Did Tamil language have official status under British rule?
Posted on February 15th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

 There is much ado about Sinhalese denying the status for Tamil post-independence. The better question is, did Tamil language have any official status from 1832 to 1948 to warrant a grievance? Was Tamil used at all in an official capacity during British rule? No. If Tamils were never officially enjoying the use of Tamil language how can they claim that the Sinhalese have denied what they were enjoying? The other question is how did opposition to the Sinhala Only Act in 1956 end up with SWRD Bandaranaike agreeing to sign a devolution pact – how did devolution end up the solution for language rights?

The nation was built & ruled by Sinhale kings and it was the Sinhale language that prevailed officially. When the Kandyan Convention was signed the chieftains ceded powers of the entire island of Sri Lanka.

The Kandyan Convention was signed by those representing the Sinhale nation and the British. If there had been a separate kingdom functioning independently wouldn’t the British have signed a separate agreement with them too? This more or less nullifies the notion of a separate and independent Tamil kingdom prevailing which did not belong to the entire island and certainly beckons the new constitution to ensure that the island nation is not demarcated to be separated or divided under whatever liberal terminologies the constitution drafters are attempting to do.

The British having taken over the entire island brought in their form of governance, culture, education, legal systems etc. Prior to this we had our own indigenous forms of governance just as all other nations who territories and lands were taken over by Christian colonial invaders.

During British rule English was the medium of instruction in the superior schools from kindergarten to college. Schools that taught English produced English speaking locals most of whom had converted to Christianity and these became the elite of society and to whom the British were to hand over eventual administration. The British made sure the minorities were given privileges above the majority.

Lord Macaulay said “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour but English in tastes, in opinion, in morals and in intellect”. The same applied to British Ceylon as well. We call this breed of people kalu suddas, another name for these clones are brown sahibs and there are plenty of them and their minds need to be decoloniized so as to appreciate their own.

“It has to be frankly recognised that the effect of the English school successfully and efficiently conducted on those of the native community must be one of denationalisation.” (Bridges report 1911)  

it was formerly the policy of the Government to make the natives learn English, rather than to make the public servants learn Cingalese [Sinhala]” (Evidence of Major T. Skinner, Select Committee, 1850: 294).

It is significant that in Ceylon the native languages are far less used than in India for the transaction of public business, and in the law courts the proceedings are conducted in English” (Clarence 1899: 439).

According to Rev. Cordiner, only one British official had mastered Sinhala, the language of the majority of the islanders (1804) he was John D’Oyly (1774-1824), who had a mastery of spoken and written Sinhala and who became Chief Translator (1805-1816) to the government.

In 1805 Samuel Tolfrey of the Civil Service, who came to the island in 1801 with D’Oyly, was interested in Sinhala and wanted to do a dictionary to assist Europeans to learn Sinhala for various transactions.

In 1802, regulations were drafted which made competency in local languages mandatory for promotions within the Civil Service. Sinhala and Portuguese were the languages in which proficiency was required.

It appears that the British prior to leaving decided to create a little mischief among the local elite to whom they would hand over governance and true to their divide and rule policy began infesting the minds of the elite politicians with new demands, grievances, rights etc none of which the British would hear of giving under their rule. An example of that mischief was the manner British separated Tamils as Ceylon Tamils in 1911 when before that time the category was Tamil (the British regarded all Tamils with their roots to Tamil Nadu). The usage of the ethnic category known as Ceylon Tamils came only after 1911. The census of 1881, 1891 and 1901 is the best evidence of this. The All Ceylon Tamil Congress emerged in 1944 while it was only after independence that the ITAK – Tamil Nation party was formed in 1949 falsely carrying Federal Party name in English.

Having being saddled with these headaches it is only our own that have confounded matters into worse proportions creating situations out of nothing.

If Tamils say their rights have been denied. They must first showcase that they were enjoying these rights. Under colonial British rule Tamil did not receive any official status so if Tamil had no official status under the British what is all this fuss about?

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Brits showed HOW to rule Tamils. They didn’t offer it official or national language status. Disregarded when Tamils boycotted elections.

    Modaya Singhalese appeased Tamils. It is never ending.

    “itha onda gaani emathaama budding”.

    208 years ago a British ruler of British Ceylon said,

    “Dishonesty comes naturally to a Tamil as it’s mother’s milk” – 1806

  2. Jag Says:

    A real eye opener Ms.Waduge.
    In hindsight, MR should have encouraged and made himself open to valuable input of erudite personalities in the country before tackling Geneva sessions at the beginning itself.

    This sort of information/arguments I am sure did not reach the table in order to enlighten the panel of judges. A totally missed opportunity and we keep on paying for that blunder even today.

