A heart to heart  talk with  President Maitripala Sirisena,
Posted on February 17th, 2015

By Charles.S.Perera

You have said you do not like honorific  references and would  like to be called the President.

Well I being much older to you, and taking advantage of your preference for non honorific address I have taken the privilege to  address you as Maitripala  without any disrespect to you.

You may be a good man but I personally do not like the way you jumped the queue to obey the call of a set of failed politicians  to sacrifice forty seven years of  your dedicated attachment to Sri Lanka Freedom Party, to become their common Presidential candidate.  Of course it would have been a very tempting proposition, but  good people make greater sacrifices  to  keep their principles.

Even from a Buddhist point of view what you did is not acceptable.  However, now you are the President I congratulate you, even though your victory is a victory gained by the votes of Tamils and Muslims. I have nothing against it, but unfortunately their votes come with conditions like those of American and IMF Aid.  That means Maitripala  with the trio Ranil, Chandrika, Champika  and the NAC you are not a free man-a  President free to do what you think is best for the country.  You are a prisoner of the agreements you have signed and what those Tamils and Muslims who with their conditional votes expect of you.

You know Maithripala, Mahinda was a visionary leader.  He is a born patriot.  He was not ambitious for himself but he was ambitious for the country.  He knew which way to lead the country.  The USA and the West Maitripala  are not our friends.  They are our friends to the extent to which we are ready to extend  them the  rights  over our strategic position in the Indian Ocean.

But the West will never be friend to the extent  to come to our help when we are in need of them if that would compromise their  relationship with other countries. It happened in 1978 when India trespassed into our airspace to drop dry rations to terrorists under siege by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.  America did not intervene and  the result was the 13 the Amendment to our constitution and the occupation of the north by the Indian Peace Keeping Forces.

Therefore do not have illusions about the USA and the West.  Ranil will mislead you to believe that we should depend on the USA and the West rather than China and Russia. Ranil is looking at the problem from the UNP s’capitalist point of view, which you have been opposed to for the last 47 years as a member of the SLFP.

Maitripala you said when taking over the leadership of the SLFP, that you also owe a gratitude for the UNP for having made you win at the Presidential election.  You are  now the  President and as such you haven’t got to show gratitude to UNP .  It is the UNP that will have to show their gratitude to you.

Because UNP was a party in disarray without any hope of an election victory, rejected 29 times by the people, and today due to your  foolishness they have formed a government with the only objective of bringing allegations of corruption against Mahinda , his family and  persons closely or distantly connected to him, so that the most popular political leader who was a stumbling block  against their wining at an election  one day to form a government of their own.

Foolishness I said because Ranil, Chandrika  and Champika  made of you a pawn to have their own way praising you and paying you excessive respect trying to make of you a gullible fool.

Champika wrote your election manifesto, in that manifesto how much of  it is your own political philosophy.  Why did you allow Ranil to take Mangala Samaraweera in to his cabinet ?   He is a man with so much of hatred towards  Mahinda.  He will do everything opposed to what Mahinda the great visionary leader did to bring Sri Lanka forward in a formidable path of progress. You who had  through out your political life opposed the UNP, are today  doing only what they want you to do.

Maitripala, you know you did wrong  entering into a secret pact with Chandrika, Ranil , Rajitha and Champika  behind the back of the SLFP and its leader Mahinda.  But you are making that worse by conniving with the UNP to force allegations against Mahainda , his brother and family.   You should at least now try to be a good president not vindictive but honest , compassionate and righteous.  But your recent  pronouncements make you a distasteful person, and the people who voted for you- that is those Sinhala Buddhists are already getting disillusioned.

If you allow Ranil and his UNP Ministers have their way , Sri Lanka will plunge into unretrievable chaos.  Already you see signs of it.  Please open your eyes Maitripala and see for your self what the TNA is doing in the North. See the Muslim Ministers who are already starting Muslim settlements.  Have a good look at  the budget presented by Ravi Karunanayake .  It is a farce  to make people lull into a sense of satisfaction while Sri Lanka is slowly turning  away from its real friends, from progress to regression falling into the hands of  reactionary forces.

From the beginning you made mistakes blindly following  the plan presented to you by Chandrika, Ranil, and Champika.  The first error was your  announcement that you were going to make Ranil the Prime Minister.  That was against the Constitution.  Further more when you were elected on the 9th January, there was already  a Prime Minister, Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne and his Cabinet of Ministers.

If you did not want to work with the Prime Minister D.M.jayaratne and his Cabinet the best thing you could have done respecting the Constitution  was to dissolve the Parliament and call for general elections.  Instead the trio from the hades_ Ranil, Chandrika and Champika presented you with a 100 day programme.  You blindly accepted without asking a question and did every thing against the Constitution, and against democracy.

Have you reflected  on what you had been doing since 9th January,2015 ?

You are not with friends Maitripala .  They will be friends to day; but  you will not know what they will be tomorrow.  Mangala Samaraweera was a one time friend of Mahinda  and so was Champika but they are his sworn enemies today.  Maitripala to what extent can you count on them.

Nimal Siripala de Silava believes that he will be the Prime Minister after the April elections, but I am sure there is already a plan to make Ranil the Prime Minister even if the UNP is defeated at the election.  Ranil is already saying that he wants the whole Parliament to be his government.

You too speak of a national government after the election.  All that is according to a plan and if  the SLFP were to win with a majority, in the National Government you propose you will appoint Ranil as the Prime Minister.  You have already breached the Constitution twice and taken undemocratic decision. First to appoint Ranil as the Prime Mi,nister when there is already Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne in place, and secondly when you re-instated the impeached Chief Justice, and sacked the Chief Justice Mohan Pieris.

In reality Maitripala we have  two Prime Ministers –Ranil who does not exist as a Prime Minister in terms of the Constitution and appointed undemocratically as such by you, and  the other  who exists under the Constitution and appointed democratically. It is the same with the Chief Justice one who has not been impeached and still remains the Chief Justice, and the  other appointed by you.

What a mess Maitripala ?  When are you going to take stock of the situation and speak up and say no to Ranil, Chandrika and Champika and disband the unconstitutional NAC ?

You have to do that before things get worse..  Now that you have been accepted back into the fold of the SLFP you should form a SLFP Government, and follow Mahinda Chintanaya. It is the best way out for Sri Lanka. You should appoint Mahinda as your Prime Minister.  I am sure Mahinda  did not humiliate you in the Presence of the representatives of the CTC.  Mahinda always had a plan behind what ever he did and I am sure he was not  humiliating you as you pretended he did.

Mahinda saw through the hypocrisy of USA and the West and was able to stand up to them and say no when necessary.  Mitripala we had been subjugated by the Westas an ancient colony.  We had to struggle to free ourselves from the subjugation of the West.   They were never our friends.   Our friends are the Nations of Asia, Middle East and Africa.  China is one of our great friends , so are Japan,  Russia, Vietnam, and Burma etc., Therefore Maitripala we have to remain in our Asian  orbit. USA thinks it can always dictate terms to us despite the fact that USA remains the country responsible for more war crimes and violation of human rights of other nations.  Therefore, we have to keep our distance from them without breaking away completely from them.

