A separate country for Tamils is unintelligible
Posted on June 23rd, 2016

By L.K.N. Perera (LLB, Cey) Courtesy Ceylon Today

The Leader of the Opposition, Sambandan’s recent justification of the LTTE’s struggle to form an Eelam State and the unanimously passed resolution in the Northern Provincial Council, to form an autonomous State in the Northern and Eastern Provinces needs the immediate attention of peace loving members of all communities. Simultaneously, it was reported that terrorist leaders such as Nagulan, who were responsible for mass murders and believed to have been killed in the last war, are now surfacing one by one! Also, it was reported that the Labour Party in England has already given an assurance to the Tamil Diaspora that they would support self-determination in a separate State!

It is unfortunate that none of the academics in our Universities, who are paid from public funds and who are more qualified to answer this baseless Eelam theory, have failed to respond to Sambandan’s and Wigneswaran’s utterances to date. Equally, all the learned members of Sri Lanka Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society have hopelessly failed to pay any attention to this important issue. The worst being the prominent figures of Hela Urumaya or National Freedom Front, who were hell bent on protecting the interests of Sinhalese. They have failed to expose the bogus nature of the Eelamists, for a separate State and to elucidate to the International Community the actual history of Sri Lanka.

A careful analysis of Sambandan’s justification and approval of the LTTE’s activities clearly shows that it was an approval of the late Prabhakaran’s inhuman terror campaign that last for nearly thirty years. The irony is that Sambandan seems to have forgotten the misery of his own people during the war.

Irrational Statements by Sambandan

He seems to approve:

  1. a) The killing of thousands of innocent civilians by bomb attacks.
  2. b) The attack on the sacred Temple of Tooth Relic at Kandy
  3. c) The attack on innocent Buddhist Pilgrims and killing of 200 pilgrims at the sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi at Anuradhapura.
  4. d) The setting up of detention camps to confine and restrain thousands of innocent Tamils who opposed Prabhakaran’s tyranny of inhuman treatment and killing
  5. e) Slaughtering of 600 Sinhala Police Officers who surrendered during R. Premadasa Regime.
  6. f) Approval and justification of the brutal assassination of his own leader, the late Amirthalingam; murdering of the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lankan President R. Premadasa.
  1. g) Killing of Politicians such as Duraiappah and the gunning down of Dr. Rajini Thiranagama by her own students.

Surely, it has to be the present regime’s duty to probe all the atrocities of the LTTE too, and bring to book all those who were responsible for mass inhuman activities, at a time when the present government is probing the actions of the Sri Lankan Army Intelligence Units who fought tooth and nail and brought peace to all communities in Sri Lanka. This would be the only process which could put a halt to those extremists of both sides (Sinhala and Tamil) who would be able to set fire to Sri Lanka. Equally, it becomes the bounden duty of the present regime to probe the brutal killings of eminent figures such as Amirthalingam and Dr. Rajini Thiranagama, the Senior Lecturer of Medical Faculty of Jaffna, as one of the first steps in bringing peace to Sri Lanka.

Sansoni Commission Report

When one peruses the role of Sambandan in the Seventies, as elicited in the Sansoni Commission Report, Sambandan’s justification on the activities of terrorists is nothing new to him. He has been one of the leaders who advocated violence to Tamil youth in the seventies as revealed in the Sansoni Commission Inquiry Report. Leaders of his calibre were always behind the atrocities committed by the LTTE, tacitly approving the bomb blasts and approving mass murders, but never speaking a word to condemn such brutalities.

Before delving into the question of whether Eelam is a myth or not, I would like to pose the under mentioned questions to Messrs. Sambandan, Wigneswaran or any other high ranking officials in the TNA, TULF; any other learned member of the Tamil Diaspora, or even directly to Ms. Jayalalithaa or Mr. Karunanidi, to justify their Tamil Eelam Theory:

(1) If Tamils had their own kingdoms in the North and East, please explain as to why Robert Knox, who was arrested in Kottiar (near Trincomalee), was handed over to Kandyan King, instead of being taken to Jaffna, the so called Capital of Eelam!

(2) What explanations have you on the Vallipuram Gold Plaque, which categorically confirms that the Sinhala King named Wasabi, was ruling Jaffna too, even before the 2nd Century BC.

Continued on Tomorrow

4 Responses to “A separate country for Tamils is unintelligible”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    The surprisingly strong support for BREXIT from the EU shows that even the patriotic people of Britain don’t want to be dominated by other Europeans, and that they wish to preserve their British way of life. It threatens to CONFOUND the global economic pundits chanting the siren song of economic prosperity over that of national sovereignty.

    Many British people don’t want to trade their independence and sovereignty for the much touted economic trinkets from membership in the EU. These Britons rightly believe that union with a TOP-HEAVY nameless and faceless EU bureaucracy in Brussels will not yield them superior economic benefits. They believe that they can do better on their own with unfettered trade with all countries of the world, devoid of the destructive immigration policies of the EU that will permanently change the very character of Britain.