  3. Dham Says:

    Then PM Lee Kuan Yew faced an uphill task when Malaya finally kicked Singapore out. He cried. With zero resources, communal violence, drug trade and use were widespread. Literacy rate was low compared to Sri Lanka, education system did not produce sufficient professionals.
    But with a lot of courage,honesty he did his best to control the Tamils and Malays by launching free port, getting rid of corruption and racism. He did it very tactfully without giving into minority demands. Frist he fought the corruption and eradicated. Then it was much easier. He sued the Tamil opposition leader and made him bankrupt.
    People kept voting for PAP knowing that they had good professionals in the cabinet with ZERO hooligans , thugs and Kudukarayas. There was Zero nationalistic or patriotic feelings aroused to win votes. Simply advised public “if you want a comfortable life, work hard and earn it”.
    People were scared to vote for opposition even though they felt LKY rule is not really democratic.
    He insisted ruling with Asian Values. “It means the individual comes second to public”.
    He slowly introduced his son to public after giving him good education, making him to join army and be there for 15 years.
    Now his Son rules Singapore and won votes even better than the father.

    The biggest opportunity we lost was the opportunity earned in 2009. That opportunity did not fall from sky or an individual goodness did not earn it.
    It was relatively easy compared to Singapore or even Sri Lanka in the eighties. The whole world were against terrorism and there was absolutely no chance that India invading us.
    But our rule was not based on Asian Values. We created a kingship. We started celebrating our hard earned freedom singing “Ayuboweva Maha Rajaaneni”. That was the end of the opportunity.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    I agree with Dham. The great fortune won by 27,000 rural Sinhala (mostly Buddhist) young men’s sacrifices in the hands of a few fools became a great misfortune. One can arrive at that conclusion just by looking at the balance of payment graph which is a reflection of how the finances of the nation was managed. Very similar to how a family finances are managed.

    Despite the war, from 1977 to 2007, balance of payment deficit was kept within $(-1) billion. 2008 was an exception when it dipped lower but returned to $(-1) billion in 2009. However, since then it absolutely collapsed and stayed at low levels never seen in history. The foreign trade/borrowings economy was absolutely destroyed since 2010 and now the nation is in a balance of payment crisis.

    What is worse is by 2010 Sri Lanka’s external reserves rose to the highest historical level ever. Even that was destroyed by the economic disaster that followed. Wasting 90% of borrowed funds in the north and east is the main reason for this. It benefitted only 10% of the population. But the government failed to increase taxes from the north and east in line with its economic growth as people there are used to tax evasion. Repayments could not be made as tax revenue didn’t grow in line with investments. Borrowings increased enormously and for the first time foreign private borrowings via bonds were added. These were at very high rates. It took only 5 years to destroy economic prosperity and de facto unitary rule won over 26 years with sacrifices.

    Economic growth rate does not reflect the growing debt. Average economic growth rate was high after 2009 at over 6% a year. Public debt grew at over 17% a year.

    Nothing good happened in the political front from 2009 to 2015. The two thirds was used only to extend president’s terms. It was not used to dilute 13A and remove racist colonial era laws.

    Such a devastated nation fell easy prey to regime change manipulations.

    Present governance structure doesn’t allow a LKY. However, a determined leader can do what LKY did even today (vastly different to the easier atmosphere in 1965). Sadly, there are no leaders of the calibre of LKY in Sri Lankan politics. There will be none in the foreseeable future. What is worse is the person who is responsible for the post-2009 economic and political mess is staging a comeback by hijacking the Mahinda campaign. August 2015 Mahinda campaign was hijacked by Sirisena and now this person is keen to hijack it. UNP readily supports him for obvious reasons. He will be spared by the FCID once again which only goes after worthwhile leaders and innocents of the real opposition leaving the residue.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    On the topic, Shenali has presented a convincing case with historical facts. Tamil Diaspora has no problem learning totally alien languages in Norway, France, Germany, etc. but complains against Sinhala language which has many similarities with Tamil. It is another excuse to take over the island piecemeal.

  6. Sri Rohana Says:

    Shenali is totally correct. In 1815 Tamils were even lesser than muslims in Jaffna peninsula (Indian muslims migrated to Lanka to avoid discriminations of Hindus)
    Majority of the Tamils brought to Lanka only after 1835 colebrooke reforms. 100% of tamil state workers came after coffee plantations then for tea plantations. Railway workers, other service sector such as teachers, government sector, military, police, PWD, postal, banks, customs, municipal workers, retail and whole sale sectors, barbers etc filled by tamilnadians and they settled in Sri Lanka. This is how tamils population grown in Lanka.
    Eastern province populated by tamilnadians after the Uva Wellassa freedom fight. Mostly tamil nadu regiment looted the lands of Sinhala nation with the blessing of British invaders. They settled their and others followed later.
    Even in early 19th century many tamils came from tamil nadu and settled without any migration restrictions as they were the lap dogs of British and part of British Empire. Ex: SJV Chelvanayakam came from Malaya. Prabakaran’s parents migrated to Lanka in 1950’s and still his relatives are in Kerala.
    British have occupied Lanka since 1789 and they have ruled coastal area including Jaffna. Even in 1815 after 26 years, British have not recognised tamils as a nation in Sri Lanka or tamil language as a recognise language. But look at the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand 1840. They called every tribe and got their consent. Those Maori’s have marked their tribal symbol as the consent. If tamils were an influential sector British definitely include them for the Kandyn treaty and recognise tamil language as an official language.
    Shenali thanks for your eye opening article.

