Hegemonic India unfurls plans to colonize Sri Lanka
Posted on February 8th, 2016

By A.A.M.Nizam – Matara.

India has a set of very powerful and competent bureaucratic band fully assisted by the RAW espionage agency and thousands of wealthy, professional and influential non-resident Indians resident in the wealthy nations of the world.  This combination has already established their hegemony in the neighbouring countries such as Nepal and Bhutan and a long term objective of theirs is to spread the tentacles of their hegemonic octopus to get Sri Lanka also subjugated under them.

All these years Sri Lanka escaped from getting entrapped to their hegemonic maneuvers due to strong nationalistic Sri Lanka Freedom Party government existed under the former President Mahinda Rajapksa.  However the floodgates for Indian intrusion into our trade, professional and service sectors have been opened with the dismissal of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government with the aegis of the RAW and western espionage agencies and installing the puppet government of Bra Sirisena and the Indian stooge Ranil Wickremasinghe.

Regardless of the opposition from the exporters, professionals and service sector personnel of Sri Lanka, the Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade Malik Samarawickrama has said that the Sri Lankan government is planning to deepen bilateral relations with India through the Indo–Lanka Economic and Technology Co-operation Agreement (ETCA) and they intend to ink it by mid-2016.

This so called new agreement has been planned to sign in place of the much criticized Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) which was being negotiated between both sides for many years as a sequel to the India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISLFTA) of 2000,

India seems to be highly impatient to get this agreement signed and the Indian External Affairs Minister Mrs. Shushma Swaraj’s visit to Sri Lanka last week was indeed to make inroads to get this agreement signed and enlist projects in the North, the East and in the Hill country (the new  vista for Indian domination in Sri Lanka) exclusively for Indians.  One should not under estimate Mrs. Shushma like our infantile Ministers since she is a very successful Minister of External Affairs India has got similar to our former Foreign Minister the late Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar.

The projects she has enlisted to be carried out by India includes development of the Palaly Airport, infrastructure enhancement of the Kankesanturai Port, the Sampur Power Plant, a special economic zone in Trincomalee, the Oil Tank Farms project in Trincomalee and construction of the Jaffna Cultural Centre on a grant basis and water supply projects estimated at a cost of nearly US$ 475 million to be undertaken by Indian companies under the Buyers’ Credit Scheme of the EXIM Bank of India.

Further they also want to undertake under the Small Development Project (SDP) model establishment of the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Complex in Kilinochchi; Campus of University of Jaffna; Skills Development Centre of the Faculty of Agriculture in Kilinochchi; Construction of the Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Auditorium at the University of Ruhuna; Construction of the Mahatma Gandhi International Centre in Matale; Establishment of English Language Labs in all nine provinces of Sri Lanka; Renovation of the Duraiappah Stadium in Jaffna and Renovation of the Child Development Centres in plantation areas.

She has also held discussions on the construction by India of a 200-bed ward complex and supply of medical equipment to the District Hospital in Vavuniya in addition to the supply of medical equipment to District Hospitals in Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu.
In the Estates sector, India will work on the construction of a state-of-the-art 150-bed hospital in Dickoya, Hatton, with development assistance from India.

In the tourism sector, they intend to establish the Ramayana Trail in Sri Lanka and the Buddhist Circuit in South Asia.

She has urged early signing of the revised Air Services Agreement that has been pending since September 2013 and both sides have agreed to enhance cooperation in the aviation sector, including in areas of aeronautical search and rescue, capacity building and training and use of the Indian satellite system GAGAN.

As regards construction and renovation of 50,000 houses it has been pointed that construction of 44,000 houses have already been completed and the construction of the remaining 4,000 houses in the Uva and Central Provinces will be undertaken shortly.

The Press Trust of India reported yesterday that India is keen to establish refinery and bunkering operations in Sri Lanka. The Indian Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said that he hopes that India will once again be in a position to export petroleum products to Bangladesh with the commissioning of Paradip refinery in India which was declared open by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday.

