Who is a Sri Lankan?
Posted on January 20th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

Most of the writers in LankaWeb keep on stressing the “Importance of a United Undivided Sri Lanka”, whilst a few promote rather jaundiced racist lines of Sri Lanka on Divisive by Race – Creed – Ethnicity.
A Broad Question to Readers of LankaWeb & Beyond!
Should the division of Sri Lankan or Ceylonese be based on such principles?

Or should the honour of being a Sri Lankan be awarded to any human who has the Right to Vote and to hold a Sri Lankan Nationality either by Birth or by Naturalization, loyal to Sri Lanka?

Many a time I have noticed that the main criteria of Sinhela is to be a Buddhist.

With respect I beg to disagree.

May I respectfully add that, any person, irrespective of Race-Creed-Ethnic origin, who behaves in an un-patriotic and hostile manner, does not deserve to remain as a Sri Lankan.

Buddhism as a Faith, is as foreign to Sri Lanka or Heladiva or Serendib or Taprobane, as much as Hinduism, Islam or Christianity.

Specially after the recent Presidential election, a few writers jumped into conclusion that because the Christians & Catholics allegedly voted for President Maithri Sirisens, those who voted against ex-President Rajapaksa are not deemed Sri Lankan. Totally biased and irrational, incorrect thinking, since both MS & MR are devout Buddhists.

The only leading Catholic Minister in the current government, (correct me please if I am wrong) is John Amaratunge.

Strange as it seems, ex President Rajapaksa and the First Lady (a Catholic) paid a traditional courtesy call to the Vatican, and invited His Holiness Pope Francis to visit Sri Lanka, as the Head of the Catholic Church.

Lo & Behold! When the day when HH Pope Francis visited Sri Lanka, the good ex-President Rajapaksa was relegated to the side-lines, out of the picture.

According my recent statistics which I collected on a random sample of 1000 Sinhela voters from predominant Catholic-Christian provinces such as Chilaw – Negombo – Moratuwa – Modera – Kotahena, the division was 55% MS & 45% MR.

The Sinhela Christian community were equally dissatisfied with MR.
It is totally incorrect to divest the non-Buddhist community as non-Sinhela, as against Sri Lanka or anti-Sinhela. It so happened that their ancestors, who were Buddhists, were converted by the Portuguese to Catholic Faith, done by sibling of King Asoka who hailed from India, with a Bo sapling.

Here is an impartial assessment of the Introduction of the four main Religious Beliefs to Sri Lanka:

“According to traditional Sri Lankan chronicles (such as the Dipavamsa), Buddhism was introduced into Sri Lanka in the 3rd century BC by Venerable Mahinda, the son of the Emperor Ashoka, during the reign of Sri Lanka’s King Devanampiya Tissa.” – Wikipedia

“Roman Catholicism was introduced by the Portuguese in 1505. There were conversions by Dutch persons in the 17th century, which resulted in a percentage of church members in excess of 10%. This figure decreased. The Christian population of Sri Lanka includes members of both the Sinhalese and Tamil ethnic groups.” – Wikipedia

“The 5th century Pali chronicle, the Mahavamsa, refers to Brahmin Purohitas or palace advisers in the courts of the early Sinhalese kings before the advent and after the introduction of Buddhism. The Mahavamsa notes a Tamil presence in the island at an early stage be they invaders from South India, merceneries, traders or court officials. The earliest Hindus were the indigenous Tamils who were traditional worshippers of Lord Shiva and followers of Saiva Siddhantam, the oldest existing Hindu school of thought.”- Wikipedia

“Islam was introduced to Silandiv (Sinhala Island or Serendib in Arabic) in the 10th century by South Indian migrants who illegally settled along the western coast of the island nation. They never confronted the locals and conformed to local traditions and Buddhist identity retaining only the religious aspect of Islamic teachings. Arabic traders and travelers also contributed to the community but as traders and travelers, they moved on without settling in the island.”

Ethnic cleansing is a Dirty Word. So is any disrespect to any religion, as done in France, Denmark & Belgium, now the French publication provoking Islam purely for commercial gain.

The Bottom Line, I suggest that, those readers who bring about Faith as a criteria to gain the Nationality and Dedication to Sri Lanka, should think again.

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48 Responses to “Who is a Sri Lankan?”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have ALWAYS stood for, and STRONGLY ADVOCATED, ONE Sri Lankan Nation, of ONE Sri Lankan People, sharing ONE Sri Lankan Destiny, with EQUAL RIGHTS and EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES for ALL citizens irrespective of Community.

    However, the OVERWHELMING SUPPORT for the Common Opposition of Minority Voters, Tamils, Muslims and Christians alike, in the recent Presidential Election DEMONSTRATES BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that they do not share this unified vision of ONE Nation, and remain arrayed against the Sinhala Buddhist majority of Sri Lanka.

    Even with that OVERWHELMING MINORITY VOTE, the war-winning President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who reunified the nation and ushered in an era of enduring peace and astonishing economic progress to our Motherland, would not have been defeated had the Sinhala Buddhist majority not been MISLED by the SIREN SONG of Corruption and Abuse repeated like a mantra with the support of the Western Colonialists sponsoring a REGIME CHANGE to fit their WORLD HEGEMONIC China Containment Policy.

    That swing vote of the Sinhala Buddhists away from the UPFA GOSL was small, but it was ENOUGH to PRECIPITATE a disaster for the Nation.

