India’s Tajikistan Card and ISIS
Posted on June 4th, 2015

By Afshain Afzal

The Foreign Minister of Tajikistan, Mr. Aslov Sirojidin Muhridinovich visited India from 11 to 15 May 2015. It was not a coincidence that the visit of Tajik delegation came within days when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that his country is ready to join a Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan Trade and Transit Agreement as the fourth partner. The delegation’s visit to South Block on 13 May was quite significant, when it met heads of Indian intelligence agencies including Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) and the newly American sponsored Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA). Mr. Muhridinovich was briefed about threats of ISIS to Tajikistan as well as increasing influence of Taliban in Afghanistan and its neighbourhood. It was quite impressive, when New Delhi shared technical intelligence of Afghan nationals, posing themselves as defected Taliban members of ISIS and claiming to wage Jehad inside Tajikistan. Interestingly, Mr. Muhridinovich was also prompt enough to share that his country was concerned about the movement of Taliban along the borders between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The on ground display of Indian sponsored terrorism was really impressive, when on 27 May 2015, an in an attack near Tajik Embassy and Street No 15 in the Wazir Akbar Khan in Kabul authenticated Indian Intelligence inputs, shared during visit of Mr. Muhridinovich to India. Ironically, four Afghan militants dubbed as Taliban, armed with Rocket Propelled Grenades and Sub Machine Guns were killed in the said attack, without an injury or burses to Afghan Security Forces or civilians.

In the another development, US trained Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, who commanded the Tajikistan’s elite force that carried out operations against criminals and Islamic militants, appeared all of a sudden on media. He was reported missing by Tajik Police since April this year. As expected, it was reported that he joined ISIS and threatened terrorist attacks. In a media message, recently released, Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov was wearing a black turban and holding a sniper rifle. Colonel Khalimov confessed in the video that he traveled to US three times and received training there from notorious US contracting company, Black Water. He warned, “There are many intending to return to Tajikistan to re-establish Shariat.” The jinni of Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov has been released to start Western cum Indian drama of ISIS in Tajikistan. The sole aim is to destroy centuries old Islamic holy sites, Muslim heritage and harass people as so called members of ISIS did in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. As a joint strategy, the Russian, Americans and Indian are hunting orthodox Muslims in their stronghold and blaming ISIS for their joint cold blood murders. Attempts are being made to create room for only those who are far away from their divine religions and are no threat to Free World”.

As a result of extensive western and Indian propaganda about ISIS and Taliban militancy, Russia has been persuaded to extend military aid to Tajikistan to prevent alleged movement of Islamic militants including Taliban near Afghan-Tajik border. Last year, Russia signed an agreement on joint modernization of Tajikistan’s military, with an objective to strengthen the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. In the same context, Russia has deployed 7,000 personnel at a military base near Dushanbe, which pricks US, NATO and allies, especially after strategic military and defeat in Afghanistan, Georgia and Ukraine. If we recall, the Tajik political leadership is in real fix ever since release of a video by Tajik militants in January that reflected that Tajik militants have asked permission from to wage Jehad in Tajikistan along the side of Jamaat Ansarullah but refused by ISIS Caliph Abu Bakar Baghdadi. In December, as planned Tajikistan’s court convicted 11 persons for having links with Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) for their desire to fight in Syria. Interestingly, till to date there is no evidence of ISIS on the Tajikistan’s soil or at the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, however, there is much hue and cry at international level. No doubt, the bloody game in Tajikistan is being played to divert world attention from the blood baths by the western forces in Mali, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Jammu & Kashmir and elsewhere. [email protected]

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    The 4 enemies of SL in one word.


    US = US
    I = Endia

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste; Thanks for the info. Indian Empire will have a finger in any Islamic affairs in the world. Indian occupied Kashmir and reclaiming of Muslims in the Indian Empire are priorities of Hinduthwa. Bodu Bala Sena in the Island Nation is a good example. Jai Hind

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