When we carefully analyze the aforementioned plans and intensions it is evident that the hegemonic India will soon dominate and economically rule the Northern and Eastern provinces and the hill country and the proposed projects will have Indians as their managers and workers thus denying employment opportunities to the much needed and deserving Sri Lankans. Earlier it was thought that India wants to rule North and East as their 26th State and with the new trends it seems that want to make the government of Sri Lanka a puppet regime and rule all parts of Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, the IT professionals in Sri Lanka have voiced reservations over the ETCA that allows free movement of IT professionals across the two countries.  They feel it will lead to a large number of Indian IT professionals flooding Sri Lanka thereby denying job opportunities for locals.

The apex body of professionals in Sri Lanka, the Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) has expressed its deep concern over the proposed ETCA. The Head of the OPA Rohana Kuruppu has said that the deal is absolutely unnecessary as Sri Lanka has sufficient professional resources”.

He has warned that such an agreement to bring foreign professional services to the country can be detrimental to the local professional resource base.

The Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies, an organisation which looks after the interests of IT professionals in the country has also expressed concern over the proposed ECTA saying that it will not support any agreement that is detrimental to the industry and the country.

A group, called the Sri Lanka Solidarity Movement, in a letter to President Maithripala Sirisena, has also voiced opposition to the ETCA, saying the agreement will create a situation where Sri Lanka will be flooded with labourers and professionals from India.

The joint Engineers’ Association and the joint Professionals Association have also expressed their strong opposition to signing of this agreement with India and they have organized to hold a foot walk and a rally against this ignominious agreement on the 11th of this.  All Sri Lankans should join these patriotic professionals and express their vehement opposition to this agreement which is very much harmful to this country.  Let us remain as a free nation and not become a colony of India

7 Responses to “Hegemonic India unfurls plans to colonize Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    IF ETCA goes ahead only a riot can save SL.

    At last BUSINESSMEN are feeling the PAIN of voting for the UNP!!

  2. Christie Says:

    British-Indian Empire.
    Idian Empire.
    Indian colonial parasites.
    Indian vermin.

    The non violent threat to people like us.

    I am sure there are a lot of Senior Indian vermin officials in the Obama Administration than Black Americans.

  3. Sirih Says:

    Whole thing is a Trojan horse. Agreement says no labour transfer, but unlimited capital to SL. With so much capital they insist other labour to come to SL since this is happening already.
    Indian parasites living in Sl is after quick kill with out knowing the danger to our jobs and business.

  4. Dham Says:

    Who trust this governement to take care of the country when signing these agreements ?
    People have to be vigilant, protesting to every move which have dangers attached.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    The danger is if ETCA goes ahead, there will be no one to abrogate it. It will be phase two of 13A. Everyone blamed the UNP regime in 1987 for 13A but when they came to power they uphold 13A.

    This will be the fate of ETCA. Mahinda, Wimal, Udaya or anyone else, if comes to power, will continue with the ETCA while blaming the UNP. The nation will bleed economically. Voters must demand from them (before the next election) what their take on ETCA. If they fail to promise to abrogate it, they deserve no votes.

    Today a patriotic movement is slowly taking shape. However, if wavering politicians hijack it once again (as they did with the Nugegoda Movement) that will be its end of it for a while. It is important to impose people’s “chinthanaya” on politicians and support them only if they agree to these demands.

    13A and ETCA can be abrogated anytime. The question is who will do it. There is no need to settle for less. If the joint opposition cannot promise the abrogation of ETCA (at least) they should be rejected. That saves the patriotic movement allowing it to grow stronger until a worthy leader is found.

    The defeat of PA in 2001 allowed the UNP to come to power and offer the LTTE various appeasements. However, the anger and disgust it created brought out a new patriotic leader – Mahinda. The movement was almost hijacked by Anura and Chandrika but Mahinda prevailed thanks to his ability to forge a common front with the JHU and JVP.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Sri Lanka’s joint opposition to form a new party under former president’s leadership – TNA honey moon finished now !!!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    INDIA is the bug in the ointment here.

    – INDIA trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu (1980s)
    – INDIA imposed the 13-A under Duress on the UNP govt of JRJ in 1987.

    The UN will have to be approached to remove both the 13-A as well as the ETCA. This will have to be done by ALL the PATRIOTIC Leaders of Lanka, in one Joint Move under a “Peoples Chinthanaya” as Dilrook suggests.

    Question : Are Tamil Leaders PATRIOTIC ? Will they get PATRIOTIC enough to sign in with the rest of the Leaders in Lanka to remove the 13-A & not allow the ETCA.

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