    Irrespective of the FINAL RESULT on the BREXIT VOTE due tomorrow, nearly HALF of the British people have opted to maintain and preserve their ancient sovereignty and British ways.

    Likewise, we SRI LANKANS must love, treasure, protect and defend our independence and sovereignty from those who would enslave and yoke us to their economic and political agendas. We MUST retain the freedom to choose in the BEST INTEREST of our Motherland as the winds of global politics wax and wane.

    In particular, just as nearly half of Britons are doing now, we should CATEGORICALLY REJECT economic union and creeping political annexation by India with a SRI LANKAN EXIT!

    REJECT the ETCA which is the thin end of a vast political conspiracy to gradually annex our country.

    Restrictive TRADE, ECONOMIC and POLITICAL unions are UNNECESSARY with powers who have INVADED and COLONIZED our Motherland in the long history of our country.

    Like Switzerland, which remains outside the EU and trades freely with all nations of the world without TRADE AGREEMENTS, but enjoys a robust economy and the highest standard of living in Europe, let us remain a proud independent sovereign nation that is FREE TO CHOOSE AT WILL our trading, economic and political allies IN THE BEST INTEREST of our nation.

    In DOING SO, let us preserve and defend our ability to FOSTER the lives and interests of OUR CURRENT CITIZENS and THEIR DESCENDANTS yet unborn, far into the future, keeping out illegal immigrants and new LEGAL immigrants enabled to settle in the country under agreements such as the ETCA.

    FAILURE to control our borders against the influx of more immigrants, both illegal and legal, will INEXORABLY CONDEMN our people to becoming a MINORITY in their own Motherland, thus destroying FOREVER our Motherland as the Sinheladvipa, the homeland of the Sinhala people!

  2. plumblossom Says:

    We do not need provincial councils which only promotes separatism. The provincial councils only duplicate the already existing system of ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system which has functioned for decades. In addition, there are the municipal, urban councils and pradeshiya sabhas who elect their officials to ensure that there is local government representation and to ensure that local matters are dealt with. The ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system is how government plans get implemented at the district, divisional and the grama niladhari level. The only thing the provincial councils do is duplicate this already existing system and is totally unnecessary. Since Sri Lanka is a small country. Therefore what is agreed at the parliamentary level in terms of plans can be implemented islandwide via the ministries. If anyone in any province wants to suggest anything innovative, they can do so via their MP at the parliamentary level. A small country such as Sri Lanka needs a strong central government and just one plan for the entire island to move forward. For this the existing ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system is sufficient. At the local level there are the municipal, urban councils and the pradeshiya sabhas to take care of local matters.

  3. plumblossom Says:

    It is only just prior to the arrival of the Portugese that Aryachakravarthi was holding on to the Jaffna Peninsula and it is only during that time that a few Tamil people would have settled in the Jaffna Peninsula. However you can say that this was an invador holding onto territory that belonged to Sri Lanka or Sinhaladveepa. Since th e arrival of the Portugese and the Dutch, tobacco and indigo was planted on a large scale by the Portugese and the Dutch and they then encouraged Tamil people to settle in Jaffna to work in these plantations. therefore it is very clear that the North and the East was always part of Sinhaladveepa and was never a separate state or anything like that. At worst only the Jaffna Peninsula was under even Aryachakracarthi. Therefore these claims of eelam cannot be entertained and Vigneshwaran should work with all other Sri Lankans instead of behaving in a racist way.

  4. anura seneviratna Says:

    ” This would be the only process which could put a halt to those extremists of both sides (Sinhala and Tamil) who would be able to set fire to Sri Lanka.”

    Very concerned write up by LKN. It’s totally wrong to brand any Sinhala patriotic group as extremists. Sinhala patriots can only react to racist stirring by settler communities. There is a deep mental blockage exists within the Sinhala psyche’ due to decades of systematic conditioning of anti-Sinhela national sovereignty in the ONLY Sinhela island country of the world. This has led to a make belief syndrome that SL is everybody’s country. Hence, so called Hela Urumaya too are unable to get their head round to fearlessly state that SL is the Sinhela national country and all settler communities too are Sinhela national citizens and to repeat this self evident fact constantly. Most Sinhela are not even aware in this day and age that Tamil Nadu is the Tamil country and ONLY where Tamil national aspirations can be met. Obviously the world often hear of the Tamil demand for self determination with their massive world Tamil population of over 130 millions to which the Sinhela nation even unaware how to state the simple self evident fact. So, the enemies within and out carrying on unchallenged! The biggest culprits are the pro-settler community racist, anti-Sinhela national, selfish, corrupt, party political nincompoops.

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