India cannot be counted as our best friend despite her being our next door neighbour.  India has her own agenda .  We should not let India  interfere into our internal affairs.  Implementing or discarding the 13 Amendment is our business and we should not allow India to have a say in it.

Maitripala, please ask yourself why all these people Chandeika, Ranil and Champika want you to give up  executive powers you have.  You should make a reappraisal of the situation and judge for yourself whether its advisable that you give up your executive powers as long as the problems with the Tamils have not been solved.

Once you have given up your executive powers, they- Ranil, Chandrika, Champika and the NAC will be the masters.  On top of that if they pass the 19 Amendment, they can even bring a motion of no confidence against you and remove you with a two third majority vote.  What a pathetic situation that would be ?  They are quite capable of doing that as they are taking orders from USA and the West.

Maitripala, have you asked yourself why Mangala went to USA and met  the Secretary of State and other Officials and then met Ban ki Moon of the UN to request that the Special report on War crimes in Sri Lanka should not be presented on the 25th March this year as scheduled but later in August ?  Do they tell you every thing or do they do things behind your back keeping you ignorant of what is going on behind the scene. ?  Do not forget that it is UNP against the SLFP in the new set up.

Maitripala,  some thing that is evident under yahapalanaya you have  initiated  has benefited the Tamils; even the Budget of the UNP Minister  is a budget to make life easier for the Tamils.  The Tamils in the North have been given mores facilities and every body can now go to the North.  Even Mcrae of the UKChannel 4is in North of Sri Lanka.  Former terrorists who escaped to Europe can now come  and even organise  former terrorist groups.  Omanthai check point has been removed. Chief  Minister has moved a resolution calling for investigation of genocide against Tamils since independence.  Muslims are also organising themselves  soon they may claim the East of Sri Lanka for themselves.

Christian Ministers of  Ranil are raiding even Buddhist Meditation Centres. Sinhala Buddhists are being discriminated   and their concerns come after those of Tamils and Muslims.  Maitripala you are a Sinhala Buddhist, don’t you think that you should pay more attention to them-the Sinhala Buddhists ?

Your friend Champika is trying to split Buddhists vote they say by JHU contesting at the coming elections on its own.

Sajith Premadasa was speaking about a marriage between you and Ranil, he said,  Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe’s UNP and President Maithripala Sirisena’s SLFP had entered into an unbreakable marriage. “We have no intention of divorcing.” Of course Maitripala the UNP would not like a divorce , because this is the only chance  they have to be in a government as Ministers.

They do not see or pretend to see that the Ranil Wickramasinghe’s government is illegal  not being Constitutional.  Ranil does not command the confidence of the majority in  the Parliament.  The legal,  therefore the Constitutional Government is that of the SLFP  Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne.  If they decide to go to courts and if the judges are not influenced by you and Ranil, the Courts may declare Ranil’s premiership and his cabinet of Ministers are null and void.

You see Maitripala the situation is precarious, with your talk about a unitary government and Ranil’s declared wish that he wants the whole Parliament to be a one whole government.  There is the intention for him to continue to be the Prime Minister of this united government without an opposition. And Nimal Siripala de Silva too  hopes to be the Prime Minister  after the April elections. It will be a great disappointment for him if Ranil continues to be the Prime Minister.

Nimal Siripala has so much of hope of being elected by you as the Prime Minister  after the April elections if the SLFP wins,  to the extent that  he seems to oppose the idea of some political parties of the UPFA proposing to bring in Mahinda as the next Prime Minister.

I wander what you really think of that latter situation.

Maitripala I did not like what you said in Polonnaruw about what would have happened to you if you had lost at the election.  You said you would have ended up in a grave somewhere, and they had plans for your children as well. That was really mean of you to have said that.  Because you know having been with Mahinda for such a long time that he is not a vindictive person,  as much as he is not corrupt.  Ravi Karunanayake and Mangala Samaraweera are making it their lives ambition to prove that Mahinda is corrupt , but they have failed to do so so far, and they will not succeed because Mahinda is not corrupt, as much as Gotabhaya.

I think I will end this conversation for now.  I have told you some home truths and it is for you to think over all that and change your attitude towards Mahinda. It is a quality of a good leader to know his friends.  You may think that you owe them  gratitude , but for them you were the means to have got what they would have never got in  an election.

Maitripala you may have heard about that story about the snake which wanted to meditate.  He went to a meditation teacher and asked him how to meditate.  The teacher said go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and lie quietly.  The snake did like wise.  In the meantime there was a woman collecting  firewood  around  the place where the snake had decided to stretch himself and meditate.

The woman after having collected firewood was looking for some thing with which to tie the bundle of firewood.  Looking around she saw what she thought was a long bark, and picking it up she tied the bundle of firewood and took it home .Having arrived at home she untied the bark and threw it away and took the firewood inside.  The bark with which the woman had tied the bundle of firewood was unfortunately the meditating snake. The poor snake was bruised and twisted and in great pain.  He dragged himself painfully to see the  meditation teacher.  When the teacher heard the story he was very sorry and told the Snake that he should have raised his head and shooed to show that he was a snake.

Therefore Maitripala with all this talk about removing the executive powers of the President and proposals by the JVP; JHU , UNP to curtail  your executive powers, it is time you raise your head and show of what metal you are made, and keep your executive powers by all means and take the reins of governance into your own hands.

It is enough with the witch hunt?  Get your Ministers to stop talking  and stop the ignoble hunt for instances of corruption  and start to do some beneficial work and stop terrorism from raising its head again, and above all stop the TNA and the Tamil Politicians of the north  begin their dastardly work  of separatism.

Good luck Maitripala,

theruwan saranai as Mahinda would have said.

53 Responses to “A heart to heart  talk with  President Maitripala Sirisena,”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yamapalana Sudiya!

    Lankawata Harima Deyak Siduwuna,
    Seemawak Nathuwa Pathuruna.
    Raja Wennata Sithapu Landa,
    Sudiya Nisa Moda Wuna,
    Biwwa Neda Yahapalanaya?

    Biwwa Neda Yahapalanaya?
    Gilla Neda Yahapalanaya?
    Aney Magey Sirisena Paney,
    Kiyannako Attha Aney,
    Apita Pewwa Neda Yamapalanaya?
    Apita Pewwa Neda Yamapalanayaaa ….?


    Charles, was this a telephone conversation or a face to face conversation at his presidential secretariat? Please tell us.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Of course it would have been a very tempting proposition, but good people make greater sacrifices to keep their principles.”


    Well Said … Charles!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Maitripala I did not like what you said in Polonnaruwa about what would have happened to you if you had lost at the election. You said you would have ended up in a grave somewhere, and they had plans for your children as well. That was really mean of you to have said that. Because you know having been with Mahinda for such a long time that he is not a vindictive person, as much as he is not corrupt. ”

    Thank you, Charles! EXCELLENT POINT …. Well Made!


  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Maintaining UNSUSTAINABLE short-term CONSUMPTION SPENDING while GUTTING long-tern INVESTMENTS in National INFRASTRUCTURE & DEVELOPMENT will HALT Sri Lanka’s ECONOMIC GROWTH. It will transform our Motherland into a Nation of Do-Nothing, Make-Nothing, Eat-Everything Lotus Eaters!

