Does Sri Lanka need a Bridge link between India and Sri Lanka? NO! But India does
Posted on September 22nd, 2015

Sri Lanka does not need it but RAW-driven Delhi with its bold statements is using the present political hiatus in Sri Lanka to drive and acquire as much mileage as possible; in the process Delhi is compelling Sri Lanka to accept all that Delhi desires to control this island forever as a vassal state. A process that Delhi has developed single-minded for over 60 years for the region, while driving a totally closed economy, and is now willing to unleashits hegemony and desires on its neighbours. Gradually the grand plan for Sri Lanka unfolds. The proposed Bridge and CEPA are interconnected and has to be seen together.

The citizens of this island have been shocked into silence, gobsmacked by an over dose of political correctness and an acute case of naivety displayed by even some we had respect for in the past. While India systematically prepared for over 60 years and waited for this some in Sri Lanka have only just realised its destructive powers.


In fact, as already reported, Delhi has no business to request the Asian Development Bank to carry out a pre-feasibility study for financing a road-rail link between Rameswaran and Thalaimannar across the Palk Strait, crossing sovereign Sri Lankan territory. We will be experiencing more of this blatant bullying in the future.

EIA studies will show that the construction of a bridge will generate harmful erosion in some years and siltation with sand build up in other years destroying the pristine reefs, like the bar reef, located off the north west coast of Sri Lanka, also the sea connection between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, the rich fish breeding grounds and the marine resources in the region. It could even lead to a permanent evaporation of the Jaffna peninsula due to the heavy erosion it would cause. India in this instance is kite flying with Japan and the ADB. Sri Lanka’s traditional support is being repaid with a supportive patronage for this destruction.

It seems the ulterior motive of RAW Delhi is to get its grasp on Mannar Island and then the eastern Port of Trincomalee. India has already insisted on and built a rail link across Mannar Island to the Sri Lankan mainland, constructed by an Indian Contractor whose work is now under a cloud. With Delhi’s sticky hands on Mannar Island, RAW Delhi will decree terms for every activity north and south of Mannar Island as well.

This includes the oil and gas resources, the so-called answer to the Tamil South Indian fishermen’s request for a permanent solution, the most recent assurance and promise made by the Indian Parliament on August 5, 2015, reported in the New Indian Express confirms that, they are working towards a permanent solution to the issues faced by Tamil fishermen who at present from irrefutable recorded proof are engaged in illegal fishing in Sri Lankan waters and insatiably reaping the benefits, a continuation of what the Indian fishermen enjoyed for three decades during the war years.

All at enormous personal cost, a fishery worth millions of dollars on an annual basis to the Tamil speaking Sri Lankan fishermen who suffered very badly during the 30 year insurgency that was started and nurtured by Delhi that led to the spilling of blood on sovereign Sri Lankan soil. The more permanent solution would be for the European Union who benefits most from the illegal IIU fishing practices to advise the Tamil Indian fisherman to curtail their encroachment into Sri Lankan sovereign territory and stop using the destructive bottom drag nets in the Palk Straits. But, the EU remains silent. Come on the EU why only censuring Sri Lanka, why not India as well?

However, RAW-driven Delhi has other plans, with the presence of RAW in Mannar Island, the Tamil Indian fishermen will be offered some legality especially considering the possible agreements that the Sri Lankan government would be required to sign allowing safe passage.

The handing over of the fuel tank farm in Trincomaleeto India, instead of to the highest bidder about 14 years ago is already seen by many as a disaster. These storage tanks originally constructed by the British utilising the best Manchester Steel to serve their intendedpresence in the region, is made up of 101 large storage tanks (one damaged) with a storage capacity of 100 Tons each of which India has already taken over 17. Why was it given to India, when the Sri Lankan Navy who inherited the territory from the Royal British Navy could have run it and invested the proceeds in developing a comprehensive coast guard operation?

