An immediate inquiry must be held on financial crimes at Central Bank
Posted on June 30th, 2016

ACF  Media Unit

The two Central Bank (CB) treasury bond scandals and the crisis that has occurred in appointing a new governor to CB have exposed the attempts to protect the corrupt by some elements of the ‘good governance’ government. The report of the Auditors General has stated that the activities of current CB administration  have caused a loss of Rs. 1620 million to the state. ACF insists that that an immediate investigation on those who caused this loss and legal action based on the investigation.

The President was to appoint a new governor to the CB yesterday (29). However that was not possible due to the intervention of the Prime Minister who insisted that Charitha Ratwatte should be appointed as the governor. The President has rejected this proposal.

Ratwatte is one of the key figures that led to the defeat of the United National Front (UNF) administration. His ‘Regaining Sri Lanka’ initiative was not only condemned by the general public but also by some of the staunchest UNPers. Ratwatte’s appointment will lead to the implementation of neo liberal economic policies, which will ensure austerity, which has proven ineffective across the world, increased taxation and enforce the corrupt systems created by the Rajapaksa administration and sustained by men like Arjuna Mahendran.

Today is the last day of Mahendran’s tenure as the head of the CB. What is unfortunate is that the Bribery Commission has not followed up it’s in- depth inquiry into the first treasury bond scam.

On the other hand there is a systematic initiative by those involved in the treasury bond scam to discredit the report of the Auditor General’s report. ACF has reliably learnt that they are making a number of affidavits stating that the information in the report is false. It is up to the COPE to take future action based on this report.

It is imperative that legal action be taken against those alleged of being involved in corruption activities. But it is unfortunate that there is a systematic attempt to protect this official and his corrupt colleagues by the highest echelons of power ad those calling themselves ‘civil society activists.’

ACF  Media Unit

June30, 2016

One Response to “An immediate inquiry must be held on financial crimes at Central Bank”

  1. NAK Says:

    It is amazing that this ACF(who ever they may be)pretends not to know who are those involved in this crime.
    It certainly is crystal clear that Mahendran was not alone. PM by his choosing him for the job and the massive cover up and reappointing attempt becomes a culpable accomplice.
    The president himself is involved in that he prevented the previous COPE report being tabled in parliament by dissolving the parliament.
    This apparent tug of war between the president and the PM is only a side show, they both want to appoint a person who will suppress this issue and prevent further information from coming out.

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