    Not all who voted thus will come to grips with the MONUMENTAL STUPIDITY of their FLAWED decision, but they WILL SOON ENOUGH REALIZE THEIR ERROR, as our resplendent Motherland falls away from the path of PROGRESS and National REINTEGRATION it was on, into uncertainty, divisiveness, and economic stagnation.

    The Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka MUST NOW RECOGNIZE that the 5 years that elapsed since the LIBERATION of our Motherland from terror was too little time to INCULCATE a Common Sri Lankan Identity free of Communal Divisions in the Social Fabric of the Nation.

    Accordingly, they must Firmly Resolve to Recapture the Presidency and the Parliament once again, and establish a new phase of National Government committed to the same IDEAL of ONE Nation of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny, that will SURVIVE for at least TWO MORE DECADES and IMPLEMENT CHANGES to FIRMLY and IRREVERSIBLY those CHARACTERISTICS in the Nation.

    That CANNOT BE DONE without the FULL and COMPLETE SUPPORT of the SINHALA BUDDHIST COMMUNITY guided by the Immortal Compassionate and Tolerant Message of the Lord Buddha. It CANNOT BE DONE with reliance on Minority Communities; tht will yield the same DESTRUCTIVE RESULT we now see in evidence.

    ONE Indivisible Nation, of ONE Indomitable People, sharing ONE Common Destiny, MUST BE OUR GOAL!

  2. douglas Says:

    Dear Ananda: In your opening statement you say:”I have always stood for ONE SRI LANKAN NATION, ONE SRI LANKAN PEOPLE……………….”

    In the next “breath” you categorize the voters according to a division based on “Ethnicity”, “Religion” and how they voted the Opposition Candidate and that trend is not acceptable to you, because your candidate did not get that vote.

    This is how I see both your statements: (1) In the opening statement, you have clearly displayed “SAMMA DITTHI” meaning, “RIGHT VIEW”. (Understanding). (2) In the next statement you completely failed to REACH the next “STEP” of “SAMMA SANKAPPA”, meaning “RIGHT THOUGHT” – thoughts free from sensuous.desire, ill will and cruelty.

    Just see how practical the BUDDHA’s Teachings are.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    There is more with a twist. The RIGHT way is called “SAMMA”. The WRONG way is called “SUMMA” (Tamil meaning NOTHING).

    summa-vaca–“Right” Speech

    e.g. Drohiya, etc.

    This is the sad situation of some of our patriots who are DAZZLED by the PEOPLE’S VERDICT.

  4. Nanda Says:

    It is an ideal time our Prof raised these questions. (Please excuse my English, if it goes wrong), unlike the language, I believe morality is more important.
    Until recently I believed Buddhism was established in Sri Lanka by Ven. Mahinda ( a venerable name indeed, unlike Mahendra). But recently I questioned myself. How on this earth the Buddha visit Sri Lanka, all the way from India , three times and could not managed a single Arahant, few stream entrants to keep Buddhism going in Sri Lanka for 200 years ?
    This is impossible, I thought. There is this theory now that Buddha was born, lived and passed away in Sri Lanka, which again is a real possibility. Anyway these questions are totally irrelevant to Buddhism. Devout Buddhist in Thailand or China do not consider Buddha as a foreigner. I am sure it is the same in Christianity.

    But the Professor got his English wrong here. Very wrong with reference to the statement “both MS & MR are devout Buddhists”. The word “devout” cannot be used to describe most politicians, especially MR. Devout means not only carried flowers to temple , but lived it totally without compromise.

    MR broke most precepts openly, there are a lot of reports he broke 3rd precept, I am not sure of 1st precept but those who cannot keep the last one will never keep the 1st.

    Most Sinhala non-Buddhists do not like the term “Sinhala Buddhist”. When we use it too often I believe they feel discriminated. But being a Sinhala (devout) Buddhist, I know that 99% of Sinhala Buddhist have no ill feeling towards Sinhala Christians, Catholics. What they hate to see forceful expansion of Christianity, conversions by exploitation , unfair favouritism towards fellow Christians/Catholics and organised propaganda to belittle Buddhism.

    It is the same towards Tamils.

    But I can clearly see that , after the war ended, a lot of pretend to be Buddhists ( MR’s type but not MR himself who had a different plan) got themselves stuck in a completely unnecessary superiority complex. This stupid thinking was so hollow and divisive, that normal people were terrorised by this lot. Almost all these stupid people considered MR as a GOD.

    Under My3 , we must get back to our original Buddhist way of thinking, peace, not harming anyone , generosity, compassion and loving kindness.

  5. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Buddhism as a Faith, is as foreign to Sri Lanka or Heladiva or Serendib or Taprobane, as much as Hinduism, Islam or Christianity.<<<

    This is a very ignorant and misleading statement. While it is true that there were Yakkas – later called Vedas – that were indigenous to Sri Lanka long before the Sinhalese showed up, it cannot be said that they had an 'organized' religion. Also, Buddhism was NOT forced upon the Vedas, as Buddhism by definition can not be forced on anyone, as the basic tenets require one to understand through one's own experience and practice the truth of the Dhamma.