  7. Dham Says:

    68 years since independence, no one in the parliament thought the importance of preserving Sinhala Buddhist cultural heritage in the North and East. This should have been done as a matter of urgency starting right from the beginning, with bipartisan support. Bogus home land claims have now evolved to facts.
    Numerous patriots with great efforts collected so much material by the end of 2009 to completely eradicate such bogus claims. Most of us haven’t even heard of some facts until then. All these data were ready even with the destruction of all out archaeological treasures BY LTTE.

    In fact, a separate Ministry could have been allocated to this important task.
    I am sure within 1 year more evidence could have been collected and bogus concept could have been completely eradicated if the government wanted to do it.
    If Shenali with zero help form anyone can list don proper arguments, why did all governments did not do it ?
    Actually this should have been in the election manifesto of UPFA if they honestly had 10% of the huge “patriotism” they were bringing up that time. They said ” we will implement LLRC recommendations within one year” instead.
    Please read the LLRC recommendations and see what is there.

    New party should be forced to incorporate this essential action as a matter of urgency. Nalin De Silva, rather than taking efforts to beat Bodhi Dhanapala should do it.

    Without eradicating BUGUS HOMELAND concept there will be no Sri Lanka left for Sinhalese. We don’t need roads, airports , ports , beautification of cities. We need to get rid of the obvious falsehood.

  8. Dham Says:

    It is very useful to learn how Singapore is run.

    Singapore is a migrant based country. Migrating Chines outnumbered the Malay Bhumiputras. People come as guest workers ( mostly with a degree) and later apply for Permanent Residency(PR) and later become citizenship if found compatible. Around 1986 LKY recognised in importance of keeping the racial balance and introduced methods. They control this by various methods. There are no rules ( unlike in western countries) to approve a person as a PR. Within the Immigration Department intelligence is provided to check on individuals and their suitability.
    All degrees from South Asian region are not recognised when granting registration to professionals. That way they can easily control the South Asians gaining power in the society. Power in all sectors is firmly held by the Chinese. Government is always looking to for individuals who could influence the society fighting for freedom , equal status or going against the government policies.
    Electorate boundaries were quickly manipulated around 1990 so that all areas had a clear Chinese majority. Thereafter it was carefully controlled by approving HDB( Housing and Development Board) flat sales according to the races.
    Even when giving university positions race is considered, even though there is no officially approved policy. Nevertheless they would always try and keep the extra bright in the island, especially if ethnic Chinese.

    These are preventive measures. People have no reason to rebel and create trouble when everyone can have comfortable life.
    If it isn’t broken why repair ?

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    “Dishonesty comes naturally to a Tamil as it’s mother’s milk” – 1806- Correct living example Lorenzo .

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Shenali D Waduge

    Did Sinhala language have official status under British rule?

    Why this kolaveri machang !

    live & let’s live.

    NB/ let’s see this time what our CM Viggie give excuse to run NPC new GA who was CM of WP(?) .
    Hon MS excellent choice Sir !

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    We do not see how on earth the MR govt could have moved forward with the kind of changes that are suggested through the Singapore experience and use the Laws of Lanka (remove the 13-A ect) to contain Tamil Minority attempts at Separatism, as well as the management Fiscal position of Lanka to high heights.

    MR govt. after the war finished had the Tamil leaders (Separatism being their main goal, not the Economy), and the UNP (under Ranil, pro-west plus going with Tamil leaders) in the Opposition in Parliament.

    In addition, there was the War Crimes charge (UNHRC) slapped on the MR govt., thanks to the Opposition members, the Tamil Diaspora and the churches, mainly the Catholic church, and the UNHRC with Navi Pillai (a Tamil person, biased), as head.

    The MR govt. worked well with China. The Fiscal matters held, in spite of the GDP being used to calculate the end results, and not the Human Development Index (HDI) which is far better and more accurate, used by the UNDP. The CONTAIN CHINA program from the west & India, put a stop to that Economic relationship. Today we have the Yahap begging the Chinese govt. to come back !

    What mattered was that the terror group, the LTTE, was removed by the MR govt and the Armed Forces. That no one else could do before hand – not CBK or Ranil, or the Churches. Please note that well. The lives of the some 27,000 soldiers were never wasted. Besides, the loss of life for soldiers were some 7,000, the rest being the loss of life under other leaders, notably CBK/Ranil times. The country was free to develop and move forward, but was thwarted by the Tamil leaders Separatist demand, plus the UNP Ranil running ultra-west to thwart and get rid of the MR govt. using the ‘Contain China’ push from the west.

