Posted on February 5th, 2016

By Stanley Perera from Melbourne

Until late 90s Tamil minority dominated white collar jobs in the public sector and almost 75% of the Medical, Engineering, accounting and all top jobs in the country.

During the time of colonial rule divide and rule policy of the British regime played a key role in patronising the Tamils in the North.  Christian missionary managed by the Christian church educated the Tamil youth in English language while majority Sinhalese who deprived with English language education in the South except in the major cities.  Tamils were lulled patted while the Majority 76% of the Sinhalese were not employed in the public sector jobs.  Hence minority Tamils 12.5% took the upper hand against the Majority Sinhalese.  Sinhalese being the proud race and indigenous people of Sri Lanka were reluctant to serve under foreigners.  That was quite a set back to the Sinhalese Buddhists being the Majority population of Sri Lanka.

It was a myth that Tamils are clever, intelligent and academics than the Majority population.  If that is so, how come the Tamil Nadoo Tamils are so backwards, illiterate and uneducated?  How come Tamil Nadoo Tamils were brought in to Sri Lanka by the colonial masters to do the cooli’es jobs and as cheap plantation labourers?  Tamil Nadoo Tamils were fooled to believe that Maldive Fish was grown under the Tea bushes.  The Tamils in the North came to Sri Lanka as illegal immigrants (kallathonis) and as invaders.

1950s to 1970s some youth sate for the exams in the deep South and all Tamil youth in the South sat for the exams in the North specially Jaffna.  Dry Zone areas like Hambanthota needed lowmarks to enter the University.  But the Situation in the North was quite different to that of the South.  The pass rate in the North was over 90%.


Tamil national Perimpanayagam was the commissioner of examination for quite a long time.  Perimpanayagam leaked out the question papers to the Tamils of the North and the Tamils passed the exams with flying colours.  So that is the secret of Tamils becoming a clever race and how the minority Tamils ripped off the Majority Sinhalese.  It is also believed Perimpanayagam issued to the Tamils bogus certificates in the Government service.large numbers to secure Top administrative and civil service jobs in


  1. Christie Says:

    Thank you Stanley.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil folk had it so good under the Brits that some of them continue to want ‘more of the same’ according to some articles I have read in the current media.

    * We say that those who love Brits ought to live in Britain.

    * Those who love the Tamil language and culture ought to live in Tamil Nadu.

    * Those who love Lanka and the Lankan ways ought to live in Lanka.

    Sounds reasonable ?

  3. Dham Says:

    Thank you very much Stanley. This truth shall be published worldwide. We need more writers to come up with their personal experience.

    But alarming fact is this problem has come up again. This time Muslims cheating 90%.

    1. Under previous government Justice Minister Hakhim cheated Law College entrance exam. I don’t know any follow up happened or not.

    2. Not too long ago Pharmaceuticals Exam cheated by Muslims. I learn that 90% Muslims passed and Sinhala candidates failed.

    Looks like Allah supplying the questions to the cheats.

    Where are the —king Sinhala leaders taking action using CID, FCID , POLICE or any mechanism available ?

    We need to produce a lot of MADU VALIGES to lash the idiots ( Sinhala thieves).

  4. Cerberus Says:

    How about the latest thief brought in by the Yahapalanaya from Singapore to run the Central bank, Arjun Mahendran. Was the Central Bank scam ever properly investigated? Why is he still there? At end of 2014 the Rupee was at about 130. In one year after the work of Paskaralingam (Treasury boss), Arjun Mahendran, and RW the country is on a steep drop to being financially unstable. The Rupee is now almost 155, The foreign reserves have dropped steeply. IMF is warning Sri Lanka to take immediate action. Only money that has come into the country is from a money launderer (I think) whose name has not been revealed to the Parliament. The guys in suits are keeping the others in National dress cowed. Does the suit give them impunity? The big honcho RW looks ridiculous in the suit. He needs suspenders for the trouser which he keeps pulling up to keep it from falling down.

    No projects have started after Yahapalanaya. Even the projects Mahinda had started were stopped and they have not been able to get them going. I saw that the Port City project was approved. But no work has started on it. Divinaguma which was a project the lives of rural people, which was going well was stopped. The expressway from Hambantota to Kataragama was stopped after completing 80% instead they are going to do a road in Polonnaruwa. I cannot help feeling that this Govt is under orders to crash the economy so that the people become helpless and then impose the Federal state after that.

  5. Dham Says:

    Muslim problem is critical now. Sinhala people from border villages were settled in the jungle using Muslim money and Muslim were given land with all facilities including excellent roads by clearing areas close to Wilpattu.
    But here we are discussing the issue of cheating exams which kills the chance for Sinhala people to come up. The new rich politicians don’t care. They take money given by Muslims.

    Surely central bank robbery is important ( which started by previous governor and now they steal outright) but please don’t divert the attention away from topic.

  6. Cerberus Says:

    I agree the Muslim cheating is reaching massive proportions. Eastern province Muslims are Tamils. There are supposed to be at least 50,000 Muslim Maldivians in the country. Is anyone checking all these people. Sinhalese have lost their country to the crooks from everywhere. The reason I mentioned the people like Arjun, Paskaralingam etc. is because they are also crooked cheats like the others mentioned by Stanley Perera. In the 1960’s people like Prof. Mylvaganam, Prof. Arulprgasam used to openly discriminate in the Colombo University against Sinhala students. Idiots like Anura Kumara Dissanayake are so busy speaking against Mahinda on petty things they have lost the big picture. It is Sinhala jealousy which will destroy them as always.

  7. Sooriarachi Says:

    Cheating by Tamil lecturers and Tamil university examiners to help the Northern Tamils to enter universities was quite well known. It was said that, not only did they leak the examination papers to Northern Tamils (though not to so called low caste Tamils, Eastern Province Tamils or the plantation Indian Tamils, all of whom they considered inferior), these Tamil examiners also cheated by inflating the Tamil students marks on answer scripts. As a remedy the Government introduced Id numbers to replace names of students on answer papers, but this too was cunningly circumvented using quite unethical methods. There was an instance when lorry loads of answer papers sent to the Valaichenai paper factory for pulping, just after the examinations and before they could be re-scrutinised and some of those trucks intercepted and answer papers recovered for scrutiny. It took quite sometime for the Government analyst to identify the modus operandi of cheating, and eventually they found that most if not all Tamil students had made a small mark on a particular spot on the third page or so in their answer scripts, so that Tamil examiners could identify Tamil students and inflate their marks. This was the time almost all the examiners in the University were Tamils.

    In a further attempt to at least reduce these frauds, a Muslim Minister of Education Mr Baduideen (?) introduced a standardisation scheme for university entrance, where students from schools in remote areas with less teaching facilities, could enter at lower marks than in grade one schools mainly in Jaffna and Colombo. This allowed many Muslims, Eastern Province Tamils, Rural Sinhalese and even Indian Tamils to enter Universities even though the government still could not eliminate the malpractices of Tamil lecturers and examiners. Even this well meaning step taken by the Minister to assist students from less equipped schools to get in to universities, was condemned by the racists and publicised around the world as discrimination against Tamils, even though it helped the Tamils too from remote regions.
    Unfortunately we cant win against their money backed false propaganda campaigns, because of human weakness common amongst many politicians and journalists to succumb to bribes and other favours.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dishonor, cheat & deceit here among Tamil folk.

    What do Tamil Leaders have to say to all this ? Do they ever think seriously about anything ? Even the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 is still not revoked officially.

    TAMIL LEADERS have set the tone for lack of PATRIOTISM in Lanka.

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