    Buddhism was the first 'organized' religion in Sri Lanka, and has been present on the island for over TWO THOUSAND years. There would not be ANY other religion in Sri Lanka had it not been for the European invaders who sought to wipe out anyone who did not adopt 'their' religion, as Christianity at that time was used as a tool of conquest and colonization. The British brought the bulk of the Tamils to Sri Lanka as near-slave laborers because they could not initially subjugate the Buddhists who were living here and needed someone to work the tea plantations that they had built. Also, most of the Tamils they brought, especially the overseers (similar to house slave in America), were able to speak English, had adopted the Christian faith, and were therefore considered more trustworthy to the British than the Buddhists.

    Remember, at the time when Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka two-thousand, four-hundred years ago during King Ashoka's rein in India, Buddhism was also the dominant religion in India. Most people forget this because of how successful the Hindu/Muslim military campaign was during the 1200-1500CE period in wiping Buddhism out in India (they literally built most Hindu temples right on top of Buddhist temples as archeologists are now discovering).

  6. Nanda Says:

    Well said Douglas, you are more “devout” than me.

    I remember one of our ex-Sri Lankans living abroad who was very angry with Buddhist monks ( although he himself was a Buddhist) got caught taking photos of women when they are going up or down on escalators. At the courts , his lawyer said he made a mistake, he is a devout Buddhist to get a reduced punishment and succeeded.

    Our friend got caught here because his religion is Mahindagama. Those who accept the God go to heaven and those who not are condemned to hell.

    I am happy to live in the hell if the God is MR

  7. mjaya Says:

    Who is a Sri Lankan?

    Someone who comes forward in the name of Sri Lanka unconditionally. When the LTTE threatened to divide Sri Lanka who came forward? an overwhelming majority of those who came forward were Sinhalese-Buddhists.

    Though the Tamils under the LTTE suffered they continue to vote for candidates who represent separatism, autonomy etc. Muslims vote for candidates who represent Sharia. That is why neither of them belong here.

    If Tamils want autonomy/a separate country, go back to Tamil Nadu. If Muslims want to live under Sharia, go back to Arabia.

    Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese, that is NON NEGOTIABLE.

  8. NAK Says:

    Nanda be careful of what you wish. Your wish may come true!

  9. Christie Says:

    Indian colonial parasites and their subjects.

  10. Christie Says:

    Home land of the Sinhalese is known as Ceylon, Seylan, Selan, Xi’lon, all meaning the lan of the Sinhalese. SWRD the Indian puppet changed all that.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Sri Lanka is the homeland of the Sinhalese, that is NON NEGOTIABLE-100% agreed also Saiva TE(NP) , Muslim TE(EP) & Indian TE (CP?) as well.

    Nanda be careful of what you wish. Your wish may come true!- like it (:-( time for fun .
    already Indian taken over mother Lanka . We need to wait for VP from his graveyard at Nanthi Kaddal !!!

    You Sinhala …….. ( I do not want to ban from LW comments) .l

  12. Geeth Says:

    Christianity as a religion shouldn’t be blamed for the history of crimes of the church because it is the institution of church that is corrupt. I would ask Lanka Web forum members to see the television series ‘Borgia.’ Anyone has access to Netflix can watch this, or anyone can buy the series on Amazon.

    ‘Borgia’ is the story about the pope Alexander the VI, an extremely corrupt pope, an immoral criminal and a womanizer. He became pope just sixty (60) days before Columbus discovered Americas. Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas on October 12, 1492 and pope Alexander VI became the pope two months before that on the 11 of August 1492. He is the one who commissioned Michelangelo Buonarroti to create all world famous sculptures and paintings in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican, the official residence of Pope. Given Sri Lanka, a country with a history of strong Catholic action, the Catholic Church of SL wouldn’t allow Sri Lankans to see this movie on public television channels. If anyone promises to telecast this entire movie with Sinhala subtitles on a TV channel in Sri Lanka, I will donate this entire series to that authority/person.

  13. Geeth Says:

    To my mind, Sri Lankans never have encountered or experienced Christianity but have experienced only immoral, brutal and ugly politics of Catholic Church. Christianity never came the way Buddhism came to Sri Lanka. Christianity came with agony, war, devastation, and cruelty that islanders had never seen before.

    The significance of Papacy to Sri Lankan history begins from pope Alexander’s (Borgia) Papal bull authorizing the monopoly of new world for the crown of Castile and Aragon in May of 1493 (Queen Isabel and Ferdinand of Spain are the architects of brutal Spanish inquisition) . Then as a result of the dispute between Spain and Portugal created by the above said Papal Bull, another bull issued in 1452 by Pope Nicholas V that was addressed to Afonso V of Portugal and had approved Portugal’s right to attack, conquer and subjugate new lands to the east of the world. It authorized Portuguese the sole authority to sail to the east coast of Africa to discover new lands and to enslave all heathen inhabitants therein and bring them into Christianity by force.

    Catholic church of Pope encouraged the enslavement of native, non-Christian peoples in new lands. So in the eye of Sri Lankans, pope was not a religious leader but a conquistador responsible for giving his blessings and authorization for umpteen amounts of crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka.

    As a person of God, had he apologized the nation of Sri Lanka for the crimes committed by former popes with the help of Portuguese mercenaries when Christianity was introduced to the island, it would have been a good sign of compassion toward the victims of the predecessors of current Papacy. His holiness’s unholy denial to acknowledge these crimes along tells the true character of the church. So he has proved the fact that intention of church hasn’t been changed form 16th century to 21st century. They are still working hard to subjugate us, but with different mercenaries this time likes that of Prabhakaran, Rayappu Joseph and Solheim. What prevented Pope from this overdue apology??????

