Posted on December 20th, 2015

By Keerthi Waranakulasuriya – Defence Columnist, Sunday Divaina (translated  by Ranjith Soysa)

Within a few days the year 2015 will come to end. For the first time in the history, Sri Lankan defence forces will have to make amends for defeating the LTTE, the Tamil Terrorists. The war crimes charges are levelled against Sri Lankan defence forces by the Head of United Nation’s Human Rights Commission. Neither the High Commissioner, nor the countries such as the USA or the UK can intervene in Sri Lanka’s domestic issues as per the UN Conventions.

Therefore, the UN Human Rights Commissions does not have any powers to dictate that the SL defence personnel have to be punished for war crimes, the Sri Lanka government should do away with the PTA and should release the land used for the national security. But, what has happened is the recommendations of the Commissioner has been accepted by the Sri Lanka Government including the appointment of a hybrid investigation team to look into the alleged war crimes!

To plan the proposed investigation method a team of 10 persons will be traveling to Edinburgh in Scotland in the near future. The team will include members of the TNA and the Muslim Congress.

Who is behind the proposed trip to Scotland? It is  a NGO which did all possible to stop the Wanni military operations and is funded by the foreign sources. Even though the NGOs have no role in interfering into the defence force’s activities, they have become active partners in the investigating the alleged war crimes of in SL.

The UK is in the process of providing UK pounds 6.6 million to reorganize the SL Defence forces. In between the allegations of war crimes and the reconciliation concept promoted by the UK the Sri Lankan defence forces have been placed in an unenviable situation. Further, the UK is planning to be involved in the reorganization of the SL Police and starting a program to train the SL journalists on investigative journalism.

But the Western countries including the UK have refused to mention that the LTTE war criminals now living in the West should also be investigated. These war criminals now live in the UK, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway,, Sweden and Australia. The Inter-Pol has released a red notice on the most of these Tamil Tiger war criminals saying that they are required to be investigated.

One such wanted criminal is Kanthalingam Premragi alias Raggie who collected funds for the LTTE thro TRO, Before he was apprehended he ran away to the UK and has received political asylum in that country and still active in fund raising etc.

Similarly. The Norwegian Embassy in Sri Lanka helped a few LTTE activists to escape to Norway but, to date Norway has not revealed the names of these activists.

The following are the Tiger Terrorists who are wanted by the inter Pol.

Sivaganam, Ramacahandarn Abhiram, Wasantha Kumar Muthurasa. Jeagnathan, Jiaseelen, Navaneesan, Rasanyagam, Sri Ganesh Kandiah, Kanthalingam. Premargi, Marakandu, Sivarupna, Anthony Kalistan, Sinniah Gunasekeran, Raja Vadivel, Thamothrampilai Sudahrshan, Velupillai Revathan, Satakunarajah, Shabish, Sellaiah Raamchandran, Vinayagimoorty Sekaerapillai, Ravishanker Kanagarajah, Annalingam,Kandeepan. Thankikasalam, Sri Sankar. Wimalthan Ponnukone, Jeganathan, , Ponnukone, Vivekanathan, Subraminaum. Navarasa. Sabeshwarn, Sebestian Pillai, Kanthipan, Nadarajah Satahyseelan. Vivekanathan Navaneelan, Tony Jihas Murugapillai, Mannkavsagr Karathipan. Sanmugasundaram, Doraiaswamy Selvakumar, Kamalanthan, Sathiskumar, Jeyavinothan Rajamurthy, Karunakularathnam,  Navaneethna Rasanayagam, Vasantha Kumar Muthurasa, Jeyarathnam Rudrakumar, Jeyanthan Dharmalingam, Coomaraswmy Dharmakumar, Anthony Rajgas, Thambirajah Yougarajh, Jegan Mahalingam, Sivasankar Kandamanam, Sivasubramanium Hariram, Amaladas Jesurasa,  Chelliah Kapalan, Arulprakasam Bernard, Cruz, Navrathnam Jetamanoharan, Sivaparan Perimbanayagama, Nikapilai Emilkanthan and Acchudan.

From these terrorists, Jeaganathan, Dharmalingam was arrested by the French Police when he tried to get a police report for himself, But, the French Police did not hand him over to the Inter Pol.

Velupillai Revethan was a VP of a Sinhala NGO when he was planted by the LTTE to monitor the movements of former Defence Secretary and to explode a bomb near the Apollo hospital. The plot misfired and Revathan escaped to India.

Further, it can be revealed that a number of wanted LTTE terrorists had been given the political asylum by the Canadian Government and are still active in the LTTE movement. Kangarajah Ravisanker is presently one of the LTTE leaders in Canada and he has taken action to supply explosives to the LTTE in their war effort. He also worked under the no 2 of the LTTE ‘s arms supply group which operated from Bangkok under Ponnaih Anandarajah. Kanakrajah who was in the arms transportation wing of the LTTE organized two ship loads of asylum seekers to Canada and is now living in Canada. In one of these ships Manicavasagar Karathipan too travelled to Canada. It was revealed in a subsequent investigation that he was functioning under Pottu Amman in the LTTE’s intelligence wing. One of the leading members in Canada’s Tamil Congress, David Poopalaplliai did all that was possible to tell the Canadian Government that Karthipan was not an LTTE activist and should not be handed back to SL Govt. Kanagrajah Ravisanker too have received the Canadian citizenship with the help of Canadian Tamil Congress. It has be revealed that Ravisanker was working with Soosia, the LTTE’s Sea Tiger wing.

While providing facilities to hard core LTTE criminals Canada is insisting that Sri Lankan defence forces should be investigated and punished. Canadian Tamil Congress which worked in hand and glove with the LTTE and the LTTE members who sought asylum in Canada had been deleted from the list of Terrorists organizations by the present Sri Lankan Government!

It is indeed ironical to find nine Western countries have provided facilities to the hard core LTTE criminals to live as citizens while insisting that a war crimes probe of the UN should be launched against the defence forces of Sri Lanka.

Meantime, Norway which is one of the countries that had actively helped the LTTE criminals is to help draft the new constitution of Sri Lanka while engaged in a number of land surveys in the North of Sri Lanka to restrict the land used by the defence services to protect the national security.


(translated  by Ranjith Soysa)



    This will never happen because the every one of them was supported by “Tamils for OBAMA” Vikko. He is mighty powerful and controls the Raja Shabha (the upper house) in India.

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