Anglican Ranil & Boru Bauddha Sirisena a curse to Sri Lanka
Posted on December 5th, 2015


No man who holds the sacred karanduwa and lies can be trusted ever. He however has become the President.

No man who is ready to divide and hand over the nation to traitors and separatists can be trusted. He however is now our Prime Minister.

The Yahapalana cheerers are missing and they offer no solution to the sad predicament prevailing the country.

  •  Country cursed – The manner the presidents brother was chopped days from coming to power is a sign.
  • Nepotism given a new meaning – now all Sirisena’s men and UNP’s relations, SLFP traitors relations are holding some sort of portfolio with the sole aim of fleecing what they can because they know they will not be elected in the next foreseeable future. most of these men and women are now above 70 so it is make merry while they can
  •  Useless appointments – from good for nothing Austin Fernando to scores of other political favorities and useless officials are now in high positions doing nothing or ready to sign anything because they have no love for the country. if rajapakse’s were bad we are waking into a new terrain of dictatorial rule
  •  foreigners are ruling the nation. US has been given undue positions, China and Pakistan have been given step mothrly treatment. the poor are taken for a ride. the UNP motto is rich must get richer and the middle class and poor UNP supporters are gullible fools.

Is there a solution. of course. first the sri lankans must learn to stop being selfish. can they do that. well they better start.



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  1. Nanda Says:

    Very true.
    But don’t put any blame on “Sri Lankans”. Blame those who are selfish. Blame those selfish evil men who collect 100000 salary and passion for robbery of 6 years.
    Nation needs new young energetic leaders.
    Like the Lotus rise from muddy water.

  2. mario_perera Says:

    Missaka A

    The topic you introduce is fascinating. BORU BAUDDHA !!

    If you can recognize a Boru Bauddha, then you should logically also be able to identify a HARI BAUDDHA.

    Please tell us in your so eagerly awaited second installment which political leader of this country, past and present, you consider as a HARI BAUDDHA. Your inability to do so will only reveal you to be empty headed and a devils workshop.

    The truth of the matter is that the mixing of religion and politics has been the bane of this country. The mixing of the two pushed this country to be among the most backward among the backward. The irony of it all is that the man who enshrined Buddhism in the 1972 constitution was a Marxist (Colvin). Also the man who led the Mavaiddipuram Temple revolt was a communist.

    Religion and politics must be considered to be as distinct as the PRIVATE sector and the GOVERNMENT sector. All developed countries have done so. We the underdeveloped, firmly resolved to remain underdeveloped are adamantly playing the religious ‘choon’ while the ship of State is dramatically sinking.

    The ‘pulip padai’ Went to the Tirukoneswaran temple and performed religious rites declaring war on the State. Our political leaders headed for the Sacred Temple of Kandy to receive religious authorization for the war. Earlier the JVP did the same getting the Temple and the Kandy monasteries and chief prelates embroiled in their destructive ventures.

    All this is a resounding admission of the country’s BACKWARDNESS. We are by our own choice doomed to remain a medieval society.

    Would the writers of the new constitution please bear this in mind.

    In the meantime we are eagerly awaiting to hear the reply of from Missaka A to my query: which political leader of this country you consider as a HARI BAUDDHA.

    Mario Perera

    Separate religion from politics and the ‘sun’ of progress will appear luminously on the horizon

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Indeed Missaka.

    SL didn’t have a TRUE BUDDHIST leader for a long time.

    One president worships THIRUPAHI HINDU shrine BEFORE the election.
    The other president worships THIRUPAHI HINDU shrine AFTER the election.

    One president begs POPE to visit SL BEFORE the election.
    The other president receives POPE AFTER the election.

    GOD THIRUPATHI and POPE decide who rules SL.

  4. NAK Says:

    your arguments are somewhat warped and ill informed. Even if there are no Hari baudha’s to name, boru Baudha’s must be exposed.
    Do you call all the countries in the middleast backward? Aren’t they religiously orientated?
    Have you ever heard the term Christian democratic party?
    you do know where they exist,don’t you? Do you consider them to be backward countries or politically non-religious countries?
    Where do you find the term “IN GOD WE TRUST” Do you consider that too to be non-religious.

    Religion is like the water in the milk. with out water there is no milk.

    The hidden message that Mario is trying to convey is that Buddhists and Buddhism should not get any preferential attention and Mario reminds this fact to the writers of the new constitution but Mario forgets that in order get the new constitution passed it needs the the majority Bauddhaya’s vote!
    Mario and the like must work towards getting what ever is denied to them,if so denied, rather than think of denying the Buddhists their due.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    SL leaders don’t follow HARI BUDDHA or BORU BUDDHA.