    We know who says ‘god bless to Lorenzo De Almeda’ today.
    Lorenzo, hope you wouldn’t attack me for telling the truth.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    NOW those faithless Sinhala Buddhists who VOTED against MR can CRY A RIVER OF TEARS as their Motherland is SLICED & DICED into ETHNO-RELIGIOUS BANTUSTANS!

    Aiyooooo Sirisenaaaaa …… What have you DONE to our Motherland!

    Will implement 13th Amendment within a unitary state: Ranil

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 21 (Hindu) The Sri Lankan government will implement the 13th Amendment to its Constitution within a unitary state, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has said.

    Implementation of the 13th Amendment — born out of the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 — has remained a long-pending demand of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the main party representing the island’s Northern Tamils. The Amendment envisages substantive devolution of political powers to the provinces.

    In his first parliamentary address after assuming charge as Prime Minister — following the Sri Lanka’s January 8 presidential elections — Mr. Wickramasinghe said: “We will implement the 13th Amendment within a unitary state.”

    Given that the TNA backed President Sirisena in the elections, the Northern Tamils — who voted against President Rajapaksa in large numbers — would expect the new government to be sensitive to their demands.
    Civilian Governor

    In a gesture that sections perceive as President Maithripala Sirisena’s willingness to engage with the Tamils’ demands, he recently replaced the former Northern Province Governor, a military man, with a seasoned diplomat.

    It is also learnt that orders have been passed to transfer the Chief Secretary of the Province who was on a collision course with Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran.

    Mr. Wickramasinghe also outlined the newly-formed government’s plan for the first 100 days. The government would set up independent commissions to run the police, the public service, the judiciary and the elections department, he said.

    The new government had presented its 100-day plan ahead of the elections promising a host of measures, including the abolition of executive presidency, which former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s critics saw as being a huge impediment to democracy during his two terms. Mr. Wickramasinghe, appointed Prime Minister by President Sirisena, said the new government would also pass a Right to Information Act.
    Rajapaksa’s home raided

    Meanwhile Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday asked the new government to stop “revenge”, a day after police raided his country-side home in the southern district of Hambantota.

    “Our family has been in politics since 1931. But never our homes came to be searched. I ask them to stop this political revenge,” local media quoted Mr. Rajapaksa as saying. The police were reportedly looking for a Lamborghini sports car and launched a raid following a court warrant, but the search drew a blank.

  15. Geeth Says:

    Correction: Sorry the second bull dividing the world into two among Portugal and Spain was issued only in 1494. The bull issued favoring Afonso V of Portugal was the older one.

  16. AnuD Says:

    Prof is wrong.

    Buddhism is not a faith in which you believe blindly because you are afraid to question the almighty.

    buddhism always it is there you to come and see. Buddhism is there to investigate, then if you think it is acceptable, then you follow it.

    Secondly, as you say King Asoka’s Son, not the sibiling, did not convert. Buddhism does not have conversion. But, we don’t know whether every one followed the king. Those days, kings were not dictators too.

  17. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Prof. Hudson McLean I disagree on the following quote:

    “Buddhism as a Faith, is as foreign to Sri Lanka or Heladiva or Serendib or Taprobane, as much as Hinduism, Islam or Christianity.” Only in the broader context.

    Buddhism in Sri Lanka played an immense role in Sri Lanka and the world it is so immense I have to keep this comment contrite and articulate my point.

    Under King Vattagamani (103-77 BC) the 1st part of the Fourth Buddhist Council was held in Thambappani where 500 monks wrote down the entire Buddhist teachings and formed the written “Buddhist Holy Bible” the Tipitaka. It is the world’s largest holy book at 20 thousand pages. From Sri Lanka this written holy book spread to India, and South East Asia. It is as important as Rome writing down the Christian holy bible.

    Sri Lanka is the only nation outside of China to have an unbroken written history of 2400 years. this marvel happened under Buddhist governance.

    Finally: Most of mankind’s greatest achievements were done in governments that were either run by Monarchs, or Emperors. This holds true of the Western world be it from the Roman Era to the Renaissance (with the emphasis on the latter) or that of the Asian world including the history of Sri Lanka

    Most of the greatest Democracies the world had ever seen were done in small city states as in Ancient Greece or the US when the US was defined by only 13 states (then called colonies). some of the greatest Democratic documents came from these times.

    If so then the golden age of Sri Lanka was under Buddhist monarchies and the Buddhist Sanga. The Tamil Tigers came to power under a coalition governments voted in by Democratic means. Democracy Professor Mclean is not the panacea to solve all problems.

  18. anura seneviratna Says:

    “Should the division of Sri Lankan or Ceylonese be based on such principles?”

    Thanks to Prof. Hudson for raising this vital question “who is a Sri Lankan?”; Lanka is a nickname derived from the Indian word “alankar” (beautiful) used by the ancient Indian poets in praising island’s beauty and its pre-historic name was Heladiva (island of Helas). After the terrorist Vijaya’s gate crashing into the island, the word Sinha (lion or beast) word coined up with Hela to Sin-Hela or Sinhala. Vijaya merged with the Hela or Sinhela Nation, else the island people would be speaking the Indian Vijaya’s language today not Sinhela. When British captured the island, it was Sinhale’ but when they left, it was handed over to a coterie of pseudo Sinhelas who were always anti-Sinhela to this day. They, instead of reverting to at least Sinhale’, picked the Indian nickname Lanka.