    Comparing the Singapore experience with Lanka is like comparing chalk and cheese ! Singapore is not next door to confused, Caste/poverty bound, highly populated, and rough neighbor, INDIA. Plus Tamil leaders wanting to have their cake and eat it too – have Eelam through the Tamil language & violence (V’koddai Resolution 1976), and get Lanka govt to spend on them !
    Add Ranil’s UNP (I am saying Ranil’s UNP, because the UNP of the old times were different, a gentleman’s party under DS & Dudley – the change to a anti-Sinhala/Buddhist stand came with slaughter of JVP youth, first through Mrs B and next Premadasa, both instances with no talks held), and the Opposition won the Elections, using social media to tell lies and computer manipulations.

    The required Modernisation for the masses of Lanka can happen without the downing of the past MR govt and the Armed Forces of Lanka. Crushing them means crushing the Heart of the Sinhale, and losses in self esteem and self reliance, a fatal error by Ranil’s UNP led Yahap govt. A fatal error here means death of a Nation.

    *. Modernisation of masses can happen thorugh learning of English as a second language as well as computer skills.
    *. Minorities, & religious bodies, if so inclined, can finding MARKETS abroad for Lanka produce. That is best life supportive role for Minorities & Others of Lanka who have influence abroad. They can also bring life supportive ideas from abroad so that all can benefit, particularly in the field of EDUCATION.
    *. FREE birth control for all adults can really help unwanted pregnancies and womens rights (which Ranil is so keen on).

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    The present day mix of FASCISM & SADISM used by the Yahap Ranil/CBK duo, will NEVER work. Such attitudes work against the Human HEART which is composed of God/Truth/Allah.

    Only the high, life supportive, qualities in all human affairs that will be recognised by the Human Heart as true. It is those qualities which brings high happiness, rejoicing and blessings to all human beings, and all life on Earth.

    The Human Heart will NEVER be fooled !

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    What did Tamil folk get under British Rule of Lanka ?
    They got education for Administrative purposes under the British Rule.

    For this :

    They had to follow the British and obey them implicitly and blindly. Is that Freedom or Slavitude ?

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Comparing the Singapore experience with Lanka is like comparing chalk and cheese ! Singapore is not- you always missed out ( unknowingly? )our 1956 to 1983 fire work even though you & me are living experiance not present children include our best mate Lorenzo (He was in his mother’s tommy 1983) !!!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S. Those who got Jobs under the British, were those who converted to Christianity.
    No real freedom of religion under the British Empire if you wanted a good job ! ….

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe
    HE CAME AND TOLD US THE SAD STORY, THAT A TAMIL WAS ASSIGNED FOR THE JOB. IT WAS PASKAS JOB.- Sorry sadly I agreed with you , Yes We-Tamil are greedy people (include myself).
    I thing We-Tamil have paid big price 1956 to 1983 than end of 2009 at Nanthi Kaddal (Mulli vaikkal).

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    MR had some TAMIL ONLY politicians in his CABINET since 2010. MINNAL RANGA (who ran a Tamil hardcore political program in SAKTHI TV), PRABHA GONASON, etc.

    He also had Muslim MPs whose main interest was NOT SL. HACKHIM (JUSTICE MINISTER!!!), FAIZ, etc.


    So he cannot shift the blame to anyone for having these SNAKES in his CABINET and party.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    MR believed in converting some of the “baddies” to do some good, irrespective of ethnicity, religion etc. There are many more names under this category. He was partially successful in getting them to do some good.

    Almost all govts in Lanka have such appointments, the good, the bad and the Ugly and the downright Ugly. Look at the present lot of folks !

    The trouble is that Sri Lanka has too many confused people. Near 500 yrs of Colonisation, Cold wars, and Tamil Caste Wars have taken their toll on Lanka.

    Change has to happen slowly, with wisdom through trusted Leaders.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    What nonsense!

    “He was partially successful in getting them to do some good.”

    They did nothing good!! Some even KILLED people in broad daylight if you call it success!!

    One SENIOR minister called Buddhist monks SAFFRON TERRORISTS. Those who scream over petty things like a song sung differently have conveniently forgotten those incidents. Did I forget KP?

    MR did WRONGS too. He has to ACCEPT they were WRONG and CORRECT them. Good news is the dirt that was around him before 2015 are NOT with him now. He has to KEEP it that way. I noticed WIMAL WEERAWANSA and GOTABHAYA were NOT there at the convention!

  21. Cerberus Says:

    Hi Dilrook, I do not agree with your attitude of trying to put the entire blame on President Mahinda Rajapakse.

    1. He was not responsible for all the 27,000 soldiers who died. Most of them died during Chandrika and Ranil’s time when massive numbers were sacrificed by her ill educated planning of military operations with her nephew Rohan Daluwatte and uncle Ratwatte. The numbers of soldiers who died during the time the MR govt was in power were around 7,000. Even that would have been less if he had not tried to preserve the civilians who were kept captive by LTTE.

