Thousands of ex-soldiers out of work because of Rajitha – Senadhipathi
Posted on December 8th, 2015

ඇවන්ගාඩ් සභාපති රාජිතට දෙහි කපයි

හතරවෙනි තට්ටුවට ගෙනගියත් ඇවන්ගාඩ් සභාපති නොසැලේ.. එන ගමනුත් රාජිතට පළු යන්න බනී.. [Video]


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Great man Sendhipathi stands up to these CROOKS and TERRORISTS running the country when some big name MPs hide on the budget voting day UNABLE and SCARED to vote against the budget.

    SOLDIERS and ARMY OFFICERS must come forward to eliminate threats to national security.

    MEN, MACHINES, MATERIALS & METHODS are needed for the NATION SAVING OPERATION. It can save 21 million people from another useless war.

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