    ” Or should the honour of being a Sri Lankan be awarded to any human who has the Right to Vote and to hold a Sri Lankan Nationality either by Birth or by Naturalization, loyal to Sri Lanka? ”

    Indeed, this is true when it comes to almost any other nationhood of the world. But the crime committed in Sri Lanka is, unlike in any other country; the national sovereignty of the Sinhela nation and Sinhela country have been grossly violated by recognising settler communities as separate small nations within one country in an unprecedented manner. In every country there is only one nation except in SL, which is multi-national. To do this, the Sinhela nation has been trimmed down to a mere “majority”. The only rational solution is to declare Sri Lankan nation as the Sinhela nation, whereby all settler communities too are Sinhela nationals. To correct this gross injustice, the illegal foreign national rights granted to settler communities must be abolished.

    “Many a time I have noticed that the main criteria of Sinhela is to be a Buddhist. With respect I beg to disagree.”

    Congratulations Hudson, I am in total agreement. It is a pity you are not Sinhela to enlighten the misled Sinhela nation. My reason for this Sinhela psyche is due to so called Sinhela leaders, for generations, conducted a vicious campaign of negative psychological conditioning not to be patriotic. Identifying with your indigenous nationhood is a basic human right but Sinhelas were dissuaded from it. Hence, they hung on to Buddhism in its absence, very un-Buddhist indeed. In fact, Buddhism is not a religion or faith but an active philosophy focused on developing wisdom. My email: [email protected]

  19. Geeth Says:

    Prof. McLean,
    To answer your question…

    “Most of the writers in LankaWeb keep on stressing the “Importance of a United Undivided Sri Lanka”, whilst a few promote rather jaundiced racist lines of Sri Lanka on Divisive by Race – Creed – Ethnicity.

    A Broad Question to Readers of LankaWeb & Beyond!

    Should the division of Sri Lankan or Ceylonese be based on such principles? Or should the honour of being a Sri Lankan be awarded to any human who has the Right to Vote and to hold a Sri Lankan Nationality either by Birth or by Naturalization, loyal to Sri Lanka?”

    To the accepted standard worldwide, ‘loyalty’ is the answer. Who is loyal to Sri Lanka must be Sri Lankan.

    But when a nation goes through unbroken rigorous colonial transformations for four hundred years, this loyalty what you mentioned becomes the main target of the attack by the colonial powers. Colonial religion becomes a powerful tool used to undermine this loyalty. And that apparatus still continues.

    However the loyalty to Sri Lanka shouldn’t be confused with that of the loyalty to party politics or being loyal to the existing administration, because most Colombian dominated administrations were anti Sri Lankan and many post colonial administrations never been loyal to SL.

    If loyalty becomes the standard, many Colombians, many NGO anchors, many politicians including some minority politicians become disqualified to be Sri Lankans.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    I have answered this question before. My response was published in at least 100 websites. Thanks for promoting it.

    Prof has a point.

    1. SLs come in ALL ethnicities, faiths, ideologies, colors, etc.

    These thing DO NOT matter for one to be a SL.

    2. However, SADLY there are some HOME TRUTHS.

    SOME people live in SL as GUESTS. They want to BE SERVED and unwilling to give back ANYTHING to SL. I wouldn’t call them SL.

    3. Here is PROVING the true owners of SL.

    “Why Sri Lanka is the Sinhala Buddhist country?

    If you still don’t believe it let me explain from the Bible – Wise King Solomon.

    Once upon a time there was a very wise king by the name Solomon He was the king, army commander, the judge and the jury and the Parliament. Much like Sri Lanka today!

    One day two women came to him claiming ONE baby as theirs. Two mothers, one baby!

    King asked, “Yako, whose son is this?”
    MINE! Screamed both women.
    Then the king asked, “whose son is this?”
    MINE! Screamed both women.

    hmmmm…thought the wise king. He ordered a soldier to cut the baby into half and give each half to each woman.

    Then ONE woman came to the baby’s rescue and stopped the king. She begged to spare the baby.

    So the king found the OWNER of the baby!

    And he hacked the other FAKE woman to death.

    When Norway, UK, India, USA, UNHRC, LTTE, PLOTE, IPKF, Tamil MODA-RATES, etc. tried to CUT SL into halves, who came forward to defend it?


    (Well VERY few of them DID come forward UNDER the leadership of real owners).

    Sinhalese. YES. Like the REAL mother of that baby, Sinhalese came forward to defend their baby – Sri Lanka

    That establishes who the REAL OWNER of Sri Lanka is.

    (I know we are not as wise as King Solomon, but we are intelligent enough to get it, aren’t we?)”


    It is no fun BUDDHA visited SL 3 times. Why on earth He bothered? For a reason.

    How about the others?

    Allah? None.
    Mohommad? None.
    Shiva? None.
    Krishna? None.
    Jesus? None.

    We say KALAWEDDA is a SL NATIVE animal? Why? Because you find it ONLY in SL living in its natural habitat.

    SINHALA is found ONLY in SL as its natural habitat.

    Therefore SL is the SINHELA BUDDHIST country.

    Other legal SL citizens may live but unless they are SINHELA (NO restriction in becoming one) they are NOT SLs. So there can be SINHELA Tamils (twisted as Elam Tamils). Sinhela Muslims. etc.

    Sadly this restriction must be placed to SAVE SL from becoming a public lavatory.