    Aiyooooo Sirisenaaaa …. What are YOU DOING to our Motherland?

    Budget reflects ideological clashes within government

    By Chandeepa Wettasinghe

    Top economists in the country slammed the new regime’s interim budget for political indecisiveness and failing to rectify past economic missteps, during a post-budget seminar organized by the Sri Lanka Economic Association (SLEA) and the University of Colombo recently.

    “Does this reveal the political agenda of the new government? No,” University of Peradeniya Senior Lecturer Dr. Sumanasiri Liyanage said curtly.The interim budget is widely considered a welfare-oriented fulfillment of election promises, despite the traditionally open market oriented United National Party, comprising majority of the coalition government.

    However, some may come up with an argument saying that the UNP has matured politically, attempting to create a political economy suitable for Sri Lanka.

    Recently, Policy Planning and Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva said that the new regime is following the German social market economy model, combining markets with minimum government regulation while enhancing social insurance.However, Former Central Bank Director and academic Prof. S. S. Colombage and University of Colombo Senior Lecturer Prof. Sirimal Abeyratne agreed with Dr. Liyanage.

    However, cracks were shown within the UNP itself, as Dr. de Silva had subtly expressed certain reservations to certain policies enacted by Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake through the budget.Meanwhile, the economists were also highly critical of the new policies threatening the country’s macroeconomic factors.

    “The government is mixing up multiple objectives. They shouldn’t endanger the long term budget for short term gain,” Prof. Abeyratne said.
    While SLEA President Prof. A.D.V. de S. Indraratne held to the belief that the interim budget was better than the November 2014 budget, all other panelists said that both of them were extremely bad; sacrificing long term growth for short term political capital.Karunanayake had previously stated that the interim budget would have far reaching ramifications, to be felt for years to come. However, it is doubtful whether he was referring to such negative impacts.

    Dr. Liyanage stressed that the policies were unsustainable, and that the country would face austerity following the 100-day programme.Prof. Colombage quoted Singapore’s Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.“Sri Lankan budgets are an auction of non-existing resources.”

    They were especially displeased with the selective intervention tactics of the regime in providing relief to the lower spectrum while taxing the super rich.
    “Targeting to bring down commodities is selective. And the super gain tax is bad too; we have a legal framework which should have been used,” Prof. Abeyratne noted.He added that this severely harms investments and business, specially from foreign sources, and further added that actions which seem politically correct today may not be so when their ramifications are felt.

    Meanwhile Prof. Indraratne expressed worry over the spending reduction on public investment.“I was perturbed. We have to take this into serious consideration, because public investment is one of the determinants of growth,” he said.Karunanayake had previously stated that the reduction in investment monetarily does not reflect a reduction in infrastructure development physically, as the spending reduction is offset by eliminating corruption.

    The economists expressed worry over the recurrent expenditure overwhelming government revenue, and that this budget had managed to reduce the budget deficit only through the reduction of public spending and the one off-taxes which the regime promised would not be repeated.

    This would mean that such expenditure would have to be financed by further borrowings once the one-off revenues are exhausted.Prof. Indraratne said he had hoped for a fall in public debt during the interim budget, but hoped it would happen during the next one.As a solution, Dr. Liyanage said that tax reforms should have been enacted, increasing income tax.“Over 80 percent of our taxes are indirect. It is necessary to increase direct taxes. And there is no correlation between increasing direct taxes and the reduction of growth,” he said.

    This conforms to the views previously expressed by Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran, who said that reducing the over 20 different tax schemes, most of which are waived through subsidies, to a simple few could increase transparency and increase tax collection by two to threefold.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    CHARLES !! You had a heart to heart chat, with the man who thought that Buckingham Palace was in USA.

    His Hallop Karaya said that some Holiday Resort is like Buckingham Palace. When did he enter this Palace ? IAM INTRIGUED.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    SL has signed a deal with Endia agreeing to DEPLOY Endian NUKE SUBS in SL!!

    This is CRAZY and endagers SL people.

    A number of Endian nukes caught fire and they are based on Russian designs. We all know how unsafe Russian nuke subs are.

    BAD move My3. Remember the president who said ENDIA IS MY RELATIVE and you know what happened!!

  8. lokubanda Says:

    It’s so encouraging to know, not only that there are those who think like you, Charles, but also write about what they sincerely feel. Very doubtful that your advice will be considered in the same spirit in which it is given. Firstly, Maithripala achieved what he has, using the wrong approach which is very unethical. The end does not justify the means! Secondly, a very few people see the actions of him you have mentioned above as unconstitutional. At least, they do not speak about it right at this moment. Thirdly, no, the marriage will not end in a divorce because he (Maithripala) needs those who put him there, and those who put him there needs him to complete the job! Within the job description, very likely, is also to split and destroy the SLFP which he has already begun, with some of the seniors already lining up with him without question! People will wake up some day (that is, after they forget the taste of the three square meals they are supposed to be now enjoying after recent price reductions), but that might be too late!

  9. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Charles for this excellent article. You have put to words many things which were going through my head. I keep thinking of the 16 dreams of King Kosala and the one about the Jackals urinating in to golden chalices in the palace. The Sinhalese Buddhists were destroyed in 1815 because of their disunity and now again it the same. As Charles says if Maithripala gets together with Mahinda and appoint Gota as the Minister for Defence it will be an unbeatable group. Stand together firm against the invasions from Tamil Nadu with approval from the West.

    You know that General Electric gave a Nuclear Power plant to Japan and that is the one that blew up at Fukushima after the Tsunami and is still putting Radioactive Cooling water into the sea. Germany have removed their Nuclear plants and gone to Wind and Solar power which is cheap and sustainable with no damage to the environment. We have so much sunlight and wind why do we need Nuclear power plants. We should get rid of the coal plants too. They gave one to India and God knows when that will blow up or be blown up by the militant section of Tamils who hate India. If that happens we in Sri Lanka will also suffer due to the fall out.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Very interesting,

    The Website www DOT MahindaRajapaksa DOT lk listed on MR’s LETTER of REBUTTAL to the Allegations against him by the Yahapalanaya GOSL members CANNOT BE REACHED! It displays a BLANK PAGE!

    MORE Dirty Tricks by the Yamapalanaya Democrats?

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles,
    First let me thank you for caring about Sri Lanka’s welfare so constantly and sincerely.

    To Pres. Sirisena :

    When trust is being lost rapidly, what do we do? Pres. Sirisena, you do not evoke feelings of trustworthiness …..
    What are your long term goals we do not know.
    Are you aware that there are some 15 Million Tamil Dalits who are stuck in Tamil Nadu and want to go overseas to lose caste ? are you aware they have used Sri Lanka as a spring board for such a goal for over a century, since British occupation of Lanka ? It had got worse since RW/CBK allowed Norway in as ‘Peacekeeper’. Pres. Sirisena, we hope you are not blind & deaf. There is a Nation called the Sinhala/Buddhists waiting for security and a real peace. The Tamil Nation is in Tamil Nadu and Tamil problems have to be sorted out there,especially now with Mr Modi, himself of Dalit origin, is PM of India.

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    PRESIDENT MAITHREEPALA, started on the wrong foot.

