Posted on February 26th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

 When I read above news item I was compelled to write this note.

Singapore which was far behind our progress when they got the independence and yet they dropped South Asian Mentality” i.e spitting  beetle- saliva  along every wall of the  building ,dirty eating places ,dirty toilets ,speaking loudly, forming ghettos, spitting chewing gum left overs etc etc

Le  Kwan Yew changed the mentality by imposing strict rules ,maintained discipline ,and imposed an authoritarian rule in Singapore ,of course not of liking to the west !

If PM wants to change the South Asian Mentality it is essential to have strict discipline and maintain law and order

Country needs  strict environment policing and punishment to wrong doers

For an example I can site degradation or law and order in Kotte are whioch  is one of the nicest area to live with the development of  Diyawanna and surroundings, walking paths ,eating houses and among all these you still enjoy the view of paddy fields

Last few years, the area has been nicely developed by the previous government under the previous Secretary Defence, Despite my political views I admired his tenacity coupled with arrogance and determination during the period of his rein and we saw the area growing .

There were no roadside slums and boutiques built along road reservations, and you hardly see any garbage.

Every one, either respected the rules or feared the establishment ,and yet it worked

We need authoritarian rule to develop and I still stand by it

I pass WeliPara passing Mega Mall –Keels ,in Thalwathugoda and I see pile of stinking garbage disregarded by Maharagama Pradesheeya Sabha ,perhaps  due to  the fact that it is run by people not so supportive of Yahapalanaya ? to show that there is no rule of law after the previous lot  who left?

I turn at Pelawatta Juncrion towards Parliament and along left  hand side  of the  road many unauthorised shops have sprung up and UDA ( I called Under-Developed-Authority) as the mighty power has diminished and they close their eyes when they pass by !

I go for the walk along Madiwela Paddy Field walking path and I see new outlets

( currently looks temporary) but I know that in few weeks there will be huts selling Kola Kanda

I called SLLRDC and requested  DGM in charge to do something as they are  a nuisance ,and the answer I got was that he was chased away by them when he tried  to evict them and Police in Thalangama have said that now it is Yahaplanaya” hence they are reluctant to so anything

I fully endorse the freedom of speech and freedom of singing Opera songs with a cats voice as defined by a  TV  presenter ,but we  want to see discipline in the country .

It is deteriorating so fast again ,and to impose rule of law, we  again need to use cane and stick ( and of course water cannons) as we have plenty of water in our land

Dear Honourable PM and His Excellence  The President,

we need a Mega Police” than a Megapolis to maintain law and order

Please do something to get the  discipline back into action



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