UN will collapse if Africa and Asia leave – UN wake up!
Posted on August 23rd, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

There are 193 member nations in the United Nations. African members account for 54 while Asia-Pacific Members account for 53 making 107 out of 193 members belonging to Africa-Asia-Pacific nations. The Latin American & Caribbean Nations too make up 33. Together these 3 blocs account for 140 countries in the UN. However, the hypocrisies and bias inside the UN has come to a stage where the UN has to be told either it reforms or these nations Quit UN. The foxes have no right to protect the chicken coop. If the nations of Africa, Asia and even Latin America unite and threaten to leave the UN, it will automatically collapse. It is time the bullies pulling the strings in the UN are given this message!

AFRICAN GROUP (54 members)

There are 54 African Member states in the UN. African nations make up 28% of the UN membership making it the largest regional group. Africa has only 16% of the world’s population.

15 African nations are facing armed conflict.



There are 53 Asia-Pacific Member states in the UN. Asian nations make up 27.5% of the UN membership making it the Second largest regional group. Asia-Pacific Group has a population of over 4.4billion including seven of the world’s ten most populous countries.

Over 15 Asia-Pacific nations are facing armed conflict.



There are 23 Eastern-European Member states in the UN. East-European nations make up 12% of the UN membership making it the Second largest regional group. Eastern Europe has a population of just 292 million people.

Ukraine conflict is ongoing.



There are 33 Latin American & Caribbean Member states in the UN. Latin American and Caribbean nations make up 17% of the UN membership making it the Third largest regional group. Its population is 641,936,319 equivalent to 8.63% of the world’s population. The total land area is 20,158,154 Km2 (7,783,104 sq. miles)

Over 10 Latin-American & Caribbean nations are facing armed conflict.



There are 28 Western Europe & Other Group Member states in the UN. The US remains an Observer nation only. These nations make up 15% of the UN membership. These nations have 3 permanent seats in the UN Security Council.

Combined population of Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg, Iceland is just 412,814,895 (18 nations of Western Europe)


Other Groups

G77 & China 132 (69% of UN members)
Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) 119 (61% of UN members)
Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) 56 (largest bloc in NAM & G-77)
League of Arab States 21 (largest bloc in OIC)
African Union 54
European Union (EU) 28
JUSCANZ (sub-set of the WEOG) 14/15 (United States is here)

European Union is a coalition of countries based on economic and political partnership (28)

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

We give some examples of the racism, hypocrisy and white rule that pervades the decision-making of the UN.

