Posted on February 11th, 2017

By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando


US officials have been warning the public to avoid all kinds of food high in cholesterol to avoid heart disease and clogged arteries since the 1970s. The Department of Agriculture (US) is the authority responsible for updating guidelines on dietary aspects and warns people on suitability of consumable items for healthy living, which they update every five years. In 2015, they placed the “Cholesterol level for Americans as 300 mgs/day“. However, a recent news exposé revealed how the US government had taken a complete U-turn on their previous warnings to change their mind in 2017 due to current evidence from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, that have declared that food once regarded as high in cholesterol are innocuous to consume now.

   Punyasiri with healed wounds

The medical mafia

The ubiquitous nature of the word cholesterol was attributed to giant pharmaceutical companies engineering medical conspiracies to indoctrinate the medical fraternity, which finally have trickled down to gullible people generating anxiety and fear’. Dr. Mass R. Usuf, the Vice President of the Homeopathic Medical Association of Ceylon, constantly maintained, for the past 15 years or so, about the myth about cholesterol.

Cholesterol is produced circa 85 per cent by the liver at the rate of roughly 1,000 mg/day. It is a vital component of every cell membrane, without which no human being can survive. Against such a backdrop detractors question as to how this fatty substance be regarded as evil?  While arguments continue on statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) the travesty has been for over two decades, people the world over were made to believe that a “high level of cholesterol in the blood contributed to coronary artery disease leading to heart attack”. The disbelievers maintained it was purely due to prejudiced and skewed reports released from research laboratories, over the years, funded by giant pharmaceutical companies forming a ‘medical mafia’ to earn billions of dollars annually.

Homeopaths viewpoint

According to Dr. Usuf, statins prescribed by western doctors to reduce the LDL levels and slightly increase the HDL, not only block HMG coenzyme A reductase (the enzyme that prods the liver to make cholesterol) but also blocks Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which is a vital enzyme human body needs for energy and cardiovascular health conditions.

He has always maintained that cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease have absolutely no affinity to each other, and consumption of insalubrious food turns the internal economy to an acidic system, which can cause thinning of the coronary arteries and may result in an inordinate isolated swelling of a weakened arterial wall allowing it to dangerously balloon out, owing to normal or excessive blood pressure, which can burst causing internal bleeding. In order to strengthen the eroded areas and prevent excessive localized swelling, the body encourages plaque formation over the eroded areas thus preventing a cardiac emergency.

Commonsense prevails that the consumption of unhygienic food and the consequent acidic state of the body is the root cause of most diseases. He swears by the fact that excellent homeopathic remedies are available to strengthen coronary arteries and dissolve occlusions without resorting to dangerous and expensive by-pass/angioplasty interventions in most instances.

Dengue and Chikungunya

Another area, Dr. Usuf has been concentrating is Dengue fever and even Chikungunya. He swears by the fact that these too can be easily prevented to a great extent by homeopathic preventative treatment. With his personal experience, homeopathic medicine ‘Eupatorium Perfoliatum‘ has over the decades produced immense empirical evidence, vis-a-vis as a course of action, in cases of full-blown Dengue fever and Chikungunya. Homeopathic drug ‘Crotalus Horridus’ also can prevent unnecessary deaths resulting from dengue haemorrhagic fever, he asserts.

With the help of many published articles in the press, he has advised the Government to provide prophylactic treatment to use homeopathy in hospitals and dispensaries island wide, and to establish temporary homeopathic drug distribution centres in schools, religious and community centres for a weekly distribution of the treatment to inhibit the disease. Patients suffering from Dengue fever or Chikungunya would find rapid relief with homoeopathic treatment within 48 hours of administration, whilst preventing a patient progressing into severe stages such as dengue haemorrhagic fever, which can lead to loss of life.

In his estimation, the Government Health Services will not have to spend millions in treating dengue patients with extended hospital stays if homeopathic drugs, which are extremely cheap to be used. In allopathic system, there is no specific medicine to treat dengue fever except administration of analgesics, bed rest and fluid intake, while aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids (steroid hormones) are contra-indicated.


Dr. Usuf has had a break-through in treating patients with Uropathy as well. Various people with their own experiences find many general references in the youtube on the subject. The writer has personally referred two diabetic patients, who suffered from ‘phagedenic ulcers,’ associated with formation of extensive sloughing over the ankle, who had reached the point of amputation of the leg above the ankle, after being treated by western medicine to Dr. Usuf.

One patient renounced alternative medicine wholesale, but was induced to knuckle under, and finally consulted Dr. Usuf who advised the patient to cover the lesion with a piece of gauze and wet the wound with urine from a third party (as he and wife were both diabetics). The rest is history. After three months of Uropathy treatment he was completely cured and up and away!

The second case was Punyasiri from Kalutara. The writer referred him too, who had been suffering from a stubborn, non-healing lesion that insidiously kept spreading with pain and pus for long years to Dr. Usuf.

Dr. Usuf adopted the same treatment with someone else’s urine (diabetics cannot use their own urine). The writer wrote about Punyasiri to Ceylon Today highlighting his gradual improvement on 5 April 2016, under the headline ‘Uropathy and Gau Mutra’; again on 1 August with two photographs comparing the difference in the healing progress within four months of Uropathy treatment. Now Punyasiri is completely cured and happy. Picture shows Punyasiri’s the new replaced skin in pink colour.

Those who do not believe in Uropathy are unfortunates, while protagonists are incredulous and overwhelmed at the results“, says Dr. Usuf.

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