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The President Mahinda Rajapakse is continuing to command the respect and administration of the Sri Lankans.  His Report Card of nine years of performance showed the qualities of a rare politician who placed his love for the country above everything else.  He did not blink a moment during the nine year period, to allow the country to go backward.  Instead he gave leadership to begin new ventures, one after another, to enhance the gross domestic productivity and per capita income.

Adam Smith was the first to realize  “that the Wealth of a Nation was not in the accumulation of commodities nor in the resource reserves that a nation may happen to possess. But rather wealth exists in the productive knowledge of its people. The ability to efficiently transform resources (factor inputs) into desired goods and services represents the true source of a nation’s wealth.”

President Mahinda Rajapakse in his nine year business plan and plan implementation had identified the new avenues and major capital expenditure projects that are needed to increase the wealth of the nation.  In order to achieve this important factor, he has upgraded the education sector from  Primary, Secondary, High School and through to University Level.  He did not restrict the education to selected few Schools in Colombo, instead upgraded the teacher training, development, curriculum changes and equipped the schools throughout the country with modern technologies.

The capital formation is a long process and it involves a waiting period for the transformation of the economy.   The President Mahinda Rajapakse had a major problem to solve as the first priority.  That was winning the war against the Tamil Terrorists.  Many other leaders would have spent most of the time concentrating on winning the war first, before embarking on expansion of the economy.


But President Mahinda Rajapakse did operate a double barrel strategy.  In the first phase,  he put in place the best strategies and plans to win the War and entrusted the plan implementation to professional soldiers.  As the Chief Commanding Officer he did provide the leadership, but did not interfere.  He had a distinct plan when to complete the war and was confident of accomplishing his target, even though major western leaders, United Nations and Indian politicians attempted to derail his plans.

Having placed the War Plans in full gear, he simultaneously embarked on addressing the key issues of rebuilding country and its neglected infrastructure.  He was able to display his achievements to the world leaders through regular visits to Sri Lanka  and by holding major events such as Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.  He build international confidence to attract major foreign investment conglomerates. International Insurers such as Lloyd had projected reduced risk factors in Sri Lanka and their premiums were drastically reduced by ranking Sri Lanka into a low risk country, thus enhancing the investment climate.

The management skills of this leader had shocked the world and some might have even  been irked. 


The change of President Mahinda Rajapakse regime nearly a year ago, had been a severe mistake and a drawback for the country. The economy and the entire country is now in total disarray.  Most of the projects that were nearing completion have been put on hold.  The new regime was unable to determine whether or not to go ahead with the Port Capital City Project.   Initially the new regime heavily attacked the project on the grounds of lack of proper feasibility study.  Then it turned into alleged corruption scandals.  After hibernating and lingering for nearly one year, this idiotic government had now finally decided to go ahead with the Port Capital City Project.


The International Monetary Fund had issued a warning on 17 December 2015 highlighting the deterioration of foreign currency reserves in Sri Lanka.  It said in the statement that “Deterioration in the overall balance of payments, the loss of central bank foreign exchange reserves, the weak state of public finances, and growing public debt are reasons for concern”.

In September and October this year, the Central Bank sold US800 million  to avoid a major financial crisis in the country. to defend the ailing Sri Lankan currency. This injection of funds were intended to finance oil imports and foreign outflows  from the government securities.

On December 19, the Prime Minister Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe made a candid comment that “Sri Lanka would seek an IMF stand-by arrangement to fend off risks from impacts of events affecting major economies next year”. Since making this statement, the Prime Minister and the President have made several changes to the budget, that will increase expenditure and decrease the revenue, further increasing the budget deficit.

Sri Lanka was on a strong footing till the end of last year.   The economy was moving at a speed, suddenly the new regime stalled economic activity.   This has decreased circulation of money, increased unemployment, decreased potential savings and investments.  The foreign investors are in two minds on the political stability of the country and delaying investing in Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately, there are no effective leaders in Sri Lanka to manage the economy.  Without  a War and reduced expenditure on defence, why the government is failing to meet its economic targets?

Sri Lankan rupee is expected to depreciate to Rs 160/USD by mid 2016. By end of November, the official foreign currency reserves were USD 7.3 billion. By November 2016, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka must repay foreign loans amounting to USD 4.75 billion.