The Sampur power station and the proposed industrial zones in Trincomalee have all been pledged to India. India intends to help develop the Trincomalee harbour as well. The bridge across the Palk Strait will eventually connect Mannar with Trincomaleeby a highway and facilitate the grand plan RAW Delhi has systematically and surreptitiously determined in an effort to promote the permanent disintegration and division of the Sri Lankan State.

At present the more well-to-do Indians could afford to fly to Sri Lanka. The bridge if constructed will provide a permanent conduit to the of millions of odd unemployed or marginally employed, impoverished starving of scheduled and other lower caste Indians who will flood across the bridge creating a major refugee and immigration problem, a million times worse than the one in the 1960s.

The road built by India into Nepal and other neighbouring countries have all become one way roads, mostly for the benefit of India. On his recent visit Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise of visas on arrival has never happened. You still have to get a visa before travelling to India. We are constantly reminded that it is Delhi that runs India and not the politicians.

The influx of persons from in India would encourage certain diseases to reach chronic endemic proportions from a medical point of view. To consider one frightening example highlighted by a WHO expert in Malaria. Sri Lanka is near free of Malaria and the medical teams that worked over the decades unrecognised and in silenceto eradicate the malarial virus should be congratulated and thanked. India is totally different it is a malarial hot bed that has reached pandemic proportions.

In fact, every Indians arriving at Sri Lankan ports of entry should be checked for Malaria, to ensure that the re-infecting process is kept under control. If our doors are opened as intended in the CEPA to labour, services, their families and dependents, Malaria of a more virulent Indian strain will raise its headin Sri Lanka and the dedicated good work of the past decades will be lost for ever. Please think again, do we want to re-infect this island that is now free of the Malaria epidemic with a more virulent strain and sacrifice the lives of our future generations?

Wake up Sri Lanka, every Sri Lankan should fight for the right to the territorial integrity of this island and for the preservation Sri Lanka’s future and its unbelievably unique culture! Remember the cinema world of Bollywood is an escape dream; it is not India.

Protest to ensure that there will be no spitting, defecation and urination and the free disposal of rubbish on the Sri Lankan streets, a huge problem faced by all the Indian cities. Something the average Sri Lankan would be horrified about, especially, as it is looked down on and is not part of Sri Lankan culture even the Buddhist monasteries of the BC period at Anuradhapura had specially dedicated places, implements and purification systems for such use.

On a shrewd suggestion made by India at a tourism meeting in Delhi a decade or so ago, initial inroads have already been made through the introduction of the ‘Ramayana Trails’ as a tourist promotional effort. Amazing though, the Ramayana has never been in the traditional folk culture of Sri Lanka. Unlike in India where there is one poem by Valmiki called the Ramayana and a thousand Rama Kathas each with its own interpretation. Sri Lanka has no Rama Katha in its folk lore, until it was recently introduced by a business group in support of a programme that will eventually introduce fundamental Hinduism to the Island. A force this island nation has not suffered to date.

Eventually, if the bridge is constructed, Sri Lanka a country with the longest, continuously documented historical record in the region will sadly be left with nothing to call its own. It will never be an island. It will not be the island that even Pliny BCE recorded its special features and Ptolemy in the 2nd C. ADE thought most important and special and constructed it larger than even the sub-continent. The only sovereign country in the whole region with the longest written history, sitting in the middle of an ocean, after which the Ocean should have been called probably as the Lankan Ocean, would be nomore. The suggested naming of the bridge the Hindu–Buddhist Bridge is a subtle ruse.

Sri Lankan must say NO to the bridge connection and to CEPA that would eventually destroy them. Is there at least someone with guts convinced enough to stand up and say NO at best, sparing a thought for the generations of Sri Lankans still unborn and the hard working students in the universities and the graduates who will have nothing of their country, history or culture left, after the possible uncontrollable infiltration. Don’t believe the ranting of the naive political and business elite who driven by personal dreams and desires think they can stop the advance of India; once in, all will be lost. We have to stop and control it, now!


