Fake News From Unnamed Sources
Posted on February 25th, 2017

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Spokeperson, United Sri Lanka Association,

Dear President Trump,

As one of Sri Lankan origin I fully understand your anger and frustration with fake news”  quoting anonymous” sources , criticising  you, as has happened most  recently from the NYT.

Sri Lanka has been subjected to similar and even   greater injustice based on  fake news generated by the UK  channel 4, TV , claiming to be from unnamed sources  that ultimately led SL to being sanctioned through a resolution  at the UNHCR generated by your predecessor administration .

Channel 4   did so by giving wide publicity to a whole host video’s allegedly showing Sri Lankan forces committing  human rights violations during their war liberating SL from  three decades of Tamil Tiger Terrorism, in May 2009. The cash strapped  Channel 4 ,  had close connections with the UK based Tiger Terrorist diaspora that sustained Tiger Terrorism in SL with their multi billion dollar war chest , & post war had it  free to spend   on propaganda. No doubt with handy encouragement from this  war chest,  Channel 4 gave wide and repeated publicity to these videos that had neither name of source nor  place nor date of  filming. They simply said that the videos  had been sent  anonymously . These   formed the basis of their film,  Sri Lanka Killing Fields” castigating SL forces  for alleged HR violations.

Such reports played no small part in SL being sanctioned by  requiring it to ultimately carry out constitutional changes to the detriment   of the very people who were the victims of Tiger Terror, the Sinhalese majority of the country.

I hope that your efforts would make the unsuspecting people  world wide to realize, how sections of the world press have been misleading  them and identify the UK Channel 4 at the top of this list.

Given your experience and consequent understanding of the corruption of sections of the press, I would appeal to you also to provide redress to the people  most victimized by such corrupt reporting in recent times, the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka, by withdrawing   the UNHCR resolutions against them generated by you predecessor administration .

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM


United Sri Lanka Association,

Wellington NZ.

3 Responses to “Fake News From Unnamed Sources”

  1. Christie Says:

    “UNHCR resolutions against them generated by you predecessor administration .”
    and taking Kenyatta to the war criminals court.

    Both work of the work of the High Caste Indian vermin of the USA Obama Administration.

  2. Sirih Says:

    Ch4 will do the colonial bidding since thats what they are…. Question is what is UN’s agenda on fake video and having 2 UN rapporteurs that got egg on their face by hiring incompetent fools to verify fake video as genuine using nothing but voodoo science?

  3. RohanJay Says:

    Don’t forget the UN Australian representative who was stationed in Sri Lanka in 2009. This unscrupulous individual made up total lies of the last stages of the war by publishing a report and then later a book. Stating that 40,000 people were killed by the Sri Lankan military in the last stages of the war.
    Yes channel 4 news item was bullshit by Callum McCray. Why does lankaweb harp on about the Channel4 video when it is UN representative in Sri Lanka in 2009 that what brought human rights changes against SL. But that is not what put Sri Lanka in the dock as with the UN. It was Gordon Weiss of the UN whose lies that put Sri Lanka in the dock. More than the Channel 4 report.
    Why does lankaweb sometimes don’t give the truth?. It was the UN report by Gordon Weiss.

    Channel 4 doesn’t have the power to bring charges against Sri Lanka.
    The UN however does. So with all due respect to Dr Chula Rajapaksha. It was Gordon Weiss from Australia that put Sri Lanka in the dock with the UN and not as Dr Chula Rajapaksha wrongly stated the Channel 4 report.

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