MR Questions New Stand On HR
Posted on September 15th, 2015

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya Courtesy The Sunday leader

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has questioned the new position taken by some countries on the human rights issue in Sri Lanka. Rajapaksa’s spokesman Rohan Weliwitta said that the former President, feels that the new position clearly shows how political the human rights issue was. He said that the United States, which at one point called for an international investigation, is now backing a domestic investigation. Weliwitta said that if Rajapaksa was still the President, the US and its partners would have maintained calls for an international probe.

When Rajapaksa was in power, he had sought support for a domestic investigation into allegations over the war, but the US and member states in the UN Human Rights Council rejected the proposal. The UN Human Rights Council will be meeting in Geneva this week, and the US will be co-sponsoring a resolution backing a domestic investigation. Weliwitta also said that neither Mahinda Rajapaksa nor former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa have been approached to assist the domestic probe.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    There is a sequence of events leading to the war with the LTTE :

    * Tamil Leaders call for Separatism from the time of Independence in 1948.
    * Prevention of Social Disabiliites Act, 1957, enabled Tamil low caste children to enter class rooms, etc. (per SWRD)
    * Tamil Language (Special Provisions) Act, 1958
    * PM Nehru, anti-Secessionist Law, 1963, in India.
    * Vaddukoddai Resolution – Tamil Separatism with use of violence, 1976.
    * India trains LTTE – early 1980s (pro-west JRJ govt time)
    * Trumped up Riots 1983 on Tamils (pro-west JRJ times). Tamil Exodus to the west – Tamil Diaspora lobbies in west.
    * 1987 : Second JVP uprising (due to Indo-Lanka Pact 1987) put down. Around 50,000 plus dead.
    * 1990s : wars with LTTE (CBK rule). LTTE atrocities increase. Army loses heavily.
    * 1993 to 2005 : CBK/Ranil combo rule with Norway as Peacekeeper during latter period.
    * 2005 : MR as President of Sri Lanka. LTTE cuts water to farmers at Mavil Aru.
    * 2009 : Final War with LTTE. Defeat of LTTE.
    * 2014 : Plans by MR govt to move many thousands of Tamil tea estate workers who were living in British Colonial times line rooms, to better housing outside the estates. In addition, ownership of the line rooms with 40 perches attached, were given.

    Pray tell us what wrong did any of the GoSL do here except act in Self Defence ? We can see that Tamils of Sri Lanka were treated justly right along, in keeping with the times. It is the Tamil Leaders call to Separatism (against the Constitution of Sri Lanka) that hindered ethnic unity. Even then, the 6-A was never activated.
    The war with the LTTE was a just war, fought with honor, saving as many lives as was possible. We who followed the news know that.
    Perhaps it is now the time to analyse WHY TAMIL LEADERS KEEP CALLING FOR SEPARATISM !

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Why is MR speaking through a spokesman? He NEVER did that. He always spoke for himself. What is going on?

    Now even SAJITH has called for an end to DEMOCRACY as it cannot resolve problems!! One by one people come to realize it.

    We need a BENEVOLENT DICTATORSHIP by the heroes of the nation. Just like in Singapore or China.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Perhaps it is now the time to analyse WHY TAMIL LEADERS KEEP CALLING FOR SEPARATISM !- because 1956 to 1983 Festival .

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