    2. By end of 2014, even though MR had fought an expensive war and defeated the LTTE, the economy was not in bad shape. The exchange rate was Rs 130, external debt as a % of GDP was 57.4, revenue was 18.3 and net foreign assets were 119.4 as (both year-on-year percentage change), interest rates were 6.5% and most importantly the HDI (Human development index of UN) was 0.75 which is high for a country after 30 year of war. Most of the time CBK and Ranil were in power they did nothing to develop the country. It is the same now, with the same pair in power.

    3. In my opinion, the reason MR spent so effort on the North and East was to pacify the Western and Tamil diaspora who were very upset that MR had destroyed the LTTE against their wishes. In any case, some of those funds were specially ear marked for north and east. We have to remember that when he took over the country was virtually lawless. There were gangs roaming around and doing as they wished. Illicit Drugs were freely sold. It took some time for him to slowly introduce law and order. This has been construed as being ‘totalitarian’ by some.

    4. MR inherited a very difficult situation. Every one was against the Sinhalese who were viewed as monsters. The Church had worked with the LTTE and were sympathetic to the Tamils. Though the Church was allowed conversions in India, the Caste System over rode the conversions. So they wished to bring in loads of Tamil Dalits from Tamil Nadu and convert them in Sri Lanka. That is why there were about 100 Catholic churches in the North, discovered at the end of the war. Around 32 Catholic priests came out of the Wanni area after the war.

    5. Some in the west were angry with MR since they had developed a nice plan to create a fighting force using Tamil Dalits to fight for them. The reality is that Prabahakaran had died in the Tsunami in Dec 2004.
    See: http://www.asiantribune.com/news/2005/01/09/sri-lankan-state-radio-announces-death-prabhakaran

    But Norway guided the LTTE remainder to keep the myth going and guided the Prabahakaran ‘double’ what to do. They had drawn plans for mini subs which had been built in the Vanni area during the Peace Accord with the LTTE (CBK/Ranil period). What were they going to use the mini subs for ?

    6. Though some in the West were against MR, it was mostly China which was willing to invest to build up Sri Lanka. So MR took his chances with them. Unfortunately, when the West decided the “Contain China” policy MR & Sri Lanka were caught in the middle.

    7. During the entire period MR was in Power, Ranil did his best to harass the MR govt. Ranil did nothing constructive and went round the world condemning everything MR did. He wanted to slowly wear MR down.

    Now we have so called Yahapalanaya. This is a mock Parliament where the UPFA members who are not with UNP are not allowed to speak. RW boasts to the British MPs who came recently as to how well our Parliament works. They probably do not know it is a bribed / gagged Parliament.
    We now have an FCID which picks only on the Rajapaksa’s and their associates.
    In the last one year we had a major criminal act done by the Governor of the Central Bank and nothing was done by the Yahapalanaya. When the Parliament tried to bring a No Confidence motion, the Parliament was dissolved by MY3 at Ranil’s request. Thanks to this Rs 5000 million insider trading scam the Rs has dropped to Rs 155 against the Dollar.
    No development work has been done over the last 1 ¼ years. About 30 projects MR had got going were stopped including the Port City project. After wasting one year studying it for corruption now these jokers want to restart it. Thousands of jobs have been lost.
    The Divinaguma projects for rural people were stopped. Altogether, about one and a half million jobs have been lost in Lanka.

    I feel the UNP is deliberately destabilizing the economy so that when the country crashes in the confusion, they can give a Federal State to the Tamils. RW along with CBK will then take off to comfortable foreign lands to live in comfort.

  22. Dham Says:

    There is dirt still. He has no power to clean.

    If Sri Lanka has “confused people” Fran is the king.

    “Singapore is not next door to confused, Caste/poverty bound, highly populated, and rough neighbour, INDIA.” – Fran

    Actually, Singapore’s problems were much worse. Let me compare with rough figures in 90’s.

    Sri Lanka ( 15 million Sinhalese) was away from 70 million Tamils in more or less in one direction. Sinhalse are accepted as the original inhabitants of the island. There is no causeway. Sri Lanka has millions of patriotic people ready to donate lives for the country.

    Singapore ( 3 million Chinese) were surrounded by 300 million Malay Muslims. Indonesia is the country with the maximum population of Muslims. Malaysia too has Muslim majority. Indonesian islands at sighting distance and Malaysia (Johr Bharu) was connected by a causeway with Malaysia having constitutional ownership to the railway line and the land surrounding railway station. Railway station is virtually part of Malaysia. Singapore is a country sized by Chinese migrants, not rightful owners.
    Very few Singaporeans are patriotic but no one donate life.

    LKY had to fight against all these odds and he won. You don’t hear morning Muslim Howling in Singapore. He did not lose a single election. His son is the leader now.

    MR was awarded a “free country” by armed forces and people with almost 2/3 majority (with 25000 lives paid in full). He lost two elections. His son is no where near leadership but in the jail.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    “LKY had to fight against all these odds and he won. You don’t hear morning Muslim Howling in Singapore. He did not lose a single election. His son is the leader now.”


