President to address Anti-Corruption Summit today – Read the comments by readers
Posted on May 13th, 2016

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President Maithripala Sirisena is scheduled to address the Anti- Corruption Summit – 2016 being held in London today at around 2.30pm (local time) and it will be telecast live on Ada Derana 24X7. The President and the delegation left the country from Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake yesterday to participate in the summit which will be commence today (May 12) in London, under the patronage of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, with participation of the leaders of several countries and other representatives.  He was received at the Heathrow Airport by Queen’s special representative Bruce Holder, who is the Deputy Lieutenant to Queen Elizabeth and Kathryn Colvin, Special Representative of the Ministry of State for Foreign, Sugeeshwara Gunaratna acting high commissioner of UK and Commonwealth Affairs and the officials of the Sri lanka High Commission. President Sirisena is participating in this summit, accepting the invitation extended by the British Premier when they met at the CHOGM held in Malta last January. – See more at:

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    He was on his way to Somalia – the most corrupted country in the World to address a summit on “how to increase the income of politicians through the Central Banks”. But the auto pilot went wrong and landed in London Heathrow

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    Excuse me, this is an Anti Corruption Summit, can someone ask what our Prez MS is doing here? or who misdirected him to this?

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    Kiyapan uba karana wada karane Naha kiyala…that is the real anti corruption.!!

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    “Ladies and gentleman,distinguish guests, conspirators of toppling the Government of Sri Lanka, “LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE VERY LATEST CORRUPTED HEAD OF STATE TO JOIN THE CORRUPTED LIST ” Aiyo Sirisena from Sorry i Lanka. ….Hurray…..

    This guy is fantastic, a month after becoming the president got down a Singaporean citizen who is connected to Sorus and the organization and made a billion of rupees by selling Sri Lankan Souverign Bond to a lower rate than its value to the CB Governors sons company.Sold 860 million and told the people of Sri Lanka it was 56. LOL> (not exactly )

    Got his brother as the chairman of the most profitable Government organization with billions of assets as the chairman of the Sri Lanka telecom.(Brother went to England and made deals with Lyca tell guy etc with a massive commission not known to date.

    Stopped paying subsidies for the poor farmers of Sri Lanka to sell their crops and got his brothers to buy their crop for nothing and retail it with a massive profit.

    Got 15 of corrupted politicians who lost elections and rejected by the people as cabinet ministers by giving them positions and bribes paid in US Dollars.(Only country in the world a leader re appointed people to the cabinet contested an election and rejected by the people and lost.

    By next yea,r I will give you a full report. As his first year is only US 700 or so millions made. “Not bad ha) ha???? :)

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    අශික්ලන්තේ කිං පැරකුම්බ්‍රා: යේස් සෑර්, ඕකේ සෑර්. තමන්ටම ‘මොනවා අණ කරාද මන්ද, බයටම ඔක්කොටම හා කිවුව, මට තේරෙන එකක්යැ ඔවුව. ගෙදර ගිහින් පත්තරෙන් බලාගන්න ඕන මොනවටද එකඟ වුනේ කියල හිටන්’.

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    ජනාධිපතිතුමනී, සිංහලෙන්ම කතාව පවත්වලා අපේකම රැකගමු….

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    what a shame
    He has not taken Mahendran for the trip for expert advice how to stop corruption

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      Sri lanka need a new govt to nul all foriegn resolution under UN global group do not give up. Iit deos not matter how much sri lanka try to be friendly . tamil smuggled in to west to find pretex to undermine singhalese majority.

3 Responses to “President to address Anti-Corruption Summit today – Read the comments by readers”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Did he tell the forum how and why one of his brothers was killed like a dog with an axe?

  2. Cerberus Says:

    A bunch of rogues have got together to talk about corruption. Cameron took money GBP 400,000 Tamil LTTE supporters in U.K. Here is the picture of him with them.

    Cameron then asks My3 who is even smoother than him in corruption and illegalities to give a speech on corruption. This really is Kali Yuga at its worst.

    As soon as My3 was elected as President he appointed RW as Prime Minister which he had no mandate to do since there was an existing Parliament and a Cabinet. The only excuse this traitor gave the country was that the West want him to do so. These actions were unconstitutional.

    RW in turn appointed a Catholic Cabinet and a well known Govt servant who had amassed an immense amount of wealth under a previous President and had gone abroad, as head of the Treasury, and a Singaporean as the Governor of the Central Bank. The Governor in turn issued CB bond to the value of X at an interest rate of Y and at the time of auction made the value of bonds 2X and the interest rate 2Y for his nephew’s company Capital Ventures. I do not have all the details but I am sure D.E.W. Gunasekera would have all the facts since he was head of COPE and produced a report to the Parliament. On the day before it was going to be presented to the Parliament along with a no confidence motion on RW, My3 at the request of RW dissolved the Parliament and called for elections.

    My3 the traitor allowed President Mahinda Rajapaksa to run as head of UPFA for the Parliamentary elections. He then got information that UPFA was going to get 113 seats and to foil MR, two days before elections he announced that he will not appoint MR as Prime Minister even if UPFA wins, In addition removed the Secretaries of UPFA and the SLFP who had been gazetted and appointed his own henchmen. These actions confused our people so much that UPFA got only 95 seats. All these actions were unconstitutional. My3 formed a so called “National Govt between SLFP and UNP which was illegal since the SLFP did not run as a part at the General Election. They ran as a part of UPFA.

    So after all these illegal and corrupt actions of this man he is asked to give the opening speech at this meeting.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    CERBERUS !! He was given the privilege of the opening address, as they found him as the GUY who entertains corruption to the core. He is the mother of all corruption. So he gets First Place.

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