Sack Vijayakala for her defiling of the National Flag
Posted on February 13th, 2016

By A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

The government with the blind backing of its stooges, the JVP hooligans and the TNA separatists has no concern at all for the national, cultural and religious values of this country which has been deemed and safeguarded as sacred for nearly 3,000 years.

The so-called Ministers, the new breed called the State Ministers and the Deputy Ministers including the puppet President and the Kalu Suddha Prime Minister act like sheer babes and speak nonsense whenever and wherever they open their foul mouths.

They came to power with the fullest assistance of the CIA/M-16/RAW, the JVP hooligans and the terrorist diaspora with a deceptive slogan of establishing good governance”. Nonetheless,  what we have seen over the last one year is attempting to find fault with our war heroes for defeating over 30 years of terrorism which plagued our country and to net family members, friends and supporters of the former President through an unconstitutional and illegal outfit called FCID.

They have no concern at all about the hardships being faced by the people due to growing unemployment, increasing rice and vegetable prices, farmers suffering from lack of fertilizer, ever increasing drug prices, skyrocketing fish prices, many essential items becoming super luxury items, small groceries being forced to close down, children getting under-nourished and people being forced to skip at least one meal a day.

Under the diktats of the Tamil diaspora and the pro-terrorist international elements the puppet President and the Kalu Suddha Prime Minister speak of some injustices they claim that had been done to the Tamil people and the necessity to rectify these illusory injustices. They seem to be unaware that Tamil people suffered for the last three decades because of atrocities carried out by the tiger terrorists and it is only the war heroes of our country who rescued around 300,000 Tamils as otherwise they would have been perished as human shields of the terrorists.

There is a well known anecdote saying the spots of the leopards will not change merely because of changing the forest.  Confirming this saying the pro-tiger terrorist elements have come now to openly and blatantly criticize the country and the people on communal grounds.   They have no concern at all for the national flag or for the national anthem which are sacred symbols of our country.

The website Tamil Guardian” boasts that the UNP’s State Minister for Child Affairs Mrs.Vijayakala Maheswaran refused to hoist the Sri Lankan flag, the Lion Flag, in Jaffna on Monday night at a function held for opening a science lab at Meesalai Veerasingam College in Thenmaratchi, in the Jaffna district.  The website said that she claimed that she had been a member of parliament for six years but however not one day during this period she has hoisted the lion flag out of principle and will not give up on this principle.

The website comments that Sri Lanka’s lion flag is seen as controversial by many Tamils in the North-East due to its Sinhala Buddhist symbolism and its use throughout the armed conflict for state triumphalism and oppression.

Under these circumstances, it should be asked from this government whether similar to the submission they made in singing the national anthem in Tamil under the pressure of Tamil separatist elements will they now subdue to Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran and her ilk to have a separate Tamil” Flag to hoist at functions they attend or they participate.

Kalu Suddha Prime Minister Ranil Wicremasinghe as the leader of the United National Party under which she is represented in the Parliament should clearly indicate to the parliament and the people of this country what action will be taken by his party against this maverick State Minister for publicly and blatantly disrespecting the National Flag of this country and when she will be sacked from her Ministerial portfolio and the Party.

All peace loving people of this country should vehemently condemn the arrogant behavior of this State Minister and demand the government to sack her immediately as otherwise it would create a precedent to other Tamil separatists also to follow her guidance in their quest for separatism and to disregard the National Flag..

4 Responses to “Sack Vijayakala for her defiling of the National Flag”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    She is a UNP MP of parliament!! What else can we expect from her?

  2. Kumari Says:

    Where is the party whip? UNP MPs have taken an oath of allegiance to the country. Either the UNP Chairman or the PM or the Child Speaker need to reprimand her.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  4. Ramanie Says:

    This is the only country in the world where you can defile your national flag, national anthem or anything sacred for that matter and continue to get paid! Now there is a demand from Mannar to remove the Lion from the flag and substitute a ‘common article’ liked by all the people (meaning minorities).

    We might as well have handed over the country to the Tigers in 1983!

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