16 Responses to “Does Sri Lanka need a Bridge link between India and Sri Lanka? NO! But India does”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Catholic traitor chief pol pot ponil and india want the bridge and make Sri Lanka an indian
    colony. Then Chinese will stay away for good. That’s the master plan by the traitor chief and crafty

    As long as it is anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist and anti Sri Lanka traitor chief is happy.
    Mother Lanka’s worst ever traitor!

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Bridge will spell a death knell for all Lankans.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article starts with a sentence that for me is a bit misleading:

    “Sri Lanka does not need it but RAW-driven Delhi with its bold statements is using the present political hiatus in Sri Lanka to drive and acquire as much mileage as possible”

    New Delhi is now driven by Hindu nationalism. India’s intelligence service will play a major role regardless of the government in New Delhi. What concerns me is the Hindu aspect of it.
    There is the Tamil Faction that expressed itself in Sri Lanka under the Tamil Tigers. continued under Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi (who resurrected all the pro Tamil Tiger outfits)

    Then there is the Gujarati faction seen through Narendra Modi, and a nation wide faction seen in the BJP, RSS, VHP. Just reading some articles in the Asia Times, this movement is gaining momentum.

    India’s “Hindu nationalism” is very militant. No need to elaborate on how militant it is for Sri Lanka saw one version of it under the Tamil Tigers. Similar to Europe, India’s “Hindu militant nationalism” puts language and ethnicity above religion. That Tamil (Dravidian) version is still playing out in Sri Lanka and to some degree, in Tamil Nadu.

    the Gujarati style Hindu militant nationalism is seen by what happened under Narendra Modi when he was chief Minister of Gujarat and the Muslim pogrom that happened under him. His policy now defines India’s foreign policy. Modi wants to eliminate article 370 regarding Kashmir and tensions with Pakistan are at an all time high.

    Indian papers such as Hindustan Times gave a lot of coverage of the new Constitution of Nepal. that Constitution kept the “secular” aspect for Nepal by a mere hair’s breath. Nepal could have emerged with a constitution making her a bona fide Hindu nation. New Delhi wanted that. Chennai still wants a Hindu theocracy in Sri Lanka.

    As for regional development, I have little to say about it. If Sri Lanka chooses to be a Buddhist theocracy or not she will still have to work with India. and other nations. The same goes for India. If the bridge will be that destructive then one must conclude that without that bridge Sri Lanka should be more independent from New Delhi’s control. She is not.

    Personally I do not think this bridge will make that much difference when Rajapakse, Sri Lanka’s economy and the Sri Lankan military have been effectively neutralized by India, the Sirisena Coalition and the UNHRC. Please understand I am not endorsing or negating this bridge. I am stating that the problems plaguing Sri Lanka are larger and more “intangible” than this issue.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    What they want is a direct land route to the Trincomalee Harbour. This will be the end of Sri Lanka as we know her. Sri Lanka will be annexed into the Union of India taking advantage of the disunity of the Sinhalese in the South.

    Sri Lankans irrespective of all differences must not allow this to happen, for everyone stands to loose including the Tamils in the North and East.

    If Sri Lanka were a entity that can be floated away, every Sri Lankan of true love for our beautiful motherland will give a hand at rowing it as far as possible into the Ravana Samudraya, away from the cesspit that is Modern India!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree with Ratanapala.


    Points to note :

    * Row AWAY from India. Expanding Indian Economy on the move to economically “enslave” all small states around her through various means.
    * A divided Sinhale will suit Tamil Nadu expansionist purposes.
    * TPP also on the move – Mr Obama will be visiting Malaysia this November in this regard.
    Lanka with her mid-way Ports etc is important.

    * Tamil Nadu Tamil Dalits want ‘Dalitstan’ Eelam in Lanka.

