Posted on March 14th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I travel daily in the car to work and keep cursing three wheeler drivers .They keep violating all the traffic rules and the policemen keep mum .because they get free rides

They drive dangerously ,cut across your right of way and yet threaten you if you complain .It is time that all vehicle drivers form a union and fight this menace .

Following  true identical incidents taken place during last few weeks should open eyes of every driver.

Wife of a senior cricketer was driving her car near Odel in front of  eye hospital .A three wheeler cut across the path of the car as if accident has taken place .A back seat passenger of the three wheeler comes running to the lady driver claiming that he is hurt showing a blood stained hand .He forced her to pay some damages and take everything from  her purse and runs away .As usual all by standers watch and do nothing .

Last week the younger son of my cousin who is a doctor was  driving his car in  Nugegoda .He is a  medical student who looks somewhat innocent .Same type of incident where a three wheeler cuts across and the back seat passenger runs to the car demanding money .He gets scared and claims that he has only 1500 rupees .The rogue demands that he should go to the ATM and get money .Finally he takes 1500 Rs and bolts away .

Both incidents happened in broad day light in busy streets !

Police chief wants his officers to do Meditation and they have become non violent ? Country is going  to dogs and state cannot control the crime wave .

I suggest to all lady drivers to carry a bottle of red chilly or a spray .Men to carry a steel rod or a bottle  of acid and teach these criminals a good lessons as police has become inactive just like the state ?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


  1. Nimal Says:

    I haven’t got the time to read all above and I agree that the three wheeler drivers what described above.This reflect the present culture of the country where people live recklessly, selfishly thus contradicting the great teachings and I strongly urge the colonials to give us a helping hand to sort our country.
    This type of behaviour never happens or tolerated in countries of the colonial types. This is tipoff the iceberg.I some times close my eyes when I traveled in a three wheeler.
    Sadly it is one business our poor could afford.

  2. Christie Says:

    Dear Dr Sudhath

    We are all subjects of the Indian Empire. And we all behave so.

  3. Nimal Says:

    I was told that one of my cousins was nearly killed by a careless three wheeler driver at the Jubilee post Mirihana a week ago.
    My cousin was walking to his house when the three wheeler hit him.He suffered serious head wound,brokren arm and broken legs. I hear his brain and intestines are haemorrhaging. After three surgeries at Kalubowila hospital still in a coma fighting for his life.
    According to witnesses the driver seem to be drunk but was released on bail he seems to have driven recklessly overtaking a bus at high speed thus nocking my cousin who was on the opposite side of the road. Our drivers are truly reckless and my wife too was nearly run over buy a speeding bus overtaking another bus where my wife was boarding our vehicle at the opposite side of the road.
    People seems to have no respect for life and limb, truly disgraceful. It’s beggar’s belief that the driver is released on bail. I suppose he has some connections to be treated so lightly.

  4. Nimal Says:

    I am, sad to write that my cousin,Ranil Walpitage died yesterday at Kalubowila hospital. His funeral is on this Wendsday,being a party worker, hope MR or Gota will read this and send someone to the funeral that will be on Wendsday the 22nd March..He only went out to get his lunch packet from a nearby shop at the Jubilee junction.
    His younger brother too died at warakapola in another car accident with his foreign friend who came to help us after the Tsunami.
    Their vehicle was knocked down by a speeding heavy vehicle that nocked his car to the nearby stream.
    Our politicians and officials never make an attempt to solve any of our country’s nagging problems but there to rob the hard earned taxpayer’s money. We want the colonials to come back to sort us out as our ambude clad leaders our incapable to work for the country.

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