Hanging Sri Lanka by it is neck until it is dead !
Posted on October 4th, 2015

By Charles.S.Perera

It had been seen  since 1978, that each time UNP comes into power it is the death knell for Sri Lanka. It is not necessary to repeat the disasters that UNP caused from writing 13 A into the Constitution, Batalanda Torture Camps, Military safe house disaster, CFA, to Central Bank Bond scam.

Now with a PM acting like a dictator inside the Parliament with a Speaker( a lackey of the Prime Minister) of the House obediently accepting  the indiscipline of the Prime Minister, and COPE report swept  under the carpet, every thing is set to hang Sri Lanka according to the dictates of the West, the Tamil Diaspora,UN and Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussain.

The UNP Ministers with their lopsided view of patriotism think that their greatest achievement since Mahinda Rajapakse eliminated terrorism, and brought peace and security to the country and developed it in every respect as it had never been before, since independence, is to have brought in USA and its allies to praise their good governance, and tell them what to do and not to do, and  inviting western investors and turning away the Chinese and the Russians.

What a band of ill-fated, disaster mongering, visionless men, who pass as politicians of a national government?

Ranil Wickramasinghe was never, is not, and never will be, a farsighted politician.  He works for himself and his own personal ambition. In that respect it is worth repeating the disaster he caused by the raid of a Military Safe house, when he was the PM on the previous occasion.

He was working on information from the LTTE that the army was planning to assassinate him and trusting the LTTE to secure his own safety he ordered the raid of the army safe house:

In a police raid allegedly instigated by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam with the help of the United National Party hierarchy, described by many as the most foolish raid ever conducted in the history of Sri

Lanka’s Police, Superintendent of Police, Kulasiri Udugampola, broke into a highly secretive army safe house, arrested six detainees of a very successful deep penetration unit of the army and treated them in the most humiliating way on the charge they were plotting to kill Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. On a frantic search for publicity by the Police raiders the identities of the army unit was also revealed to the media. They were later released by a special order of the Defense Minister, Tilak Marapana, following the vehement protests of the army hierarchy.” https://lrrp.wordpress.com/author/lrrp/page/514/

These same people are in power today, and what more can we expect from them ?

This clueless political couple Ranil-Sirisena tries to free themselves from the endless damage they are causing to Sri Lanka by their ceaseless obedience to their new found USA and Western allies, by putting  the blame on the former President and his Government.

Sirisena is in the seventh heaven shaking with his prestigious hand that shook the gloveless hand of the Queen, the hands of President Barrack Obama, Ban Ki Moon, John Kerry and endless other white, yellow and black hands.

He has no idea of what the Hybrid Courts proposed by Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussain.  He depends on Ranil, Mangala Samaraweera  Rajitha Senaratne and Chandrika to manage what he does not seem to understand.poor man Sirisena depends on Ranil to explain what had been going on inside Zeid Ra”ad’s UNHRC in Geneva. Ranil has told some time back there is nothing about hybrid in the USA resolution and asked whether hybrid refers to a motor car.  What an ass one would want to say.  Ranil also had said several time that he had saved Mahinda from the electric chair.

Most satisfied Maithripala Sirisena parroting his erstwhile Maha Mudliar Ranil had said, : …..the country had achieved a great victory at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) by managing to exclude the ‘electric chair’, an international investigation, and a hybrid special court from being included in the United States sponsored resolution…..” (Ceylon Today-3.10.15).

O God save Sri Lanka from these people until another real patriot like Mahinda Rajapakse comes to wrest  the reins of power from the trio Sirisena-Ranil-Chandrika and reorganise mother Lanka and set it back on the rails from which it jumped off on the 8th January,2015.

In the meantime Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussain and USA State Department are busy turning Sri or an acceptable judiciary.  They are arranging to set up a court of their own to try our heroic soldiers who are for them mere criminals.  They make it acceptable calling it a hybrid court allowing a few  Sri Lankan judges and lawyers presented to them by Ranil and Chandrika to sit along the foreign judges to smile and give their assent to the decisions of great foreign legal luminaries.

In the meantime our hand shaking” President  carries on least concerned about the dark clouds of danger looming over Sri Lanka, which is being taken towards federalism with more power to the minorities and pushing the Majority Sinhala Buddhists  into the back ground as it had been during the days of colonialism.

If all that is happening as the new rulers say,  because of the former President, why cannot this lackluster Prime Minister and the President of good governance make positive changes ?  It is simply because they are pushed by the most unpatriotic Chandrika the American stooge, and they have no idea how to run the country as an independent Sovereign State.

In the first place there is no reason why any new court or use the old courts to try our  Armed Forces for war crimes, as they only fought a terrorist war within its own territory. All these  countries like Montenegro or the representatives  of the African UN Member States sitting in the UNHRCouncil in Geneva seems to have no idea as to what they have been called upon to do.

The representatives of UN member states sitting in the UNHR Council are representing just political slaves states of USA , unable to have an opinion of their own, but merely say yes to the American Western combination for their political existence in their own countries.