    I can imagine the THREATS LKY faced from HUGE Malaysia and Indonesia. Malays were a MORE POWERFUL MINORITY in Singapore than Tamils in SL. But LKY showed them the middle finger.

    Because LKY connected Singapore with CHINA economically. CHINESE STATE OWNED COMPANIES established in Singapore and then Malaysia SHUT UP. ALL Singaporeans have to serve in the army for a year. That is a HUGE army IF Malaysia were to invade Singapore. Even if Malays in Singapore JOIN Malaysia army, they are DOOMED.

    We need a LKY for SL. He has to come from the MILITARY. Or the MILITARY should support an academic or a professional who KNOWS things and is HONEST.

    LKY grabbed power through the military. Getting independence from Malaysia was nothing because LKY could NOT run lawless fishing village called Singapore. He ruled by the MILITARY. Later introduced LIMITED elections.

    Brains and power both together. In SL NO brains where there is power and NO power where there is brains. MR said he had NO BRAIN when in power and NO POWER NOW when he has brains.

    May be the military should takeover AND call for applications from global CEOs, etc. for an annual salary of $1 million to run SL.

  24. Dham Says:

    “Because LKY connected Singapore with CHINA economically. CHINESE STATE OWNED COMPANIES established in Singapore and then Malaysia SHUT UP. ”

    Wrong. Those days China was very primitive and communist country. LKY formed a strong alliance with the west, especially USA. USA was there security.
    Singaporean Chinese were not allowed to mingle with China Chinese too much. Not a single Chinese construction company came to Singapore until late nineties.

    He did not grabbed power through Military, Malaysia expelled Singapore from Malayan Federation to independence.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    China was a poor country and that helped LKY. Singapore exported electronics, etc. to China. MAJOR Chinese companies put officers in Singapore like petro china, etc.

    It also had good relations with the WEST.

    LKY DID get independence from Malaysia but the new country was NOT governable. He used the military to govern it.

    Even today elections are NOT free and fair.

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    LKY- copied Ceylon system (to1956) to his country- passed
    but We-Mother Lanka copied Aghanistan system (from 1956) to today- failed .

    Have We Modayas & Sakkiliyas learned anything to today – NO blemming iNDIA, usa rusia , China , Solmalia …… etc….

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    I do not agree with you. I still maintain that the S’pore history and terrain were different to then Ceylon.

    Singapore did not have over a one and half million Tamils of Dalit origin brought in by Colonists to work as Indentured Labor in plantations, tea & tobacco mainly. The Tamil Nadu DALIT factor has been foisted on Lanka to deal with later as Lanka is near neighbor of Tamil Nadu. As a result, Lanka’s Tamil leaders have been more faithful to Colonists & their Cold War/Econoimc needs and Tamil Nadu needs rather than to be PATRIOTIC to Lanka. S’pore did not have that massive problem.

    Colonists and ex-Colonists want to rule Lanka as Lanka is next door to INDIA, called the Jewel of the Crown by the Briitsh Raj. Being next door to India is a massive problem for all of India’s neighbors as Ex-Colonists want to still rule India too.

    S’pore did not lose their best leaders to Tamil terrorism as Lanka did. Just count the numbers of leaders, both Sinhala and Tamil, killed by the LTTE.

    S’pore is far smaller place in area than Ceylon/Lanka. As you say, it was just a Port city. Lanka’s resources other than Ports have made this place more vulnerable to colonists, pirates and thugs. Britain faced the same problems from Vikings & Barbarians many hundreds of years ago.

    S’pore did not undergo the trauma of some 500 yrs of Colonial occupation as Lanka did.

    S’pore did not have to face the trauma from India imposed draconian rule. Colonised INDIA wants to control Lanka; Colonial west wantst to control Lanka too.

    If like Lee Kwan, Lanka leaders imposed dictator style rule, Lanka people, especially the Sinhala people, would not have tolerated it ! I witnessed the JR times rule and his attempts to impose tough rule – he was called a Dictator and rejected. Somehow, right now, because the west is involved in what is happening here plus the War Crimes charge on the MR govt & the Armed Forces, Ranil’s Fascist style of governance is still tolerated ! MR is still being criticised by people such as you for milder ruling style that is used in most of SE Asia.

    There are many more differences between S’pore & Lanka, where S’pore had better advantage over Lanka.

    What works for Lanka is hard to know, expect that the masses do know what feels right from wrong. They go on Feelings not so much on rational thinking. Watching what is going on in the west and the rest of the world at present, it is the same thing everywhere.

    PATRIOTISM is the only binding factor that will bring together the whole of Lanka. An Oath of Allegiance to LANKA by one and all, weaning away allegiance to outside sources, is the only way to go forward peacefully.



    Some change for the better did happen to the nasty people in MR’s govt. That is my observation. You are free to think as you wish.

    Question is : How is Lanka having so many rough folk ? Isn’t it just like in Britain after the Vikings & Barbarians invaded the place hundreds of years ago ?