  21. Geeth Says:

    It is a wonderful allegory taken from the Bible to prove why Sinhalese people become the owners of the land. So my dear Lorenzo, don’t you think that the Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and Rayappu Joseph must have not read the Bible? Or their Bibles missing some pages? Or have they written their own Bibles for them?

  22. Senevirath Says:

    has any one read ”’ummagga jaathakaya”. ‘ mahaushada panditha ”’ resolved ””daru prashnaya ”’ the same way sri lanka name should be changed to sinhale prof maclean must be a n English and his country is ”England ‘ Sinhala peoples country is sinhale like srilanka tamil or muslims they can be called Sinhala tamils and Sinhala muslims.

    iam fed up of writing these things only few people want to discuss these things

  23. Nanda Says:

    I remember this Prof is not English but Scottish of Irish ( Obviously Scotland and Ireland matches the races). But I am sure he will accept Sinhale.
    Yes, we used to enjoy your writing and also knowledgeable. But a stupid unnecessary election by Maa-Hindaa ruined everything including friendship among commentators.
    Please write again.

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    I’m sure Kasippu Joseph Goebbels applies it with a TWIST! He thinks “LTTE were the liberators of Tamil people. Who DIED for the Tamil nation? LTTE. Who toiled to create Tamil Elam? LTTE. So LTTE is the owners of Tamil Elam.”

    Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith wants to keep PEACE within the church. So he panders into the MOST vociferous camp more.

    Its all about interpretation.

    As long as SL has more than ONE official and national language, SL will have MULTIPLE nations in the mind of those who associate with those other languages.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    Nanda is right. This MOST USELESS election DIVIDED patriots.

    Now my BEST FRIEND at LW – Ananda-USA is no longer a friend!

    All thanks to MR’s stupid useless UNDUE election.

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    “Why Sri Lanka is the Sinhala Buddhist country?We-Tamils also agrred as Saiva TE is the Saiva Thamilans country
    Once upon a time- please finf correct night time story mate.

  27. SA Kumar Says:

    Nanda is right. This MOST USELESS election DIVIDED patriots.- is what We mother lankan say KARMAM.
    like VP paid on 18th May 2009 at Nanthi Kadal.

    Bhuddist & Saivar lived last 2,500 year more in mother Lanka & will live for another 2,500 years more because We follow same concept of life. Tharma & Karma .

    Live & let live until Eelam war V.

  28. Senevirath Says:

    nanda and Lorenzo
    I never stopped writing. about 4 articles were sent but they did not publish because I attacked both parties .

    when I was in the bank some said I was a j.v .p er when I edited the magazine named ””’අතැඹුල ””” with articles from rehabilitated youth some govt press employees informed me that the govt party officials have branded me as a j v p er or a communist and warned me to be careful. no politician is a god for me . mahinda was not good enough he should have scrapped 13 a .
    but I love u all and my country

  29. Nanda Says:

    Senevi, Lorenzo,

    Real patriotism does not die.It is in hearts and minds of people who were born in Sri Lanka soil. It was there before MR came to power. MR is ZERO patriot. Why ? Because he is the one who, for the very first time, tried to complain to UN.
    We cannot take personalities for granted, assume this person is like this and this person is like that forever, according to Buddhist teaching. But , greed, hatred and delusion control unenlightened worldling. Maa-hinda could be the worst politician in our history, after we understood his mind, one day (this is my opinion) – that again depend on the time as degree of greed keeps changing.
    Kalyanamittas help us to reduce this Thanha, they never agree with evil. As MR associated more and more Paapamittas, his greed increased. We should always work towards reduction of greed or advancement of over lives. Otherwise this valuable human birth will be wasted.

    I know we all have different degree of feeling towards persons. That is human nature and fair enough.
    But the truth should be exposed when there is some patriotism in a corner of your heart. That is why the history, especially during foreign occupation, is important. That is why loved Senevi’s writing. If you have more info, you must publish.

  30. Nanda Says:

    Please read 13A. Tell me what is bad in it. I read it. I did not see anywhere it stated theses areas are Tamil traditional homeland.
    The problem is it allows a division based on spoken languages. As long as there exist two languages given equal status when population is divided in 1:4 ration based on the two languages, is it fair ?
    Hence there should only be ONE official language. There will be ONE great leader in Sri Lanka ONEday who will declare just that, without earning a cent for declaring that for himself and his family.

  31. SA Kumar Says:

    1:4 ration based on the two languages, is it fair ? what ration mate if We all mother lankan than is that any matter what language we speck in different province.
    Please see what system in India , have they had any WAR like since 1948(7) between Indian like us.
    13A is similar Indian system please follow it We all can live happIly for ever until Eelam war V (:-)

  32. Nanda Says:

    There is no country called India, it was created by British. It was many countries even in Buddha’s time.
    We had Sinhale as one country even during Buddha’s time. So, you Indian example is not valid.
    No point arguing on this with you. Ask all Tamils to learn Sinhala and Tamil problem solved.

  33. SA Kumar Says:

    Ask all Tamils to learn Sinhala and Tamil problem solved- Fully agreed ,
    We-Hela Demilayas will leave Bhuddist Sinhala Lanka will go to our Mother Land Saiva Thamil Eelam ( not to India or Singapore or USA etc..) – No point arguing on this with you !!!