  • The idea to form the UN came from US and UK following end of World War 2 – US claimed to be neutral but secretly supported UK against Germany & Axis. US then used Japanese attack on Pearl Habor as an excuse to enter the war thereby getting the Allies to accept the Anglo-American Atlantic Charter
  • UN became a tool to control former Western European and American colonies of the Third World.
  • the first two secretaries-general of the UN were from the Western European kingdoms of Norway, and Sweden
  • When Japan proposed the world’s first racial equality clause to be included into the Charter of the League of Nations in 1919, Anglo Saxon countries immediately opposed it
  • US uses its veto against all resolutions against Israel. No other countries have been that lucky!
  • late Sergio Vieira de Mello was pulled out of the Balkans because the Europeans would not accept a non-European as head of the U.N. mission there.
  • Head of the World Bank is always an American
  • Head of the IMF is always an European
  • All the top U.N. posts at the ranks of deputy, under and assistant secretary-general, are within the personal discretion of the Secretary General whose selection is no less controversial – career officials have no place, political appointees do.
  • Top posts at UN are not proportional to the ratio of membership. Even those non-whites appointed are people who are non-white by color only and honored to be more western-thinking and acting than the whites!
  • Almost all the powerful and big-budget senior posts in the Secretariat and in the U.N. system are filled by westerners, including peacekeeping, political and humanitarian affairs, management, development and environment programmes, children’s fund, refugees etc (Ramesh Thakur)
  • Asians contribute about half the U.N.’s total peacekeepers and one-quarter of its regular and peacekeeping budget of which Japan contributes the  bulk – and it is UN peacekeeping Asians who suffer fatalities (how convenient – you pay to die!) Not coincidentally, decades earlier peacekeepers were all westerners. This is just like how military interventions have now been ‘outsourced’ to the jihadists! (Muslims kill Muslims and West takes over the lands Muslim jihadists have secured after killing them thereafter)
  • In the U.N. Secretariat, Asians comprised 17 per cent of senior U.N. staff at the grades of director and above (even though there are 53 Asian members in the UN)
  • Canada and the U.S. had the same number of senior staff in the Secretariat as all of Asia, when they account for 5 per cent and 60 per cent of the world’s population respectively. (Ramesh Thakur)
  • Of the total of 94 special representatives/envoys of the SG, 16 per cent are Asian, 30 per cent African (almost all dealing with African crises), 2 per cent from Latin America and the Caribbean: and 52 per cent from Europe, North America and Australia with nine out of ten of them dealing with non-western and global problems. (Ramesh Thakur)
  • Only the U.N. University is in Asia but only 1 out of the 6 chiefs of the University has been an Asian!
  • Former UNSG Kofi Annan has a history of legitimizing US interventionism – US diplomat Richard Holbrooke, who was one of the central figures involved in the balkanization of Yugoslavia, praised Annan as one of the most supportive figures for Washington’s foreign policy in the Balkans. Annan stands guilty of legitimizing the US-led coup involving Canada and France that removed Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and allowed UN to occupy Haiti.
  • All of the nations targeted by R2P doctrine are Asian or African nations (developing nations) The Secretary General’s Special Advisor on R2P are either Canadian or American.
  • In 2011, present UNSG Ban Ki-moon took steps to personally lobby and pressure all the countries of the Mediterranean Sea to support Israel and prevent any humanitarian aid from reaching the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by ship – Ban Ki-moon ignored Tel Aviv’s illegal military blockade of Gaza and its violation of international law.
  • In 2012, Ban Ki-moon also refused to meet the representatives of the families of Palestinian victims and captives inside Israel while he was visiting Gaza. Ki-moon made personal efforts to secure the release of the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. As a result of Ban Ki-moon’s bias many Palestinians hurled shoes and stones at his UN convoy as it entered the Gaza Strip – Neither Ban Ki Moon, Kofi Annan nor UNHRC heads have visited or spoken to any of the victims of LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka either. They only have time to speak to LTTE families and LTTE cadres and send condolence messages to dead LTTErs (Kofi Annans condolence message to dead LTTE Kaushalyan)
  • In regards to both Libya and Syria, Ban Ki-moon has followed the US and NATO script for R2P and regime change.
  • Jeffrey Feltman’s appointment as the UN under secretary-general for political affairs by Ban Ki-moon shows just how much control Washington has over the UN Secretariat.
  • UN has a Christian agenda – More than 70% religious non-government organisations (NGOs) at the UN are Christian and questions whether Christian cults and lobbies are influencing UN decision making
  • A special place is given to Roman Catholic religion – The Vatican enjoys a special observer status, as a state and religion
  • Civil society organizations in the UN are mostly Catholic and these exert influence over UN diplomats.
  • Muslim NGOs are represented through the collective of states in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – Hindus and Buddhists have no representation
  • The Internaitonal Criminal Court has been accused of targeting only African nations and completely omitting from investigating the nations that had been covertly involved in the crisis that prevails African nations including the break up of Yugoslavia where it has now emerged that the late Serbian head Milosevic has been declared innocent of committing war crimes though the entire western propaganda and UN machinery accused him of being a war criminal. African Union has accused the ICC of hyposcrisy and double standards and has threatened to leave.
  • The UNHRC has been another inquisitorial tool of Western bloc nations where none of West’s crimes have resolutions against them but the West bloc nations are happily drafting resolutions against targeted nations and UN oficials are happy to comply. Sri Lanka’s case is a special example of how even after a conflict has ended a precedence is being created by a plethora of illegalities and irregularities blatantly violating the spirit of the UN and the UN Charter
  • Iraq war was illegal – UN was complicit
  • UN sanctions against Iraq caused a human disaster plus UN officials were accused of kickbacks. Hans Christof von Sponeck, the former assistant secretary-general of the UN resigned in March 2000 in protest against the sanctions. http://www.globalresearch.ca/united-nations-complicity-in-war-crimes/5170
  • UN Nuclear non-proliferation treaty are used to ensure the domination of certain powers and to threaten others
  • UN has failed Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Nepal, Angola, Rwanda, Chad, Congo, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Grenada, Cuba, Guatemala, Haiti, Iran, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Sudan, Vietnam, Libya and now Syria… including Sri Lanka in siding with terrorists and not the victims.

James Lucas writing to the GlobalResearch has given with examples 37 victim nations of US imperialism since 1945 and an estimated death of 20million people and counting. A UN and UNHRC demanding accountability from other nations completely ignores demanding accountability for all of the West’s imperial agendas and regime change that has led to assassinations, ousting of democratically elected leaders, funding of regime change, funding local lackeys and spearheading CHANGE covert operations and putting puppets as Presidents thereby undermining the entire governing systems of countries. If a UN has no mechanism to take action against these system abuses into which human smuggling, narcotics, illegal arms supply and even terrorism are intertwined is there really any use in having a world body claiming to be ushering peace? We have not solved, world hunger, we have not solved world disease, we have not solved world illiteracy and the world is become more violent by the day.

It is seriously time to Quit UN if the UN does not stop its hypocrisies, bias, racism and inequalities against the developing world.

