Posted on June 30th, 2017

A concerned Lunatic.

This is a comment on your editorial statement on 25th instant where you state, attributed to Mr. Mangala Samraweera the Finance Minister the Poya Day ban on the sale of liquor is foolish, impracticable and in any event was useless because people stocked-up the previous day” My question is, so if this ban is lifted, does it improve the status quo or lead to any improvement in our impoverished economy? We see in which way the bull is turning” as the Sinhala saying goes. The next thing he would say in Parliament is that, since people had already stocked up their liquor on the previous day, they will spend the Poya holiday to stay at home and get themselves drunk violating the 5th precept also. Therefore it makes no sense to have Poya day as a holiday because it will only encourage people to commit Akusala than Kusala. Therefore it makes sense to abolish the Poya holiday system too! It will also bring in more man-hours into the work place and thus help improve the economy! He could extend his argument further by moving to ban Buddhist processions on the roads as it would be an irritant to other religionists and therefore may lead to religious tensions and conflicts. This will clear the path for his other post-modernists to bring back the agitation to ban the use of chained elephants in Buddhist processions as it is cruelty to animals, despite having to make them dance in the zoo ! So now we know where the Mangala procession is heading. Then he will come up with his hobby horse, pointing out the absurdity of continuing with prohibition of homosexuality in our penal law, when we are already having them in Parliament holding high positions!

There is also another ‘sensible question raised by those seeking to unethically convert the Buddhists to other religions who ask the children whether a father who abandons his newly born son and the mother and goes away could be loved?! In effect what they are saying is that such a person should be made an accused in a maintenance case in courts in modern times!

You have added further sense to Mangala’s brilliant argument when you say further down in the same editorial Many Buddhists who do not eat meat, eat fish. In either case they are eating the flesh of a living being whose life had been taken to cater to the food habits of humans. So, enforcing law against meat sales on Poya Days but permitting the sale of fish just does not make sense.” What a brilliant argument Mr. Editor. But you have forgotten to include in the same breath, the sale of eggs, dry fish and sprats! You go on to say: Samaraweera knows what needs to be done and has the courage to do or at least attempt to do, what is sensible and pragmatic. Whether the lunatic fringe will permit him to do what he wishes is another question”. You and Samaraweera are indeed a great combination of Lunatic fringe”. It is to prevent lunatics like you two from going over the rocker that Buddha preached the importance of what he called Majjhima patipada” the Middle Path.

Mangala Samarweera has already put this country in a right royal soup by co-sponsoring  that Geneva Resolution against Sri Lanka, form which the government seems to be struggling to extricate itself in vain. Judging on his performance so far, we could expect a debacle in the already ailing economy which we hope will be the end of this government.

A concerned Lunatic.


  1. Nimal Says:

    Mangala is right. It is a stupid ban and the person who drinks will drink it somehow. If the country is to move forward then we must not use a religion to restrict peoples’ choices.

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