    First he stabbed his boss after a sumptuous Hopper feed.

    Next he did not care a capitol F to breach the Constitution of Sri Lanka, by appointing a born loser, as the Prime Minister, when there was already a bona-fide Prime Minister in Office. His evil TORT is absolutely mala-fide, and he can be sued. What is the delay Prime Minister Dimu ? DONT YOU HAVE GOOD LAWYERS TO HELP ESTABLISH YOUR DIGNITY AS PRIME MINISTER ? YOU MUST CREATE HISTORY BY TAKING A LUNY PRESIDENT TO COURT. PLEASE DO IT.

    Again, he cared a capitol F to breach the Constitution of Sri Lanka, appointing a Chief Justice, when a Chief Justice was already in Office, brought the Legal system, THE JUDICIARY, to the ground, then unconstitutionally next day accepted the resignation of the Chief Justice he appointed the previous day, then appointed another Chief Justice, breaching the Constitution of Sri Lanka. IN THREE DAYS THREE CHIEF JUSTICES WERE MADE TO PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS, TOTALLY BREACHING THE SRI LANKAN CONSTITUTION. This man seems to be a Political Lunatic.


  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA !! Here is the Email address. [email protected]

  14. ranjit Says:

    Great stuff Charles. If you truly had a conversation with him then I hope this stupid guy will think hard and be a good President for all citizens of Sri Lanka. From the day one except his Presidency what he did was all unconstitutional. I told you that he is a puppet on a string operated by Ranil the darling of the west. Managalaya & Champaka two most deadly Cobras in this Yahapalana Govt were waiting for a moment to strike at Mahinda with vengeance. They will never bring any good to the country.This whole group do not have any vision for our future. If the President do not take reins to his own hands and Govern without fear of none then I dont think we have any hope for our future because Ranil/Chandrika/Wickreemabahu group will never have any love for this country.They always work to please Americans and the west on their agenda. We all know about India they will never be our friends after all what they did to us for thirty years.We have to identify our true friends and work together for a better Sri Lanka like our great leader Mahinda did. He is friendly with everyone even with Americans and the west but he never allowed them to dictate to him or to our people.

    Mahinda did everything to the country.His work,his words,his behavior,his love for the country,to Buddhism and special love for the Children should be appreciated very much. He was a man of peace and friendly with all sects. He did what he promised. His brother Gota was an exceptional guy with a backing of a large portion of our citizens of all faiths. They were both workaholics who had great respect from both sides except from few rattle snakes among the humans.

    I hope people of this country will see the danger ahead if this wild group continues to go on like this and decide to change it in the next General election for the sake of their children and the country in whole. America or India is not here to help us but they have a different agenda which is very dangerous for our future therefore we must get united to oust this western backed Govt and bring a true democratic Govt under the leadership of Mahinda Rajapksa. He is the only person as a leader who can save us Sinhalese if not Tamils & Muslims will rule this island paradise sooner or later. Do not allow those two groups to become the Opposition in Parliament same as in JR’s time by breaking the Sinhala vote base. This Yahapalana group is capable on doing it therefore we Sinhalese must stand united to stop the monster at all cost.

  15. Geeth Says:

    Very nice sermon for a self-centered ugly cut throat – back stabbing pol-tikka!
    Anyway, you have asked My3…
    “Why did you allow Ranil to take Mangala Samaraweera in to his cabinet ? He is a man with so much of hatred towards Mahinda. “
    And then you also have asked…
    “Maitripala, have you asked yourself why Mangala went to USA and met the Secretary of State and other Officials and then met Ban ki Moon of the UN to request that the Special report on War crimes in Sri Lanka should not be presented on the 25th March this year as scheduled but later in August ?”

    Who has the authority to appoint the cabinet, prime minister or the president? I think prime minister can select but it is president who appoints the cabinet. Whoever appoints, if we think that these developments are taking place without the complete agreement of My3, and then we are the fools. The president appoints the cabinet if I am not wrong. Mangala gets foreign ministry, because My3 needed a man of vengeance to handle war crime drama. My3 needs to get rid of MR more than anyone. My3 wants to send MR to gallows. That is the reason why I want to see MR coming back into politics to counter this circus.

    Is there anyone who can tell who has the powers to appoint the cabinet, prime minister or the president?

  16. Geeth Says:

    The problem in Sri Lankan politics is that politicians don’t think of politics through political objectives, but parties. Most of the time we see and hear about party related issues, but not clashes of political ideologies or aims. Even our ex president MR says that he has no intention of going against his party. Is that mean that if the party goes against the country, still he stands by his party???
    Now 13th is an issue today, so people must ask the politicians, “This is what we need you to do.” Are you going to do it or not?” If you can’t do it get the hell out of here, we need someone else who can do it.”

    We people have reached to that point guys. Are you ready to ask that question from My3?

  17. Ananda-USA Says:


    Under Sri Lanka’s Constitution, the President has the power to appoint the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

    However, the President has NO POWER to control the votes of the majority of SLFP Members of Parliament, especially the SLFP Members who oppose him, except by bribing them with Ministerial positions, and THREATENING to deny them candidacy in the General Election.

    Threats to DENY candidacy to existing SLFP Members can lead to a MASS DEFECTION by them to FORM A NEW PARTY to contest the General Election. If that happens, the President will NOT BE ABLE to deny candidacy to these MPs, who now belong to an entirely new Party, and he will LOSE ANY & ALL CONTROL over them.

    In Sri Lanka, the Parliament has the power to ENACT Laws and Approve the Funds for government operations, and that approval depends on the majority controlling the Parliament. If the BILLS presented to the Parliament are not approved by majority vote, the government grinds to a halt. Then, the President has to either DISSOLVE the Parliament and CALL for NEW ELECTIONS, or has to appoint a New Prime Minister and a Cabinet that has the support of the majority of representatives in Parliament to get the BILLS passed in Parliament. No Laws can be passed in the interim while the Parliament remains DISSOLVED.

    This is SOMEWHAT SIMILAR to the situation in the United States. The Ministers are appointed by the Executive President. Now, Democrat Obama is the Executive President, and the Cabinet Ministers are his appointees. However, they must be examined and approved by the Senate. Currently, both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the US Congress are in his opponents (the Republicans) hands. The Republicans can deny approval of Obama’s Ministerial and Judicial candidates for the Supreme and Federal Courts, and defeat the BILLS he presents to Congress. On the other hand, Obama can VETO ANY & ALL bills the Congress passes, if he does not like them. This results in a high potential for gridlock, with the government grinding to halt, until public pressure drives the opponents to compromise for the fear of losing votes. The President of the United States has NO POWER to DISSOLVE a sitting Congress; the term of Congress is specified by the Constitution.

  18. Geeth Says:

    Thank you very much for clarifying this.

    By the way I have pasted my answer for your comment you posted for Dilrook’s article below.

    If you read my post in full, you wouldn’t ask that question from me. I do not need a private hearing/audience with MR. I did not ask them to arrange a meeting either. I even do not think that a meeting is necessary at all. They said they know MR and they can arrange a meeting.