    They follow HARI RAMA in Thirupathi!!

    Buddhists are denied a TRUE BUDDHIST leader by ALL politicians.

    May SL be ruled by a leader who has NEVER MET POPE or Thirupathi. That is the supreme Buddhist wish and hope.

  6. mario_perera Says:


    Your premises are wrong. Keeping religion and politics apart does not in any way mean that Buddhism will be undermined. It will not only not be undermined, but will appear purer as a result. When you say ” Religion is like the water in the milk. with out water there is no milk”, I understand you mean milk to be a liquid. Pouring water into milk only dilutes it. That is indeed what politics has done to Buddhism. It has made Buddhism ‘tasteless’, which is what milk becomes when water is added on.

    You ask: Do you call all the countries in the middleast backward? Aren’t they religiously orientated?

    NAK We are just a few days away when a gruesome act will take place in the Middle East, being the stoning of a Buddhist woman of this country. A country that perpetrates such an act is not only backward but totally PRIMITIVE. You cannot call them developed countries either. They are propped up by developed countries to serve the purposes of the latter. The raging wars in those lands prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. As for their extremist ‘religious orientation’, they are the stuff terrorists are made of. According to your argument TERROR would be an offshoot of ‘development’!

    Religion daubed political parties with slogans such as ‘in god we trust’ have no impact on the governments of developed countries. If western governments were grounded on religious (Christian) values, their parliaments will not make homo-sexuality and gay marriages legal endowing them with all the prerogatives of conventional marriages. Nor will they permit abortions. The list is long. Just think of the facility of divorce so abhorrent to Christian religious values.

    I said that religion and politics must be considered as Private and Government sectors. These two sectors are like the two balances on a scale. Buddhism will always remain the preponderant weight on one balance and will quite naturally obtain its due share of honours, privileges and concessions.

    This country cannot progress with a medieval mindset. Theocratic societies vanished from the European scene with the introduction of modernization. The two are totally incompatible.

    One must be blind not to perceive the failure of religion in Sri Lanka. The ear splitting diffusion of religious teachings to the four winds in every nook and corner of the country has not improved the country’s moral standing. Far from it. Morally the country has sunk into the pits of degradation. This is totally due to the politicization of religion.

    As for the majority of citizens of this country, they urgently wish that this country develop and prosper as an economically viable and developed nation, and not remain bogged down in poverty and misery, to which the blaring religion filled loud speakers have contributed sweet nothing.

    Mario Perera

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Meditation, which is a Root requirement of many religions may re-set lost souls ….

    I agree with Mario that ‘a country cannot progress with a medieval mindset’. Material needs must be met. Back breaking work must be done by machines. However, core Truths are everlasting.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Catholic pol pot ponil is more Buddhist than King Asoka to a lot of Buddhists in Sri Lanka, including
    malwatte and asgiriye chiefs. MR saved their backsides from catholic tigers of tamil drealam so they
    can put their backsides wherever in the country without fearing it is getting blown into smithereens.

    But what is important for these traitor Sinhalese is being supporters of UNPatriotic party. They think it
    is fashionable and identified themselves as class above the people who don’t support this murderous party.
    Maybe the attraction is UNPatritoic party kills Buddhists and nobody gives a toss about it. UNPatriotic party knows,
    in Sri Lanka catholics, tamils and muslims are the only ones who got all the rights, including human rights. So UNPatriotic
    party have only one thing for their Buddhist supporters. Contempt! They must be thinking what pea-brained bunch of
    idiots after what they’ve done to them and their country to still support a party like that.

    Token Buddhist maru sira is no match for pol pot ponil. Pol pot ponil got enough pathalyin like dharmister and lk premadasa. If he is short he can always borrow some from his catholic buddies karunkanayagam or minister of permanent (erection). Pol pot ponil is untouchable. Did anybody even mentioned any
    punishment for his batalande murders. Not a single voice. One muslim died, whole country is clamouring for justice for him. Even durjanaya arjunaya said thajudeen daruwa been unlawfully killed. All these low lives forgot, UNPatriotic party killed 60,000 Buddhists. Nobody talking about their human rights. They also had mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, etc. etc. But no durjanaya, no pol pot ponil, no alugosu premadasa, no alugosu dharmister, no UN, no AI, no norway, no uk, no us, no nobody! But for the catholic tigers of tamil drealam? So many countries, so many people clamouring for their demise!

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