Idiots close down the Indian Consular Offices in Jaffna and Hambantota Immediately, lest they become another set of agency houses of Eelam and centers of Indian expansionism
Posted on March 19th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara


It was reported that the recently opened Indian Consular Office in Jaffna is providing forged documents to South India Tamils to migrate to northern Sri Lanka. This is a very serious threat to the security of the country that call for the immediate attention of all Sinhala people. T What hey have reported is only what they know. It could be only the tip of the iceberg.I have no doubt that the conspiracy in invading this country is being done in many different and subtle ways.. This is made easier in the present context of absolute anarchy and a Government doing everything to satisfy the Tamils, the Indian Government and the so called Tamil Diaspora the well known LTTE agents

I was surprised when the government opened two Indian Consular Offices  for this small Island of 25,000 Sq miles while there is already Assistant Commissioners office in the hill capital-Kandy that was opened long time ago to cater to needs of Estate Indian Labour  going to India to deposit their earnings and also those getting repatriated as Indian Citizens when the India and Pakistan citizenship Act was in operation. Now since the UNP Government of JR gave Sri Lankan Citizenship violating all existing laws  regarding grant of citizenship I personally don’t think there is a need even for this to continue in Kandy unless they want to firstly show their importance of being present here and also to carry out their subversive activities among the estate Tamils against the Sri Lankan Government. Under this situation I cannot  understand as to why these foolish Governments ,past as well as present agreed to open two more Consular Offices, one in Hambantota and another in Jaffna knowing the subversive agenda of the Indian Government and danger of giving the sword to the monkey. If these foolish politician knew the intentions of modern India and their past history they will never dream of putting more Indian serpents under their loin cloth.

All patriotic people must make a public cry for their closure

20 Responses to “Idiots close down the Indian Consular Offices in Jaffna and Hambantota Immediately, lest they become another set of agency houses of Eelam and centers of Indian expansionism”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I AGREE.

    Our Dearest president MR allowed opening these in 2010. It was opened on 2010 MAHAVEER DAY.

    I doubt Sira and RUN-NIL will close them.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    I STRONGLY ENDORSE this PROPOSAL by Dr. Sudath Gunasekara!

    These Indian Embassies should NEVER HAVE BEEN PERMITTED to be opened!

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    INDIA has caused a number of ongoing grievous problems in Lanka.
    How can Lankans trust INDIA so readily, even though Cold War politics and INDIA’s role in it, have been partly exposed ?

    Sri Lankan leaders should get together to safeguard Lanka, not dismember Lanka through INDIA.

    INDIA will look after herself and throw Lanka like a “bone to the foreigners to gnaw on”.
    INDIA has signed 10 Border Agreements for Peace with China. This was done a couple of years ago.

  4. Nimal Says:

    It is cause for concern that India has selected an ultra Hindu nationalist as the Chief minister of UP.It seems that the Ambuda clad politicians in our countries are carrying on running the countries regardless of the feelings of the progressive people and high achievers in the country, sadly giving into popularisum.
    By the way Sudath,just before my American friend was kicked out of SL by JR,we had that hose in Rajaphilla road as our second home where we spent at least one weekend per month there. We young had a disco party on it’s glorious large balcony. After we vacated it was rented out to the Indian HC by a very patriotic Rajarata Mudalali.He found it justified to allow their presence in Kandy which served the estate people who are very much detached from the separatists.
    I am sure any government would give a serious thought to setting up a councillor office in Jaffna.
    With respect to India breathing down on a small country like us, we must be sensitive about it, remembering the parripu drop.
    Moving to the life of modern conventions,culture is important to our survival and we keep reminding them that we are from the Dravidian stock by constantly wearing their ambude.All the sepertation,liberty and the prime place given to the Sinhalese in the island by the Colonials are being eroded by our stupid politicians.
    Solet us change our culture to be in line with the all important international community that will give us some protection for future.
    Give the assets like tea estates to be run by British that will develop the markets for us, settle their people that will further enlightened our people, get their police on contract to train our and our hopeless and reckless driving skills that will have a knocking off effect on the rest of the people and I my self is a such beneficiary. I wanted to forget my country when I left SL in disgust in 60 didn’t even say good bye to my parents but the colonial types persuaded me to forget and forgive and show a sense of charity to people who need our help.They are truly delighted that I have invested and giving jobs to our people.Sudath must know thisPlease forgive any errors as I have to rush.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Every leader who came to power with the votes of the innocent voters did many stupid things which we the voter didn’t approve
    Including MR who was hailed as a hero by many for his courageous approach to the Indian sponsored LTTE war. Now it’s worse than ever Indians are interfering more in our affairs because of the weak leaders who are governing today. Current leaders are really cheaters and hoodwink the people all the time with their lies. If we go like this very soon it will become a Indian colony very soon. Open your eyes Sinhalese before Indians take over the country without a war.

