, China is thousands of miles away

    and replied “you are so wrong” to which another commenter named “kailas Pillai” stated:

    What is wrong with ashok759’s note Bernard? Do you think that Lankan minorities must NOT be treated fairly? Or India is not across Palk Straight? Or China is thousands of miles away?

    and my reply was:

    Sinhalese have been beaten in Tamil Nadu after the war.
    -Tamil (emphasis on the word “Tamil”) Tigers supported by India (or not who cares) fought for a separate land called Ealam in Sri Lanka for 30 plus years. They were basically Hindu.
    -For thousands of years Tamil Kingdoms invaded Sinhalese kingdoms.
    -Jayalalithaa and the DMK to the AIDMK routinely demanded New Delhi ban any Sri Lankan emissory or mission from the – rest of India. (let alone Tamil Nadu)
    -Only reason even India stopped her support of the Tamil Tigers is when a Tamil Sri Lankan woman who was a member of the Tamil Tigers went to Tamil Nadu and killed Rajiv Gandhi. India did not stop when they killed Ranasinghe Premadasa
    -China does not have such issues with Sri Lanka. .China does not have a “Tamil issue” among her people that Sri Lanka has to deal with.
    -And NOT ONE SINGLE ARTICLE EVER covered the horror the Sinhalese suffered due to the Tamils and the Tamil Tigers. Almost all comments in Indian papers side with Tamils and when they do not it is in context of other Indians.
    As for relationships with nations thousands of miles away does -Sri Lanka lecture India of forging such ties with the US? when the US is not the best friend of Sri Lanka?
    -Of the many contributions the Sinhalese gave to the world one of them you as a Tamil should know. the Buddhist Holy book, the Tipitaka was put into writing in Sri Lanka in the 1st century BC. it is equal to putting the holy bible into writing by Rome. That singular act spread the written words of the Buddha and the entire Buddhist faith to every known part of the Buddhist world.
    -Finally (I can go on and on) the way you comment and the way articles of Sri lanka are presented it is as if Sri Lanka is a Tamil colony. It is not. It is the home of the Sinhalese.

    Nowhere around the world articles reported just on the horror Sinhalese had to endure. Even today in the news the Pope addressed Sri Lanka about dealing with human rights violations while stating that old wounds should not be open. How can it not be open if the investigation is only against the Sri Lankan military which is predominantly Sinhalese and the Former Rajapakse Government?

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