    But I have explained that if they have such a personal connection, then they can meet MR and tell him that there are lot of professionals and educated people to work on a specific political agenda if MR is ready to lead them. Don’t think that I do not think that if they have such a close relationship/friendship with MR, why the hell on this earth they really work hard to destroy their friend? And after destroying, how can they go back to meet MR? This is simple logic.

    But on the other hand, don’t forget MR also made so many political blunders and many were upset about them. And also don’t think that people have no right to be upset about their political leaders as well. Blindly worshiping politician actually have brought harmful consequences to the nation Ananda. We always must keep the status-quo in healthy distance. We must learn to respect not the politician, but the political act. MR won the war. So people respected. Then all of a sudden people started saying that Rajapaksas were stealing the national wealth. That might be a propaganda. But they had ample time and resources to counter them. Why didn’t they do it? Whose fault is it? Why MR kept a well known thief in his ministry as permanent secretary? If I were him I wouldn’t do it. Would you do it Ananda?

    But we are ready to forgive and forget Ananda. That is the difference between the Buddhist upbringing and other upbringings. Precisely what I wish to see MR doing at this point is to become a selfless statesman correct his past mistakes and to lead the nation to achieve what exactly he had neglected while sitting on this fat 2/3rd majority in the parliament for many years. He neglected to take the most important political decision because his thought process was no different to that of another politicos.

    If he can shed his old toga of the “typical politician,” and then come back reborn as the leader of the nation to lead the nation to freedom, then of course I also will bow my head before him. In order to do this, I do not need a meeting Ananda. Period!

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    all story end in mother Lanka -STOP TNA and the Tamil Politicians of the north begin their dastardly work of separatism.

    too late my Sinhala Sakodaraya now , We both lost our part of (NP) Land to India.
    Modi will visit NPC (Saiva TE) his latest created Indian states ( previous Telungana) next month .

  20. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are now saying some same things that Lorenzo and his crew said trying to TURN people against MR.

    Also, regarding readiness to forgive and forget, YOU DO IT if you want, I have heard it all before! I will not do it, for I have cried 3 decades in the wilderness advocating a military solution, while our politicians tried foolishly to negotiate with unreasonable machiavellian killers, without success.

    Buddhism is an IDEAL that we cannot always adhere to in REAL LIFE if we are to SURVIVE as a people. To be Buddhists we must FIRST SURVIVE. As Buddhists, we have a RESPONSIBILITY to PROTECT our people. Over two millenia ago, SaddhaTissa joined his brother Gamunu with thousands of Buddhist clergy to liberate our nation, even though they were Buddhists, because it was NECESSARY and the RESPONSIBILITY was theirs.

    The reality is that we cannot remain PASSIVE Buddhists counseling “Maithri” if we are survive. Buddhists are not unique in that regard. Christians, the followers of Jesus Christ who counseled LOVE for others, often go to war to protect their people from diabolically evil people such as the Nazis, just as we did.

    Today, we are being confronted by the same people who supported the killing of 150,000 of our people, and nearly destroyed our Motherland. We have to resist these moves, NEVER FORGETTING or FORGIVING who placed our people in JEOPARDY, remembering that 30 years of FAILURE to CONFRONT them in a TIMELY way, heeding “good Buddhists” counseling compassion for the undeserving, brought our nation to its knees.

    OK, you go ahead and play FOOTSY with KNOWN DEVILS; I will not counsel you further. But know this: I will watch and I will act if and when remedial action is warranted.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:


    Let us examine your comment to “Facebook” Lorenzo in GREATER DETAIL:

    “If you have direct contact with him send a very personal message …”

    ” It will be a national force; I will definitely be a part of it and work hard to save our country. Can we come to a deal folks???”


    1. You want this PROVEN EELAMIST TRAITOR “Facebook” Lorenzo who danced the JIG here at LankaWeb UNDERMINING MR to carry your “messages” to MR, and

    2. You want to strike a “deal” including “Facebook” Lorenzo to “work hard to save our country”?

    CLEARLY, you have not been monitoring what has transpired here at LankaWeb in the last few months, have you, or you are incapable of COMPREHENDING what these REPROBATES have been doing!

    OMG, some people NEVER LEARN!

  22. Charles Says:

    Ananda-USA and Geeth

    This is really a moot point whether Under Sri Lanka’s Constitution, the President has the power to appoint the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

    The Constitution says that the President may appoint the person who in his opinion commands the confidence of the Parliament or some thing to that effect. But if Ranil does not command the confidence of the majority of the Parliament , the President cannot assume he commands the confidence of the Parliament. Secondly the election was for the election of a President and not to change the government which was already in place with a Prime Minister and Ministers.

    If the President did not want to keep the Government already in place, he should have dissolved the Parliament and call for a General election keeping the government in place as an interim government.

    What happens if Prime Minister Jayaratne goes to courts and challenges the Government of Ranil Wickramasinghe ? It is perhaps for a constitutional lawyer to answer. I wish Gomin Dayasiri would enlighten us on the subject.

  23. Charles Says:

    I would add to the first statement:This is really a moot point whether Under Sri Lanka’s Constitution, the President has the power to appoint the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, after a Presidential election, when there is already a government in place.

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    we are ready to forgive and forget . That is the difference between the Buddhist upbringing and other upbringings!
    Geeth than why we have this 2,600 years old problem from Eelara (Eela Raja) time
    ok forget old time at least from 1948 why we had 1956 to 1983 & 2 JVP upraising , 33 Years old VP rule??

    at least now can You solve this ethnic problem forever ?!!!!

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    OMG, some people NEVER LEARN
    Ananda-USA – Sorry to say even though I am Pro Eelamist as Lankan Tamil who benefited from all from Mother lanka include Free education & health etc… . Please do not prejudge people ( like if one not supporting MR he is enemy of SL).

    I agree with you . MR is not bad President even though He kill My Thesiya Thalavar VP ( not joking or lying) !

    so OM(G), some people NEVER LEARN , Have you You Ananda-USA.

    Hela Demilaya (Eelath Thamilan)

  26. Dr.K Says:

    “Borukarayinta wedi ayusa netha’

  27. Geeth Says:

    Dear Ananda,
    I can see that you are an honest person, and may be too emotional to discuss politics.

    You are correct. I did not follow Lanka web for last few months. Do you know the reason why? Because I was tired and very upset to see the way my government, I stress ‘my government’ was playing into the hands of the enemies of the nation. It seemed the leadership was not listening to any voice that elected him.

    Do I have the right to be upset? From your point of view I don’t. But from my point of view, not only I have the right, but also I have the right to choose a different leadership I deem would perform better. But I didn’t go that far. Because I knew when I compare MR with others, I didn’t have other alternatives; none would do better. So naturally I kept away.

    But when I realized that MR was loosing, I was even more upset knowing what is coming next. That is why I said in one of my earlier postings, that MR doesn’t have the right to drag the nation to these depths. He has the right to go in a self-destructive path if his fate has nothing to do with the fate of the nation. But if he had any idea how far nation’s future had been tied to his fate, he wouldn’t do many things that he did for last few years. In other words, he didn’t realize that he was the symbolic bund and the floodgate in post war SL.

