Syria could be Australia’s moment of truth: will we be independent?
Posted on September 30th, 2015

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Media Release

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has repeatedly conceded in the past few days that the policy pursued by Australia’s major allies to resolve the Syria crisis, premised upon the overthrow of Assad, hasn’t worked.

Bishop told The Weekend Australian, Given Australia’s significant contribution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Iraq and our involvement in militant operations against Daesh, it is inevitable that we will play a role as an advocate for a political solution in Syria. It is evident there must be a political as well as a military solution to the conflict in Syria. There is an emerging view in some quarters that the only conceivable option would be a national unity government involving President Assad.” (Emphasis added.)

Initially, Bishop’s statements coincided with a shift by the Obama administration towards dialogue with Russia over Syria, including the first telephone call between the US Defence Secretary and Russian Defence Minister since April 2014, and Barack Obama’s agreeing to meet Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the UN this week; the UK government has similarly adjusted its rhetoric.

Suddenly, however, Obama has dug in his heels, to once again insist on regime change in Syria as a prerequisite to peace. Given that the US Defense Intelligence Agency’s own documents from 2012 have revealed that Obama and his British, Saudi and Turkish allies knowingly created ISIS in order to topple Assad, it is clear that Assad is not the obstacle to peace, Obama is.

The question now is, will the Australian government backflip on the statements its Foreign Minister has made in the last few days, to fall into line with Obama’s dangerous new mood?

Until his death in March this year, former Liberal Party Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser argued passionately, including in his 2014 book Dangerous Allies, that Australia must turn away from its strategic dependence upon Great Britain and the United States, and become an independent nation with an independent foreign policy.

That has never been more urgent than now. If Julie Bishop rescinds her recent statement under orders from the US, Australia will be contributing to a potential war with Russia.

Russia will not accept the overthrow of Assad, because they know Assad is a target only because he is the ally of Russia. It must be noted that Assad’s ostensible war crimes happened after Obama and co. backed an uprising against him in 2011, following their overthrow and brutal murder of Qaddafi in Libya. In other words, Obama was already targeting Assad for regime change before any alleged war crimes.

Russia is offering to work with the West to defeat ISIS in a way that is legal under international law: through Russian action in Syria, where it is present legally at Syria’s invitation, working with the US-led coalition action in Iraq, operating legally at Iraq’s invitation. This is the best, and only, solution to the crisis that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions more. But it requires the US and UK to drop their regime change agenda, which anyway is completely discredited after the total folly of Iraq and WMDs, and the disaster that Libya has become.

Australia can play its role in the shift that is required to achieve peace, by ending our subservience to Anglo-American foreign policy; we can start by sticking to the approach stated by Bishop this week.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Western countries have failed Syria miserably by covertly supporting ISIS and the two bit free Syrian army who have more than one face,utterly corrupt.Their ultimate aim is to destabilize that country and divide it in to sectors,weaken the that nation and their desired effect was to empty the country of the country by making them move out as refugees.
    This leave the stupid and worthless,disorganized jihadist types and the non violent christian community where the future settlers from a nearby country live with.This nearby country weld a lot of power and influence in the West,reason why the west is critical of the Russian intervention to protect Assad and spoil the party.
    Assad is the only tyrant that could hold fort and I blame him for the sorry situation in that country.His father and him ran the country with an iron fist,showed little regard to the taxpayers and private wealth creators,result in conflict in the country.
    He and his cronies controlled the country’s wealth and income,very little for the people and much frustration for the private entrepreneurs,just as likes of are suffering in Sri Lanka where we are not willing to go behind politicians or bribe our way.
    Assad could sacrifice his personal ambitions and utterly corrupt ways he administer that country and bring that country in line with any western country but he is too selfish like our leaders in the third world.People like us no option but to migrate.
    He is the only elephant in the room at present and the world powers must insist and monitor his way of governing the country for the good of his people as days have gone one has to respect the sovereignty of a nation as their leaders are not respecting the sovereignty of the people they rule.A bit of external intervention is required to put the country right.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Sorry for few errors,as usual I am a very busy man with too many irons in the fire.Stock market just opened in London….

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