  28. Fran Diaz Says:

    read : ‘expect’ as except.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    COLONISATION is what led to eventual COMMUNISM (JVP) & TAMIL TERRORISM THROUGH THE LTTE, in Sri Lanka. Colonists neglected the rural folk, took their land and resources, and did their ‘divide & rule’.

    Will neo-Colonisation return to Lanka via Yahap govt ?

    Proposals ahead by Yahap govt :

    *. 5,000 acres of land on Lease to foreigners
    *. Ranil’s Chunnel/Tunnel to Tamil Nadu
    *. Tamil Leaders Separatist demands increase with demand to re-join N&E, Fed State, etc.

  30. Lorenzo Says:


    That was NOT what was expected.
    LEAVE OUT bad people.

    This is my worry. Will those bad people AGAIN take MR for a ride?

    We have to stop it. To do that you have to ACCEPT these WRONGS. If you keep living in DENIAL LAND you cannot win.

  31. Fran Diaz Says:


    I too am not for MR taking in the BAD people that you mention. However, these BAD people are already in the new Yahap govt. In fact, Yahap took in MPs that were rejected by the people too.
    So there we are. It is not MR who is re-employing BAD people. It is the Yahap govt.

  32. Lorenzo Says:


    BAD (for SL) people in YAAPA(LA)NAYA govt. are GOOD for anti-SLs.

    e.g. Tamils, Jihadists, Colombians LOVE Run-nil. Why? Because he killed thousands of Singhalese.
    e.g. Tamils, Jihadists, Colombians LOVE Sampanthan because he DIVIDES SL.
    e.g. Tamils, Jihadists, Colombians LOVE SB, Mervin, etc. because they ROB SL, NOT TE or NPC.

    So your argument FAILS. We don’t have to vote for bad people when they are in YAAPA(LA)NAYA govt. Anti-SLs WILL vote for them.

    But MR having BAD people is UNACCEPTABLE because unlike the YAAPA(LA)NAYA govt., MR SHOULD NOT plan to DESROY SL (with BAD people).

    The END justifies the means. IF you want to destroy SL, join with BAD people. IF you want to SAVE SL, CHASE AWAY bad people.

    IF MR does NOT chase away BAD people that means he too is planning to destroy SL just like the YAAPA(LA)NAYA govt.

    e.g. IF I run from a MURDERER into a church, a father protects me until one day I see the father secretly talking to that murderer!!!

    MR should NOT allow this to happen. KICK OUT bad guys or people will kick out MR, again.

  33. Lorenzo Says:

    VASUTHEVA hailed Maru Sira’s decision to sing NATIONAL ANTHEM in TAMIL MADU language. But I see VASUTHEVA with MR!!

    He should be KICKED OUT.

    THAYAN J hailed Maru Sira’s decision to allow MORE DEVOLUTION to Tamils. But I see VASUTHEVA with MR!!

    He should be KICKED OUT.

    Otherwise people will kick ALL of them out.

    IF what you want is COW DUNG, you can have it with pieces of grass or with cow urine. BUT IF you want MILK, you can have ONLY MILK. NOT 1 gallon of milk with 1g of cow dung. The end result is even cow dung is USEFUL (as fertilizer) but a 1 gallon of MILK is USELESS for ANYTHING because it has 1g of cow dung.

    See my point?

    BAD people in YAAPA(LA)NAYA govt. is USEFUL for some voters (anti-SL people). But bad people in MR camp has NO USE AT ALL.

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is the YAHAP GOVT that has taken in MPs REJECTED BY THE PEOPLE !

    Lorenzo has to stop blaming MR. MR did his best under the circumstances he was caught up then. MR was a War President and is now a Post War Past President. None of the others had to contend with the problems he had to face.

    If Lorenzo is expecting perfection, it will not happen. In any case, MR said he had made some mistakes. He is a lawyer and he knows the people and the terrain. He is capable of correcting his past mistakes in any way he can.

    MR & the rest in the Jnt Opposition are the best we have. They too have to work with what they have in Lanka.

    Now we the ordinary folk, have to generate ideas and present them to the public, how to set about re-structuring Lanka in every way possible – life supportive, successful, united and free. The public in turn will demand from the govt that good ideas be implemented.

  35. Fran Diaz Says:

    There ought to be a Memorandum of Understanding between any GoSL & the Tamil Leaders, that only NON-VIOLENT methods will be used in all forward actions, ideas, etc. to grow the People and a UNITARY Country, i.e. no Fed States etc.

    Tamil Leaders & Others must be aware that we are watching out for all ‘Departments of Dirty Tricks’. Such people who indulge in treachery in politics, exams, jobs, international actions against Lanka, etc. will be exposed to public ridicule, shame and ostracisation.

  36. Fran Diaz Says:


    Please name the Bad People you are going on about, who are NOW with MR.

  37. Lorenzo Says:

    Vasutheva, Thayan J.

    They are MORE SUITABLE to the UNP.