The Philippine President has come forward with the solution ‘I don’t give a sh*t about them’ and threatens to leave ‘stupid UN’. its about time other nations start thinking of doing the same.

Shenali D Waduge


Ramesh Thakur – a former senior U.N. official, is professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University




9 Responses to “UN will collapse if Africa and Asia leave – UN wake up!”

  1. RohanJay Says:

    The UN should either be reformed to include better representations from non-white non-western nations. Or disbanded altogether. UN as Shenali says is just a tool for white arrogant self-centred imperialists peoples to dominate and control the rest of the world.

  2. NAK Says:

    Duterte of Philippines has already threatened to do just that which we should have done first when Ban ki Moon was forced by Hilary to intervene in our internal affairs.

  3. Nimal Says:

    It would be a sad day for the third world if they are out of UN and other human rights organizations as it give some guarantee against home bred tyrants that will decimate the poor native population while the world looks on and then the developed world move in and recolonized us with no safeguards.No amount of Pada Rathra will be effective to stop that.We may be friendless and we must not ever think of moving out to please our home bread tyrants and human rights violators.
    Once that is done,those who speak and work against the first world will be rounded up and will be sent to these countries,virtually as prisoners.
    What is going to happen in Canada may be the beginning.
    When there was a debate about anti government or anti national debates in the streets and on the internet it was decided to allow it as it exposes their enemies,so be warned.It is so easy to find out who is on the internet or even in a mobile as it has it’s on IPA.

  4. Charles Says:

    UNO should definitely change. UNO has become a tool of USA and the West. But the non Western Secretary Generals of the UN could not change it. Ban Ki Moon was like a USA Secretary of State for UN. He controlled the UNO according to the wishes of USA.

    It would be good to have a Chinese Secretary General. An Indian would again be a tool of USA.

  5. plumblossom Says:

    We must seriously leave the UN as soon as possible. Sri Lanka has been mistreated by the UN now for over three decades and we are totally stupid to keep hanging onto this UN which is slowly and literally killing us. The UN is today run by the US,UK,EU, Canada, Norway and Sweden (someone called them ‘mankolla kalliyak’ since they bomb countries, or bring about regime change and grab those countries resources by force). This is obvious even to the most idiotic person around.

    Sri Lanka has been foisted with the LTTE terrorist war by this US,UK,EU, Canada, Norway and Sweden now for over three decades. Now without committing any wrongdoing whatsoever Sri Lanka is harassed by the US,UK,EU, Canada, Norway and Sweden and since the UN is run by these countries the UN is doing their bidding. Sri Lanka also is been told to partition by foisting a new constitution when the vast majority of Sri Lankan citizens do not want a new constitution or to see their country partitioned in terms of giving more powers to provincial councils and merging the North and the East, or via federal states or anything else.

    Therefore it is high time Sri Lanka left the UN for good if we have any sense whatsoever. Otherwise Sri Lanka will be dismembered via large federal states and the like, the North and the East ethnically cleansed of Sinhala people for good, US army, navy, air force bases built, Hanuman Bridge built, ETCA signed and the Sri Lankan forces charged with bogus war crimes that they never, ever committed. It will be the end of Sri Lanka as we know it if we keep hanging onto this UN but then it will be too late to complain about it.

  6. Nihal Perera Says:

    Under the present regime of Sira and Ranil, SL will be forever a slave to the UN and the West. Especially Ranil who worships the West, will never do anything to upset his colonial masters.

    We need leaders who got the balls to do what’s right for the country, not the gutless assholes who dance to the tunes played by the West and their biased institutions like UN..

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  8. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, Indeed, a Chinese UN Secretary is what we Sri Lankans need.

    But, this is like the proverbial belling of the cat, who will get the US to agree? They will fight it tooth and nail!

    Furthermore, many nations neighboring China have territorial and resources conflicts with China, like the ASIAN nations fighting over the South China sea resources. They too will oppose China vigorously in the same way that South Asian nations would oppose India.

    India had only Sri Lanka as a truly friendly neighbor, but NO MORE because of India’s stupid undermining of, and interference in, Sri Lanka.

  9. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The forerunner to UN was the league of Nations which was created under the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 by the Rockefeller Family. Many believe the idea of the UN’s creation was due to the WW2, it wasn’t. A plan for global control through a well disguised body of peace started long before 1945. The League of Nations was an intergovernmental organization created at the Paris peace conference that ended the WW1. Development of international organizations due to conflict is a way of trickery. The UN was created in 1945 as a result of WW2. Anytime there is global conflict, something is created out of that conflict, to give the illusion that whatever is created out of that conflict is a direct solution to that conflict. Have you ever thought that the ones who created the conflict, are doing so in order to propose the solution? Rockefeller and Rothschild families both created UN, without them the development of UN would not be possible.

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