    However, when it comes to Lorenzo, I know him only from Lanka Web. I know he was an ardent supporter of MR administration until about a year ago. When MR administration was doing so many politically irresponsible stupid things, I have seen Lorenzo was critiquing them. That’s all I know about him. I don’t know if he is an elamist. To my experience, I have never seen an elamist supporting MR like Lorenzo until he turned against MR. I don’t know how you came to that conclusion either. Please educate me about it.

    Ananda, trustworthiness in politics is not like husband and wife affair; the political trust is determined by political contract between ruler and the ruled. That’s why we have election manifestos instead of photographs of politicians. When the ruled break the contract, he/she goes to jail or to gallows. In democracies, when the rulers break the contract, he/she goes home. Who sends the ruler home? The ruled sends.

    In the case of SL, the stakes were so high therefore sending the ruler was not that easy because there was no other ruler better than MR to have a contract because all others were charlatans and thieves. On top of that they were agents of foreign enemies of the nation.

    Under this condition I understand where you come from. You wanted everybody to think about all these stakes before they jump into anti MR bandwagon. But Ananda, as I said, making mistakes is a fundamental human quality.

    If a couple can get divorced when they break their contract, why the concept of divorce shouldn’t be there in politics Ananda? I look into Lorenzo’s case like that. I think he strictly wanted the divorce when the contract seemed broken. You are an emotional lover would live with your partner under any condition. I am a practical man. I want to take everything into account even though I realize that the contract has been broken and weigh everything and come to a compromise for the better. We are three different people Ananda. But I think can work together for a better future for our motherland.

    First of all Ananda, please don’t go too far. It is just a friendly request. You are an educated professional living in the USA. If you are living in NY, think that I can meet you in person within few hours. May be we must sit down and talk some day.

  28. SA Kumar Says:

    “Borukarayinta wedi ayusa netha’
    Dr K please translate in English ( in brkd),unless you do not want me to know

  29. Geeth Says:

    Dear Charles,
    Of course that is a moot point big time. Charles, it’s clear that this is a constitutional coup d’état taken place with the help of the upper layer of the SLFP. The entire objective is to destroy MR’s legacy and influence.

    Hope you will write an article about it. Good luck Charles.

  30. Piyadigama Says:

    The biggest victory our enemies of UNP, etc. achieved was to divide the patriots. If any UNP or LTTE supporter visits Lankaweb today, they would have a hearty laugh seeing how our patriots fight each other.

    I know both “Lorenzo” malli and Ananda ayya very well from web forums. They used to be best buddies. Inseparable. Both extremely passionate about Sri Lanka. Something happened to “Lorenzo” I think. But if you lived in Sri Lanka in the past few years you would find he is somewhat right. I visited Sri Lanka and lived long periods of time to look after my ailing parents. I saw how the rulers neglected the people. If “Lorenzo” is the same person Ananda and I think he is, I cannot question his patriotism.

    I say we should bring back old unity no matter what. United we stand, divided we fall. Here is a “kaviya” I wrote to the occasion.

    බෙදුණු දෙසක් එකතු කරපු අප මහා රජ ගැමුණු
    බිඳුණු රටක් සනසා රැක ගෙන දෙස බස රැස රැඳුණු
    යොදුනු දහස් ගව් දුර ගෙවූ දෙස් ප්‍රේමින් වරුණු
    බොදුනු බනින් එක්සේසත් වෙව් නසනට දරුණු

    (Ananda ayya should now know me.)

  31. Geeth Says:

    Correction! The sentence “Ananda, trustworthiness in politics is not like husband and wife affair must be read, as Ananda, trustworthiness in politics is like husband and wife affair.”

  32. Charles Says:


    There is really no ethnic problem. It was created by the Tamils, becauise they did not want to be called a minority.

    I think this was a result of an inferiority complex of the Tamils. The Sinhala never treated the Tamils differently. The Sinhala always offered their hand of friendship to Tamils and requested them to join with the Sinhala for a meaningful unity as Sri Lankans. But they keep insisting on separation.

    They are prepared to lick the back side of every White regime seeking their ,assistance to seal their seperatist agenda. The day the Tamils realise it is b est to unite with the Sinhala and form a union to develop Sri Lanka together the ethnic difference will end.

    Hence it is up to the Tamils to come down to earth and say to hell with majority and minority we are all Sri Lankans and let us forget our communal difference and join together as the children of Mother Lanka.

  33. NAK Says:

    I feel you have wasted a lot of effort playing a fiddle for deaf elephant. My3 has lived all his life in Sri Lanka and spent better part of it in politics in Sri lanka. He is toally aware of what you are trying to point out but he is deaf and blind with greed for power,position and wealth.
    His professed humbleness in that not to call him with honories are but deceptions to divert attention from his real intentions.

    His real intentions are to stay in power no matter what. That is why he took control of the SLFP in order to avert a challenge from MR
    How can he stand up to the west even though he knows that they are not our friends when he is subservient to RW,CBK,MS, RS and the pa.cha Ranawaka.
    now it is up to the grass root level SLFPers in the country side come out once again to force the pretenders out and get the real patriots in in time to save our country from another season of hell.

  34. SA Kumar Says:

    There is really no ethnic problem- I also agreed with you but Tamil are catch 22 situation since 1948.
    MR almost break the barrier but Our cunning Tamil politician played their card right to defeated him if He would had elected last election ( team in power 4+2 years) this BS ethnic problem would have been came to the end 2021.
    & Maha veli water will be Irana madu Kulam in 2020.

    We all need to wait for another 25 more years find another Sinhala Head of state with mustache who can united Mother Lanka.

  35. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar,

    You talk high good sense here. But the majority of people in Lanka cannot wait another 25 yrs. for good governance.


    Here’s the picture that may be foisted on an unwary and confused Lanka :

    Sir Ranil is the current occupant of Temple Trees. ignorant Pres MS has promised 13-A full to the Northern politicos. Where will all this lead to – most probably formation of Eelam, for that appears to be the wish of West-minster, with Westophile Sir Ranil as PM of Lanka.
    Since Mr Modi, the grass roots PM is now in charge of India, what better than for Westophiles to have a beachhead in the North of Lanka – this beachhead will be formed by the obedient servants of Basnahira palaath, with breakaway state of Tamil Nadu & their 15 Million or so Tamil Dalits in attendance too.

    Eelam formation must have all the trappings of Israel formation, thus in this case, FALSE GENOCIDE charges War Crimes charges, discrimination against Tamils, 1983 trumped up Riots, that Tamils were the original occupants of Lanka (but no proof ! ) etc. etc. The architect of Israel formation was Britain, after WW II. Whilst the formation of Israel was justifiable, the formation of Eelam is on trumped up charges against the rest of Lanka.

    Who is going to win this terrible game, not of our making, but we are in it, like it or not ?

    All peace loving citizens of Lanka ! Act now, and act according to the Law of the Land.

  36. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Sorry to say We both community are too late now.
    Indian flag is flying in NPC (Saiva TE) in mini Indian Embassy not Lion or Our Koddiya flag soon or later Indian law applicable not Mother lanka law as in Northern Ireland UK law applicable not Rep of Ireland law.

    like We both fight for a woman but she run away with some one else – time to laugh now !!!

