‘The EU is funding TERROR in the Middle East’, rages Turkey’s president Erdoğan
Posted on February 13th, 2017

By PATRICK CHRISTYS Courtesy  Express (UK)

CONTROVERSIAL Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has sensationally accused the European Union of funding terrorism in his country and says he does not care if the West brands him a dictator”.

Schulz Erdogan TurkeyGETTY

President Erdogan has accused the European Union of funding the PKK terror group

President Erdogan has come under fire for arresting leading politicians and lawmakers from an opposition party as part of a widespread purge of all the nation’s core institutions following the violent military coup in July.

The HDP, a left wing, pro-Kurdish party with strong convictions about women’s rights, saw many of its top brass rounded up and detained on Friday amid accusations that they support the armed Kurdish militia, the PKK.

Britain, the EU and America send aid and arms to a Kurdish group with links to the PKK currently fighting the Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Mr Erdogan claims some of the money and weapons handed to the Kurds in Syria is being used to kill Turks by the PKK, who have committed a string of terrorist atrocities across the Middle Eastern nation.

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4 Responses to “‘The EU is funding TERROR in the Middle East’, rages Turkey’s president Erdoğan”

  1. Nimal Says:

    This hypocrite is calling kettle black where his family and friends armed the rebels, sold their stolen oil to arm the rebellion by the ISIS.
    That country is in a hell of a mess. When people take any religion serious then some exploit and cause divisions and rest is history. What a bunch of losers?

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Nimal is correct,

    Erdogan and Turkey initially trained and supported ISIS in collusion with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but turned against ISIS when it started to export extremism into and destabilize Turkey itself.

    Now Turkey is pointing fingers at the EU for STILL supporting ISIS just as it did itself!

    That is EXACTLY what happened to India when India trained, equipped, funded, introduced and supported Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka. The Tamil terrorists India initially supported and used to undermine Sri Ldnka turned into a threat against India fueling Tamil Nadu secession from India.


  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    I believe the West tried to stage a coup in Turkey to oust Erdogan but failed. If they are again funding opposition groups as alledged, then, maybe they’ll succeed the next time.

    After all, very recently, they did it in Egypt and Ukraine. Both these countries had coups to replace the elected leaders with West friendly leaders.
    So beware Mr Erdogan?
    However, Erdogan might survive as long as the USA is busy with its own internal regime change machinations, now going on. President Donald Trump is not from the traditional ruling class that controlled (destroyed) the world, but he is the third force within USA, hated by the Democratic Party and not liked by many in his own Republican party. Therefore, he is targeted by the “Swamp” (ruling administartion) for removal.

  4. Charles Says:

    Europe and West like destroying other non European countries and help terrorism , which springs back on them to terrorises the West.

    France is corrupt they cannot find a clean candidate for the Preidential elections, allowing racism to rise its head. Other European countries are no better, they have more or less accepted China as a world leader.

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