  34. SA Kumar Says:

    sorry one more thing before I close my case
    Once Mr Appapillai Amirthalingam said “Chingalavanukku chenthu valavum theriyalu, pirinthu vaalavum theriyathu” – Sinhaleses do not know how to live with Tamils also do not know how to separate to live .

    live & let live until Eelam war V .

  35. SA Kumar Says:


    We-All Demilays also agreed Sri Lanka should be rename to Sinhalanka like Saiva Thamil Eelam (NP).

    why this kolaveri mate .

  36. Nanda Says:

    No . We want you but mix with us and learn Chingalam and stop Kalaveri machang.

  37. SA Kumar Says:

    machan Nanda .
    unfortunately or fortunately We-Demilayas will live with you like lived lased 2,500 years (according to Our Maha Vamsam).

    I totally agree All Tamils should (compulsory- free education) speck & write Sinhala if possible learn Bhuddisum (in primary school)as well.
    For Sinhala people should be a facility ( free education ) to learn Tamil ( not compulsory).

    let me go back my day dream Naalai pirakkum TE ( not inrru) if you ask me again tomorrow same .
    Velu Where are you???

  38. Nanda Says:

    Looks like Douglas, Lingum, Nanda, Lorenzo, Aloy only the LTTE buggers in the forum right now.

  39. SA Kumar Says:


    I do not know about others definitely me. you spot on machan(g) .
    All We-Demiliyas are VP fighters in you ward VP buggers.

    I totally agree All Tamils should (compulsory- free education) speck & write Sinhala if possible learn Bhuddisum (in primary school)as well.
    For Sinhala people should be a facility ( free education ) to learn Tamil ( not compulsory).

    Please give you thought Nanda.

    for Lorenzo only
    -LTTE buggers -unakku ithu thevaya ?(do you need this name?)
    how hard you worked with DD to wiped out VP&CO. end of the day if you are Tamilan you are VP bugger.

  40. Ananda-USA Says:



    Aiyooooo Sirisenaaaa ….. What have you DONE to our Motherland!
    Future of Sri Lanka’s real estate market looks positive

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 22, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s economic outlook has fostered greater investor confidence in the real estate sector, leading to an increase in property values and the future of the island’s real estate market looks positive, a recently released report on real estate industry says.

    Lamudi Sri Lanka, a leading global real estate portal operating in more than 30 countries, in its first annual report on the current and future state of real estate in the emerging markets says investment in major infrastructure projects, as well as greater urban migration towards Colombo, have pushed up real estate prices.

    According to Lamudi’s annual report, on the whole, those working in the real estate industry are positive about the future of the market.

    In a recent survey conducted by Lamudi, more than 60 percent of agents have described their outlook on the market for the next year as positive. Agents have nominated the country’s economic outlook as having the biggest impact on the future of the property sector, followed by the prospect of political change and limitations on foreign investment.

    Within the property sector, real estate agents have witnessed increasing investment in the market. In total, nearly 95 percent of agents surveyed by Lamudi said investment in real estate has increased over the past five years. This has been largely driven by infrastructure development, brokers say.

    The rising cost of apartments in Colombo has made this segment of the market particularly attractive to investors. The apartment segment in the city center is now largely dominated by high-income earners and foreigners, pushing the average Sri Lankan out of this market. Moreover, wealthy Sri Lankans living abroad have begun returning home since the war ended, further pushing up demand for high-end and luxury investment properties.

    As a global property portal, Lamudi focuses exclusively on emerging and developing countries and is in a unique position to provide a comprehensive overview of real estate in these up-and-coming markets.

  41. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook” Lorenzo,

    “Now my BEST FRIEND at LW – Ananda-USA is no longer a friend!

    All thanks to MR’s stupid useless UNDUE election.”


    You CHOSE your OWN FATE! NOW you can ROT in TRAITORS HELL!

  42. Marco Says:

    Seriously Lamudi, a leading global real estate expert?

    Lamudi is nothing but a residential real estate agent/ Realtor . a franchised real estate portal where any agent can upload property (residential) listings. I would not call them real estate experts like Jones Lang Lasalle, Sri Lanka.

    However, i do not doubt that property prizes have shot up in Colombo and outskirts with infrastructure development and more so as a result of foreign buyers (diaspora/expats using nominee family members as owners). The inflow of FX on property investments/holiday homes.

    The down side of this is that the local working class populace have been prized out of residential ownership.

    The shared ownership concept is just taking route in Sri Lanka but people are little bit sceptical on such new schemes/arrangements that has not been seen in Sri Lanka.

  43. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    You say: “Why Sri Lanka is the Sinhala Buddhist country?We-Tamils also agrred as Saiva TE is the Saiva Thamilans country
    Once upon a time- please finf correct night time story mate.”

    NO! Tamils are a minority (in number and culture) to the Sinhalese Buddhists. The Sinhalese Buddhist defined Sri Lanka for 99% of her history. The Tamils defined Tamil Nadu for 99% of her history. You can have one home. Sinhalese Buddhists have Sri Lanka as our home. You tamils have Tamil Nadu as your home at any time you please. You may live in Sri Lanka but you look upon Tamil Nadu as your “spiritual and cultural home”

    Will you then using your logic give a part of Tamil Nadu to the Sinhalese Buddhists? I doubt it. yet you want that done in Sri Lanka. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

  44. Nanda Says:

    Now even Tamil net has become the trusted source of information for Lankaweb. Commentators all from USA to Canada to Sri Lanka have become LTTE supporters and traitors. Jayaweva !