  37. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quoting the article:

    “Ranil will mislead you to believe that we should depend on the USA and the West rather than China and Russia”

    Beside what was pointed out in the article the US is being led by a man who has damaged the US and our foreign policies. People should read Dinesh D’Souza’s book “the roots of Obama’s rage”. Now there is a saying about the US

    “it is better to be America’s enemy than her ally”. From Great Britain to Saudi Arabia have learned of this bitter pill.

    Secondly the US is in a hotly confrontational state with Russia in Europe and the Middle East (Syria and Iran) and with China regarding the US “containment policy” which Obama just visited India partly to engage in that policy. One of the reasons why Rajapakse was ousted was due to RAW, India and the US to remove an obstacle that had formed a “strategic alliance with China”. They made sure they put in power a coalition that would bow to New Delhi and Washington

    While Tamil Nadu continues to harbor pro LITE organizations (similar to Pakistan doing the same to India with the Taliban) the first foreign visit Sirisena makes is to New Delhi and not to Beijing.

    When Modi came to power he wanted amendment 13 implemented in Sri Lanka and Article 370 removed regarding Kashmir. He also bolstered India’s moves against China. Not too soon after that Rajapakse was ousted AFTER he kicked out a RAW agent and yet Sirisena makes India the first stop. AFTER initially cancelling the port project then placing it back.

  38. Indrajith Says:


    the meaning of what Dr. K says is ” Lies (and the liers) will be exposed soon”.

  39. SA Kumar Says:

    Thanks Indrajith

    Namal Rajapaksa already answered his part, where is Horses, Lamborghinis or Helicopters ??? poor young MP !

    BUT I real do not understand to day almost all Sinhalese hated MR family more than We Tamils before election.
    We-Tamil hatedMR because wiped/killed out our 33 years TE day dream over night on 19th May 2009 including our self declare 7th grade dropped out Thasiya Thalaivar VP .

    but what he done to Sinhalese to hated him this much ???

  40. Fran Diaz Says:

    A number of Lankans abroad think all that is happening in the west is Pres Obama’s fault ! BW even refers to a book called ‘The Root of Obama’s rage’ ! In actual fact, America does not now have a strong Presidency ….

    This is just like the Sri Lanka present political scenario : The Exec PM (Ranil) and the all powerful Latimer House Rules (British born) 5 member Governing Council rule the roost ! The President of Lanka has already been weakened.

    Both Presidents, Obama and MR, faced/faces similar groups opposing them in abiding by theRules of common decency & the Law of the Land.

    We hope our Readers will see the similar situations in both countries. It is ‘Aththa Naththa karana kaale’. It is ‘paste the blame on others’ time by the Powerful ! To see the truth of matters is a gift.

  41. Geeth Says:

    SA Kumar,
    You have asked “But what he (MR) done to Sinhalese to hate him this much?”
    Valid question. You have a good point to laugh at Sinhalese people.

  42. Fran Diaz Says:

    Same thing that happened to MR happened to Pres. Obama prior to the House Elections in Nov 2014 ! All social media, opposition tv, books written for the occasion such as ‘The Root of Obama’s rage’ etc all contributed to downing President O and the Democratic Party with the Opposition winning both Houses in Nov 2014.

    Amazing, isn’t it ? Lanka then Opposition turned copy cat and copied the US then Opposition election ploys to make M. Sirisena the President.

  43. douglas Says:

    Dear Charles: Just as much as you had a “heart to heart talk with MS” , I too had a similar type of meeting and a discussion with Mr. Mahinda Rajapake a few weeks backs at Carlton. He, in all humility welcomed me and sat down to talk over a coup of tea. I was conscious to take all of my critical comments made of him during his tenure of office after 2010, trough these social media; but made special reference to those “e-mails” you received requesting you to “hit me hard”.

    I was some what sceptical at the beginning; but was amazed at the reception he displayed towards me. He went through some of the “harshly” comments I showed him and specially those pertaining to “e-mails” you received. He said, if my media personnel showed me these along with other opinions expressed, this would NEVER have been my “Destiny”. Anyway, he said” “better late than never”. I admired his disposition and cautioned him of what would come in the near future and wished him good luck. He told me to meet him again. I said, definitely,but would be after that “MEETING” on 18th February at Nugedoda, because it is another “pit” to be dug under his feet. I told him not to go there.

    I have yet to meet Mr. MS after your “hear to heart talk” with him. Hope to appraise him too of imminent dangers of these meetings. I too have my reservations with him and will not take a step backward in pointing out his faults.

  44. Independent Says:

    I had a similar talk with Ranil. I met him thought my good friend Upul. We went to Maharaja Palace opposite our college in Colombo.
    This was soon after cabinet was sworn in. I was really surprised by his down to earth simpleton attitude. HE is not bothered about anything at all. He said he has been given assurance of the PM post following the next General Election. I asked him why but declined to give details. He was so confident.

  45. Charles Says:

    Having set the stage for MR’s loss with talk of corruption, and having put a cross against the Swan, people now go to Medamulana to confess. That is hypocrisy. I have never met MR, nor do I want to see him now. But I never believed he was a corrupt politician then, and I still believe he was not a corrupt President. I believe he is a great leader uncomparable to any political leader since 1948.

    His loss was a loss to Sri Lanka and its people. The people who really regret his absence today are the real patriots who loved this country with a great leader who assured the country of its independence, who held his head high amoung nations, without expecting any thing in return except perhaps the gratitude of the people, which he did not receive.

    Rajapakse was also a leader without an ambition for himself, all he wanted was to bring Sri Lanka away from underdevelopment and place it amoung the developed nations of the world

    What people regret is having now having politicians of the calibre of Ravi Karunanayake, who mocked the Army then and now calling Gotabhaya Rajapakse is no more a VIP. Unlike that rotten Christian rogue Ravi Karunanayake, Gotabhaya Rajapakse was more than a VIP he was a saviour of Sri Lanka a great hero who will be a VIP in the hearts of Sinhala Buddhst Patriots through out the history of Sri Lanka along side his brother Mahinda Rajapakse

  46. SA Kumar Says:

    Valid question. You have a good point to laugh at Sinhalese people.
    Geeth – do not take me wrong I laughed because We had so many golden opportunities since 1948 last one with MR.
    We need other one as always .

    Let me go back to my day dream ,Naalai pirakkum TE, Velu where are you ? (pulampa vaichchidanda- Valu made me taking like a mad man )

  47. douglas Says:

    Independent: Did you have a good night sleep after that meeting with Ranil? I doubt it very much. I am sure that night would have been full of “NIGHTMARES”.

    My meetings are very enjoyable, because I am not a “PEOPLE WORSHIPER” and do not TRUST any of these “ANIMALS”.

  48. Ananda-USA Says:


    You could be my valued friend who penned exquisite Sinhala poems at both Defencewire and SriLankaDefenceForum.

    Unfortunately, “Fukumar Thutmoses” now dubbed “Ado Yakko Facebook Lorenzo” by me, also knows everything I know about you and your beautiful Kaviyas. Even though he is a relative NOVICE in Internet hacking, he does not have to be the “War-Games Expert” without “portfolios” that he has declared himself to be, to easily extract your poems from the Archives of SriLankaDefenceForum and present them here under a new LankaWeb handle as “Piyadigama”.

