Peace Plan for the Civil War in America and Europe
Posted on December 6th, 2015

Rahul Speaks

A Proposed Peace Plan for the Ongoing Civil War in America and Europe -Habitants of African and Arabian Descent Fighting For Human Rights Dignity Life and Self Rule .(Part 1)

The plan is systemised into four parts: The Aim of the Plan, a Situational Analysis, the Mode of Execution of the plan and the Coordinating details of the plan.

In the Situational Analysis will be covered the combatants in the ongoing civil war in America and Europe (AE) – the protagonist and the antagonist- their auxiliaries if any and briefly their military capability.

  1. Aim of the Plan. To bring America and Europe (AE) to the negotiating table, to talk peace with the freedom fighters of African and Arabian origin in those AE countries, that would ensure a lasting peace.
  2. Situational Analysis.
  3. American and European Forces.

1)     The American and European (AE) forces over the past 20 years have been involved in the systematic murder, torture and rape of millions of men, women and children in countries that include Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

2)   In the mass genocide in Rwanda by France in 1994, François Mitterrand (then President) and Alain Juppe (then Foreign Minister) are amongst 33 persons who have been officially indicted by name as war criminals.

3)   In the wake of the French genocide of over 800000 Rwandan people, came the documented torture, rape and murder of another 3 million Rwandan men women and children, this time by US backed, US trained and US funded, Paul Kagame.

4)   Despite documented evidence, presented to various UN agencies by accredited UN officers regarding the calculated pogroms carried out by French and US proxy troops fighting for the control of the Rwandan and Congolese mines replete with precious mineral resources like diamonds, uranium, gold, platinum and much more, there continues to be a sinister effort by the US and the UN to cover up the two atrocities.

5)    Some prominent persons from the US and the UN pointedly accused of the genocidal cover up include:

  1. a) Louise Arbour
  2. b) Radhika Coomaraswamy  (United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women(1994-2003) and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict).
  3. c) Navineethan Pillay.
  4. d) Kofi Annan.
  5. e) Ban Ki – Moon.
  6. f) Bill Clinton.
  7. g) George Bush.
  8. h) Barak Obama.

6)   Carla Del Ponte was the UN’s Chief Rwandan Prosecutor; in 2003 she was sacked overnight when she refused to collude in the US initiated genocide cover up. Michael Hourigan was the Australian lawyer and the UN’s chief Rwandan war crimes investigator; he was ordered by Louise Arbour, UN’s Chief Prosecutor on Rwanda at the time, to burn his notes. Lead counsel on Rwandan war crimes Canadian Christopher Black slates Arbour as a disgrace to all Canadians; he asserts that by Arbour’s stark complicity in the war crimes cover up, she is unarguably a war criminal, being an accessory to mass murder.

7)    Following the carpet bombing of their homes by AE forces, families in the targeted countries of the Middle East and Africa fled in their thousands to America and Europe to escape the indiscriminate slaughter.

8)   The vast numbers of these people on arriving in the AE countries were forced into segregation. Squalor, exploitation, hate, unemployment and open discrimination became their lot.

9)   These men women and children, who fled to the AE countries to survive, were abused and deprived of their basic Human Rights.

10)                       The Human Rights for these people enunciated in the UN Covenants on ‘Civil and Political Rights’ (CPR) and ‘Economic Social and Cultural Rights’ (ESCR) were, and continue to be, violated with impunity by the AE countries.

11)  The AE countries are continuing, without let up, to bomb and reduce the homes of the people in Syria Iraq and Afghanistan to rubble.

12)                       The AE countries are in the throes of a bloody civil war with their habitants of African – Arabian descent, fighting for their Human Rights, dignity, life and self rule.

13)                       The AE forces have a vastly superior military capability than the freedom fighters.

14)                       Arabs and Africans around the world are being targeted for ‘death’ by ‘hellfire’ missiles and ‘body snatches’.

15)                        Those surviving have been tortured and incarcerated, in secret prisons located in AE countries, for nearly 20 years, without due process of law; the guilt of these innocents the AE countries are unable to prove.

16)                       The President of the US has been authorized by the US to indulge in extra judicial killings by murdering any person, anywhere in the world, the President opines should die. Obama is propped up by the draconian ‘Patriot Act’.

17)                        To make matters worse America passed a law in 2014, ‘National Defence Authorisation Act’, that allows any person anywhere around the world to be detained indefinitely without recourse to Habeas Corpus or Due Process of Law.

18)                       The ongoing civil war in America and Europe affects the peace of the world; in the AE countries, replete with a white majoritarian attitude, the situation may demand a humanitarian military intervention by a world force to protect the lives of the African and Arabic people.

  1. Auxilaries of the American and European forces .

1)     Business Corporates. These are the entrenched Petro, Diamond, Gold Companies and their like which have a huge stake in Africa and the Middle East.

2)   NGOS. These are the Corporate funded NGOs, Foundations and their like which pose off as independent organisations and like to describe themselves as ‘Civil Society organisations’ when they have  only tenuously thin traces of germination from the real civil society.

3)   Fifth Columnists. These are those inhabitants living in Africa and the Middle East who like Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and many others have been bribed by the Corporates to work for the interest of America and Europe by being bestowed grandiose awards like the Nobel Prize, Magsaysay award and the like, a seemingly credible cover for their loot of big money, which they shamelessly receive but is masked by the hype of the event,. These persons can often be seen directing and managing NGOs Foundations and the like.

  1. Arabic and African Forces.

1)     Arab and African families were forced to flee their homes simply for the beneficence of breathing and living, when pogroms were unleashed on their countries by America and Europe.

2)   Those that fled into AE countries were trapped into a net that extended an option of slave wages or unemployment, a life of abject poverty, undisguised discrimination and a diet of hate often propagated by the governments of the AE countries.

3)    The people of the African and Arabian Exodus were easy bait for AE agencies which lured them with attractive financial inducements to join AE sponsored Islamic radical groups like the Al Nusra Front.

4)    Those people of African and Arabian origin swallowing the AE bait were then sent to military training camps in Jordan, Saudi, Congo and other such countries; these camps were funded by AE agencies and the trainees were required to fight regimes hostile to AE countries.

5)    One of those countries the trainees were inducted into was Syria, to fight and overthrow the legally elected government of Bashar al-Assad.

6)   The trainees once lured and duped into fighting in Syria or any other country for that matter, have had no chance of escape from this inextricable web; they are thereafter blackmailed by the AE agencies to continue fighting in Syria or elsewhere and to ‘volunteer’ into other violence related activity around the world; if they did not comply, their lives and those of their families back in the AE countries, were at risk.

7)    The AE countries, with the records of all those duped into joining AE sponsored radical groups, have the material evidence and the power to imprison, at any time, these ‘Arab Spring fighters’ – pure creations of AE countries – if those people chose to renounce violence and of their own accord returned to their families in America or Europe.

8)   Of course the ultimate alternative the AE countries have is the ability to implicate any one of those ‘Arab Spring Fighters’ returning to their homes in the AE countries without AE consent, in any violent incident orchestrated by the AE countries in America or Europe and thereafter in the clean up operation either arrest them or eliminate them as determined by the AE countries.

9)   The people of African and Arabian origin in America and Europe, fighting for their dignity and Human Rights, have the capability to conduct limited urban guerilla operations in the AE countries.

  1. Air. The AE forces have total Air superiority in Syria and in the AE countries.

The Execution of the plan and the Coordinating Details of the Peace Plan for America and Europe will be continued in part 2.

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