Opportunity to forward your questions to UN General Secretary..
Posted on September 14th, 2017

Chandrasena Pandithage

Dear friends at this moment you are given an opportunity to ask your question from UN General Secretary. Please go to the United Nations website and start to forward all your questions. I forward my question as follows.

Dear UN Secretary General,Antonio Gutteres, First I would like to thank you for the given opportunity to ask questions from you. I am a Sri Lankan and I have questions on your policy on my motherland and globe too. Sri Lanka is a member country in your organization. Giving membership or taking membership should provide some benefit to that member country. All the member countries are your organization’s children and your duty is to protect all the countries equally because they are your own children. My motherland have been going through very hard road with Tamil Tiger terrorist activities since 1972. This Tamil Tiger Organization is not your member. At the same time you did not involve to protect Sri Lanka your member country from this brutal terrorist attacks. At the beginning you treated this is as a Sri Lankas internal affairs. Finally we could crush the LTTE war machine and established peace and security in Sri Lanka. Establishing peace and security globally is your duty. At the same time protecting your member country from brutal terrorist activities also part of your duty. Instead of helping us to crush the terrorism, you force us to provide food, medicine, fuel to terrorist organization. Our government had power to crushed terror machine providing all your organizations requirements to terrorist organizations. Anyway our people had power to stop our killing field in my motherland. Once we finish the war the developments started and all child soldiers were released and The Tamil community reestablished to build up their own lives.Our armies help them removing landmines. When we started these process, instead of helping us United Nations Organization stand against it’s member country and strongly stand for non member Liberation Tamil Tiger Elam terrorist organization. My question is why you stand against your member country supporting non member terrorist organization. I feel you devalue your membership through these kind of actions. Please give us a logical clear answer. Once again thank you very much for given opportunity.

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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Instead of helping us to crush the terrorism, you force us to provide food, medicine, fuel to terrorist organization- In this organisation why were you be a member ??? no choice, force to be member.

    We both know why ? We are not liberated since 1505 so better listen white master !!!!

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Well stated, Mr Pandithage !
    Totally agree with what you state here.


    The UN has been set up to prevent WW III.

    The UN Charter set out FOUR main purposes :

    1. Maintaining worldwide Peace & Security.
    2. Developing relations among nations.
    3. Fostering co-operation between nations in order to solve Economic, Social, Cultural or Humanitarian international problems.
    4. Providing a Forum for bringing together nations to meet the UN purposes & goals.


    (1) To sustain Peace & Security for two Member States (as per the Charter of the UN), in this case Sri Lanka & INDIA, it would be a good thing if the UN could return all ILLEGAL MIGRANTS in Sri Lanka back to Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
    If the UN could initiate this project, then surely both INDIA & Sri Lanka would help out too.

    It would be a good thing if ILLEGAL MIGRANTS are returned to their respective homelands and helped there instead of forcing these usually poor & unwanted people on neighboring countries that have NOT invited them in.

    That would be a great service for the Member States if the UN could initiate and supervise such a project.

    (2) If the UN could prevent the dismembering of a small Nation like Sri Lanka by aiding the REMOVAL of the 13th Amendment which was imposed on the JRJ Sri Lanka govt in 1987 by INDIA. This was done by INDIA at that time due to the JRJ govt going westward during the Cold War times (1946-1991).
    * Also advice the present SL govt to stop the New Constitution in Sri Lanka which brings about permenent divisions, not Reconciliation between the people of Lanka.
    * Also supervise the signing of an Agreement between INDIA & Sri Lanka to maintain a permanent peace re Security Issues, for mutual beneift.

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