    Both of us are very aware of the DIRTY TRICKS played by the Eelamists in the past. Therefore, before I accept you as my old friend, let me ask you to verify your identity by sending me an email on this subject, mentioning the Piyadigama LankaWeb blog handle and your old blog handle at SriLankaDefenceForum, from the SAME email address that you used under your old blogging handle. OK?

    As you well know, even in those days, Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo was characterized by his EXTREME VIEWS which if adopted, would have brought Sri Lanka and its Patriotic Government into INTERNATIONAL DISREPUTE. As you know, these proposals were resisted by me and several others. As you aware, those views included white-vanning of opponents without prosecution in the courts, ethnic-cleansing, using EXTREME weaponry without regard to civilian casualties, and many other DEVIOUS methods … all in the name of Patriotism. He has CONTINUED to ADVOCATE those strategies, adding to it the engineering of a coup-de-etat by the military against the MR/UPFA GOSL, altough recently in his support of Yahapalanaya he has become the quintessential CHAMPION “Human Rights”, “Democracy” and “Anti-Corruption”, which is why I call him a DIABOLICAL EELAMIST HYPOCRITE! I have resisted HIS EXTREME PROPOSALS before he started on his Yahapalanaya drive at LankaWeb as well, for in my view NO END JUSTIFIES CRIMINAL MEANS.

    After having DONE HIS VERY BEST to UNDERMINE & OUST the MR/UPFA GOSL from power, Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo is NOW continuing to execute a complex KOLAM dance here with an entire TEAM of AVATARS in tow, to MISLEAD & DIRECT Patriots over a CLIFF that would DESTROY Sri Lanka and ENABLE the CREATION of an EELAM. His favorite ploy to drag Patriots into the net is that he would support MR again if he REPEALS the 13A! Should we TRUST this SNAKE AGAIN, I ask, and fall into the same deep pit in mid-day that we fell into in the pitch darkness of mid-night?

    Judging ALL of his POST-WAR ACTIVITIES I have CONCLUDED that he was an EELAMIST all along, a MOLE who BURROWED DEEP INTO THE FABRIC OF THE PATRIOTIC COMMUNITY, to EMERGE at the CRITICAL MOMENT to STAB THEM IN THE BACK. OAOAsithri, whom you know well, has also come to the same conclusion.

    The OUSTER of MR was a SEVERE SETBACK for Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Economic Growth that now threatens to CREATE an EELAM in Sri Lanka and RESTORE the Sri Lankan Anti-National and Foreign Neo-Colonial Forces attempting to DIVIDE & ENSLAVE Sri Lanka. “Facebook” Lorenzo has been helping that effort to the BEST of his ability, and is now trying hard to ensure that an MR-led UPFA does not emerge VICTORIOUS in the upcoming General Elections to rescue our Motherland from the grip of its ENEMIES …. AGAIN.

    When Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo’s AVATARS are found out and banished with their SHEEPSKIN cloaks trailing in the dust, NEW AVATARS are inserted into LankaWeb trying various ALTERNATIVE TACTICS to CONTINUE the program to mislead and misdirect patriots ahead of the CRITICAL upcoming General Election. As in the past, he uses his BAND of AVATARS to shore up his arguments and carry on debates with them in a MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY consisting solely of he, himself, his creations, and his lapdog followers. This is a strategy we have seen him REPEATEDLY deploy in the past as well.

    In a moment of MISGUIDED EGOTISTICAL BOASTFUL BRAVADO, that is characteristic of him, Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo has COMPLETELY DISCREDITED himself by ADMITTING and TAKING CREDIT at LankaWeb for the BAG OF DIRTY TRICKS he used to DISCREDIT & UNDERMINE MR in the Presidential Election.

    If you are trying to “Rehabilitate” Lorenzo in my eyes … please be aware that it is an ABSOLUTELY WASTED effort. I do not make such DECISIONS LIGHTLY and WITHOUT CAUSE; but when I do, it is VERY UNLIKELY that I will change my mind. ONCE BITTEN; TWICE SHY!

  49. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo” Piously Proclaims ….


    “Untruthfulness comes as naturally to a Tamil as mother’s milk “. – William Sabonadiere, 1866”

    BULLSHIT! This is a Racist Comment against Tamils with which Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo hopes to REVIVE his TATTERED credentials as a PATRIOT! Tamils are NO LESS or NO MORE untruthful than other people! This is plainly ANOTHER EXAMPLE of his DEVIOUS EXTREMIST STRATEGIES … to curry favor with LankaWeb readers thinking they are as RACIST and AS DEVIOUS as HE IS!



  50. Independent Says:

    No. Not at all. He is such a simpleton as I said. I too don’t care about persons, as long as substance is there.
    It was not a “heart to heart” with a heartless, it was a “brain to brain” with a brainless , so I took it easy.

    Although he didn’t tell , it appears like your host is included in Ranil’s team of conspirators or there is some kind of blackmail involving the biggest super power. There is no bribing here, something bigger than that.
    People here jumping up and down but those two know exactly what is to come.

  51. RohanJay Says:

    Hey Sri Lankans on lankaweb.com stop blaming the British or Americans or others for your problems. First get your own house in order, then British, Americans or anybody else can’t meddle in Sri Lankan affairs. Its because so many Sri Lankans have subservient mentality secretly want to follow the west. They want the best of the west yet want to be patriotic Sri Lankans can’t have it both ways! That they blame everything on the British for their problems. Take friggin responsibilty for your own problems! You Sri Lankans many on lankaweb.com foolishly voted for Sirisena. Now that vote is going south I hear many again blaming Brits and how Sinhala Buddhist civilisation was destroyed in 1815. For you information Brits preserved Buddhism even though they were evangelical christians. See if Sri Lanka was invaded by Muslims what would happen to Sinhala Buddhism. Take responsibilty for your own problems, you people follow the west then blame the west especially the British when it all goes south! Pathetic!

  52. SA Kumar Says:

    Take responsibilty for your own problems, you people follow the west then blame the west especially the British when it all goes south! Pathetic!- 100% agreed

    my own experience- one day (before May 2009- thanks to MR & Family no more VP’S black mail ) VP’s group came to my house for money so call our last liberation fight for TE than blame Brit for they left us with Sinhales that why we are in trouble now etc…. but I told them before they left gave Salisbury constitution which well protect minority rights as out total 52 MP 11 from NEP & 9 from upcountry so if any major party( UNP or SLFP) to have a government they need minority support but you bustard supported ( GG Ponnambalam etc..) to make estate Tamil as non citizen of mother Lanka (lost 9 MP) now you blaming English man for your fault. ( Now 225 MP No one need 25 MP from NEP now -that is different matter now)

  53. Ananda-USA Says:

    I am still WAITING for an email from “Piyadigama” to verify his ID as my old friend from DefenceWire and SriLankaDefenceForum blogs despite a “REPLY” from him at LankaWeb that he would do so.

    I will wait ONE WEEK, before CONCLUDING that this is ONE MORE DIRTY TRICK by Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo to EMBED an EELAMIST MOLE!

    I would like LankaWeb readers to pay close attention to how this IDENTITY VERIFICATION pans out, as a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of how Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo operates!

    I will let you know within ONE WEEK of the STATUS of VERIFICATION of the ID of “Piyadigama”.

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