BRICS Communique is a rebuff to India And a gift to Pakistan
Posted on October 18th, 2016

BY  Courtesy  Pakistan Today

The fundamentalist PM of India Modi has labelled Pakistan as mothership of terror during BRICS and BIMSTEC summit in Goa, India. But all other participants refused to isolate Pakistan and did not allow it to be included in the official communique. China categorically denied labelling Pakistan as a terrorist sponsoring country and instead recognized her sacrifices in the fight against extremism and terrorism. Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Bhutan and Sri Lanka that forms BIMSTEC also refused to label Pakistan as a terrorist sponsoring country. All these countries preferred to make a general statement that cross-border terrorism should be condemned and contained. This is the same position Pakistan has promoted for a long time and it has been directly affected by the Indian state sponsored separatism and terrorism in Balochistan province.

This rebuke should be a clear reminder to PM Modi that his questionable conduct as Chief Minister Gujarat when over 1000 Muslims were killed in religious riots and human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir are well known to the world. Not only that Sri Lanka had blamed India for providing support to Tamil separatist during a long and bloody civil war that ended with support from Pakistan.

The first para of the BRICS official communique says the countries will strive for among many other things to be inclusive. How can India take the position of isolation of a neighbour and at the same time agree to a policy of inclusiveness? The communique also states adherence to UN principles and respect for the international law. How can India claim to be an adherent to UN charter when it publicly announces support for separatists in violation of the sovereignty of a neighbouring country as well as ignore UN resolutions on Kashmir? How can India claim to be an adherent of International Law when it tries to unilaterally violate Indus Water Treaty brokered by World Bank? In the same para, it promises that peaceful resolution of disputes should be sought. That in a way is reprimand of unprovoked surgical strike claimed by India in a neighbouring country.

The reference to terrorism outline that many countries have experienced it including India. This recognises that all countries of the region are affected by it because of ongoing war on terror and is not a particular concern of any one country. India, China, Pakistan and Russia all have dealt with terrorist attacks that aim to destabilize these countries and undermine their progress.

The communique recognises the importance of regional integration. Pakistan has been the key partner of China and Russia to achieve this objective by implementing the CPEC, joining SCO and CASA 1000. Pakistan’s invitation to Iran, Afghanistan, and CIS countries to join CPEC initiative is an indication of our desire to connect rather than pursue Indian objective of isolating neighbours.

The communique addresses the Syrian and Palestinian crisis and seeks to resolve it through UN resolution. This in a way is an indirect acceptance of Kashmir conflict which has been on the UN agenda for over 70 years.

To fight poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and unemployment a better approach would be to create regional platforms for cooperation. India should strengthen SAARC rather than try to experiment with new formulations, motivated by hate, in order to seek isolation of one country.

The BRICS communique is a gift to Pakistan. Our diplomats should print the communique and take it to our partner countries to highlight the work done by Pakistan that conforms with the communique to ensure regional, peace, security and balance of power.

6 Responses to “BRICS Communique is a rebuff to India And a gift to Pakistan”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Pakistan is one of the few countries helped us when we were in trouble getting arms and ammunition for the Velu’s terror war.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    we are ever grateful to them!!!

  3. Dilrook Says:

    In fact, it is India that is as mothership of terror. India sponsored terrorists in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, etc. India is a state sponsoring terrorism and a country practicing state terrorism.

    What India is up to now is far worse. On the insistence of USA, India keeps destroying all non-aligned groups. The NAM (non-aligned movement) was scuttled by India. SAARC was disrupted by India and now BRICS and BIMSTEC are also disrupted by India. In doing so, India wants to leave only NATO, LAMOA (its deal with USA) and other one sided groups.

    This is extremely dangerous. Voice of reason and moderation has no place in India. Disintegration of India seems the only way out.

    Hats off to other countries that changed the communique actually in Pakistan’s favour.

  4. S.Gonsal Says:

    No doubt it is India which a more or less rogue country led by a rogue who master minded communal attacks.
    India created LTTE and had terror camps until recently. India has no right to call Pakistan a terror country. It propagates Hindu Fundamentalism destroying the whole region. All our rich leaders have embraced Hindu beliefs and are dependents of India.

  5. Christie Says:

    Indian Union should be dismantled. All Indian colonial parasites in Indian colonies should be repatriated. The West may keep all the Indian vermin if they so desire.

  6. Nihal Perera Says:

    I agree with all the commenters…

    Sri Lankans should NEVER trust India. Though we share similar culture, etc., India has done more damage to SL than any other nation. They funded, trained Tamil terrorists who ruined our country for the last 35 years. Now India, with the support of US, trying to Balkanize the country, so that India will control it giving US the advantage over China to control the region and the Indian Ocean.

    Pakistan, China and Russia are our true friends who helped us to eliminate Tamil terrorism.., not India.

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