Lies, misdeesds and treachery of Political Chameleon Rajitha Senaratne –  Part. IV
Posted on September 2nd, 2017


The action taken by the Joint Opposition to handover a No Confidence Motion against the political chameleon Rajitha Senaratne was a very appropriate move as he acts like a person suffering from a chronic dementia, misusing his powers, uttering abusive and indecent fish market languages and posing as that he is the person who runs this country.

Neville Fernando Hspital and SAITM

Neville Fernando Hospital (also referred to as Dr Neville Fernando Sri Lanka – Russia Friendship Hospital or NFH) established in 2013 is a hi-tech multi speciality tertiary care teaching hospital. It is also one of the largest private hospital in Sri Lanka with 210 permanent beds and capable of accommodating about 1000 patients a day. It is the teaching hospital to the the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine SAITM and is the first private teaching hospital in the country as well. NFH is a brainchild of its Chairman Dr.Neville Fernando, former Panadura MP and its main purposes are to provide clinical training facility for the medical students of the SAITM and to provide much sought after high quality private medical care to the Sri Lankan public at an affordable price.

Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Deputy Minister Faizel Mohammed revealed in Parliament that the Dr. Neville Fernando Sri Lanka-Russian Friendship Hospital in Malabe is not a teaching hospital and a teaching hospital is one that is used to give practical training for medical students. He also revealed that the Health Ministry had not given permission to the hospital to function as a teaching hospital.

On 17th July, 2017 there was much hyped publicity by the government that it is taking over the Neville Fernando hospital despite media allegations to the contrary saying that the Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne is going to do a personal favour to his friend cash strapped Dr, Neville Fernando and a mega function was also held at Health Ministry expense (at a time Ministry expenses are much needed for Dengue eradication) even with the participation of the President Maithripala Sirisena and it was a clear demonstration of fooling the people and wastage of government funds. A MoU was signed at the function by the owner of Nevill Fernando Hospital and the Secretary of the Ministry of Health Janaka Sugathadasa while Bank of Ceylon, which is involved in loan facilities for the hospital too signed the agreement. Media reports indicated that the hospital is still under the management of Dr. Neville Fernando. Rajitha is alleged to have instituted another fraud and got cabinet approval for making a grant of Rs. 200 Million a month to this hospital but keeps on saying that this hospital will be managed by the government like the Sri Jayawardene hospital. Health sector circles question if that is so why the hospital needs a special grant of Rs. 200 million a month since it shoul be staffed by the government servants as in the Sri Jayawardene hospital.

Within a few days of making this announcement pertaining to governmet management of the NFH a statement issued by the Neville Fernando Hospital said that the government is not making any payment to the hospital and loan payments of the hospital are being carried out by Dr. Neville Fernando.  The statement said that during the next 10 years until completion of all loan payments the hospital will remain as a mortgaged property of the Bank of Ceylon.  The statement also said that Rs. 3,55 Billion worth this hospital has been vested with the government as a grant.

On 16th July, 2017 Rajitha said Neville Fernando Hospital would be maintained as a teaching hospital of the government. It was maintained as the teaching hospital of the SAITM medical degree selling institute at Malabe and would continue in that state in the future as well.
However, Sri Lanka Medical Council announced that Neville Fernando Hospital doesn’t maintain the standard needed for a teaching hospital. The All Ceylon Medical Officers Associations and the Faculty of Medical Sciences Teachers Association stated that taking over of the Neville Fernando Hospital would not solve the SAITM issue

Rajitha who remains as a prolific supporter of SAITM medical degree shop despite Medical students of this country, their parents, doctors, professionals and many civil organizations carrying out unceasing day and night protests for over 6 months now suffering high handed Police repressions – the student neglecting their studies due to compulsion – demanding to close down this rogue degree shop, Rajitha since his daughter-in-Law is a student of SAITM together with the support of several Ministers and government MPs whose kiths and kins also study in SAITM has emphatically stated that SAITM wouLd never be taken over by the government.

University students of this country, their parents, doctors, professionals, many civil organizations and the general public rallying themselves as Anti SAITM People’s Fortress” (SAITM  Virodhi Jana Pawura)  held anti-SAITM night ptrotest demonstrations with banners and fire sticks in more than 50 places throughout the country including Colomb, Gampaha, Kalutar, Anuradhapur and Ambalantota on the night of 30th August and they are to converge in Colimbo on the 15th if September.

Assuming that the country’s health service is his family heritage, Rajitha has agreed to provide clinical training at government hospitals within Kaduwela and Avissawella health divisions, for SAITM students.

The case regarding clinical training for Malabe students was heard on15th August in the Supreme Court by a bench of three judges headed by Chief Justice and Ms. Zaida Baary representing the Attorney General stated that the Minister had agreed to assign hospitals at Avissawella and Mulleriyawa and the Health Institute for clinical training of students at a fee of Rs.50,000 per student.

Rajirtha cracks jokes while Dengue kills several hundred.

What the former Defense Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that ‘Rajitha is not efficient to do any productive work and what Rajitha does is talking nonsense’ became quite correct the way he mishandled the chronic Dengu epidaic issue in June/July this year.  Dengue which was confined only to certain areas in the past became virtually a killer disease throughout the country.  Many hospitals shut their doors to patients and in many hospitals more than one patient slept on a single bed and many others slept under the beds, on the floor, on the varendas and even on stairs to the upper floors.