With a fast depreciating local currency against the USDollar coupled with an  increase in budget deficit, rise in unemployment, fall in savings and investments, Sri Lanka is unfortunately is meeting the “BRAZIL CRISIS”  economic fundamentals.  For 2016, Brazil is brazing itself for a possible economic turnaround through Rio de Janerio International Olympics to be held in August.   What back-up is Sri Lanka  planning?

It is now evident that January 8 change should not have happened.    Those who provided leadership for the change are most likely to face public protests of massive scale.

Where will they hide?

Dhammapada Verse 67
Kassaka Vatthu

Na tam kammam katam sadhu
yam katva anutappati
yassa assumukho rodam
vipakam patisevati.

Verse 67: That deed is not well done, if one has to repent for having done it, and if, with a tearful face, one has to weep as a result of that deed.

Dhammapada Verse 69
Uppalavannattheri Vatthu

Madhumva mannati balo
yava papam na paccati
yada ca paccati papam
atha dukkham nigacchati.

Verse 69: As long as the evil deed does not bear fruit, the fool thinks it is sweet like honey; but when his evil deed does bear fruit, the fool suffers for it.


Dhammapada Verse 68
Sumanamalakara Vatthu

Tanca kammam katam sadhu
yam katva nanutappati
yassa patito sumano
vipikam patisevati.

Verse 68: That deed is well done if one has not to repent for having done it, and if one is delightful and happy with the result of that deed.

(Courtesy of Translated by Daw Mya Tin, M.A.


  1. Nimal Says:

    Disagree, MR is a lover of wealth at the expense of the country. One can’t fool the people all the time and the new regime is no better because it the same old wine in a new bottle.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    I agree with the author of this article, that the former President was a lover of the nation who even after having lost the presidency, agreed to remain as an ordinary member of parliament to serve the nation, rather than retire to live with all the perks and luxuries given to a former president. He is a statesman, more than a politician, as the projects he with his able brother Gotabaya, completed and those still in progress or in the drawing boards, are going to benefit the nation for the next century or more. In my opinion he could be ranked as the greatest Sri Lankan statesman since independence even eclipsing D. S Senanayake, since President Rajapakse had to first usher in peace in the country by defeating the most brutal and well organised terrorist movement in the world and simultaneously had to withstand the political onslaught of powerful foreign nations aiming to replace him with a puppet by derailing his ventures, as he was a true nationalists not going to stooge any foreign nation.
    The new regime so far had wasted one year without any economic development initiatives for the nation but instead, foolishly stopping those projects that were in progress. This could be because of a lack of vision or love for the nation of the new leadership. It is rumoured that the new leaders are competing with each other to please foreign powers who could nominate one of them for the next Nobel Peace prize, when in fact peace was already won for the nation by the former President Rajapakse in 2009.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    We think that the Yahap govt has deliberately crashed the Economy of the country, starting with the Central Bank bond scam. Downing, harassing and confusing the Sinhala/Buddhist majority (the leaders viz MR and others), the armed forces, the ordinary S/B people, part of the business sector (Avante Garde), etc.

    Right now there is a bought govt., rather dead. CBK & Ranil are more loyal to foreign countries.

    If Yahap is making changes, they have to make clear what the changes are and why they are doing it.

  4. cwije Says:

    False praises!!!

    Did he agree to remove 13-A? Did he give up Interfaith junk? Did he agree to give up multi-cultural junk. Did he accept Sri Lanka as the country fo Sinhala Buddhists with minorities give their due share?

    He will never win again unless he change.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some relevant Questions & Answers :

    Question : Who imposed the 13-A on Lanka ?

    Answer: INDIA

    Q: During whose tenure of office was the 13-A imposed ?

    A: During JRJ (UNP) time (1987).

    Q: Who therefore should remove the 13-A ?

    A: The UNP together with the Yahap govt & India (if they have any decency).

    We think that MR & GR have more than their fair share to protect and grow Lanka. Some ungrateful Lankans who were all fully with MR, the Armed Forces and the then govt., when the LTTE ran amok, are now ungratefully and ungracefully slamming MR & his govt. and the Armed Forces of Lanka.

    If MR did for Britain what he did for Lanka, by now he would be hailed like another Churchill (of WW II) and he would receive a Knighthood for his services to the Nation.

