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“Appam  (Hoppers) you made for us very tasty, we like itநீங்கள் எங்களுக்கு மிகவும் சுவையாக செய்யப்பட்ட அப்பம், நாம் அதை விரும்பவில்லைNīṅkaḷ eṅkaḷukku mikavum cuvaiyāka ceyyappaṭṭa appam, nām atai virumpavillai”

The overwhelming majority Tamils in all parts of the country have demonstrated their feelings towards  Sinhalese, through their voting patterns.   These are some of the things Tamils told us:

  1. You Sinhalase are fools;

2. You foolish Sinhalese have liberated us from Terrorist Killer Prabha, now we have gained freedom;

  1. You fools have protected our internally displaced persons in their thousands, fed and nourished them;
  2. You fools built the bridges that were destroyed by our fool Prabha;
  3. You fools have built road net work to international standards to bring easy to all parts of the access;
  4. You fools have provided easy access of transportation for our products to be sent to hungry Sinhala fools in South, creating more jobs for our Tamils;
  5. You fools built best schools in North and South and our children have become the island’s best,
  6. Your foolish Leaders in current Parliament will call you a Racist if you talk about your Race, But our Tamil Leaders will silently obtain more and more facilities for us and your foolish  Members of Parliament will vote for them,  Your Ex Military Governor has already been removed.
  7. Specially for foolish Sinhalese Buddhists, do remember next time we Tamils will find another Foolish Bhikku to fight for our rights if not from Kotte Rajamaha Vihara, but from somewhere else;
  8. You foolish Sinhalese, stop trusting us.


  1. Dilrook Says:

    The Rajapaksa clan, fooled by Basil, trusted Tamils. A fatal political error that ended the political life of the Senanayaka clan (1965) and Sirima’s political career (1977). Having wasted 90% of borrowed funds on areas of Tamil speaking majority, Sinhalese were denied even their fundamental right to resettle in the north. He should have learnt from Modi who never trusted Tamils. He knew Tamils will not vote for his NDA despite all other states voting for it in large numbers. Contrary to the advice of thick headed advisors who told him to win hearts and minds of Tamils by working with Jayalalitha, he ensured she ended up in jail. A very wise politician for his country. After her fall from power, a very submissive Chief Minister took over Tamil Nadu which makes it very easy for the Centre.

    Those who try to predict election outcomes must essentially study past election results since 1947 (available in the website) and the promises ACTC, ITAK, TULF, TNA made to Tamils and their conduct to win votes.

    It is not wise to blame Tamils for their voting which has remained unchanged since 1947 in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu (particularly since 1967) and parts of Malaysia. It is a given. Tamils had a nation of their own (Tamilakam in modern Tamil Nadu) until the British Raj ended it. Their voting pattern displays the very strong, legitimate and fair desire to have a nation of their own wherever they can get it easily.

    If Sirisena or UNP trust Tamils, they too will end up in political disaster. Modi’s approach to Tamils in India is the right way to deal with them.

  2. Nanda Says:

    What nonsense is this?

    They don’t call Prabha (or Velu) a terrorist. He is God to most of them. But fortunately MR is not a God to nearly 50% Sinhalese.
    This proves one fact. More than 70% Tamils are fools but only half of Sinhalese are fools.

    Their worship of this God brought destruction to them, mainly, and this extended for long time 30-40 years. Sinhala Gods on the other hand do not last even 15 years and getting shorter.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Sinhalese are not fools but power hungry. Everyone want’s to have power by hook or crook not to serve the people but to have luxury life for themselves. We know we cannot trust Tamils and Muslims at all but we gave them their needs as we thought we are all Sri Lankans. The rulers must not divide the people in to North,East or South. As we are all Sri Lankans we must try to live in any place in the country as one united family. Now the North and East have all the facilities same like other areas the rulers must give lands and encourage Sinhalese to go and live there. This land is all for Sri Lankans whether we are Sinhalese,Tamils or Muslims.

    Mahinda even promised to give water to North and East this year but these ungrateful Tamils voted him out. Let’s see what this Yahapalanaya guys do for them.I hope they will not give them what we Sinhalese dislike. They must respect the law of the country and live accordingly. We will stand up against any aggression by these ungrateful Tamils or Muslims to save our Motherland at any time.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    we like it-நாம் அதை விரும்pukirom ( not -விரும்பவில்லை)!

    one sentanse enogh to proof you ,you are fooling yourself
    transportation for our products to be sent to hungry Sinhala fools in South, creating more jobs for our Tamils- We want to make sure not a single Sinhala child in Hungry !!!
    because We-are Hela Demilayas( Eelath Thamilan) need to pay you sinhala back for help to create our Saiva TE(NP) & Muslim TE(EP) soon Uncountry (Malayaham) TE (uva P).

    You modaya you are not modaya you have proofed on 18th May 2009.
    We-Sakkiliyas & you Modayas lived last 2,500 years in Our Mother Lanka& will live another 2,500 years or more…

    so stop this fooling articale lets concentrate how live to happily for ever until Eelam war V .

  5. AnuD Says:

    Come to the true senses.

    Every where there is evidence that Basil and Rajapakses princes were stealing the public wealth and they did every thing they could. Basil was mostly stealing. Rajapakse princes were filthy rich play boys. Mahinda Rajapakse did not forget to send every girl and their families that slept with his princes overseas as diplomats. On the other hand, mahinda rajapakse lived a true life of a king.

    He just used tamils and muslims to show dumb sinhala people that he was a patriot.

    Other than that, he did not do anything.

    His way of country’s development if it helped him, his family and henchmen.

    Now blame Tamils.

    Rajapakse had enough time and many ways to isolate Tamil politicians from Tamils. He did not do that. He used the cheating game.

    YOu people are writing articles but those articles are not honest. Just the selected truth.

  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Another saying in America:

    “GIVE ENOUGH ROPE AND HE WILL HANG HIMSELF WITH IT” . Give Sirisena that “rope” and when Elam is demanded he will put the proverbial noose around his own neck.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Bernard Wijeyasingha
    when Elam is demanded – no more Eelam demand .
    What We demanded since 1948 to 2009 We achieved now that’s United Mother Lanka ( like union state Hindustan).
    Now We-Tamil to work hard in their field , no more OC money from MR’s & watch Rubavaheni TV to watch our Sinhala brother dramas & Bailas etc…

    be happy , live & let live until Eelam war V , Velu where are you???

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