Sri Lanka: Holy Qur’an Sinhala Translation gifted to Cardinal Dr. Malcom Ranjith
Posted on February 7th, 2016

Abdul Aziz – Press Secretary. AHMADIYYA  MUSLIM  JAMA’AT – SRI LANKA

A three member delegation from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Sri Lanka (AMJSL) comprising Mr.A. Abdul Aziz, Press Secretary and National Director Faith Outreach – AMJSL Moulavi K. Muneer Ahmad (Missionary – Pasyala) and Murabbi Javid Raheem visited to Archbishop House in Colombo on Friday 5th February, 2016 to gift Holy Qur’an Sinhala Translation to  Cardinal Dr. Malcom Ranjith (Head of the Catholic Community in Sri Lanka) to mark love and religious harmony.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by Cardinal Dr. Malcom Ranjith who showed much interest to know about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam. When he was informed about the translation of Holy Qur’an into 76 languages, he praised this valuable effort and said that he continuously following to know about Ahmadiyya Community.

The delegation took this opportunity to highlight more about the Community and briefed about the tireless efforts being made by the Khalifa and the Ahmadiyya worldwide leader, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, by spreading the true teachings of Islam through various means, particularly addressing lawmakers at Capitol Hill, EU Parliament, in Ireland Parliament, and recently the Dutch Parliament. He was informed about the gist of His Holiness’ address during the recent Dutch Parliament visit. A copy of the address in gist was given to Cardinal.

The delegation also briefed him about the peace efforts being initiated by the World-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community by holding Peace Conferences in various countries and recalled such Peace Conference held in Colombo in 2012 and the participation of representatives from Christianity. Moreover, it was informed to the Cardinal about the Ahmadiyya Peace Award to promote peace globally.

When the Cardinal was told about service of Humanity by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community through Humanity First, he was recalled about the service rendered by Humanity First in Sri Lanka, during the 2004 Tsunami devastation.

When the subject of terrorism in the name of religion came into surface, the Cardinal accepted that there is extremism even in Christianity and said all religions do not promote violence and extremism in any form and emphasized the importance of working hard collectively to wipe out these violence from the earth.

While gifting the copy of Holy Qur’an Sinhala Translation to the Cardinal, he was told about presentation of Holy Qur’an to Pope Benedict XVI by the Ahmadiyya Community and the relevant photo was given to him with more details.

The book – The World Crisis and the Pathway To Peace was also gifted to Cardinal.

Moreover, along copy of the Sinhala Translation of the Holy Qur’an with some other literatures including Peace Messages in English as well as Sinhala were presented. The Sinhala Translation of the book ‘The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam’ written by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam, also presented.

Cardinal Dr. Malcom Ranith accepted our gifts with utmost dignity and respect.

People should read and understand this Holy Book – that is our prayers and wish.

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