    Q: Why the lack of gratitude from some Lankans ?

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    I AGREE with Nimal and Cwije.

    MR had the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY in 2009 to FIX SL for good. SCRAP 13 amendment and SETTLE Muslim and Singhala people in the north.

    But he DID NOT. That is why we face all these problems. We know UNP TRAITORS will one day come back to power and they will ruin SL. That is their nature. When MR had the power he should have made it difficult.

    When you get the chance you must grab it. The VERY RARE 2009 opportunity will NOT come for another 500 years. Our fools WASTED it.

    e.g. You don’t get your salary everyday. You get it once a month. But that is to keep you going for a month. You can’t waste it on the day and take loans.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    For MR, there was no golden opportunity to remove the 13-A.

    After removing the LTTE, the MR govt was out of favor with both most of the west and India. Also, the favored partner for economic development, China, was being contained by super power groups !
    For MR to remove the 13-A, it is all easier said than done.

  8. Nanda Says:

    More we hang on to this man for no reason, more we will be in trouble and more the country will go further into darkness, whether he comes to power or not.

    Fran, I ask you a question then.

    Q: What sacrifices MR “personally” made ?

    This is not lack of gratitude, he is not ALLAH for us to show gratitude unconditionally. He was given back power in 2010 to put the country in a position that cannot be toughed again by anyone. He was given enormous power for that purpose.
    Hid he pay people gratitude back ? He has broken hearts of people. Even now he is back to 2014, not accepting ANY fault, because he see some advantage now.

    If you cannot understand this , let me give some material. Watch the statements by a man who whacked Rajiv Gandhi fearlessly.
    Before 2010 ,after 2010 and now.
    He strongly supported MR against Fonseka too. ( I saw one video but cannot locate it now) I don’t agree with him fully, but this is the general opinion of ANY real patriot.


  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Complete nonsense!

    You don’t need USA and Endia to scrap 13 amendment!! You only need 2/3 and MR had more than 2/3.

    He FAILED to do it.

    MR lost because of people like you who hail ANYTHING he does. A GOOD friend will NOT approve everything his friend does. Only a bad friend will say GO AHEAD when a friend does bad things or doesn’t do good things.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    KALAMA SUTRA must be turned into an INJECTION and should be given by force to everyone born in SL.

    Otherwise there will be people who will PRAISE THE BEAUTIFUL COAT of the king when the king is in fact STARK NAKED!!

  11. Nanda Says:

    Anyway, if he can construct a 3rd power and win people’s votes ( using ANY method), I will respect people’s decision. We should then fully support his government ( and the country) but still we should protest all wrong doings to come. That is how patriots should behave.

    Blind faith is STUPID. I too agree with Lorenzo and Cwije and also Nimal to some extent.

    HE DID NOT DO ANYTHING POSITIVE SINCE 2010 to serve Sinhala Buddhist. Show me ONE move.


    Dear Readers

    The first sentence should read as “The President Mahinda Rajapakse is continuing to command the respect and admiration of the Sri Lankans”.

    The typographical error is regretted.

  13. Cerberus Says:

    The 13A was imposed by India on Sri Lanka under duress. So MR could not remove it without discussions with India. India violated our air space without permission which means if they wished they could just invade and take over Sri Lanka. All our leaders were always wary of India which was governed by uneducated louts and criminals. Their foreign policy was dubious. India would behave in most unpredictable ways. MR was biding his time to see when he could do it. He may have felt that after the election if he got a strong mandate from the nation he would be able to do it. Unfortunately our foolish people had forgotten the past so soon and voted against him due to false media campaigns by the opposition. In any case the January election was cheated as proven by Dilrook Kannangara and others. So was the August election. Now the entire country will suffer.

  14. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Nanda,

    I agree with your opinion about MR.

    Enough has been said about his involvement with the war. He did his part and the people showed him their gratitude. He was elected and re-elected as the constitution dictated. That was the utmost the people could do for him. If he had gone the whole distance he would be president even today. But like Oliver Twist he wanted MORE and MORE and MORE. In the end he wanted ALL and ALL THE TIME. But time and tide are not the property of any man. The people did not let him down. On the contrary it was HE who let down the people by asking them for mandates which were beyond their capacity to give. There is nothing more intoxicating than the ‘wine of power’.

