Posted on October 22nd, 2016

Sarath Wijesinghe – former Ambassador to UAE and Israel

 Barren Land in 1948 converted and transformed into an oasis and a world power

Pakistani observer expressed concerns over the Israel Presence in Sri Lanka while they maintain cordial relationships on trade, agriculture, and technology, despite the Middle East controversy now gradually easing out with the economic and technology integration with exchange of knowledge and experience on agriculture dairy and industrial sectors. Sri Lanka and Israel has had cordial relations from the inception of the nations gained independence in 1948 from British. The progress of Israel is amazing with the rise of the baron patch of land surrounded by enemies to a powerful country self-sufficient in food, leaders in water technology and education. World powers seek assistance of the Israel scientists on agriculture, dairy and technology. In Israel 95% of agriculture is technology with minimum water consumption. Sri Lanka is still lagging behind as a developing country with uncertain future amidst the eradication of terror regime that engulfed the country over thirty years. Only Israel, Pakistan and China came forward to assist Sri Lanka when others looked the other way leaving us to fight the battle alone. Israel gave Sri Lanka I A I KFIR fighter jets”, Super Dovra M S 11 Petrol Boats” with help on technology and defence they are experts for. Sri Lanka maintained closer links and relationships with the Middle East aligning with the Palestine cause for Middle East peace and the pathetic plight of the Palestinians in the land locked open prison the Palestine part of the State of Israel with limited autonomy. A two State Solution is on the way with the assistance of the United Nations Organisation and the moderates who the majority are now leaving door of opportunities” for a permanent solution and peace for the region.

Voting Pattern in the U N

Recent voting pattern on the resolution by the UNESCO which demanded Israeli denouncing violations in and around Al-Sahib compound in the City of Jerusalem is interesting. Sri Lanka abstained from voting while Algeria, Brazil, China, India, Russia, and South Africa voted in favour while USA, Britain, Germany, Netherland, Uthania, and Estonia voted against the resolution strongly condemning the escalating aggression and illegal measures and called on Israel to respect the historic status quo and immediate stop these measures. Middle East was pressurised by the West not to help Sri Lanka but they did the best within their capacity to Sri Lanka in the battle on freedom of the citizen from terror regime. Middle East has been a tower of strength for Sri Lanka and should not be forgotten. Voting pattern and the conduct of Sri Lanka indicates a clear deviation of foreign policy towards the West” the governance is depending on for, financial and political benefits. Voting pattern changes from time to time whilst the friendship of the state parties continues especially on business trade and technology the Israelis are experts for.

Israel technology in demand

USA, China, India, Europe and Middle East ( indirectly ) seeking assistance of Israel technology on agriculture, technology and modern scientific trends. Sri Lanka maintains close ties with Israel on tourism, technology exchange, innovations, research, and trade and on the cultural front in both religious countries. Buddhist Temple (browse the net for first Buddhist ever in Israel) set up with the patronage of the Sri Lankan Embassy and the Israel shrine in Sri Lanka with the backing of the Sri Lankan Government is a living evidence for the future Israeli Sri Lanka bonds and relations. Large number if Israelis visiting Sri Lanka for business, surfing, technology transfers which are signs of emerging closeness between the two countries despite diplomatic turbulences in the past due to pressure from the Middle East and Palestine Lobby within Sri Lanka. Israel kept on assisting Sri Lanka on technology and defence with high ranking official visiting and increasing in diplomatic business and cultural presence. The most successful trade missions organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy with the business communities in both countries, visits of agriculture ministers of both countries and the first ever by a Sri Lankan President meeting all the Israel leaders including Ex-President and the Prime Minister have strengthened the close bonds with two great and historic nations.

Israel International relations

Sri Lanka has lot to learn and gain from Israel on agriculture, Diary, technology, discipline and innovations. Israel is a country with no resources and currently produced 15 Nobel Prize winners and scientists, billionaires, spread worldwide with innovations and innovators to the world. It goes ahead with the progress unconcerned with the world opinion and the rest of the world with the power of the business communities and the intellectuals spread worldwide. It maintains friendly relations with the world and offering the olive leaf of peace to the Middle East and the neighbours to avoid eternal struggle of survival amidst massacres of over six million Jews in the recent past and historical attacks by Romans, and chased during the history of thousands of years of Jews who are now in the path of power and progress. We are blessed with everything under the sun including water, beauty, resources, favourable climatic conditions, but Israel has the human resources with courage and innovations. They are self-sufficient in water with desalinated sea water and energy with nuclear and other sources of renewable energy which is being sold. They look after the 30% Muslims in the country by providing with material benefits, despite their demands based history as much as the Jews with same claims. Israelis are excellent managers of foreign policy economy industry and innovations. They gradually trying mend fences with the Middle Ease through direct and indirect business trade and innovations and helping each other. Jerusalem is a centre of number of main religions and the where Christians, Jews and Muslims have historical relations and bonds sharing the same origins on the religion.

Current trends on international relations and way forward

Israel is bending the devices on international relations with the world to suit them in the new world and economic order trying to ease the Palestine issue which is before the world news stage almost every day with sensational news challenging and alleging each other. Knowing well the closeness of Sri Lanka and Middle East Israel has a soft corner for Sri Lanka and offered a centre of Excellence for technology transfer and assistance in Hi Tec and other areas with plans to invest in Sri Lanka on development projects with trade missions to and from Israel. Israel presence is noted in Sri Lanka with rapid developments in the diplomatic relations. Israel maintains close relations with SAARC Nations and modern Middle East. Israel gives priority to safety and defence and prepared to help Sri Lanka with modern technology on defence. Therefore the concern of Pakistan on Israel presence in Sri Lanka should not be taken seriously. Countries such as UAE Malaysia Maldives and African/ Muslim Nations seeking help from Israel Israelis are intelligent and a tolerant society ready to do business with Sri Lanka and world in general and it is advisable to accept the opportunity as the world powers seeing assistance from the Israel knowledge and technology.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks Sarath

    There is no question we should seek close relationships with Israel. They have helped us in the war against the Indian terrorists by providing us training, Kafirs and Doras. There is no question they also gained knowledge from our use of their Kafirs and Doras and training in real war against the Indian terrorists.

    For us Sinhalese there lessons to be learned from Israel. Israel’s success demise of Palestinians are finance and knowledge from Jews living outside Israel.

    Our demise and success of Indian colonial parasites are the Indians living outside the island.

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