    The Sinhala folk will have to get together and resist Brit ‘divide & rule’ from Colonial times if Lanka is to remain UNITARY.
    Ranil said ‘unity state’ for Lanka, when in India recently – whatever does he mean ?

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    BW makes some valid points.

    “India’s “Hindu nationalism” is very militant. No need to elaborate on how militant it is for Sri Lanka saw one version of it under the Tamil Tigers.”

    “Chennai still wants a Hindu theocracy in Sri Lanka.”

    Never forget LTTE was and still is a HINDU extremist group created and saved by HINDUSTAN. LTTE flag has a tiger that has HINDU HOLY ASH 3 lines on it forehead!!

    When MODI became PM, LTTE HINDU EXTREMISM got wings.

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One big issue of “annexing” Sri Lanka is that Sri Lanka was never part of India. Not in her entire written history, nor under the British Empire. Under that Empire Sri Lanka was administered separately as a “Crown Colony”.

    But the most important point is that the ONLY stable region for India is at Kanya Kumari (the tip of India). She has major problems with Pakistan along the Kashmir border and with China regarding “Arunachal Pradesh) and part of Kashmir. those tensions have led to 3 wars with Pakistan, the creation of Bangladesh (which is not a blessing for India) and another one with China. It also led to the annexation of Sikkim.

    Annexing Sri Lanka is taking on a whole new dimension for the world will not put up with such an annexation. If India even manages to annex Sri Lanka she still will have to deal with an enormous issue of Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism, the threat of Terrorism emanating from Sri Lanka and the destabilization it will cause to South India. that could then lead to the Tamils demanding a homeland far more virulently than ever before.
    Pakistan and China will take advantage of the instability in Peninsula India and at the end India will lose her integrity.

    Lorenzo: Thanks.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    The HINDU RELIGION is the main religion in India. The HINDU RELIGION is very, very, safe in India. Is there a need for “Hindu Nationalism” ??? !!

    The HINDU RELIGION IS SAFE in Sri Lanka too. It is Terrorism and Separatism that Lanka fought, whichever quarter they came from.

    Though India trained the LTTE then due to Cold War politics (JRJ times), times have changed now. There is no Cold War on. What is on is only Separatism for Tamils of Lanka.

    Let us keep to the facts.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Stop contradicting yourself.

    You say the problem facing SL is the DALIT problem of TN. Correct.

    1. The DALIT problem is a DIRECT CREATION of HINDUISM.

    Ever wondered why other countries don’t have a DALIT problem?

    According to the KARMA BS of Hinduism a person or an animal is born that way or into that caste is because of their past karma. Dalits are Dalits because they did something bad in the past lives. They must REPAY that in this life by suffering as a Dalit. IF the Dalits DON’T SUFFER (and repay their bad karma) they will continue to be born disadvantaged. This is the HINDU view of things that CREATED the Dalit problem.

    2. LTTE flag has a HINDU tiger on it with VIBHUTHI on its forehead!!!

    3. What happened to KEY BUDDHIST PLACES in NEPAL and ENDIA? They have become Hindu.

    4. LOOK what HINDUSTAN is doing to NON HINDU countries in SOUTH ASIA. DESTROYING THEM with Hinduism!

    BUDDHIST South Tibet, Sikhim turned into a part of Hindustan!
    BUDDHIST Bhutan is invaded trying to turn into a part og Hindustan! Buddhist libraries burnt by guess who in Bhutan!
    BUDDHIST SL was invaded, attacked using Tamil Hindus.
    BUDDHIST Burma was also invaded recently after sending millions of Hindus in colonization invasion over the past 200 years.
    BUDDHIST Nalanda university has been converted to a Hindu majority university!

    Endians argue BUDDHA was a HINDU and was “misled” and these “misled” Hindus (Buddhists) according to them must be brought back to the fold. Nonsense to us but divine truth to Endians.

    5. SL had 15 Hindu invasions and 3 Christian invasions in history. Pick your beloved invader!

    These are the FACTS.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    More FACTS.

