Berlin Vihara conducts Pinkama to commemorate the altruistic services of Ven. Madulwawe Sobitha and other dedicated Buddhists
Posted on February 15th, 2016

German Dharmaduta Society

A Pinkama was held at the Berlin Buddhist Vihara (Das Buddhistische Haus) on Sunday February 14, 2016 to bestow merit and gratefully remember the altruistic and undying services rendered to the Buddha Sasana by Ven. Madulwawe Sobitha Thera, Dr. Paul Dahlke (founder of Das Buddhistische Haus), Asoka Weeraratna (later Ven. Mitirigala Dhammanisanthi Thera) – founder of the German Dharmaduta Society,  Berlin Vihara and Mitirigala Nissarana , and all other former resident monks at the Berlin Vihara  who  are no longer among the living.


Ven. Kongaspitiye Santharakkhitha Thera (senior resident monk at the Berlin Vihara) conducted the Pinkama. Several Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka namely Ven. Talalle Dhammajoti Thera (Senior Lecturer – University of Ruhuna), Ven. Udawalawe Gnanananda Thera (Viharadhipathi, Verona Buddhist Vihara), and Ven Thalpawila Kusalagnana Thera (Viharadhipathi, Hamburg Buddhist Vihara) also took part in the proceedings.

A special attraction at the Pinkama was the presence of a 35 member delegation from China comprising 25 Chinese Buddhist monks from the well known Da Xiang Guo Temple. They are currently on a tour of Germany and visited the Berlin Vihara for purpose of sightseeing and to extend their goodwill in acknowledgement of the services rendered to spread the teachings of the Buddha in Germany by Das Buddhistische Haus (Berlin Vihara).

Their tour of Germany to project Chinese Buddhist culture on stage to people of Europe is well illustrated in the following web site

His Excellency Mr. Karunatilaka Amunugama (Ambassador from Sri Lanka to Germany), Mr. Tissa Weeraratna (caretaker of the Berlin Vihara) and a representative gathering comprising primarily Sri Lankan, Chinese and German Buddhists who are dayakayas of the Berlin Vihara attended the Pinkama.


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