    Every leader what ever be the domain of his leadership serves his time. When their time passes they pass away too. Sure time is for all, but no one is for all time !

    MR thought he was for all time and so do his adulators think as well. But time has proved both parties to be wrong. Time is the ultimate winner. Those who fight to reverse the nature of time are acting against their own natures.

    Thank you, Nanda

    Mario Perera

  15. cwije Says:

    Sri Lanka or Sinhale will have or can think of a future if people who still promote MR could digest that without MR Sri Lanka could still survive. Udaya Gammanpila and Dinesh and Wimal W will have no immediate future as long as they think MR is a YUGU Pirusaya. Let me go to retirement like a spent bullet.

  16. Nanda Says:

    Thank you for the compliment Mario.

    I believe most people here want our county to be peaceful and prosper.
    But the problem is they have to hang on to someone. That someone is MR who managed to do something no other president could manage. There is no one in the scene.
    There are few, making noises but not track record.

    However, we must think differently than hanging on to him because there is no one. He himself could have done NOTHING if not for so many people risked their lives and a lot of them simply died for the country. He did not die or even got injured, nor his relatives. If he wanted, he had ample opportunity to do it properly. But what did he do ? 2010 onwards were spent on ,

    tyring to win UK, USA, INDIA desperately in wrong way
    trying to satisfy local minorities only but often displayed lack of honesty

    Unfortunately, neither he, nor his supporters show any remorse for wasting 4 years on critical national matters.
    If they change tomorrow and acknowledge mistakes and show an honest plant rather than sabotage using maximum resources, that honesty will be seen and valued by everybody.

    That is the VENASA we want to see.

  17. Nanda Says:

    “MR could not remove it without discussions with India.”

    Do you honestly think if he removed 13A by 2011 ( may be with a completely new constitution with a guarantee of equal status to every citizen), <India would invade us ?

    BTW I am not talking about removing 13A only. People naturally expected him to do a lot of other things.
    People are not foolish. Politicians try to FOOLS them. They cannot fool them all the time , unless the nation has no intellectuals at all.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    What a tirade of comments to ‘drop MR’ !! These folk sound afraid of him …. because he is not ‘waggable’ enough to foreign countries, and is for Labor rights ?

    Dear ‘tirade’ Readers,

    MR saved your Nation from a sure death with the LTTE. Be a little grateful to him. That is all we ask.

    We, the faithful TO A UNITARY LANKA, shall always look up to him as a Great Leader of Lanka.

  19. Cerberus Says:

    To all of you who have written against MR all I can say is that you are all so ungrateful. MR not only freed the country of terrorism, he built up the infrastructure in the North and East which had been destroyed by the LTTE, as well as developing the south. Today people can go freely about their business thanks to him. He used the 13A for the benefit of the people. He had his hands full trying to bring law and order to a country where law and order had been absent for 30 years. Removing the 13A would have been a contentious issue for the Tamil leaders, diaspora and India. As it was there was a lot of pressure against him from the West, India and UNHRC. If he had done anything special for the Sinhalese like removing 13a they would have labelled him as being chauvinistic. He tried to be a leader to all the people including the Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese. What he tried to do was to make it possible for any Sri Lankan to live any where in Sri Lanka. However the Tamil leadership did not want to cooperate with him because the armed forces had killed Prabhakaran whom they saw as their saviour. They joined the arab spring type movement which rose up against MR which could not be stopped. Even Gaddafi who had done so much for the people of Libya was toppled by the arab spring funded by the West just like in Sri Lanka. If you want to see what MR achieved go to the web site.

  20. Leela Says:

    I request those who criticize MR not forget, he is just another man and no super man. If not for MR, the separatist war would never have ended either we would be still fighting it or this island would have been dimay well be two countries a long way back leave out his tremendous achievement of uplifting the living standard of the ordinary citizens.
    in many aspects by threefold during his tenure of nine years. So, he is bound to have made his short comings.

  21. Leela Says:

    I request those who criticize MR not forget, he is just another man and no super man. If not for MR, the separatist war would never have ended either we would be still fighting it or this island would have been divided a long way back leave out his tremendous achievement of uplifting the living standard of the ordinary citizens. So, he is bound to have made his short comings.