They very well know that they will only get loans from USA and the West and never serious transfer of technology for meaningful development to  steer their countries away from poverty and underdevelopment. They are only pleased to be present, and please the world political heavy weights the USA and the West doing what they request them to do.

If the representative  of African and other  States have the ability to think independently to consider what actually is happening in Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussain’s UN Human Rights Council Geneva, they will see that an attempt is being made to hang”a strong  sovereign state that rose above  undevelopment  to become a middle income state within five  years after elimination of terrorism to stop thirty years of human suffering, material loss, and economic uncertainty.

Zeid Ra’ad is not a man of wisdom, to address to Sri Lanka all those unacceptable accusations and propositions, knowing very well that by his proposal,  he is letting loose  real violators of human rights, the worst war criminals-the USA,UK and the rest of the Western countries with their enormously funded NATO Forces. Sri Lanka unlike USA and its allies have fought a just war which need no foreign or local court to try its soldiers for the elimination of terrorism.

We have in Sri Lanka today not a good governance as they like to call, but a government unworthy of Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka which eliminated a ruthless group of terrorists, had the greatest national political leader Mahinda  Rajapakse who developed the country, which UNP failed to do, needs today a better  government  not just  a good governance.

Mahinda Rajapaksed had  friendly nations like China and Russia to help develop the country.  USA and the West the worst critics of our former President did nothing to help in the elimination of  terrorism or in the massive development projects of Sri Lanka under taken with the help of China and Russia.

USA and the West where the undeveloped countries are concerned  will never be a help to them to rise above their poverty and undevelopment, because that is not their policy.  Their policy is to use developing countries for their strategic purpose to maintain their leadership in the world pushing away China and Russia. In order to achieve that USA and the West would keep the developing countries dependent on them .

You see that in Sri Lanka how their manials-our political leaders of good governance are even dressed like them of the USA and the West in black suits, coats and ties.

They are all the hangmen, in the process of hanging Sri Lanka.

13 Responses to “Hanging Sri Lanka by it is neck until it is dead !”

  1. Cerberus Says:

    Hi Charles, Thank you for this article. However after Ranil W revealed the names of the LRRP operatives did you know that they were all eliminated by the LTTE. The UNP Govt did nothing to prevent it. A total of 24 operatives were eliminated by LTTE. Some of the top people of LRRP were captured and tortured and then killed. Ranil W has done so many things against Sri Lanka that I am surprised that he is still doing well. Please see the link below for details.


  2. helaya Says:

    Charles, I agree 100% with you. I hope you are residing in Sri Lanka. It is time for patriots like you to join people like Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera and start educating ordinary people about the grave situation facing out nation. you can contribute a lot.

  3. Ben Silva Says:

    A national organisation to protect Sinhalese and Lanka is needed urgently. This org. should not get mixed up with dangerous Indian cults that has resulted in the destruction and economic ruin of the believers of the cult as in Nalanda, India.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    UNPatrotic party have always licked the back of the western countries who want Sri Lanka to toe their line.
    That included
    keep Chinese away from indian ocean
    make Sri Lanka a catholic country.
    Who better suited for the job than catholic traitor chief pol pot ponil.
    Pol pot ponil is the most powerful man in Sri Lanka for nearly half a century whether he is in power or not.

    Ample proof of that was batlande report. His and catholic cohots involvement in the massacre of Buddhists in black and
    white. But nobody bothered to punish him because he is too powerful.
    He grassed all intelligent officers in millenium city to the ltte. No punishment. Not even criticism from the media.
    Then he signed a pact to divide the country with murderous ltte. Still no criticism.
    Then the central bank 5000 billion day light robbery. Anybody with any common sense would think it would be the end
    of the traitor chief. Again it was proven beyond anybody’s doubt. Punishment? What punishment?
    Then he get pupper maru sira to dissolve the parliament and get elected to be the prime minister.

    It is understandable tamils and muslims voting for him. But sad truth is, a lot of Buddhist also still think he is a saint
    and vote for him. That is how pathetic some of the Sinhalese are.

    There haven’t been a traitor of his calibre in Sri Lanka. So we have thank all those traitor Buddhists who voted for him
    enabling him to more and more damage to the country.

    This reminds me an old song of mohideen gebba. I think he foresaw the bleak future of the Sinhale many many year ago.
    Voba kenda yema sandaha maruwa yeyi soya!
    Voba kenda yema sandaha maruwa yeyi soya!

  5. Christie Says:

    Hi folks US ambassador is an Indian vermin, then US State Department Biswal is another. If you look behind you will see the Indian Imperialists behind all actions against the island nation. I am not trying to let US off the hook but what I see is it is all Indian Empire, Indian colonial parasites and vermin.

    Hanging Sinhalese.


    Christie. I disagree with you. NO, NO, Muslim OBAMA is involved with every thing. He tells the Indians that if they make SL a sub state of Tamil Nadu there will be no problem with fisherman. If you get rid of the armed forces in SL there will be no conflict so INDIA will benefit. MUSLIM OBAMA WILL WIN, BUT NOT WITH PUTIN. Read current news. PUTIN BOMBED CIA Training camp yesterday and All Libyan CIA trained men ran away, so said Senator MaCane and Senator Graham.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Charles writes the truth about the present times. Thank you !