  45. SA Kumar Says:

    Bernard Wijeyasingha Sinhala brother please please I am not Indian or American or African I am Hela Demilaya ( Eelath Thamilan ) whether you like it or not.

    TN/ Kerala is part of Industan like SaivaTE, Muslim TE,Malayaham, Bhuddist Sin hela Lanka is part of Mother Lanka.

    My my sinhala brother why this kolaveri ??? let’s meet our holiday in Japanaya , will test some pannagn kodda , japanaya mango etc…

  46. aloy Says:

    SA Kumar,
    I was recently in down under with my daughter who invited me for Christmas. On a side table of her sitting room there was a nice little oil lamp which someone had given her as a gift in one of her friends wedding. I found that this was a LTTE flag disguised as an oil lamp. I could see the ring of bullets nicely decorated studded with coloured stones and a little tiger head engraved at the top instead at the center.
    How clever you people are?. I had difficult time in convincing her as most of her life she had lived overseas and did not know the tricks. Finally one day it suddenly vanished. How many hundreds may still be decorating their sitting rooms with that oil lamp?.
    Beware of Jaffna mangoes too.

  47. Ananda-USA Says:

    dingiri bandara said “13A will not bring peace. It will only give control to the separatists controlled by India”!


    While WE DON’T WANT EXCESSIVE Indian Involvement, with tens of Thousands of Indians SETTLING in Sri Lanka, ASK WHY this MOVE FOCUSES on JAFFNA alone??

    BECAUSE, the THIN END OF THE WIDENING WEDGE is USUALLY INSERTED into the EXISTING CRACK which is Tamil Eelamist dominated Jaffna … THAT IS WHY!

    There will be NO CONTROL, NO LIMITATION of these moves by the GOSL now!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What are you DOING to our Motherland DELIVERING HER BOUND HAND & FOOT to her ENEMIES?

    India to promote investment, joint ventures in Jaffna
    Sixth Edition of Jaffna International Trade Fair launched

    by Zacki Jabbar in Jaffna
    January 24, 2015, 6:45 pm

    With  around 50 percent of the  companies participating in the ongoing Jaffna International Trade Fair(JITF), being Indian affiliated, India says that  more of its industrialists and entrepreneurs  would participate  at next  years edition of the exhibition.

    Addressing the opening ceremony of the sixth edition of JITF at the Jaffna Library auditorium, India’s Consul General in Jaffna,  A.  Natarajan, Friday said that  he would  encourage more   businessman from his country to  individually or in partnership with their Sri Lankan counterparts, invest in the Northern Peninsula.

    The three day exhibition is being held at the Municipal Ground, which is in close proximity to the Jaffna Library.

    Natarajan said that they were also working towards strengthening the Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement which would be mutually beneficial for both countries.

     Commending the organizers of JITF, the Presidential award winning Lanka Exhibition and Conference Services (LECS), for hosting the event for the sixth consecutive year, he observed that it had become  a one stop shop for  servicing industries in sectors ranging from construction, hospitality, food and beverage, packing , automobile industry, ICT, financial services, apparel, agricultural ,consumer goods and many others.

     Chairman of the Northern Provincial Council  C. V. K. Sivagnanam said that he welcomed more manufacturing and  trading partnerships between the North and South of the country and even with India in the conducive environment that had been created by the installation of a new government headed by President Maithripala Sirisena.

     President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Yarlpanam, K. Vignesh urged the  northern industries and its people to make maximum use of the  vast opportunities that JITF had presented them with. 

    Managing Director of LECS, Arjun Dharmadasa said that JITF had made great strides since it was first launched six years ago. “We, are happy that this exhibition has contributed to the development of Jaffna and are working towards taking it to a higher level.”

    Founder Chairman of JITF, Kosala Wickremenayake, recalled that when they launched the exhibition, the infrastructure in the region including the main road leading to Jaffna was in a poor state. But it had since improved and one of the reasons for that was the demand caused by the large number of people and material that had to be transported the region.

    India, he noted, had at that time contributed Rs.100 million for initial infrastructural development.

    Chief Executive Officer of LECS Asim Mukthar said they were happy that many of the pioneer exhibitors at JITF continued to come back year after year, which indicated that they had received a good response.

    The Kalvi or Education Pavilion at the JITF had contributed to many campuses and educational institutes being established in Jaffna, he added.

    The exhibition had been organized with the prime objective of helping various industries to make inroads into the peninsula, Mukthar observed. “The doors are wide open for entrepreneurs and established businesses to operate in an environment which is conducive for long and short term investments.”

     With a clear mandate and a road map for development, there were many opportunities for a wide range of industries to thrive in the northernmost tip of the country , General Manager of LECS Husine Rauff noted, adding that the over 200 exhibitors offering their wares and services at JITF included around 100 Indian affiliated  businesses representing various sectors.

     The event is  being supported by the  Consulate General of India in Jaffna, Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Institute of Builders, Sri Lanka Convention Bureau, and the Jaffna Municipal Council. It has been endorsed by the Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board.

  48. SA Kumar Says:

    – How many hundreds may still be decorating their sitting rooms with that oil lamp?.Beware of Jaffna mangoes too- I like it.
    My sinhala bro TE was our 33 years day dream . We -Tamil all (100%) belived Naalai pirrakkum TE until 18th may 2009 Gota show our Thesiya Thalaivar VP’S kovanam(under wear) at Nanthi Kaddal.

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