    Indians are dirty, cunning and shrewd and they know how to tackle weak leaders who has no love to their homeland or to its people and do things as they pleased. We tell all the politicians not to play with our lives and the country we love so much. Politicians will come and go but the country will be there for many more years to come. Patriots must come together at this very grave moment to save Motherland and send this evil government packing before they destroy it in front of our eyes with the help of Indian parasites and the evil West. Wake up up Sinhalese.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DR> Sudath, Both these Consular Offices were opened during MRs time. I remember writing about it. The Jaffna Office was opened to permit an influx of Illicit Immigrants to flow in with ease. It became a perfect base for illegal activites.
    The Hambantota Consular Office was a red herring across the trail. It was just to show that they are looking after the Tamils as well as Sinhalese. MR encouraged it to boost his Ego. How many travel to Hambantota to get Indian Visas.


  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are right, the Indian Embassies in Jaffna and Hambantota were opened during MR’s time.

    MR was trying to PLACATE India and DEFUSE their concerns about Chinese in estments in Sri Lanka.

    Whatever MR’s reasons were, this was a MISTAKE just as not REPEALING 13A when he could have was an even GREATER MISTAKE! However, I understand MR’s mistake for DEFERRING the REPEAL of 13A, until he could win over the Tamil Community by RECONSTRUCTING the North and East. He underestimated the RACISM of the unrepentant Tamils and shot himself in the foot!

    These are EXISTENTIAL MISTAKES that future Patriotic governments MUST NOT REPEAT!

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said SW.

    I protested against it too. It was OBVIOUSLY an anti-SL move by MR and BR. What really got me was the Jaffna consulate was opened on MAHAVEER DAY in 2010.

    Glad USA has come to REALIZE the TRUTH without ALWAYS whitewashing MR.

    Make no mistake I am forever grateful for MR for winning the war. NO ARGUMENT. My ONLY problem is things he DID and DID NOT DO after winning the war.

    No excuse for NOT repealing 13 amendment by MR. TNA’s massive win at the northern PC election (with MOST TNA councillors LTTE cadres or their relatives or worse Tamil racists) was ENOUGH reason to SCRAP 13 amendment. But he DID NOT.

    I think we are ALREADY TOO LATE.

  10. Somapala Senerath Says:

    No point blaming anyone now. Lets fight to remove them.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo) YAKKO,

    I have ALWAYS stood for REPEALING the 13A. That did not happen yesterday, and “I have not come around to it” as you want to characterize it!

    But, unlike ME and YOU who can demand things from MR for ENTIRELY OPPOSING reasons and objectives, without having any responsibility to cope with the consequences, MR had to balance competing forces in the national interest.

    To get the FREEDOM OF ACTION without military intervention from India and the Western Powers during the war that he needed to ROUT the LTTE, he promised to give India a fig-leaf to placate the Indian Tamils: he offered to implement a 13A+.

    In 13A+ he proposed to create a Senate in which Tamils would have greater representation than in the House of Commons, to protect their interests.

    But, like ALL PREVIOUS Presidents, MR NEVER PROMISED to give land and police powers as the 13A required, because he KNEW that was way too dangerous to the integrity of Sti Lanka, and would lead to disintegration of the country.

    By 13A+, MR really meant an Amendment that EXCLUDED the most dangerous parts of 13A, especially the giving of land and police powers.

    In reality, 13A+ was a completely different system from 13A that ensured that the National Government would always have EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY over the Provinces, and would retain all critical aspects, essential to maintaining control and securityk.

    He proposed to DEFUSE the ANIMOSITY and WIN OVER the the Tamil Community as a whole by RECONSTRUCTING and DEVELOPING the North and EAST, until the ECONOMY of the country, and our ALLIANCES with Foreign Powers was also STRONG enough to enable Sri Lanka to weather the SANCTIONS that would inevitably follow REPEALING of the 13A in its current dangerous form.

    That may have worked, but MR NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO push that strategy to COMPLETION; his own Sinhala Modayas let him down at the elections!