  22. douglas Says:

    Very interesting dialogue. In a way I am happy that people are drifting away from venerating people however much they have done what was expected from them and entrusted them to do. That is what exactly what we expected and entrusted Mr. Mahainda Rajapakse to do for us from 2010 t0 2014. Unfortunately, he could not and allowed to do do that expected and entrusted task for the country and the nation. There is no ONE to deny what he did in giving that “Political Leadership” to defeat Terrorism and bring our much desired Peace. But I always maintained that from 2010 to 2014 he drifted away and “waylaid” from the EXPECTED and ENTRUSTED task of “Re – Building the Country and the Nation” mostly due to his “Ego” based “Image Building” imposed upon him by the “GOONS” and the “FAMILY BANDITS” and that which itself how we we LOST a capable Leader. When I said this fact in another web page, there were “Umpteen” number of readers to put down their fingers down and condemn me and that itself proves how we still hang our future in “Persons” rather than on our sound policies and action plans. In a way coming back to MR’s situation, he is a person who has LOST opportunities and still I do not see any improvement in him, that which, I suppose, he is still embroiled in a complicated situation of “Freeing himself” and that of his “Goons” and “Family Bandits” from innumerable allegations of WRONG DOINGS. I am prepared to give him that space, PROVIDED he CLEARS all that hanging on him. That is a MUST and a PREROGATIVE for him. So FIST clean yourself and offer your services to the country. I know it will be a DAUNTING TASK for him.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    “MR could not remove it without discussions with India.”

    NO. 13 amendment is part of SL constitution and IF SL was an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY from 2010 to 2015 SL could have removed it.

    IF SL was NOT an independent country from 2010 to 2015, then what you say is true.

    Anyway there is no point blaming MR now for his PAST mistakes. He cannot be president again and the president APPOINTS PM and OPPOSITION LEADER. So MR cannot be any of those.

    He is in bad health recently. Couldn’t go to parliament when the budget was taken up for voting due to bad health.

    We have to find a new leader. MR will not leave SLFP.

    When the war crimes BS starts next month they will bring BS charges against MR and GR and grill them. So far ALL their attempts to send them to jail FAILED. But relative ENDIA supports sending him to jail over war crimes BS (return favor for NOT scrapping 13 amendment). So we need to find a NEW leader.

    DINESH G is my choice. He is experienced, educated, decent, patriotic. Most importantly NOT a SLFP member.

  24. Nanda Says:

    Please do not promote the idea DO NOT CRITISIZE. That is the very basic reason for defeat.

    So, your argument is MR is another human being, but I have given a counter argument which you did not even read. Douglas too mentioned is at the end of his comment.

    People elect “ordinary human beings” to these “super human jobs”. They expect “superman” job, not “ordinary innocent civilian” job.

    Why ? Because the politician behaves like a “SUPERMAN” during election time.

    Therefore, if, after the election, they rivet back to “ordinary human” they are liars, cheaters and Drohiyas. If some how they manage to fulfil one or two “SUPERHUMAN” demands, they become heroes. People will re-elect them again, forgetting few “ordinary ” behaviour.

    But MR’s case goes beyond that. Remember 26000 “extraordinary” soldiers sacrificed their lives , for you to get the wrong idea that “MR WON The WAR”. Even an ordinary citizen feel this obligation, gratitude and he should feel million times more obliged to put the country on the right tract which cannot be pulled back by anyone again.

    After few week of being defeated, he came back to the right track declaring ” I mad mistakes”. Then came the “rise with Mahinda” campaign ( which you too participated ). With that campaign, he immediately changed his words and said that mistake was “not pursuing Premadasa’s daughter’s printing money”. That proves his character.

    I believe the main mistake he did was not stealing money but terrorising and stealing people to express their opinion and criticise him and his family members. STEALING of FREEDOM. That is the reason he lost.

    As currently stands, he WON THE WAR for us, we were the fools to kick him out. Hang on to this and suffer.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    27,000 Singhala poor young men sacrificed their lives to win the war.

    They are the ones who made SACRIFICES to win the war.

    The bigger question is WHAT WE DID AFTER WINNING THE WAR?

    Japan and Germany LOST the war. But look where they are now? SOVIET UNION WON the war. Look where it is now?

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    What is more important is WHAT WE DID WITH THE WAR VICTORY.

    e.g. IF Mr X earns a PHD and then stays at home sleeping and boasting, what’s the use?

