Why doesn’t the stupid Government of Sri Lanka pack up this anti-Sri-Lankan anti-Sinhala Canadian Ambassador forthwith (within 24 hours) and close down their Embassy in Colombo immediately.
Posted on April 8th, 2015

Dr Sudath Gunasekara, President Mahanuwara Senior Citizens Movement

Do these Canadian idiots think they already live in Tamil EELAM?

The Mahanuwara Senior Citizens Movement urges all Sri Lankans (especially the Sinhalese Buddhists) to draw their immediate attention to the following news item that appeared in the Daily Mirror of 5th April 2015.

Labour Tribunal orders Canadian HC to reinstate employee

2015-04-05 21:03:23

  Daily Mirror

A Sri Lankan who had served at the Canadian High Commission (CHC) in Colombo for more than eight years as a driver had been terminated from service unlawfully based on his ethnicity.

Delivering a judgment in connection with a complaint made by a Sri Lankan who had served at the Canadian High Commission (CHC) in Colombo for more than eight years as a driver that he had been terminated from service unlawfully based on his ethnicity, the Labour Tribunal had ordered the CHC to reinstate the victim to his former driver position or pay a compensation of six million rupees.

The Labour Tribunal in Colombo made this order following an ex-parte hearing into a complaint made by Lal Fernando of Udugampola,Minuwangoda.

The Labour Tribunal observed that the respondent CHC had not terminated the victim from service in a lawful or fair manner and further observed that the respondent had also failed to ensure its representation before a tribunal hearing into alleged violation of employee’s rights.

The petitioner Lal Fernando complained he had brought many unhealthy malpractices to the notice of the CHC management in good faith and said that as a result of his long struggle, the CHC had reduced the number of working hours per week from 48 to 40 effective from May 1, 2013.

He further alleged he was denied opportunities for fair earning due to his inability to speak Tamil fluently. Mr. Fernando said the CHC had ensured that he was kept out of their regular visits to the North and the East, where they met opposing political and other influential persons as they did not wish to expose their interference in Sri Lankan politics.

– See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/68457/labour-tribunal-orders-canadian-hc-to-reinstate-employee#sthash.eJ40aLmm.dpuf

There after we also call upon you to take prompt action to Whip-up the Government (if there is one in this country), to pressurize to take immediate action against the Canadian Embassy, if what is reported in this paper is true.

We the Sinhalese, who had been the legitimate native inhabitants of this Island, at least for the past 2500 years, unlike Canadians, the savage and barbarous British invaders and ruthless murderers of the native inhabitants of the western hemisphere, strongly protest against this uncivilized act of punishing one of our citizens. You must also not take it for grant that we have forgotten or pardoned the savagery your barbarous ancestors did to our country and the cherished civilization from late 18th century to mid 20th century. You colonial remnants should at least now stop harassing the third world nations that had been driven to this appalling condition by your invading ancestors. Shame on your stupidity and nakedness!

Our Movement is taken aghast and seriously disturbed over the silence, naivety and servility of the Sri Lankan Government on this issue. We are compelled to request the government that it should at least now tell all foreign Embassies that they are accredited only to represent their respective countries in Sri Lanka and any dealing outside that mandate is illegal and uncalled for. Therefore the Government also should ask all diplomats to immediately stop meddling with our domestic affairs. They must either strictly adhere to these norms and confine themselves to engage in performing  legitimate duties pertaining to diplomatic relations only between their Governments and the Sri Lankan Government or in the alternative to pack up for heaven’s sake without getting shamelessly interfering with our internal governance and thereby trying to destabilize the Sri Lankan State.

The Government also should either govern or get out of office without creating further confusion and mess as it has already amply demonstrated both within and outside the Parliament. The Parliament which housed some of the most eminent legislators and Statements has now become a joke and got reduced to a fish market and for heaven’s sake allow the people to elect a Government that will comprise men and women of dignity, character and quality who could restore the status of the House as the supreme legislative body of the country that could deliver the goods.

Sudath Gunasekara

3 Responses to “Why doesn’t the stupid Government of Sri Lanka pack up this anti-Sri-Lankan anti-Sinhala Canadian Ambassador forthwith (within 24 hours) and close down their Embassy in Colombo immediately.”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: There are hell of a lot of Indian vermin in Canada that including Indian colonial parasites from the Island. Canadians are playing their home politics. Jai Hind

  2. ranjit Says:

    We feel second class citizens because of this western backed Mafia Govt of fame corrupters in the past. These suckers are taking us backward not forward. Before they bring us to the level of Yemen we must take action to kicked them out soon as possible. The evil trio of Chandrika,MY3,Ranil must be stopped at any cost if not there won’t be a place for the Sinhala Buddhist to live in this country. All big big posts have been given to Tamils and Muslims and when they visits foreign countries too they take mostly these two groups just to show their white Masters that they were well looked after by this stupid Govt.

    Canada,America,India and the rest of the western countries who were supportive of LTTE shouldn’t be trusted at all. As long as these three idiots are there(Ranil/Chandrila/MY3) all the western backers of theirs will dictate us what and what to do and how to Govern. These three western lovers who brought us to knees once will do the same if we allow them to do things freely without any opposition. We should not support for their 100 days programme because it’s already a farce. better take them out as soon as possible for us to select a good decent Govt who can tackle all our problems without any fear.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Pro-UNP monk venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Thera has passed away.

    A massive blow to the UNP. May he attain nibbana.

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