    He was too confident of his position, especially among the fickle Sinhala Modayas of His Own Community, who fell HOOK, LINE and SINKER for the YAMAPALANAYA propaganda, AIDED & ABETTED by deep-undercover EELAMIST AGITATORS like you!

    So, Katussa (Lorenzo), don’t try to put words in my mouth, or try to pontificate as if you know all the issues MR had to balance and cope with in order to CRUSH the LTTE, DEVELOP the National Infrastructure, and grow the ECONOMY of our country to ACHIEVE his VISION for Sri Lanka as the New Wonder of Asia! You simply DON’T; besides you are a DEDICATED ENEMY of MR and the Sinhala people hiding like a rattlesnake in the grass at LankaWeb!

    You are ONE OF THE SOBs who jumped up and down the aisles at LankaWeb to OUST MR and PRECIPITATE the Yamapalana DEBACLE.

    Let me say this BRIEFLY: BUGGER OFF Katussa (Lorenzo) ….. We don’t want you at LankaWeb!

    Is that CLEAR ENOUGH for YOU?

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    There is NO BIGGER national interest than SCRAPPING 13 amendment, NOT giving on a PLATE to VIGGIE what we GRABBED from Velu and PREVENTING an Endia joint dishing out SL citizenship in the north for Endians.

    No point brining your zoo (katussa, rattlesnake, hyena, etc.) when you lose an argument. Fonseka tried that and failed.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    “No point blaming anyone now. Lets fight to remove them.”

    Agree but what if IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN?

    Should we jump into the same hole this noon where we fell last night? NEVER AGAIN!

  14. Dilrook Says:

    Although allowing the opening of an Indian consulate office in Jaffna around 2011 did play a part in this, the bigger problem is opening a Sri Lankan foreign ministry office in the same place earlier this year by Mangala. This is the place that issues Lankan identification documents to Indian illegals, not the Indian consulate office itself.

  15. aloy Says:

    We may be heading for a very difficult time. On one hand Indians and our present GOSL trying to destabilize the coutry by bringing in foregners under various guises. And on the other hand we are becomng a pawn in the hands of Chinese by getting entangled on their loans and giving our ports. This UNP thinks that they have got the power to rule for ever. Why is the Chinese Defence minister visiting all of a sudden?. Do they think that they can devide SL among Indians and Chinese.
    High time to chase out traitors immediately. If not we will get into a situation much bigger than the tiger war.

  16. Somapala Senerath Says:

    For a small country this is the only place on earth having miniseries and embassies within 300 km.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    NOW is the ideal time to remove the 13-A as the Yahap govt is in power.

    The Yahap folk surely have more power than the MR govt ever did – the west is praising them, INDIA likes them, the UN says they are doing a good job, and they have both the UNP leading & the Pres MS bowing to them, with CBK hopping around them too !

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    IF the govt. removes 13th amendment, they DESERVE to remain in power until 2032. If they DUMP the LLRC (LTTE) recommendations in the bin, then they deserve to remain in power even further.

    These are MORE DANGEROUS than LTTE.

    SLs have to READJUST to the POST-LTTE times. We have to identify the NEW DANGERS. 13th amendment and its CREATIONS are the new dangers that are not going away.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    What does Yahap deserve after their ‘Crash & Sell” UNPATRIOTIC acts ?? !!

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    What part of your brain is not functioning, that you focus only on the non-essentials and ignore the essence of my post?

    I wrote that detailed response to your questions, and to DEBUNK your assertions about MR, and to explain the policies he adopted!

    That 13A should be REPEALED is not at issue; it should. That has ALWAYS BEEN MY STAND! So, you did not “WIN” the argument; you just CLAIM THAT because you have NO OTHER ANSWER TO GIVE to my detailed responses!

    The “zoo” directed at you is entirely appropriate, since you ate the one who begin calling people Thalagoyas and Kabaragoyas, and brining your menagerie of now-vanished avatars to help you win your propaganda war! If you cant STAND THE HEAT, THEN EXIT THE KITCHEN!

    This should teach you not to begin things you can’t finish!

    BTW, Don’t drag in Gonseka as a red-herring to confuse the issue and divert attention away from the topic at hand; I have written ENOUGH about Gonseka’s TREASON against our Motherland! Right now, he is AGAIN accusing Gota of responsibility for killing journalists, trying to DIVERT ATTENTION AEAY from himself!

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