    6. The invaders and destroyers of SL – RAMA and HANUMAN are considered Hindu GODS and worshiped by Hindus!!

    7. The CELEBRATION of the invasion of SL by HINDUS and the destruction of SL is the biggest celebration in HINDUISM called DIWALI!

    8. GOOD SL leaders were made insane by Hindu dogma forcing one of them to make human scrifices (an ancient Hindu practice) and the other to go to Thirupathy. They BOTH ended their political life soon thereafter!

    9. Blind following of Velupillai Pirapaharan by Hindus was because they argued he was sun-god (Pirapa-karan) and the “son of” Vela-ayutham. BOTH are Hindu concepts.

    These is the truth.


  11. Independent Says:

    Agree whole headedly with LORENZO. Sun-God because BORU Christian to pretend, as always being the LTTE tactic.

    Hinduism is the only competitor to Buddhism. Why ? Similar terms ( although completely different when you go into it diligently) FOOL people. Karma ( against kamma), rebirth (Punarbhava), Samsaaara, Avihimsaaa. Hinduism is NOT ancient like Buddhism. It was created to compete borrowing good thing from it. It is already practiced by Sinhala Buddhist 90% to some extent. Examples of fools I don’t name. MY3-PALA the latest.

  12. Independent Says:

    Even in Sinhala it sounds like “Prabha” = ප්‍රභා Light, shine, Aloka or whatever. “Karan” = karana කරණ it means ඊශ්වර​, the sun which send us light.
    But this Son of a —- sent us bombs, fire, hatred, murder, drugs , money (laundering..)

    Now the SINHALA BUDDHIST shameless deputy minister says it is OK to run an Ethanol business. It is this mixing with Hindusim the biggest drug our nation has taken.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    I have to agreed with Lorenzo -you are mixing with two problem.
    fact of the matter is We both community are fighting for last 2,000 years more & will for 2,000 years or more no End.

    Who We BOTH community Sinhalese & Tamils ,NO not at all if Sinhalese & Tamil are fight each other than what for ??? No answer !!! because We both are learning in our mother tang no law or facility stopping in mother Lanka .

    But We both are fighting than who We are fighting here come the Lorenzo true !!!! no one want to accept !
    Bhuddist & Hindhus are fighting !!!!

    eg: Saiva (Hindhu) Thamil paddai (forces) defeated at Mulli Vaikkal on 19th of May 2009 by Bhuddist Sinhala (Chinkala) forces !!!

  14. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Fran Diaz:
    Going by the comments Hindus feel they are under pressure. Statistics show the Muslim population of India will be around 320 million by 2050.
    The latest information is that the Muslim population in India is growing much faster than the Hindu population (though they are at the bottom of the economic ladder)
    Hindu Nationalists also point to Christian missionaries. the biggest problem for Hindus is the Caste system. the low castess and the Dalits (out casts) want to convert to other faiths. That is why Dr. Ambedkar was so successful is spreading Buddhism in India back in the early 20th century.

    final issue Rama and Hanuman are Hindu but so is Ravana. That mythological figure is only mentioned in the Hindu epic of the Ramayana. He is not a figure in any other faith.

  15. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One more thing Fran Diaz

    Hindu Nationalists always bring up the 1 thousand years they fought Islam. They also insinuate the death of Hinduism in South East Asia which in reality was a choice by the South East Asians to drop Hinduism for Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

    Hindu Nationalists will not admit to Hindu attacks on Buddhist sites including those done on Sri Lanka. or on Nargajunakonda or the massive vandalism done on Buddhist sites well before the Muslims, but they use that as an excuse to validate Hindu militant nationalism.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    According to Ravi Karupiah in parliament (you cannot lie in parliament on specific matters) the BIGGEST ETHANOL importer of Muttiah Sashitharan – the brother of the cricketer!

    We all hailed him when he challenged DAVID CAMERON but he had hidden motives.

    Ethanol license in return for defending SL?

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