  38. Lorenzo Says:

    MR should also bring NR and YR back to SL traditional SINGHALA BUDDHIST SIMPLE values. NO Endian filmstars, NO luxury cars, NO car racing, NO photos in public domain that can arouse anger among RURAL traditional folk.

    These were some of the BIGGEST SLOGANS My3 camp used VERY SUCCESSFULLY in villages against MR. I know this from the INSIDE of My3 campaign.

    (I like what NR and YR are doing as a GEN-Y as I LOVE the OPERA version of DANNO BUDUNGE. But MOST MR voters are traditional and they don’t like BOTH.)

    A sensitive subject for MR and MORE IMPORTANTLY a sensitive subject for MOST RURAL voters of MR.

  39. Fran Diaz Says:


    Re Mr Vasudevan : What proof have you that he is BAD ? Is it because his daughter married Mr Sampanthan’s son ??

    Re Dr Dyan J : We think he is fine analyst. He is of the opinion that the 13-A is a good thing, for reasons of his own. You must ask him why he thinks so.

    If just these TWO persons are so called “BAD” people, MR has some really GOOD folk with him. Besides, these two people are not BAD at all, they are just highly individualistic.

    Just look at the really BAD ones who have joined Yahap !

  40. Lorenzo Says:


    According to YOU the 2 BIGGEST THREATS to SL are 13 amendment and Tamil O&N language.

    BOTH Vasu and Thayan are the BIGGEST SUPPORTERS of the 2 BIGGEST THREATS to SL are 13 amendment and Tamil O&N language!!

    That makes them some of the worst and UNFORTUNATELY both are with MR, not CBK-RW. In addition, MR has GLP who called LTTE Anton Ballasingham YOUR EXCELLENCY and invented CBK’S POLITICAL PACKAGE!! MR must shed them. Otherwise people will think the MR camp is made up of worse traitors than CBK-RW.

  41. Fran Diaz Says:


    MR surely knows all that.

    Watch how the scenario unfolds, not personalities, but how the Economy unfolds …

  42. Lorenzo Says:


    IF MR knows all that as you claim why is he KEEPING those traitors in his camp? Why is he NOT promising to SCRAP 13 amendment?

    Knowing is NOT enough. Even CBK-RW know all these. Even LTTE knows it. What matters is ACTION. Where is the action at least a promise?

    The economy will collapse but don’t think for a second that ALONE will bring MR back!! NO CHANCE. JVP will grab the vote because JVP does something about it and MR does not. MR has NOT come out and said he is AGAINST ETCA, IMF loans, etc. JVP has.

    We had a Singhala “amma” for cooking (EXCELLENT cooking) who used to say, “kathaava tholava gamana payin” (talk of travelling in a plane but walking barefoot). Where is the ACTION?

  43. Fran Diaz Says:


    You are looking for Mr Squeaky Clean Group for MR – not a happening thing in these times, or any time for that matter. Look at the govts of any country – the Indian govt has 1/4th ex-jail birds !


    Look at the things Yahap is doing – shameless, ugly govt. of all times, disguised as Inquirer into War Crimes – my foot ! It is VENGENCE & FASCISM coming out of CBK/RW. I cannot recognise the UNP of the old times, or SWRD’s SLFP.

    I remember the cartoon in a popular daily just after MR govt was dissolved and CBK/RW took over – it was showing a witch on a broomstick and RW as a similar figure …. prophetic !

  44. Lorenzo Says:


    No need to be perfect. JUST promise to SCRAP 13 amendment and REMOVE Tamil as a O&N language.

    Corruption is OK. 13 amendment is NOT OK.

  45. Fran Diaz Says:


    No need of promises. ALL leaders of Lanka (including minority leaders) should get together and DO IT ! It should be done for mutual survival of all in Lanka.

    The alternative is a ghastly future.

  46. Lorenzo Says:


    In that case there is NO NEED for MR!!

    “ALL leaders of Lanka (including minority leaders) will get together and DO IT”.

  47. Lorenzo Says:

    MR should retire because “ALL leaders of Lanka (including minority leaders) will get together and DO IT”.

  48. Fran Diaz Says:

    Fuzzy logic there by you – I don’t see your point.

    ALL leaders should/ought to be there – including MR, to remove the Tamil language. There is no need “to promise …” which is what you suggest. But ALL leaders ought to see what most of us see – i.e. that the Tamil language in place in Lanka jeopardises National Security, and do what needs to be done to save the Country and the People.


    Einstein said : ‘Repeating the same experiment over and over again, and expecting a different result, is called insanity …. ‘
    Is Lanka an insane Nation, or can we this time around, escape the insanity ?

  49. Lorenzo Says:


    If all leaders can do it, why on earth do we need MR to do it? NO NEED OF MR then.

    Next, will ALL leader do ANYTHING together in SL? NEVER!

    So your logic FAILS.

    IF MR cannot remove 13 amendment and Tamil O&N language, patriotis will find another suitable leader who CAN do those things. IF they can’t find such a leader, they may not bother to vote at all.

    Politicians must serve the people. There is no need of people to serve MR.

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