Jokers against Extremism: Controversial Characters among 173 Signatories
Posted on June 30th, 2017

 Dilrook Kannangara

A group of 173 persons have signed a newspaper advertisement renouncing extremism. It was organized by the citizens’ movement a key ad hoc clique formed to support extremists of all colours at the 2015 presidential election. Interestingly, there are some with extreme views among them! It makes their attempt a tragicomedy.
Their timing couldn’t have been better as the second known Sri Lankan Muslim ISIS terrorist was sent to paradise by a US air strike in Syria! There are 34 more Sri Lankan Muslim ISIS terrorist extremists yet to meet this fate. If they make it alive back to Sri Lanka, they must be quickly eliminated before they introduce Jihad terrorism to Sri Lanka and India.

Anglican Bishop Dulip Chikera made several controversial statements during the war and even consumed “Vanni wine”. Had the government succumbed to his circus, the war would be still raging and people dying in their tens of thousands. Asath Sally has also placed his name in it. In 2013 he was arrested after making inflammatory remarks against Buddhists and following a trip to South India where he made more controversial statements. He is also on record of demanding animal cruelty. His disproportionate antics are not easily erased either. Mujabur Rahuman is also in the list. In 2001 he was arrested over a riot by Islamic extremists in Colombo against Sinhala shops. He then formed a political party named Muslim United Liberation Front. A signatory once vowed to create a Palestine in Maligawatte. Palestine houses multiple terrorist groups.

Lakshan Dias who made an inflammatory and false statement that over one hundred churches have been attacked in Sri Lanka is also among them! Misery does love company. Even Hilmy Ahmed of the Muslim Council fame who makes inflammatory statements aimed against Buddhists has made it to the list. A Muslim Council in the country makes hundreds of millions of rupees every year issuing “halal” certificates in a country only 10% care about halal beef or halal salami. Lateef Farook who is no different is in the list too. Inclusion of these people in a statement calling to stop extremism is as hilarious as their citizens’ movement of political benefactors.

Without an argument, extremism and attacks on places of worship must be rooted out. However, it must be done without any hidden agendas. One form of extremism should not be replaced by another form of extremism.

These signatories are obviously oblivious to what goes around in the world. Not a day passes without Islamic extremists hitting news headlines with barbaric cruelty. Are they supportive or tolerant of such barbaric violence? Wahabi extremism is spreading in Sri Lanka faster than any other religion. Why are the signatories silent about that? Under-aged Muslim girls are “married” against their will and used as prostitutes and sex slaves to the extent that a young Muslim woman recently claimed one has to be extremely unlucky to be born a Muslim girl in Sri Lanka. Even female genital mutilation is now practiced in the island. Uncivilized polyandry is also practiced among a section of this community. How did the Citizens’ Movement fail to notice these subhuman activities?

The real motive of the Citizens’ Movement is to distract people from resident extremists in their beloved government. All extremists and racists without exception were behind Sirisena at the 2015 parliamentary election. It is not that surprising as Nazi, Fascist and Imperial Japanese forces joined together (without fighting against each other) to rule the world in 1940s. Had they succeeded, the world would have been similar to the Yamapalana regime of one extremist minister fighting against another. 
What we see today is the violent divorce of the 2015 happy marriage and threesome conjugal union of extremists and racists of all three denominations. Citizens’ Movement is also responsible for this marriage made in hell and must take some blame for the bitter divorce.

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  1. Indrajith Says:

    Another two notorious anti Sinhala, Buddhist characters who have signed this petition are Sunil Perera and Samanalie Fonseka.

    In an event organized by Sinhalese community in the USA during his latest musical trip held in May, Gypsy Sunil has narrowly escaped from assault by the audience after he mentioned that the next president in Sri Lanka should be a Tamil or a Muslim.

    Samanalie earned the wrath of the masses after she stated that all the garbage in Meethotamulla garbage dump should be filled in Jethawana Chaithya. Please read the news item copied from LankaCnews regarding her controversial statement and the masses reaction from the following link.

  2. Senerath Says:

    Actually ‘jokers’ should be named ‘extremists’. Extremists peace makers ! Don’t they see how innocent people get killed in the middle east, Europe and innocent blacks shoot down by ‘extremists’ police ?
    Here we have jokers forcing women to wear black in extreme heat while they themselves wear white ! Our cities are getting darker and draker and want us to keep quiet ?
    This is a trick to get more and more extemists in the parliament and to misnister posts !

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