Rajitha without taking effective measures to control this disease talked nonsense saying that there are Dengue patients in developed countries such as the United State, Singaapre, India etc., and when countries get developed Dengue also gets increased in those countries

Foreign media projected a very ngative picture about our country over this issue. The Time Magazine of 25th July, 2017 reported that Sri Lanka’s Deadly Dengue Fever Outbreak is ‘Three Times’ Worse Than Previous Years It said that Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented outbreak of dengue fever, which has resulted in more than 100,000 cases and claimed almost 300 lives so far this year and said that the onslaught of cases is overwhelming the island nation’s medical system.

The magazine clained that as of Monday, 105,153 dengue fever cases have been  reported across Sri Lanka, and it is almost double the total case count in the entire year of 2016, which stood at 55,150. The magazine pointed out that the populous Western Province — including Colombo, the country’s capital city — is the worst hit, with more than 46,000 cases reported so far. Not only the Time Magazine, international media outlets such as BBC, CNN ABC, and al Jazeera also highlighted Sri Lanka’s failure to effectively curb the dengue disease.

While Rajitha and his Ministry official took a lackadaisical approach on the issue fortunately the private TV channels launched several commendable mosquito destruction programmes in many areas of the country mustering the assisnce of the peoole of the relevant areas and school children.

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) urged Health Rajitha to prioritize controlling the fast spreading dengue epidemic instead of catering to the whims of the SAITM. GMOA General Secretary Dr. Naveen de Soysa claimed that it was proven that Rajitha Senaratne is not suitable for the post of Health Minister and has failed to deliver the job expected, which has resulted in a rapid increase in dengue cases. “Instead of a Minister of Health, we have a minister protecting SAITM and investigating coups against the government,” he added.

Rajitha’s Cronyism and Nepotism

The GMOA said that the Health Ministry was severely affected by nepotism under Minister Rajitha Senaratne. GMOA Spokesman Dr. Naveen Zoysa said Minister Senaratne’s kith and kin were highly involved in running the ministry. He said a director of the ministry and the minister’s coordinating secretary had replaced the original internship vacancies list prepared by all stake holders, including the GMOA.

Dr. Zoysa said the GMOA was involved in preparing the list legally, and asked what is the right to the minister’s relatives had to influence it? He said that Rajitha’s many relatives handle the ministry activities.

The GMOA spokesman alleged that Minister Senaratne’s son, Gampaha District MP Chathura delivered disaster relief materials of the Health Ministry under his foundation’s banner using his father’s powers. He said that none of the children or relatives of even former Presidents did not influece in Ministry works like Rajitha’s son was doing.
Dr. Zoysa said that MP Chathura also participated in some official meetings of the Health Minister, though that was not relavent to him. He also pointed out that a doctor who is a relative of the minister and worked in Vavuniya was brought to Colombo suddenly and assigned to handle disaster relief programmes. He said that although there are doctors with specialize training disaster relief activities this pzrticular doctor has no such training.

The GMOA spokesman said the European Union earlier suspended fish exports from Sri Lanka when Rajitha was the Fisheries Minister due to poor management of fisheries activities and now he is doing the same thing to the health sector.

The Health Education Bureau was accused of abusing vehicles and resources of the Ministry to promote political image of Gampaha District MP Chatura by distributing relief items to disaster-stricken people. Bottled water and other relief items from the state and private donors were distributed among the victims of flood dispatched in Lorries belonging to the Medical Supplies Division with the banner of the Chathura Senaratne Foundation.

Rajitha’s second sin Eksath Senaratne became notorious recently with the abduction of an under-aged girl and keeping in their residence with tacit approval of Rajitha and Mrs,  Sujatha Senaratne.  The Police completely ignored about this illegal abduction despite complaints made by the girl’s parents.

Rajitha’s wife, Dr. Sujatha Senaratne who is the Private Secretary to Rajitha in addition to other political appointments given by her has made the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPMC) to recruit 30 employees.  Mrs. Sujatha has issued letters recommending these appointments and they are reported to be engaged in Rajitha’s political work in the Kalutara district and are not working in the SPMC but being paid fabulous salaries by the SPMC.

There can be or could have been no other Minister in the almost 70 years of post independence history of Sri Lanka with similar allegations of misdeeds and treachery and whose expulsion from the government is the great expectation of the people of all walks of life who earnestly hope that MPs of the Parliament devoid of party affiliations will vote for the No Confidence Motion against this political chameleon that has been appropriately submitted by the Joint Opposition.(niz)

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  1. Wetta Says:

    I am sure that this man (or fool) Rajitha must be suffering from a very serious mental disorder. He is well matched to the rest of the thieves in the government including the top thief at the very top of the parliament.

    What is almost sure is that this fool will do anything, even murder of anyone (including the top politicians whether in or out of office) in the country to hide his thefts, misdeeds, and criminal acts including extra judicial killings ordered by him through PRRA during late 80s troubled times. He is more lunatic than Hitler, more dangerous than Pol Pot of Cambodia, and is mad beyond belief and therefore needs to be completely eliminated (from all powers), if not imprisoned sooner than later if Sri Lankans wants to see any light at the end of the current dark tunnel.

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