    Japan and Germany LOST the war. But look where they are now? Other countries go begging to them. SOVIET UNION WON the war. Look where it is now? RIP in hell.

  27. Nanda Says:

    There is no need for new leader to win next election. When current SPERMEN become ordinary, any other MAN or WOMAN will be given the SUPER title.
    Who was MY3 ? less than ordinary. Even he won. Why ?

    We need a leader to bring the country back to 2010. And we need him NOW, not at next election. He should be a Superhuman. Even an ordinary human ( with some courage and conscience) could have done it from 2010. Now we need SUPERMAN.

  28. Nanda Says:

    “WHAT WE DID WITH THE WAR VICTORY”. This is exactly where I started this dialogue.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    All these people who say ‘we need to bring the country back to 2010’ are living in a dreamland – as bad as dreaming about the mythical Eelam. Get real, please ! Some of the pieces written above sounds too silly to behold.

    Look, masses of people, after a long drawn out war, are weary and tired. They just want to get on with their lives. They want to mourn their over 27,000 dead, (plus Tamil LTTE dead too) find relief from war, tsunami, and political strife of many decades. They simply do not have the energy to ‘rah ‘rah with great energy ! It is pointless blaming the leader, MR in this case, that he was no Superman to fly in through the windows and put bursts of energy here and there. He did pretty well as a war Prez and afterwards too. Of course, he built up an image because that is the way of the East (India in particular, where our culture comes from). He was catering to the ordinary folk, not the Colombians.

    There is campaign on to make people ‘drop MR’. It’s like telling ordinary Brits to ‘drop Churchill’ or the ordinary Americans to ‘drop the Roosevelts (Theodore & Franklin Delano). Even if MR steps off politics, the ordinary folk will NEVER forget him. Neither will any concerned and decent citizen of Lanka.

    Pray let us know if the above writers do find their political SUPERMAN (has to be not human, by his very nature of being Superman) !
    This sounds like some extreme American idea where some politicians, film stars and stage performers are expected to entertain the BORED public 24/7 ! In fact, it sounds like a Colosseum of sorts that our Dept of Silly Stuff is waiting
    for … !

  30. Lorenzo Says:


    We won the war in 2009. Then what? Winning the war is the START of a new nation. It is NOT an end in itself!!!

    We BOAST about winning the war and make TNA-LTTE VIGGIE the chief minister of the north?
    We BOAST about winning the war and accumulate DEBT to over $50 billion?
    We BOAST about winning the war and keep war time 13 amendment to DIVIDE the country?
    We BOAST about winning the war and keep KP like a VIP.


    Get real, Fran. Tell me ONE if you can.

    As I said even SOVIET UNION won the war. But what happened? They ended up broken!!!

    Germany and Japan LOST the war but won the game eventually!!

    What matters is what we did with the war victory. We messed it up big time.

  31. Nanda Says:

    Another disappointment !

    “”It was quite embarrassing. A pathetic batting display, we didn’t give our bowlers a chance,”Angelo Mathews says, “Three more games to go, its unfortunate we couldn’t even compete in the first two. We wanted ot be positive up front and not lose too many wickets. But we out middle order was exposed again. Use the time off for a net and then also to get our mindsets right, talk to the boys and keep ourselves motivated. There are three more games to turn it around. It was a belter of a pitch, the execution was probably [wrong] It didn’t seam and bounce, just was just bad shot selection”

    Here he cannot even see the main problem. Main problem is bowling and catching.

    Here I want to start “DROP KULASEKARA NOW” campaign.

    But if you look at the scores you may see Kulasekara as a GOD.

    Last match he scored 58 out of 188. Methews faced only 1 ball.
    This match he scored 19 out of 117.

    It appears like not his fault and it is not his faults.

    But if you analyse the whole thing and followed your cricket , you know he shouldn’t be in the team
    Sure, he made Sri Lanka proud those good old days. But what is he doing now ?

    He is the opening blower. His 128 kPh ( with a little swing) is the best way to warm up and give a solid start to batsmen. Very good practice for them. He did this in the last match and gave so much confidence to New Zealanders.
    Look at the score today.
    Matin Guptil was dropped off first ball of Chameera. Gupilt score 93 bloody runs in 30 bloody bowls.

