UNHRC stands diluted after MR was toppled
Posted on September 18th, 2015

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan Courtesy Ceylon Today

The United Nation Humans Rights Council report that was tabled was not ‘strong in words’ and such a diluted version was possible only after the new government came to power on 8 January, President Maithripala Sirisena told a special media briefing at the President’s House, yesterday.  The President with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinge, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera and Minister of Justice Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, explained the government’s stance on the UNHRC report and urged the media to handle the issue with more responsibility, caution and balance.
The President said the Council report was not ‘strong’ and that was possible after the government toppled the Rajapaksa regime on 8 January.
He said, “We have a long way to go to solve the issue and a good government is possible only with a government that does not have Mahinda Rajapaksa because with him the entire human rights issue would have landed the country into a very serious and complex position’.
“We took keen interest in addressing some of the immediate needs of the Tamils by releasing the lands, confining the military to their installations in the Northern Province, addressing the missing persons and human rights violations to this extent and the creation of the peace secretariat have influenced the UN report to be less in strong terms and words.
The President said, “If I did not win the presidential election, people and the government of ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa would have faced a severe and serious situation with the UN and the international community as we stood isolated from them. We have avoided that drastic situation and having names mentioned as war criminals and possible trade sanctions on Sri Lanka.”
President Sirisena added that the country cannot get away with the human rights violation probe. “Either it has to be a local probe or an international l probe. That is the reality. We cannot reject both and move forward. We cannot face the UNHRC without undertaking one of the two. So, from the beginning we have had our stance for want a local probe and we have to work on it and the modalities.
“Government and non – governmental organizations should be balanced and not be one side because all should know the report came in our favour because the international community have faith on us.”
Prime Minister Wickremesighe asked the media what stance they have taken and requested to be in favour of the mechanism proposed to the UNHRC. “The MoU between the UN and the former President on May 23, 2009 stated that he would implement a local mechanism and that is what we have taken up even now,” he said.
“The UNHRC has faith in us and gave us the privilege to do what was promised on that day to UN General Secretary Ban – Ki moon.”
“What we stand by is that there is nothing else but a local probe that does not go against the country’s will and wish,” the Prime Minister asserted.
He stressed that they have not mentioned names or any international personnel or other body to come and probe the alleged war crimes.
“We have not decided or named anyone for an international probe to be conducted in Sri Lanka,” he pointed out.
“No one knows what is a’hybrid’ special Court as mentioned in the Council report. If it is a combination of jurisdictions and those would be spelt clearly,” he said.
He said the UNHRC report, the Paranagama report and the Nissanka Udalagama report will be taken for discussion.
He underscored the importance of the UN Assembly that would be held on September 24. The Prime Minister said, “the need of the hour is to place our proposal on September 24 and seek the UN to adopt our proposal at the UN Assembly.
The UNHRC only said to investigate and we have protected the Forces. No names were enlisted as war criminals and now we’re engaging in discussion on how to send our troops as peace keeping forces to other countries, he added.
Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said it was Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke who proposed on 26 May 2009 to the UNHRC that they accepted the local mechanism that will engage in and said it will only need the technical assistance from the UNHRC.
“He is the one who made the first promise to the international body that Sri Lanka will enact the 13A and for the international community to assist them,”he added.
Foreign Minister Samaraweera said the South Africa’s involvement to assist began long time ago and the government will take their expertise and their best practices from their Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He said that South Africans don’t have to be physically present here.

3 Responses to “UNHRC stands diluted after MR was toppled”

  1. aravinda Says:

    When J.R.Yayawardena’s sidekick, Jayaratnam Wilson wrote “Break-up of Sri Lanka”, the vision was far reaching. He listed great crimes committed against minorities in Sri Lanka and told us “Break up” is inevitable and it is the only way out.

    When terror outfit LTTE, financed by India and West, failed to do the hatchet job, the main players took a pause and went back to the drawing board. What they failed militarily, now they will achieve by installing “The Three Stooges”.

    The plans laid may take 10 or even 20 years, but Balkaization of Sri Lanka is underway. Our children will be the future Syrians.

  2. Charles Says:

    Ignorance is bliss. Sirisena is realy blissful and happy in his ignorance. Ranil perhaps know the seriousness of the Un Report, but does not want to topple the apple cart….. he is hoping to contest the Presidential Election once it is left vacant by Sirisena in 2020. So what does it matter for Ranil what would the effect of the UN Report be on Sri Lanka, as long as he is allowed to realise the dream of his life- being the President of Sri Lanka. In the meantime he is busy finding every means possible to oust Rajapakses from the political field when he starts batting to win, and his victory in 2020 is assured.

    I do not think that Sirisena will get down to read the 225 pages of UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes. Then he will be having problems confronted with with ramifications and inuendoes.

    In the mean time the stage is set to divide, Sri Lanka the way the Tamil expatriates want it and Federal States sprining out of Sri Lanka the Rajapakses saved from terrorism tomake a unitary state.

  3. Independent Says:

    What I have heard is Nibbaanam Paramam Sukham ( Nibbaana(wisdom) is the ultimate bliss). Never heard about “Ignorance is bliss”. But may be so, to the FOOL – like the crab swimming until the pot is hot. It will repeat again on ALL FOOLS, not just one.

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