    Let’s look at the past BIG problem still unaddressed in Sri Lanka :

    Tamil Leaders have demanded a Separate State (the ultimate problem here) from the 1930’s. Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam is supposed to have started the demand. Since the Constitution of Sri Lanka was written in 1972 forbidding division of Lanka, the demand for a Separate State goes on unabated. Going against the Law of the Land is accepted from Tamil Leaders. The 6-A has never been activated either.

    The Law of the Land is NOT upheld. Tamil Nadu uses this to bully and harass Lanka governments whichever govt is in power.
    Lanka weakness is used to distract 15 Million Tamil Dalits suffering atrocities in Tamil Nadu. Now the whole matter is in the hands of international powers because Lanka leaders have not acted on the Law of the Land and taken measures to stop the demand for a Separate State for Tamils ?

    It is never too late to use the Law of the Land.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Charles there are millions like you in this blessed country who cries silently inside their hearts for what they are seeing and hearing today with this treacherous Govt of Ranil/Sira combination. See the money they have spend on cut outs around the country of these evil faces who blamed the previous Govt and accused of misusing of public money? How much we cried they will do exactly what they did before 2005.They do not care about Sinhala or Buddhism or Sinhala land also whether we eat or sleep as long as they are o.k. with their power and money and all the VIP treatment they get because they are politicians.

    I thought after 2009 we have a country to call home after all what we went thru but now my dream has been shattered and I am sad for being in Sri Lanka to see what we are seeing today. I am thinking of the valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us and the country. I am thinking of the war heroes who stopped the Monster Prabakaran and his deadly killers who went on killing spree for thirty long years. Why anyone wants to investigate the past? Why our foolish evil leaders allow Foreigners to come and interfere in our affairs? Instead of praising and thanking the winning army who destroyed the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world why anyone blame and take them to hangman’s noose? Is it fair at all? I need an answer for all these if someone can explain why these things happen in this world. What about Hiroshima,Vietnam,Iraq,War on terror in Afganistan,Libya and many more like that.Who was responsible for many deaths in those countries? Isnt it America and the west? Why this double standard with a poor country like us and why our Christian Gay Unpatriotic Govt agrees to play the fiddle of the Yankee Doodle and the Indian parasites? This undemocratic Govt must be stopped before they destroy what we achieved all these years as a nation. Please rally behind patriots to Motherlanka to save our Sinhala land and the Sinhala people.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    All this begs the question why Lanka govts never used the Law of the Land to stop once and for all the demand for a Separate State demanded by Tamil Leaders. Many other demands by Tamil Leaders were accommodated such as Tamil as a National Language (Sp.Prov.) Act 1958, and the Prevention of Social Disabilities Act (1957).

    # 1 : It appears to me that it is mainly a question of Cheap Labor from Tamil Nadu to work the tea and other plantations in Sri Lanka. For quite some time tea was the main foreign exchange earner. At present, tea is not the main foreign exchange earner and in any case, tea plucking can be done with machines which anyone can operate. It is cheaper and faster.

    # 2 : Also, various religious leaders in Lanka saw it all as an opportunity to smuggle in Tamil Dalits from Tamil Nadu for purpose of conversion.

    #3 : One also wonders whether foreign interests also wanted a Separate State for Tamils … ? the old ‘divide & rule’ y’know !

    The LTTE also brought in tens of thousands of Tamils of Dalit origin to join their forces for a Separate State. It was with the LTTE that the whole situation got out of hand with no respite through negotiations for nearly 30 yrs. and war had to happen.

    Comments welcome.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S.: We have to record that the Social Disabilities Act (1957), (SDA), was protested and rioted against by the Tamil masses themselves !! This is astonishing, isn’t it ? It goes to show that the Tamil LEADERS always prevail over the Tamil masses, even when something good is being done for the Tamil masses. It is apparent to us now that Tamil LEADERS did not want the SDA passed into Law as that would knacker the CASTE System. The Tamil LEADERS were all Vellala Tamils at that time with uneducated Tamil masses in tow.

    The SDA was SWRD’s idea and passed as Law by his ‘Sinhala govt’.

    Also, Sir Ponambalam Arunachalam’s demand of a Separate State for Tamils in the 1930’s must have been an embarrassment for the Sinhala politicos at that time. Sinhala politicos held Sir PA in high regard at that time.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    We have to bring down this TAMIL NADU GOVT. as soon as possible.

    The starting point is the economy.

    As I have said many times, only a takeover by the guardian gods (BEFORE THEY ARE HANGED TO DEATH) is the ONLY solution.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    We cannot ‘bring down’ Tamil Nadu or any other govt. Sri Lanka is not a super power.

    We can only point out the facts to the People of Lanka so that they can protect Lanka from further damage.


    Ranil’s “Chunnel” is the worst idea considering all the facts. The “Chunnel” is a diotic thought from leaders at this point in time.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ‘idiotic’

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