    Please selectors. Please drop Kulasekara and bring in a young fast bowler who can blow at 140 so that we have two proper opening bowlers who trouble batsmen. Chameera alone cannot do. You are destroying and demoralising young fast bowlers.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka keeps losing because of the ‘welcome mat’ to hundreds of thousands of Tamil Nadu Dalit illegal migrants !
    And that began with the British & Dutch Colonial times, hundreds of years ago.

    REMOVING THE ROOT CAUSE of all trouble : Remove the Tamil language as an O&N language of Lanka – sad truth but must be done. UNP must, along with Yahap & India, remove the 13-A with Tamil language as an Official language attached. Good first step to solve ‘National Question’.

    I close my case.

  33. Lorenzo Says:

    The problem is NOT KULASEKARA. He is the HIGHEST SCORING batsman in ALL games so far and BEST bowling today.

    The problem is BATSMEN.

    They are totally USELESS.

  34. Sooriarachi Says:

    Look at the big picture, rather than harp on petty matters, simply because of internal political rivalries and inability to admit what SriLanka is enjoying today is what MR achieved against all odds. Today we have peace, development and freedom to travel within the country without fear. Corruption and nepotism cannot be stopped as we saw in the very first 100 days of the Sirisena/Ranil regime.

    We must thank our lucky stars that MR was courageous enough to stand up to the combined efforts of the brutal Tigers, our “friendly” neighbour India and the “anti-Chinese” Western nations, to finally rescue Sri Lanka and usher in peace and rapid development, after being battered and bruised for 30 long years. All of us are today enjoying the benefits which we could have enjoyed long before, if only we had a leader like MR when the armed forces were on the verge of victory, but stopped by weak leaders who succumbed to foreign pressure.

  35. SA Kumar Says:

    Germany and Japan ( VP & co ) LOST the war but won the game eventually!!
    not one Two TE !!! ( benefit (free money ) from Central Govt 1/9 is greater than 2/9).

    You Chinhala Modaya !!!

  36. Fran Diaz Says:

    First, I would like to say many thanks to Mr M.D.P. Dissanayake for this timely article. This is a belated but heartfelt thanks. He has highlighted the most important items affecting the country at the present time.


    MR and the armed forces were NEVER the problem of Lanka ! They are the saviors of Lanka. They are being used as ‘red herrings’ to cover the real intents and actions of the Yahap govt.

    Mr Sooriarachi is right.
    Lankans have to concentrate on the big picture. The Economy is taking a sharp downward turn after the Yahap govt came into power. Their efforts to contain the “MR image” and wreck some type of weird revenge on the armed forces and the MR govt., whilst turning westward willy nilly, has resulted in a dangerous Economic situation. In the end, the Economy is also the casualty in this sick exercise.

    Now the stage has been purposely set for adverse Laws to be put in place and the ‘sale of the country’ to go through. For example, 5,000 acre parcels of land to be leased to foreigners on 99 yr leases. This is a virtual of the sale of the country itself. And what happens to the govt held vast tea plantations in all this ? There is NO public discussion or protest on this matter. Why is that ?

    The other matter is the impending IMF loan as per Ranil. Under Ranil, any IMF loan may carry some draconian
    conditions adverse to the integrity of Lanka ?

    There has been a deliberate crashing of the Ecnomy, isn’t it ? For what purpose other than take IMF conditional loans to deliberately split the country, under the cloak of Reconciliation ? This is the typical ‘mallung’ type of peace envisaged by Ranil & CBK, the proven Failed Duo.

    The US has stated clearly (via representative Mr Shannon) that it is Sri Lanka as a Trade Route that makes Lanka important, and Lanka must therefore be a peaceful nation for the sake of International Trade. Act on that. So it is the Ports that matter most with internal peace.
    Re internal peace : Do not invite illegal Tamil Dalit migrants into the country to destable it. With the welcome mat of the Tamil language in place, Ranil is also proposing to build a bridge to Tamil Nadu which will allow millions of Tamil Dalits who suffer atrocities to pour into Lanka. Such moves will divide the country further and destabilise the country further.

    Remove the Tamil language from Lanka as a N&O language and peace will prevail as division by language will cease. Removal of the Tamil language can be done in a phased out manner.

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